2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 vs Rolls-Royce Cullinan // Battle Of The ULTIMATE Ballers

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
The 2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 ($230,200 CAD, $170,750 USD as specced ) and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan ($539,99 CAD, $439,124 USD) both promise resplendent luxury and adventure conquering capabilities. But for less than half the cost of the Rolls, how does the Maybach stack up? Watch to find out! SUBSCRIBE!!!
A big thank you to Lecos Auto for lending us their Cullinan - it’s up for sale!
Thank you to a particularly legendary AMG fanatic who let us film this on his property
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  • Cocain tables hmmmm

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • there are so many Maybach in Moscow

  • Maybach has to much chrome

  • candian... turned it offf.

  • You forgot Bentley

  • Why would you spec a rolls with black instead of chrome and that blue interior is discussing.

  • The Maybach i would choose even if it would costs as much as the Rolls. And to you both i always feel like you have something against Mercedes.

  • At the 24:00 mark, what we have is business in the front, Maybach in the Bach as specified during one's GLS600 procurement session.

  • Man you guys got great rapport together, keep up the great work!

  • If you have any of these cars then you have a chauffeur, and thus Maybach is the winner

  • I like my buddies 21 Escalade better - black sport platinum - great video

  • Y’all talk so much shit 😂 3:43

  • Rolls Royce Cullinan 😎😍

  • I will buy that soon😉

  • As a Mercedes Benz fan and owner, I find it tragic what Mercedes did to the Maybach brand once they started rebranding and restyling existing MB models as Maybach offerings. The point made here that the untrained eye won't be able to notice any difference between the GLS600 "Maybach" and a GLE 450 is absolutely correct. And drives home the problem. You do not get the true sense of a "Maybach" anymore. That's because it is really a rebadged and styled existing MB model. A tragic decision that has effectively killed the Maybach brand. I can only hope that the decision will be made to restore Maybach as it's own branch again and become a completely exclusive series that once again has it's own identity.

  • Maybach

  • If one day I can afford the maybach I’m buying it just for the bounce feature

  • I Just Die Laughing At That Part When He Broke That Emblem off the Mercedes @Throttle House

  • The Cullinan looks like a cross between a ambulance and a hearse. Fugly.

  • I would rather take the Maybach

  • Looks like Chinese made.

  • I find this hilarious. Briefly in my life years ago I was a Hyundai salesman and when they were coming out with the Equus they were saying that the Genesis was the car you bought to drive but the Equus was the car that you bought to be driven in, as though it would somehow compare to Maybach or a Rolls-Royce. I would love to see you guys compare the Equus to either one of these and assuming that it can't even touch the Hem of their garments you would then gradually work your way down to see if it at all compares to anything that's above its own weight (or price) class.

  • RR is shitti box wish I could you use it as

  • This blue!!! huh lol I could see how you might miss his point… if you weren’t sitting in some serious blue shit!!! dahahahahahahaha

  • U forgot the Mercedes has a glass roof so there's gonna be outside noise va the RR

  • Its not a my-buck it's a may-back

  • Rolls exterior looks+ Maybach mechanicals+audi lights ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maybachs are designed to balance the payments for Russian oil imports. Period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Phantom looks great while the Cullinan is just grating.

  • I love my BMW Culinan

  • Too boxy for these 2, Bentley Bentayga looks more sporty and agile

  • .... And I'd still pick a Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon XL. (aka Not impressed by obese price tags on useless "utility vehicles." These two overpriced "adventure" machines would both be stuck at the first significant mud puddle (I don't consider being stuck luxurious). The Chevy/GMC are both much better prepared for an actual adventure. The only thing an upscale Yukon XL would really need is rear seats with the features of the Maybach to be equally comfortable in the back, and beats the Rolls seats, at any trim level. I'd also put the GMC/Chevy ahead in reliability, and less likely to leave you stranded on your adventure, whereas the two Euro-beasts aren't capable of much adventure at all. It should also be noted that British cars aren't known for reliability, and Daimler engines run great, until they suddenly don't. The GM 6.2L is both powerful, and very reliable. It would also be wise to note the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer would also have similar aventure capability to the Yukon/Suburban, but it's interior is probably closer to the Maybach, and would likely squeeze in somewhere between the Yukon XL and Maybach. Yes, in reality, all of these will likely never see a dirt road, let alone a trail. However across adventurous terrain, It would be the GM SUV's leading the way, then the Grand Wagoneer, then the Maybach, and last would be the Rolls. The Suburban, Yukon XL, and the lesser optioned Jeep Wagoneer's are significantly more athletic and better off tarmac, than The Grand Wagoneer, or the two Euro-beasts are capable of. (Yes, I know my thoughts don't matter to the rich and self indulgent demographic out there that would be looking at the Maybach or Rolls. It doesn't make me wrong, either.)

  • Maybach is much better than Rolls-Royce

  • The chrome looks tacky on both.

  • actually, they are both German cars!

  • i'll take the rolls over the Maybach any day

  • As for me there is one thing that ruins all about the Maybach, GLS, GLE. And those are the huge false air deflectors built into the dash board

  • 🥲❤️

  • looks like crysler !!

  • You guys talk too much and don’t show what you talk about. Learn to talk about specs and show examples of what you are talking about.

  • Maybach all day.

