My Mom's Biggest Priority tiktok soupimcup

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My Mom's Biggest Priority tiktok soupimcup
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  • My Parent's Unbreakable rules • Never Get A Boyfriend unless You Finished School • "Give me your Friends Cellphone Number, Complete address and then, you're ready To go." requirements e?

  • You can drink whatever you want as long as your at home and not in public or someones over

  • The coolest rule my parents probably had is that whenever I went to a party, and I was drinking, even if I was underaged, no matter what they would pick me up. So if I snuck out and wasn’t supposed to be drinking, if I called them saying “hey I’ve been drinking... I think I need a ride home...” no matter what, they never want me to drink and drive. (I’m not saying they let me drink and go to parties lol, but on the rare occasion that that happened, they always picked me up.)

  • I had the same rules as I got older! I didn't really have friends in the first place, but when an 'angsty' teen is feeling lonely and rebellious, they tend to meet the wrong people. So we set up the same things. No matter what, I could and can still call her and she'll be there. Do I still get disciplined for doing bad things? Of course. But she doesn't punish me by leaving me there. And now that I'm 25, all my rebellion has faded.

  • Eating in my room , unlimited roblox and screen Time

  • Thats awesome

  • Lol

  • That's exactly what my parents did. I'm a guy with 3 older sisters so they were wore out by the time it got to me. They pretty much waved the punishment for honesty.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents they spoil me and my siblings often, they’re always putting us before themselves, etc etc. *but* ... they do some questionable things sometimes. Like locking me in the car for three hot summer days and not letting me out because I refused to have a parenting control app on my phone.. which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I really wanted my privacy cuz whenever my parents would see something like anime or something in my search history, they’d announce it to everyone in the family and make fun of me. And when my siblings get in a fight with each other or with my parents, my parents don’t let us leave to cool off. They just continue to yell at us and lock us in the basement or in our rooms.. I would be so lucky to have a rule like that without being afraid of being punished harshly for it Edit: also for the parental control app story, they’d also lock my apps so I couldn’t talk to my friends, which I have pretty strong separation anxiety with some of them, so if I can’t at least text them, I kind of panic and cry uncontrollably and hyperventilate and all that 🥰cute stuff🥰

  • I didn't have any restricted age on the internet

  • This should be the top video on YT. Every parent should be like this. My littles are 8 and 1 but I will do the same thing, just like my parents.

  • My parents dont care about me anymore they like 'Holy she went outside!???????!?!?!' 😂 its sometime funny and when i go to party and come back at 2am they would be like 'I-You-you went out..? How- like-#

  • My mom has a rule that if someone says something I have to say something back and if someone hits me hit them twice as hard or harder because right didn’t start it 😌

  • Mom did the same thing. Best decision she’s ever made

  • It’s when on the weekends I get to do whatever I want

  • My sister raised me.... She had this rule that I could only smoke & drink on weekends lol

  • In implementing these rules when I have children

  • This is a good way to build trust with your kids. My moms so strict she doesnt allow me to go anywhere thats why i lie abt where im going. And she literally gets angry about me being sick...typical asian moms

  • When 15 I was aloud to sneak out to parties and just not stay past 1 AM but I had my permit and my friend was 16 so she would come back with me

  • My parents do that to

  • Strict parents: thats illegal

  • My family motto is literally:"Don't get caught"

  • My moms rule was if somebody starts a fight I better finish it

  • "If a women hits you and abuses you... gather evidence then beat that bitch up". I'm gonna use this when I'm older.

  • I could smoke weed any time anywhere

  • Yes yes yes. We started stressing this early with our son. And now he has even started asking us like what things to avoid or be careful with at parties that we wish we knew as kids. Never drink everclear (lol but really), dont accept open drinks, peer pressure issues, how to interact with cops should the situation arise etc. Its nice we can have that open line of communication, he trusts us & theres mutual respect. 🖤

  • Am I the only one who noticed she only did one eyebrow 🤣


  • I raise my 7yo to just be honest. I may get upset i may not but even if I do ill always be there for any and every reason. Theres absolutly no need ro make up stories or lie about things. You get much further being upfront and honest rather than being strict and controlling which initially leads to bigger problems like underage pregnancy underage alcohol poisoning and most of all around rebellion. Your children will respect you more as they get older and tend to take your advice more seriously.

