2021 Texas State Disc Golf Championship | R2F9 LEAD | Koling, White, Dickerson, Freeman | Jomez

Publicerades den 28 mar 2021
Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's moving day round at the 2021 Texas State Disc Golf Championship.
Card: Jeremy Koling, Casey White, Chris Dickerson, Joel Freeman
Course: Dogwood MPO
BigBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling & Paul "Uli" Ulibarri
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18:37 HOLE 4
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26:57 HOLE 6
29:56 HOLE 7
33:57 HOLE 8
37:54 HOLE 9

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  • Hey JomezPro Great content! For us newbies i would love if the stats of the disc was shown in the graphics when they throw it. Just a suggestion :)

  • good stuff!

  • Yes, yes, we all know why. But ya'll look ridiculous wearing masks outside in Texas. Is there no one who refuses to live so irrationally?

  • Next goes to the F9 Final? Why?

  • Anyone else catch Jeremy say 2020 in the beginning?

  • Barking up the wrong tree ;) lol

  • Good to see ya on lead Jerm :)

  • I’m really liking some minor differences in production this year; with mic-ing up players, adding their little convos between each other, etc. jomez is the only disc golf coverage I have watched and I have no reason to look for others!

  • State tree of NC is pine. Dogwood is VA

  • As Germ announces, "Casey will be getting his first birdy of the round," wasn't it also Germ's "first birdy of the round?"

    • Been waiting to see Casey White on a Jomez Lead card!!! Very excited for this round

  • I hope Casey plays well... so he can get a better sponsor. Would prefer Dynamic or Discraft but would settle for Innova.

  • If I was there my comment would’ve been ...and to finish off the meal, Pepto-Bismol- Nice shirt Big Jerm. 😆😎

  • @32:44 hey paul do you know what clinical means? I think the word you were searching for was routine.

  • Why is the guy announcing players wearing a mask? That's about as dumb as these "talking head" reporters wearing mask and you can't understand what they're saying.

  • Happy to see Casey White out there.

  • Is this televised on ESPN 8,The Ocho?

  • Disc golf is gonna be even bigger in the next few years. It'll be cool to see some more of these guys become millionaires.

  • Chris Dickersons shirt looks like my grandmothers couch 🛋

  • I can't watch your videos anymore because of all of the ads. (I am not being crass I just can't watch them it really won't load the video) I get that you need to make money and so does youtube but I am over it. Best of luck I will try and watch coverage on another channel and see if my luck is any better. Thanks for all the amazing years and work you have put in.

  • Casey white for President

  • They should call the booth this teacher "Big(squared)-Bari Commentary

  • Joel just got off his job moonlighting as a Ferrari Formula 1 Driver.

  • Jeez Jerm. Think I'm gonna have to try black and white to watch this round. Very first shot that shirt burned my eyes out. Edit. Just turned the color on my tv from zero to negative 26. That did the trick.

  • Anyone else actually get annoyed with Jerm giving Joel shit in the beginning? He's never on Jomez cards and he gets introduced like he's a joke. It's fine when it's someone we see a lot but as a viewer who didn't know him I found it disrespectful 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • I know I'm in the minority here. I would just appreciate professionalism towards the players we don't already know. Otherwise you're building a bad impression that could follow someone.

  • Been waiting to see Casey White on a Jomez Lead card!!! Very excited for this round

  • Jerm, Dogwood is actually our state flower! Our state tree is pine :) Both of which I feel like are represented very well on our disc golf courses!

  • So hype to see Joel on coverage.

  • Love the player interviews

  • 3:21 9 in a row?? Lemme tell you I've got at least 17 in a row, if not 18.

  • When the distance is measured before a putt, you know they must've made it. Like freeman on hole 4

  • “dogwood tree...more bark than bite” genius

  • Go Casey!

  • Joel looking sharp out there!

  • Hungout with Simon and I never learned a thing...lol, Casey is dumb. Wanted to like him after watching all those Simon vids but that is a stupid thing to say.

  • Looks like being in the lead card after a long break really made Jerm nervous.

  • How did Jomez splice in Big Jerm's practice round footage with this round's footage?

  • I’ll go ahead and say it: I think Big Jerm gets too nervous when he’s playing on lead card coverage, which is counter-intuitive since he’s the star of Jomez. Get you’re confidence up, Jerm...you’re one of the best in the world!

  • Bark and bite with McDonald’s lmao best commentary thus far.

  • Casey living that American dream.

  • All the love to Casey

  • Dammit I live in Tyler and missed this!

  • I love seeing Casey on the lead card. Maybe the student will become the master, maybe...

  • That Jersey commercial music is a banger.

  • Since Casey didn't get an outfit joke; young Sith that's clearly going to switch sides to Jedi

  • Casting to tv is amazeballs for these episodes

  • Big Jerm ruthless with the Mickey D's rip LOL

  • Music here sucks this year

  • glad to hear the OG music is back

  • 👍🏻

  • Anyone else notice the disc stuck way up in the tree on hole 1?