  • Flirting at the Masquerade playing quietly in the background

  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan

  • The Benz just looks so much better, and I love that grill! The Rolls just doesn’t look great, and inside seems so square. Atleast the Benz’s seats in the back hug you. It’s just much bolder and has more presence. The Rolls will only have presence because it’s a rolls, but not cause of the design.

  • the maybach looks like it's from a movie or a video game

  • if you ask me this review felt biased, based on their analysis the Maybach was the clear winner but they refused to admit it, one should understand that Rolls Royce vehicles are Bespoke wealth calling cards, strictly for the 1 percenters so they do not need to compare their products with anything else out there

  • And me watching it with a camry 😅

  • How about Mercedes Benz Maybach challenge Hyundai Genesis

  • Bentayga more new school than Cullinan

  • Bentley Bentayga vs Rolls Royce Cullinan

  • Range Rover Vogue vs Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS 400

  • Fake maybach !!!

  • You guys look so cute in that lovely blue interior......oh i love the drivers blouse.

  • Please do the 2021 bentayga review

  • Great fucking production and even better comparison... CHEERS FROM CANADA!

  • Battle of the Hearses...

  • Gls and cut ✂️👌😌

  • AS much as I adore Mercedes vehicles....this Maybach looks like a chinese Landwind/BMW/Toyota crossover with a Mercedes star....with a price tag of 45.990,-USD....

  • To be honest, both cars look overly bulky, kind of ugly in spite of the quality of materials and finishing, and surely boring. It is time to get the sporty coupé elegance back. Because those SUVs look gross. Lol.

  • "Sir, I don't know what you mean... There is 'road' and there is 'off road' "

  • There both very nice vehicles but I like the Rolls-Royces Cullinan over the MayBach.....

  • The Cullinan is just an ugly design and looks like a big fancy coffin on four wheels. The Mercedes Maybach is beautiful, luxurious, upscale design art.

  • I've driven the Bently.... the Durango

  • every time i watch a rr video I hate them more and more, aside from how ugly the design is they are still following this business model that they make the best cars on the road and its just not true anymore they are more of a gimic now.

  • Imagine pulling a Mercedes badge on a maybach car LOL

  • Comical douchebag wagons

  • Speaking of drake: the custom 1/1 cullinan he has.

  • Bad review, could have done better

  • how about 300kg wild boar that ive shot is it made to accommodate that bet it is not

  • Oh, the boat-car people... weirdos.

  • Either SUV are only for the rich and stupid with their money. For an SUV I'd prefer the Mercedes GLE AMG (no kids) and Mercedes GLS AMG (kids).

  • Real battle is BMW vs Mercedes behind the names Maybach and Rolls_Royce

  • You guys didn't compare it or should have compared it to a black badge because that has the whole back seat stuff that you guys want

  • That rolls royce bsdge is a gimmick. If you are fast enough you can snatch it....i know what I'm talking about :)

  • I am convinced Thomas is a real life mogwai.

  • RR=to African for Africans...is the definition of success.

  • All Passenger Cars have lost out to wind, functionality, fuel saving and popular appeal. Both are nothing but vulgar soaped up Jeep / Land Rover ... for ordinary people who have no chauffeurs to drive them. It is Egalitarianism that is dominating now. Elitism is frowned upon. Comparing the two is like comparing two sheepshearing tools ...There is nothing elegant about either. Elegance died a long time ago. I remember my family dressing up to attend the Salubrious Events with Medals, Ribbons and Decorations. Besides, people who used to buy luxurious cars have graduated to Helicopters, Jets and Fast Trains: Paris to Brussels in one hour and thirty tow minutes, to London 2 hours and twenty four minutes ..Neither is Elegant. Both are ugly looking pieces of ....

  • Pardon me gentlemen, but do you have any Grey Poupon?

  • I love the front of the Rolls-Royce I think it's design is solid beautiful impressive I am not a fan of the back

  • GLS always been a ugly suv

  • Anyone else reckon the Maybach front grille is gross and ugly. Looks like it was designed to cube roadkill before cooking.

  • Would I be wrong to muffler delete my RR?

  • 👆👆🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • honestly ive been surprised it took rollsroyce this long to put out an LUV (Luxury Utility Vehicle)

  • Both cars cost 40K to produce with plastic parts in the engine, design flaws in the electric gauge cluster and key-fab system. Broken from the assembly, lost control over suppliers. My condolences BMW and Mercedes🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Every RR is the most beautiful vehicle, inside and out, in its class. No competition in my book

  • This video is pure magic. These guys are on another level.

  • You should compare the RR with the Range Rover Autobiography

  • Plz review lexus lx 570 mbs super sport

  • I'd still go for Mercedes EQS, than any of this

  • I love both but I’d take the Mercedes-Benz Maybach in a heart beat over the Rolls Royce.

  • Way to take a vehicle with intentionally strong lines and do the most boring, cliche and tired thing, black it out. When will people with no taste learn that it's so tacky and they're in the wrong lane when they start doing that.

  • obviously racist judgment

  • The RR's seat color stolen from an old school bus?

  • The dialogs and chemistry between these guys are so awesome that it seems scripted. Just like old Top Gear stuff.

  • Compaired to the Cullinan the GLS looks like an economy flight. Still a nice SUV though.

  • Ok ok , I’ll watch the video SEnewss, stop recommending this video to me every single day 😂

  • MAYBACH as same as an old car from the Era of communism was called volga

  • Bam Margera looks healthy these days