  • Same for drink !

  • that’s what I call a good parent

  • Ik at least my parents have location sharing on my phone I would be mad if I were any other kid but actually I love having it cause I can see where they are and they can see where I am if smth happens to me :'D

  • Mum: you can ask me whatever, I'll always answer you truthfully to the best of my capabilities

  • My mom was the same way with me and I'm the same with my daughter. There good lessons to be taught

  • I’m 16 and the only rule I have for going out is I can go to the store across the street if I bring a sister. Yeah, I don’t go out

  • I could play video games all day

  • My parents are too controlling to be cool. My grandparents on the other hand had the rule I could do anything I want as long as it’s not a crime or doesn’t affect anyone else negatively. Nicest people ever

  • Legit

  • That's what my parents rule was too... Just being honest to them cause they would allow it anyways... They just wanted to know where I am so that if I call them and something happened someone might be able to pick me up... Never happened but I'm glad I could tell them and they would approve it.

  • When we get in a fight

  • The coolest rule my parents have is that sometimes on weekends (like once a month) we get to stay up as much as we can. I stayed up until 8 AM once

  • My dad has that same rule for me. He has told me this rule for a very long time too.

  • My mom... well she... I guess... 😔

  • Every parent should be like this

  • The coolest rule was none

  • My mom has a rule where if i tell the truth i cant get intruble no matter what

  • Fam these parents sound great I ain even finna cap

  • My parents said that I am allowed to sneak out of the house but if I get caught they won’t get mad

  • The coolest ruley parents give that you can have your own phone 📱 when your eleven but surprisingly they just give me there old android mobile phone is was thinking I can have a I phone but now that I have one it sucks 🙃

  • My mom didn't care what I did with my hair and she said I was allowed tattoos as long as she saw them first

  • Bruh I go out in The town at 10:30 pm lmao on a school night at 13 y/o lol

  • Same rules with my dad

  • Mine is that i can sleep at 2:00am

  • my rule was not to swear

  • Peak parenting I want to be this kind of parent to my kids

  • None

  • If you cant be good be careful

  • letting me spend my money for school :D

  • damn do I wish I had these rules too man. and that’s on ✨s t r i c t p a r e n t s 1 0 1✨

  • My parents gave me this rule: if we arent in the house then do whatever tf you want in the house

  • My mom had those exact same rules But my dad had a rule that if someone stole something from me and won't give it back I can beat them until they give it back. Like what!?!?

  • I cant do anything thing

  • All 3 of my kids have that phrase rule. My oldest (18) has had to use it once. They also have a code word, for if someone tries to pick them up from school or something, if they don't know the code word, kids know mom & dad didn't send them. I've also made it clear to my kids to tell me where you are going, no matter what. I just need to know for their safety. Being open & honest with your kids makes parenting easier.

  • Since I became 18 my parents didn't really care anymore like they don't care if I'm in a party or drinking or smoking lmao

  • Personally I don’t have that kind of problem with my parents... considering the fact that iam really unsociable and I have no friends, I think that helps🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  • No matter when or what I can always call my mom. Like she drops everything. I don’t live with her, I live with my father. Same city. But as soon as I message her needing help with meds or even just small drives to get me out of a short lived depressing phase. We get coffee, we go to her house, we talk and do things around the house and then cuddle in her bed watching shows. I love my mom.

  • as long as i didn’t start the fight, they had it coming and just always be honest, i’ll say yes

  • My grandma put something to snack next to the bed every time we would come to sleep over and it was usually something like Oreos

  • Oh god my percents do that already.

  • I'll definitely pass that on to my kids

  • We had a code thing witch was mom did you feed the dog and we don’t have a dog I definitely recommend to anyone to have a code phrase

  • My mom has the same rules for me and my siblings

  • Tiktok gives all the narcissists a platform to maximize their self centerism.. just shush please..

