Street Racing in front of POLICE | Stockholm Open MOVIE

Publicerades den 20 apr 2021
Due to some complications, this insane street racing footage from the Stockholm Open 2017 has never seen the light of day, until NOW! Stockholm Sweden has the craziest street racing we have ever had to privilege to be a part of! Stopping all traffic and getting races off all over the city, even right in front of the police! These guys are HARDCORE. See what makes Stockholm Sweden home to the CRAZIEST street racing in the world!
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  • These Vikings are the kings of turbos!

  • If the mustang didn't get the accident, for sure the mustang got it !

  • I like that these isnt pissy kids in a ford focus doing little burnout in Tescos. this is propper underground racing, organized, propper roads, propper cars

  • Disappointed to see so much generic American muscle..where were all the quick Volvos I only counted 2!

  • nova VS nova at 26:18 the nova in the left lane stays in like half the race! like drifts the whole time, doesn't peddle or let out like a soft brain would.. dude is missing some part of his brain that would tell a normal person to let off the gas... legend is he is still holding the gas peddle to this day

  • 4:50 what a lad

  • If anyone needs cage work done tubular front ends engine trans work look up shives performance on Facebook located in PA

  • The world before covid was invented

  • Really impressive how smooth this was run. You'd have to think the police are warned to not interfere because of the money brought in by this event. Would be better if the damn government would just sanction the event and let it grow.

  • Yes, they have a lot of crazy MFs there in Sweden. Gotta love them.

  • Awsome vid 👌👍

  • Ive always wanted to visit sweden, but now? Its mandatory, what an awesome event

  • 2021 shlm open?

  • can someone please explain to me why people are trying to hold back a potentially 1000+hp car back while its doing a burnout please?

  • yooo i live around there my house is like 15 min away at 12:00

  • One thing non swedes need to know about the "not allowed to get towed on a trailer rule" Sweden is very strict when it comes to car regulations, and 99% of the ccars in the stockholm open are not road legal.

  • This is the real deal, no trailer trash as seen on TV ;)

  • Didnt expect that much audis :) Part 2 soon?

  • These are the real street outlaws!!! Friggin Awesome video!!

  • Were the cops doing lazer radar for the last race...

  • I got to give it up to Kyle and the entire 1320 video crew. With all the drag racing we have here in the states you would think that's enough footage to be had. These guys go all over the world to get us action like no other. Even the big magazines didn't go all over the place for sanctioned events. You deserve everything you got and more .

  • How is the black monza still running ? I watched him lose twice.

  • American muscle baby!!!!

  • i havent watched 1320 video in a bit i come back and this old guy is hosting!! kidding mad video liking it here in South Africa...

  • 33:01 I see a the bald eagles and freedom on that window.

  • Badass video!

  • dangit! I wanted to see the Mustang 2 vs the Monza!!

  • I always wonder if the Ad companies know they’re being shown on illegal activity videos...

  • Welcome to Sweden..

  • Stay out of North Carolina, they seized 60 cars so far....

  • how they stop the traffic? why dont come the police is this legal in stockholm?

  • look at the gas price 1:09

    • Yeah, it was cheap back in those days. Today 1 US gallon of 95 octane (91 in US) costs $7,10 and diesel $7.18

  • The cops are right there at the final @33:04 ? How does this work--they don't care or can't do anything?

  • No way in hell we could have something like this in America. Our cops are so freaking aggressive and would probably stop at Nothing to make sure as many people went to jail as possible.... someone might even get shot if the wrong cop shows up.

    • Yeah, but thats a good and bad thing. Because the cops in Sweden dont do shit about the gang shootings. A couple months ago a 8 year old girl was shot to death at a gas station in Stockholm and the police said that "she was at the wrong place at the wrong time". So what is the right time and place in this country ? Sweden isnt near as good as it seams.

  • There is still nothing better than the old get away in Stockholm movies.

  • i live in sweden and i never seen this shit before lol

  • What's crazy is that, not only do these contenders have to run each race (if they win), but also have to drive that same vehicle to the next destination.So you have to build the vehicle with reliability in mind meaning it can't overheat getting there,as was evidenced by that camaro.

  • That video was sick dam had me on edge the hole time and how's about the cops with the radar gun too haha no fucks given so insane hell yea

  • Is this illigel or legal?

