Publicerades den 1 apr 2021
Today me and Ethan take on a TikTok Try Not To Laugh Challenge!
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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme & Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

Shystie: iamshystie
Jme: JmeBBK
Double S : doubleSmusician
Elicit: ThisIsElicit


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  • God, this was SO FUNNY! I really need Josh and Ethan to do more collabs, honestly.

  • Mad how this gets 1.4mil views whereas class content like the mukbang with Freya can't reach a Million. Algorithm just pushes trends and not quality content.

  • He did more than bake with Elz the witch

  • Bro u def high asf

  • Ethan stoned af

    • Why does ethan look stoned , bruv ?

  • Dam, these tiktok try not to laughs never disappoint... I never laugh

  • Ethans took something out of Harry’s bag

  • Bez not gonna lie son need to slow down on the cali

  • Ethans eyes look like he’s just came back from a fight with Connor mcgregor😂

  • I like how Josh says this is a shit housery week but this video bangs 2x as the other videos this is a meta do one with freya

  • Still sad I missed the Television killed your vision hoodie

  • @Behzinga what wrong with your eyes

  • The Xbox clip got cut out

    • I implore you to not give Boris your sympathy.

  • as a carp angler i cringed at that first part please if you fish treat all fish with care

  • Ethan is in another atmosphere with the way his eyes are looking. My g is high

  • I bake! Would love to see the Sidemen doing a proper baking video😅

  • Bois we have been clickbaited

  • The color correction on this edit damn my eyes

  • Why does ethan look stoned , bruv ?

    • Whats the name of the dude that had the funny comeback

  • How normal people do gun sounds: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Ethan: GAGaKaGaKaGa

  • well im breathing so i win :o

  • Behz looks so sleep deprived. Poor soul

  • what happend to bezes eye

    • He wasn't trying to get it in a river because carp are an evasive species in the U S

  • Ethans laugh is everything

  • bez looks fucked

  • 12:11

  • I implore you to not give Boris your sympathy.

  • That vision is looking blurry on Josh's hoodie

  • Harry takes Great British BAKE Off maybe a little too seriously

  • Behz developed a new laugh 😂

  • Yeah you're supposed to kill carps because they tent to destroy the ecosystem

  • The dashing radiator emotionally wriggle because step-grandfather predictably listen astride a moldy warm. polite, vacuous letter

  • Whats the name of the dude that had the funny comeback

  • Behzingas hittin the giggles

    • sound like Larry King or something. Ethan just sitting there flexing..lol

  • Baked some kids with the witch Ethan dont lie😆

  • I got the ball ref

  • he’s baked

  • He wasn't trying to get it in a river because carp are an evasive species in the U S

  • I laughed before the vid started 😂😅😅😅😅

  • haven't laughed this much in ages

  • ethan was so happy with himself at the start and it makes me so happy omg 😭

  • How does he have diamond 10 mil play button

  • Is it me or does Ethan look blasted in this😂

  • He looks high 😂

  • Behz on the bong just before they started filming

    • its just an inconvenience to correct every box cause we need to pack like 100/hr

  • Ethan is high asf

  • Does bez have pink eye

  • I always hate when Josh is the first one to speak, Hello Hello Hello Blah Blah Blah in a nasally annoying voice. Sounds like theirs an empty can in his mouth, or he wants to sound like Larry King or something. Ethan just sitting there flexing..lol

  • What's wrong with Ethan?! Jeeeez that boy looks like hes just done a 72 hour bender

  • Ethan and Harry being the best at baking ain’t surprising tbf...

  • Ethan looks baked. The whole video he looked high as mess

  • look it’s the covid twins relax it’s a joke

  • Ethan’s eyes look like when a kid takes their goggles off after 4 hours in the pool

  • You are laughing a lot in a try not to laugh challenge 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I’m having pasta bake for dinner tonight. That’s all I have to say

  • Ethan looks like van Gogh.

  • Do In sidemen reacts reacting to pie funny moment

  • Covid 19 Bros

  • the amazon workers one is because the computer tells us what box size to use and we really only change it if the item ordered doesn’t fit in the box recommended besides that its just an inconvenience to correct every box cause we need to pack like 100/hr

  • Btw in the first vid, carp are an invasive species here in the us and they are very destructive to the environment. So he meant to throw it on the rocks😂

  • Zerk and Behz are the best 🤘🏼

  • Pie face is elite

  • I Wonder what crack Bezhinga smoked

  • ethan: ive baked with elz elz: the cream pie

  • i think the sidemen should do a presentation night for more sidemen

  • Wow adison looking fit thumbnail

  • Ayo Ethan looks D E A D is ok?😭

  • remember, these are the lads that cleaned jj’s room in the ild sidemen house


  • Ethan looks high asf

  • Balance the comments and likes to this comment

  • Why is bazinga Look like he's baked Keep up the good work by the way

  • Ethan looks stoned🤣

  • behz high asf

  • last time i cooked was uhh LAST NIGHT

  • I want the sidemen to do a cake baking challenge, individually no teams 😂😂

  • Dad and Son😳

  • did you guys have to explain the video

  • This guy BAKES

  • Ethan is on crack or smth

  • Thought behz was high or just very tired😂

  • Yo bez mate you sniffing arse ??

  • That jumper is actually sick

  • Ethan you alright mate u look I’ll as

  • Ethan definitely went to harry’s before this

  • 5:12 Why does Ethan look like he doesn't have any eyebrows lmfao

  • Why you click baiting with Addison rae. She’s a girl who uses her body to attract underaged boys to her videos while she has literally no talent at all. Like not even an ounce of talent.

  • I'm actually tha gangster that I'm watching zerka Thursday on a Tuesday

  • Ethan looks high

  • Ethan looks baked

  • AaAaH rEd BuUlL

  • Daily reminder Jesus loves you🥰✝️

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  • How much crack is earth an on ? 16:21

  • 11:40 idiot sandwich

  • I had a stroke reading Josh’s shirt

  • Bez looks like he hasn't had any sleep for 3 months

  • 6:12 why does she sound like morgz mum

  • You can't be this thick to be part of the "we feel sorry for Boris" club an think he's a meme when his decisions are responsible for so many deaths... Stripping people of basic rights... Stop giving an ignorant view of politics with a platform like yours it's so harmful

  • Ethan wat u on bud