Film Theory: The Minions in Minions AREN'T MINIONS!

Publicerades den 29 apr 2021
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What IS a Minion? That was the question I started with when working on this theory. I wanted to REALLY understand these little guys, so I started searching the movies for information. Well Theorists, I found more that I expected buried in the Minions and Despicable Me movies. A LOT more. So much that I can definitely say that the Minions in the movies are NOT Minions. You'll have to watch to find out WHY!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • The minions are a hit or miss though. Gru used them as henchmen successfully, but every one of their leaders in the past, the french, dracula, dinosaurs, etc faced their doom because the minions are clumsy and mess up. That kind of balances them out.

  • Me reading the title: So the floor isn’t made of floor?

  • Consider this, though: in each and every one of the previous villains that the minions served, they seemed to actually make things worse for their boss in some way. He might have inadvertently done the best thing possible as those minions might end up accidentally sabotaging every villain after Gru. Alternatively, considering the fact that Gru turned good and the minions continued to serve him, it could be conceivable that they would stay with the family line or perhaps they would seek out a good boss this time. Gru broke the mold, meaning that there's no telling for certain what they will do after Gru.


  • I saw this on Twitter and thought it was a shitpost. Nope it’s real

  • Can you do a film theory on astro boy because they are extremely strong and durable

  • theory idea: what is the possibility that in helluva boss that the only 2 bird-demons we see are husband and wife? Orrrr do they "keep it in the family" like old English royalty?

  • I know this is a weird theory but in the lion king scar looks a lot like a asian lion and mufasa and simba look like a african lion and asian lions are known to roam in western Africa so are mufasa and scar really brothers?

  • the part with matpat and Oliver was so adorable and wholesome especially the part where matpat called him bean! 🥺

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  • Film theory on invincible?

  • Great now do a vid on back to the future!

  • but isn't a clone of something the very thing its cloned from? so they are still minions. gru only found a way to raise their numbers

  • Is Raya a princess 👑?

  • Here’s a theory @The Film Theorists , can a snail actually race in the indy500 (from Turbo 2013)

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  • Veggietales theroy please

  • So the floor on the floor is not the floor

  • In the movie the Italian Job they steal a safe full of gold. Why was there a safe filled with gold bars in a privet residence? Why didn't the guards instantly see through the boat decoy? I mean a safe on it's own has a weight of more than a ton. Plus the weight of all that gold. If the safe fell from two stories and landed on a boat it would crash right through it. You would think the guards would take one look at the boat and say " No way that just worked." Plus when the guards are chasing the boat the thieves are under water stealing the gold. Wouldn't that water be filled with trash, human waste, water drainage and all kinds of nasty stuff making visibility near impossible? Are the events that took place in the opening of that movie actually possible in the real world?

  • Actually during the end of the movie you can see it floating by vector

  • something to think about!

  • Please talk about the bad batch from Star Wars

  • pls do the movie "the platform"

  • Minion mini movie shows they are created from same dna in Gru lab

  • Can you do more videos of A:TLA especially on fire bending and on how they can lightning bend

  • True i know they aren't minions when i was 10 years old

  • all because minions come back on netflix ????


  • So the minions are clones of minions, in other words they’re minions...

  • Honestly I watched despicable me without liking the minions I never liked them much

  • Off topic from this video, but I’d love to see an honest, broken down analysis of a fight between Bill Cipher and Thanos. According to research on both of them they are both pretty evenly matched. I personally think Bill would win, but a break from this channel would be so cool!

  • For a second I thought he was using human sound from worldbox

  • I would love if you make a episode on how strong is the character Anvin in the story of rise of dragons written by Morgan rice like he didn't have any power but he survived being trampled by a army of thousands of huge creatures like a army of them I would like to help it happen in the book of that series forge of valor chapter 13 because I don't want you all to suffer that much at searching book and chapter please make a episode on it I need to know

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  • Also as thomas

  • JUST thought of a theory that could change a beloved classic movie. "Willy wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" do we ever see any Female oompa loompas? Could the oompa loompas be minions?


  • movie : Cloudy with a chance with meatballs | theory idea : Is it possible to make water into food? (or) Can you survive Cloudy with a chance with meatballs?

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  • Forget the minions, I watched these movies for Gru. And obviously Squid Launcher, oh yeah!

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  • hey mat pat how fast is the flash?

  • Heres what happened they ate so much bananas that they copied themselves doyyy

  • When re you gonna make a video about The Mitchels vs. The Machines? I really like the movie but on you last video about the Emoji breaking law I was wondering if TM vs TM was doing the same thing?