  • I don’t know if this is a “rule” or not but I am gonna say it anyway so growing up my parents never made a “rule” like ever even if one day they take me and my siblings’s phone it never have been something that NEEDS to happened and they were not strict at all my parents used to let me sit in my friends house HOURS but of course they did care for me and told me I can sit with my friends for 3-4 hours and if I want to spend more time I can call them and When they refuse they give me an explanation why I can’t not just because they didn’t want to I actually thought all parents are like that but when I learned there was ever abusive parents I didn’t really understand how it’s a real thing so yea even if your parents don’t do stuff you want it doesn’t mean they don’t love you because I rid some mess up comments

  • My parents dont give me money or anything if i get A+ but if i can estimate what i will be getting they give me 10$ (not from english exams but every other)

  • I keep seeing a lot of, “If they started it, you can hit them back.” My dad went a step further. I was bullied in school pretty bad, and I’d never be able to take them on 1 to 1, and since the school refused to help because that would mean they were admitting that there was bullying in the school, my dad was completely ok with me taking it into my own hands. If I couldn’t beat them 1 to 1, then start it. If I was able to get the jump on them, then I was much better off. After 7th period every day, this one kid would beat me up outside of our math class because the teacher couldn’t give 2 shits. So one day, instead, I faked having to go to the bathroom right before class ended so I could go out into the hall and go around the corner. I waited until the bell rang and he came around the corner and the second he did, I nailed him with my hardback book. We got into a fight, I still lost, but after that I never had to deal with him again. My dad made it clear that that wasn’t something that I should be doing on a regular basis, but he also said that in that situation there weren’t many other options. He told me before I did it that if I did end up doing that, he’d back me up if there were any punishments from the school. By the way, if you think doing that was fucked up, the kid broke two of my bones that year alone and the school went through hell to cover it up. They were known as one of the best schools around and didn’t want to have any reports of bullying so anything that happened, they would either call it a fight so they could blame the kids or act like it didn’t happen.

  • Good parenting right there.

  • My mom always told me and my two brothers that if we get in a fight she'll only be mad if we lost. Turns out she was telling the truth.

  • I dont know if this is cool or not but I am not allowed to have any contacts with boys only for school purpose and I'm happy with this rule. And its good bcz i don't really talk to my frnds much.

  • Is that Maureen Ponderosa?

  • Cringe

  • Jsdjdk😻🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤❤🖤

  • My mom is the same way

  • My mom taught us while growing up is that before doing something always think about the pros and cons and the possible consequences that will come after it. This really helped me multiple times in avoiding her 1 hour belt, slipper, and hanger throwing and 3 hour scolding 😂

  • My parents are literally the same way

  • Mines is "if you are ever treated unjustly, you can treat them back 10 times worse and we'll cheer you on for that"

  • I have horrible parents. They drove me insane

    • I’m pretty sure I have schizophrenia. I want to live, just not like this. I’m genuinely surprised I haven’t tried committing suicide in the past 2 years.

  • Mine was "don't ever start a fight but if someone else starts it you better finish it. I will always back you" you best believe I never started a fight but I always finished it. Mama didn't raise a pussy.

  • My parents are the same way

  • I can go any time outsidd

  • Mine is 'first here, first serve

  • I’m 18 and my parents are still so strict makes me wanna move out ASAP instead of wanting to be home you guys have it easy :(

  • I never lie to them whatever it happens, and they trust me now with literally everything. Believe me lies make everything worse even if it's a while lie just don't lie and they would be surprised of your courage.

  • Okay, my parents said to me that if I have wanted to try weed, smoke, drink or vape then to tell us and they will get it for me so nothing bad happens to it. Obviously they didn’t promote it to me and wanted me to do those things but if I want to try they would get if for me if I really wanted to try.

  • I have these rules with my kids. No matter what safety should always be your top priority.

  • My bedtime is 11 and if I spend at least 5 hours outside I get to go to sleep at 12 turns out I get tired at 8 so I fall asleep at 9

  • When I brought over a girl to have sex I had to use the apartment across the pool and leave the little mail box thing on the front up so they knew not to come in.

  • I've never had any rules that's what was cool about my mom

  • is your mom also my mom causeeee that was ⚪️ on

  • (im 17) as long as i dont drive or get in the car with anyone who is under the influence i can pretty much do anything within reason (weed, alcohol, etc.) and if i cant drive i call my dad and he will stop whatever he is doing and pick me up no questions asked and will keep it between me and him not my mom and that is a promise he has kept multiple times.