  • That first Audi is an e30 with an Audi front 😂

  • Try this in los angeles or New York

  • "An Absolute 'Wicked' Video"!.... *Thanks*, *!Cheers!*

  • Does anyone remember the Getaway In Stockholm series from about 2000-2001? Supras and Escort Cosworths and Porsches racing through the streets.

  • fan vad episkt

  • Is there a Swede here who could explain why the cops was not all over the place on these guys ? If it happened here in Denmark there would be tons of cops, MOT division and tax division all over busting people in anyway they could

  • At 33.02 the police man with the radar gun is like: Hold my beer I got this !

  • Bad ass street racing

  • bro youve lost mad weight

  • it was realy nice to see something not to far from home :)

  • Last race, a cop jumped out of his car, ran to the guard rail and it looked like he got out his radar gun. Interesting.

  • We would just love if some American street racers could make it to Stockholm and take part of this!

  • Proud beeing a Swede

  • That Ford "Escort" is an amusing thing..

  • Mustangs gonna be mustangs 🤦‍♂️😂👍✌️

  • "Issues overseas" 'statute of limitiations'

  • They do the burnout to kinda warm up the tires right?

  • I love that AWD E30 and all the Audis

  • Why don't you take it to the track. A young man kill a mother and child. He got 24 years. One day you will kill someone you love. Is it worth it.

  • My dad's been running the Stockholm Open a long time ago.

  • I remember when my family was on our way home from my football practice and when we were on our way home we somehow timed it exactly for when a race started. Most awesome night of my life.

  • All in all.. but the leading car was a e39 m5..

  • These are not even fair races.. Quattroes vs RWD cars...

  • how the fk are they awake all night. cocaine lol , or adrenaline ?

  • "Where's the craziest street racing? Sweden" **audi quattro on steroids vs Monza dragster 2 seconds later**

  • Love you videos???

  • i miss the suicidetaxi evo

  • John force must have Swedish blood 🩸. These burnouts are epic.

  • @33.03 not so friendly cops with radar gun measuring speed.

  • Sad to see all those silly ricer kiddie cars. No one wants to see that junk.

  • It's also strange to see the cops on the other side of the guard rail practically cheering

  • This was a great video, almost a documentary. It looks like you had as much adrenaline going as some of the people there. Having been in both the racers and the crews shoes , I know the adrenaline runs high. Looks like you had a a great time, I enjoyed the video. Keep it up.

  • So what about the cops at the finish line of the final? radar running... get a MPH? hahaah

  • we in skandinavia do not scream like a girls we give good hand clap to every men and woman

  • i was wating for a volvo

    • Was at least two shown in this video a 240 and an epic 544

  • I love (/s) how the winner displayed a nasty Trump quote in his rear window!Teehee! Embarrassing but, thank goodness he is in the "rear view!" On a serious note, the police should just join them. They obviously can't stop it, they mind as well work with them to help keep things as safe and minimize disruption of the public. Evidently, the Police & the Municipality would save money in the process. SERVE & PROTECT! Right!?!

  • Power of the people with a plan and everyone works together, we American people need to take some lessons and apply this to many aspects.

  • Nice of the police being there with radar in the final to tell them the top speeds for the final race atleast. I hope some spectator asked the policeman for it. :)

  • Proud of beein swedish 🤟😎

  • V8 bore the shit outa me... We Wana see them volvo engines and them bmw engines going at it

  • 21:00 When you spend all your budget on the body kit and you run out of money for the engine.

  • Sweden ??? Come on know . Come to Brooklyn N.Y. you want to see crazy .

  • 23:29 hahahahah

  • Street racing capitol of the world💪💪💪

  • Man, this is engaging as fudge ! Congrats ;)

  • That volvo pv was a real surprise to see for me 😄

  • When Vikings Do Drag Racing!!!

  • Great open!!! Amazing competition!

  • love the variety over there, all the high horsepower 5 and 6 cylinders. I loved the turbo 2.8 e30

  • Hope you all get arrested for illegal racing👌

  • when its leagal is not street racing sorry

  • Best racing ever

  • Swick swick swick! Where is the Swedish stick?

  • whens the next one ?

  • @16:48 monza appears to have jumped the light

  • 17:32 that evo was leaking something on fire

  • who knew? LOL

  • 13:50 two dudes just vibin on a pole

  • that s4 didnt launch like 600hp let alone 900 to wheels

  • Kyle, one of the luckiest men to ever make their own luck, I tip my hat 🎩 to the man, and he deserves that R8 he now has, he’s worked for it.

  • haha, the guy flagging in a suit and dress shoes