  • Theory idea: so in Invisible, apparently the Viltrumite DNA is so pure that Mark is almost pure viltrumite. Could this mean that Mark only inherited dominant genes from his father? Would that make Mark share no physical similarities with his mom? If Mark made a baby with another human, would the kid be 50% viltrumite or still pure?

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  • " Minions In Minions Arent Minions" wait wha-

  • Heres an idea for a theory: DIO'S The World can make a steam roller out of no where

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  • How GOOD were Minions ACTUALLY????

  • The movie "Taken" part one. I think the dad let's her get kidnapped just to save his family relationship. He becomes the hero when she is rescued. Do a theroy on that

  • Wait but if Gru is so good with cloning dna couldn't he just either make HIMSELF immortal or clone himself? Then he alone could care for the minions until the end of time, therefore UN dooming the world:)

  • thanks for ruining my day and childhood lol.

  • Oh MatPat.... You forget that Gru has daughters. When he's gone, you know those three crazy gals will be taking over the family business in a variety of ways. Either they'll continue being eccentric super villains, or they'll take up the work Gru began as an international secret agent. All the while, they'll have the minions to back them up, since.... yanno.... the daughters would be the minions next obvious choice as someone to follow. They might be dumb, but they aren't stupid. They aren't going to wander off when the next in line to command them have been living under the same roof as they have for literal years at that point. Then after the daughters are all gone, there's a good chance they'll have had children of their own that the minions can continue to follow. If anything, Gru and Nefario unwittingly created a work force of service for all future generations of Gru's family.

  • I am not sure where else to pit this so here it is recently I watch a favorite movie of mine the adventures of tin tin and one see got me thinging in this seen a women was able to break a bullet proof case made of some kind of crystal and was wondering of this is possible plans if so how high would there voice need to go

  • i used to like this channel

  • However, it says the Minons seek out the "evilest" thing to follow. Gru isn't isolated- he's actually in a lot of contact with a large portion of the underworld. But the Minons stay with him... Is that because he hasn't died? Or because people are generally a lot nicer in this world?

  • Can you make a theory on ninjago next? I Know you've probably never watched it but its one my favorite shows and I really want to see a theory about it.

  • Aren’t clones still members of the species they’re cloned from?

  • I know this is completely irrelevant to minions but is anyone else confused at what Charlie's mom says in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? She says: "There's a hundred billion people in this world...". It is just as easy if not easier to say: "Seven billion", which is WAYYY more accurate than a hundred billion, even if it's not an exact number. Please consider this for a future episode! It has been bugging me ever since I saw the movie for the first time!

  • O god these poor mind controlled kids

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  • Hmmm.....i see.....

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  • Mats son is so cute 😻😻😻

  • Is it just me or does anybody else wonder If you put all the universal studios all the Disney worlds, and all the Disney lands together, how many miles that would be?

  • 0:00 SEnewss kids

  • MatPat ducktails season three episode 24 what your fines will surprise you

  • He’s not a minion because..... *Hes a bean*

  • Omg his son is so big! It feels like it was yesterday they announced they were expecting.

  • Wow


  • If you clone a sheep, isn't it still a sheep?

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  • MatPat do the Pixar theory plz your smart so just do it


  • Love you matpat BUT i thought it was just common knowledge that Gru made most of the minion's.(will admit the rest of the video did not expect tho)


  • Hey Matt idk If you will see that but you should do a theory on Invincible on why omni man killed the gaurdians of the globe

  • I still prefer the original idea that Minions were created by Gru and Dr Nefario's genetic engineering experiments. It was mentioned in an animated short that was on the DVD release of the first movie.

  • what a way to give food for thought, i'd go crazy if i ever need to serve a fickle minion as my boss

  • the minion evolved over centuries and eventually become the dominant species and rename the earth Kerbin

  • So minions are clones? Whats next, minions execute order 66?

  • I don't think you should show these Vidoes to your son

  • Film Theory How science can give me superpowers and make you longer And Hunger and Say this character is me

  • Hey Matpat, you should look at How to Make a Slow-Cooked Beef Stew by HowToBasic. I think it's more mysterious than we think.

  • minions speak comme ça ¿y esto? i never knew.

  • I think that you might be wrong about try creating more minions being a curse if minions have been killing villains since the dawn of time except for the one villain that wasn't evil. Arent they more likely to be secret agents for good?

  • My dog's name is Oliver.

  • Next chanel conspiracy theory

  • Mat calling his son Bean warms my heart. Matt you are such a good dad!🥰😭

  • Some of them are funny

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