Solving a $25,000 FUTURISTIC Puzzle !! - (One of a Kind)

Publicerades den 14 okt 2020
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Today, I'll be solving this Super High Tech $25,000 Puzzle box I had made by Labsterium. This is part 3 of the Future Me Saga, if you'd like to see parts 1 and 2 check the links below.
Part 1 Future Puzzle:
Part 2 Future Puzzle:
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  • Looooves this stuff!!

  • I love puzzles big time and I WISH I had the money to get even one of these puzzles.......... Great channel man, I appreciate the effort.

  • super sick dude excited the entire video

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  • Love your content keep it up🙃🙃

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  • SUBCRIBE TO HIM. he spends tens of thousands of money on these types of videos so please of the love of god.

  • Cause of this channel I now own 4 Hanayama puzzles. Dial, Infinity, Trinity, and Quartet. Thank you sir.

  • 25k and its broken.(doesn't rotate) F that

  • Hope this makes you some money Chris. We need more videos!

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  • Wow this is a cool puzzle

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  • i was just looking for Challenging Puzzle and it came up on the lower end. but im GLAD i did!!!! and saved you also shared i like with all my accounts

  • Who has the time to make this stuff up?

  • B.A. intro

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  • Consider revealing the failure ending - they must've prepared something in case the timer goes off to Zero

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  • $25,,it's better to donate this money

  • You're living a dream life man, yo!!! Much love! keep it up and ALL THE BEST!!! (in the future hehe)

  • Yo cris what’s that on your board Are you good in math?

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  • I had I question would do you always do after you finish solving the puzzle Do you give it away or sell it or keep it?

  • The biggest puzzle of all is why I wasted nearly 30 minutes of my life watching this crap.

  • how did the paper messages just appear in the vile thing

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  • The intro alone is literally an entire sci-fi short film.

  • im from the future please bring some chicken nuggets and chicken gravy to the year 3075 many thanks and Good Luck

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  • These puzzles just keep getting cooler and cooler!

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  • YT Suggestions and It's the first time that I can thank YT for suggesting me this great Video

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  • I like a lot when you change the language, I speak spanish, that was fun xD machine: donde esta la biblioteca. Chris: wtf

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  • Hi Chris, dropping a line to feed the almighty algorithm and to congratulate you and your channel. This puzzle is fantastic, well built, very well thought over, and... damn, I'm jealous! I love puzzles and I love magic, the latter being sort of a family tradition, my father was very into it, we attended FISM '76 at Vienna (I was 12 then), also several magic congresses at Spain and Portugal, I've known and watched personally perform people like Slydini, René Lavand, Pierre Brahma, Juan Tamariz, Magic Christian, and so many others which I'm now ashamed to forget their names and not include in this list. I stopped doing magic a number of years back, but I'm sure I can still do more than a couple of effects, mainly with cards that were my favorite. Yes, YT did suggest the link, possibly because it "knows" about my online behavior and I've seen many of your videos. It's like a magic trick of sorts. Anyway, thank you for a great job and cheers from Portugal!

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  • 1:57 is that a damn vape pod or something

  • When the puzzle turned into Frogger I laughed

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  • A comment only counts for the algorithm if it has more then four words

  • Sweet puzzle! I just wish the end was a little more dramatic. Love all your videos. Keep up the good work!

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  • is that a vape cartridge being used as a prop?????

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  • AMAIZING puzzle!!

  • yup YT suggestion, but i stayed because intro was awesome and whole thing was really a trip

  • you really ate the nano ?? they got you now bro

  • future chris from the past

  • So what the function of the key in 2nd puzzle? The wooden box shaped puzzle that worth $2000?

  • Can I pleaseeee have that deck of cards, my number is 914-471-5835 if you want to, Id charish it

  • Can we say sum about the guy in all black with the helment is holding a pod 😂

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  • so its basicly the other scify thing you did with an addon......

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  • YT suggested this video. Did not disappoint.

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  • YT Suggestions, great video, worth the money!

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  • Another awesome intro! This puzzle is crazy!

  • Wish I had a cool puzzle

  • Wow, look at how far the channel has come. I still remember the days when the channel only has like 500k subscribers. Learning Cardistry and small puzzles

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  • That is nuts! What a creator, looks like a video game!

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  • 25,000$

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  • I mean if you pay 25.0000 for it and they delivered to you but they warn you it may not rotate... come on! why they even gave it to you like that. if you spend that amount and you have to rotate it yourself is a little stupid... butt.. .its cool aniways

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