Minecraft, But You're On The Moon...

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
This is Minecraft, But You're On The Moon... this was stressful.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
Edited By @ExtremeBlitz + TapL :L
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  • How can you make fire on the moon there is no oxygen


  • ☺☺☺

  • Wait 69 is a good number???

  • Room for your house 🏠

  • Moon 🌚 moon 🌝

  • That’s what you call a Moonhold

  • 6.9k comments.....nice

  • 10/10 acting

  • *TapL do be on da MooN tho*

  • sus

  • Dar trebuia sa ai si soarele si celelalte planete

    • 👏👏👏👏👏



  • Very nice texture pack, but isn't modded quite clearly.

  • There is a day-night cycle on the moon but it works a bit different

  • xcskc;dsoicsjcoad;jso

  • Minecraft but it's on sun . Do it 🍅

  • 7:36 Jump boost infinity and feather falling infinity

  • Then I must be on the MOOOOooooooooo I'ma cowss

  • He say eeh

  • Download link? Please

  • At the beggining mobs just randomily

  • He has the FuzeIII skin

  • ME no money ME no care whare ur bed ur a med LIKE a shad

  • Chimken

  • The nether should’ve been the darker side of the moon

  • How can I get these mods ? Plz tell

  • Mooncraft

  • You sus

  • Let's ignore the fact that he had 3 stacks of crafting tables in his inventory at the beginning 😂

  • so why didn't he use Galacticraft for that?

  • i love this lol 0:33

  • OK


  • amogus

  • Tapl: then i must be on the 🐄

  • why are you shouting

  • I didend wash tapl

  • I didend wash tall

  • Nobody: Dantdm: in 2012

  • how the villager breath, or any mobs

  • u going on the sun next?

  • Lol

  • Idk what pog means

  • Lol the end is POg

  • srtwagwg

    • true

  • Have u guys realised that every video of taps has 3 dots at each title

  • I thought this was a minecraft sieries ive watched stampys spacedden siries so i saw the space man hmm thats a siries lol.

  • I am using your skiiiin

  • SlapL for the win!!!

  • Also, the iron is sickening. But I LOVE the nether portal!

  • My favorite colors are purple and blue, so I would love the moon villages. :D :L

  • Minecraft, But You Switch From The Planets Minecraft, But You're On The Sun

  • Screaming excessively during ender dragon fight Tapl: Yes, yes we do that

  • *fall damage waiting* *on moon* All the deaths: yes it can be harder now! Fall damage: I- am I needed here?

  • Can you craft "Infinity gauntlet"?

  • It's true?

  • Alt title: I beat minecraft with an apple on the moon

  • That is the best the fortress has and will ever look I love lime

  • STOP SPAMMING "HI SEnewss" I have already said hi 3x

  • ur achivement said free the end more like free the moonend

  • Help I m going in black hole😭😭😭

  • moon dragon

  • Very interesting... Can I have a copy of the data pack or plug-in please?


  • Bru

  • Square earth omg it’s not flat it’s not round it’s it’s square

  • Im a huge space fan .....i cant feel my fingers-**ded**

  • You can make a respawn point set in the village beds right

  • I just realised... all the colours are just inverted other than the mobs

  • I feel like im colorblinf

  • Poggers for God...,,

  • Hi

  • you are so loud

  • On moon= god ores ( maybe becuase I JUST CAMD!

  • Hi

  • How

  • Moon stone from pokemon?

  • There is Fuze III



  • He beat world rec know one noticed

  • That’s no moon, that’s a space station

  • my ear is rinnging rn because my hedphones are broken and one side is good and you just screeming

  • TapL: reads moon dragon Me: I don’t know what is he talking about when i see it

  • LoL that's the helmet of Fuze III

  • The fakest vedio on SEnewss

  • 0:32

  • hiiiii

  • Please stop hitting Luna :( But not gonna lie the view is very nice from up there I didnt know that theres a fortres in the core of Luna/Da moon

  • I came here from tiktok

  • How do you pause the game and move the canera?

  • Why are you screaming so much while beating the Ender Dragon

  • Btw you had 140 mins because it’s not 60 seconds it’s 100 secons

  • Hi

  • The moon is a space rock ✨ so I can eat the moon

  • TapL:the gernest fortess ive ever seen me:ive seen more green stuff in my sisters room and thats her favorite color

  • TapL’s throat is destroyed every time he beats Minecraft while filming.

    • Ayyy rimuru tempest or is it Raphael

  • I Cant believe it So Much Gravity Pvp would be So weird on the moon