  • ... and a ton of bracelets

  • Casey always looks like he’s wearing his big brother’s clothes 😂

    • It looks like an amusement park uniform. Like Six Flags or Cedar Point. His 3rd day outfit is more SeaWorld attendee.

  • You should add a plan view of the holes to the corner of the screen during the overview drone shot.

  • I don’t think they realize how dirty “Chris dickentenders” sounded😂

  • DickenTenders? Lol Wow BigJerm. That's nearly obscene! 🤣

  • The dogwood pun into the outfit jokes had me crying.

  • Would you like ketchup with that?

  • Yeah...dickntenders...just think about how that sounds

  • just so y'all know, we can't hear most of the player comments in these vids because the sound from the original filming is turned down for the commentary. Maybe just repeat what they said if you're commenting on it so that we're in it with you pls :) love BigBarri and Jomez so much!

  • Hold up... did Jerm just say "Chris Dick-and-Tenders" .... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Hell yeah Casey!

  • My son said that Jerm's shirt color matched the double bogey hole 2 score color. Ouch.

  • Had to pause and rewind at 5:35 to watch that slo-mo a few times. What a ridiculously small gap 🤯and the camerawork is impeccable.

  • What is the yellow forehand approach disc Jeremy is using?

  • Fellas... wear a belt when you tuck in your shirt

  • The player profiles are really cool but I think they should be before anyone throws a disc at all

  • Jerm and Uli commentary makes the sport so much better

  • I’m very sorry but I can’t keep quiet. Take off the damn masks! You have literally ZERO chance of catching Covid on a disk golf course. Actually, there’s a greater chance of being hit by lightning with no clouds in the sky. In addition, any support people wearing the masks full time have a much greater chance of serious medical problems. If these are required by anyone or organization in disk golf management, they need to be fired immediately.

  • Caseeyyyyyy!!!! Awesome to see you on lead card!

  • “Dickentenders” - Jeremy Koling. What’s a dickentender?

  • Thank you so much Mrs Freeman, for bringing a class and sophistication to the card that would have been sorely lacking without you.

  • Crazy I always saw Casey on simons channel but I’d never have thought I would see him here

  • I am unsubscribed until y'all stop wearing masks. It's not about a virus. It about control.

  • Good to see Chris Dickerson using a legal putt-step, rather than an illegal step-putt.

  • Nice to see Big Jerm on the lead card

  • Ope! Sooo no help from Simon huh? Signed to the same team as Simon. Total coincidence I suppose. Riiiiiiiiiiight....dick move for sure right there.

  • What are you putting with big jerm?

  • is it possible to get a graphic on what disc they are using?

  • I had to adjust my picture settings because of all these outfits.

  • Just show footage. Make interviews their own videos

  • Cmon Jerm, the Dogwood is the official “flower” of NC. Not the official tree. The pine is the official tree.

  • Simon has been your biggest promoter Casey and you aren’t even thankful at all😂 you’ll go back to being a nobody after today.

  • Everyone is out here talking about McDonald’s, and all I can see is HULKAMANIA!

  • Jeremy...your Mcdonalds joke was hilarious. Why then do you go and ruin it by commenting on it and then laughing at your commentary? PLEASE understand, you are ruining the best parts of your work by not letting them stand on their merits and killing the flow.

  • 10:23 It felt like Jeremy and Casey would throw at the same time :)

  • I sense a Master & Disciple Rivalry brewing between Casey and Simon 😜

  • Good to see Joel is sponsored by ketchup and mustard now.

  • 16:37 - some colourblind disc golfers, and a tongue poking out. Thanks, Jomez!

  • State Tree of North Carolina is the Pine. ~ Virginia Resident (where the Dogwood is the state tree)

  • germ, with all due respect... this shirt hurts my eyes...

  • I can barely hear the commentary over Jerm's shirt.

  • 38:40 I'm actually offended we didn't get a follow flight of that shot

  • How can you call yourself a Pro with a belly like that?

  • We are not going to ignore the strait up fire bars mr prime spit

  • How casey gonna say simon hasnt taught him ANYTHING? Simon has done form breakdowns on his vlog with Casey’s form. Casey gonna say he didnt watch those? Next Brodie gonna say Mcbeth didnt teach him anything either

    • I kind of took that line as Casey having all the requisite knowledge to do well, but not having the discipline, the confidence, and the reference material to put that knowledge into practice. Nothing about what Simon does isn't available in form videos or round coverage. The difference is just that Casey and Simon put in the time while we don't, and the difference between Simon and Casey is just that Casey didn't live up to his full potential yet (I actually think Simon hasn't either, but he's considerably closer than Casey is).

    • Feel the same. Simon has a supersmooth disc throw action, something that Casey should definitely learn. The rapid run up/putt gives me anxiety.

  • Where the heck is Nate Sexton

  • Ayy Massachusetts represent Casey

  • Double commentary with Big Jeremy Koling!!! Double commentary with Big Jeremy Koling!!!

  • Lets go Matty O

  • Hey, it's the main character in all of Simon's vlogs! GO CASEY