Bernie Sanders Reacts to Trump Biden Debate

Publicerades den 29 sep 2020
Senator Sanders talks about the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Trump’s refusal to accept real science, Biden’s thoughts on the Green New Deal and plans to combat the climate crisis, Trump refusing to condemn white supremacists, whether televised debates are constructive, Trump trying to do away with coverage for pre-existing conditions, the hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham in respect to Trump’s Supreme Court nomination, Americans losing faith in the electoral process, Trump cheating the tax system, and what he says to people who are thinking about not voting.
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  • This is my opinion from what ive seen for the majority of this election: republicans base most of what they say, democrats argue mostly with hypotheticals

  • The democrats havent done anything with the pharmacuticle industry, ever and trump is reducing the cost of all forms of medications and treatments, i dont understand your point bernie. Could someone explain it to me?

  • The most dangerous president in this country, who was nominated 4 times for a nobel peace prize, sure buddy

  • he's literally a socialist... why is everyone saying he's better than the both candidates, i hate trump and biden, they are both delusional, but seriously guys...

  • Why the hell don't americans vote for this guy?

  • This left extremes is scary. Can't have that stuffed shirt in the white house. Trump 2020

  • Trump 2020

  • Good old Bernie got screwed again by the Democrat party. Will he ever learn. 2016 2020

  • Serial loser Bernie

  • Bernie is a socialist who would have destroyed the economy and the country. The democrat party is a segregationist/KKK/Antifa/BLM/ Hate Party. Robert C. "Sheets" Byrd (D) Senator for 51 years was best friend and mentor to Joe Biden and he was also the Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan. I'll bet none of you know that. Yeah, he wore the red robes and the red pointed hood. The Democrats STARTED the KKK in 1886, and they are segregationists still today. The first Republicans were blacks

  • And why would we care what Sanders thinks? After Trump wins a 2nd term Bernie will go away forever.

  • Too many chickens in this country that hate the colonel, that's why he lost the race

  • Silly Bernie

  • Sanders has that permanent red face acquired by alcoholism. He was drunk here you can tell. No wonder he didn't survive

    • powerful and ignorant people prevented a Sanders presidency. republicans in South Carolina who voted for Biden during the dem nominations did it.

  • Sanders has that permanent red face acquired by alcoholism. He was drunk here you can tell. No wonder he didn't survive


  • Yeah Sanders has an agenda to change our country for the worse. Not to fix our system but to dismantle and completely change it. Not to the benefit of the american people mind you. Don't be fooled by this man, Trump is not racist you guys keep saying hes this hes that hes dangerous how? The american people have lost faith because the communists have been very quietly dismantling our country to gain total control over us leading us to believe they are on our side and they care about us. They care about power control money. Very scary.

  • I think Bernie is a little Polarizing but is a good guy at heart even though I'm a Democrat

  • Trump supporter here. If Bernie was on the ballot, I would actually have something to think about. I felt the same way in 2016. Clinton and Biden are both hardcore No's for me though. The problem with Sanders is that he's more like Trump than anyone wants to admit. He doesn't play well with the powers that be and actually wants to help people and not just be a puppet.

  • Bernie lies about his liars 🙃

  • Good heart; horrible ideas

  • Well under Sanders Kimmel you could pay up to 75-90% not the 50% your paying now. That’s facts!

  • Kimmel I thought you were fired; I was so happy thinking I was gonna get some actual entertainment back instead of you using your platform to push far left ideals and socialist activists. So easy for you to look down on the masses from your Hollywood Perch.

  • I wish he was my president. Kyrgyzstan needs you badly, please replicate the kyrgyz version of yourself and reform out hopeless country. Americans don’t value you!

  • science is often inconsistent, ridiculous to say but religions do not change theirs minds so often. I'm not not a religious person. this is a biased dialog from the beginning...pulling masks from nose to eyes

  • Who cares about Bernie Sanders, nobody wants communism.

  • YES Bernie, dangerous to people like YOU. Trump 2020

  • I like him but trump 2020

  • Sanders would have been a great President of the US. It’s unfortunate for America that this man couldn’t be on this Debate against Trump.


  • powerful and ignorant people prevented a Sanders presidency. republicans in South Carolina who voted for Biden during the dem nominations did it.

  • Good for Donald, playing his Trump

    • americans chose trump and biden rather than this man.. it tells you how sick america is.

  • Bernie is far left but I can tell I truly cares about everyone and I respect him for that. Biden needs to consider him for secretary of labor.

  • Praise him.

  • A SPEECH I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM PRESIDENT BIDEN: In the aftermath of the great victory the American people have delivered to us, giving us a chance to save the soul of our country, I would like to extend an olive branch to my predecessor, Donald Trump. In honor of his great achievements in the Middle East I am appointing him as American ambassador to Israel. He is wildly popular in that country, as well as in many of our other allies throughout the Middle East. I am sure his daughter and son-in-law will be happy to accompany him to their Homeland. And we also invite all American Jews who supported Donald Trump to follow his distinguished family to their true homeland. Goodbye and thank you for your service. President Joe Biden

  • Bernie Sanders is a gift from god that any country in this world would want . Despite being so old , he looks fit and strong and he always talks practical . He spoke so good about climate change . If he was the presidential candidate in 2016 instead of Hillary Clinton then he would have won the election in a milestone . He has a lot of similarities to John F Kennedy .

  • He is amazing human being :)

  • America was too stupid for Bernie

  • Is he wearing blush and lipstick tho?

  • Is it Bernie Sanders or Larry David ?

  • America decided to screw him yet again four years later. It's honestly sickening.

  • I would like a mixture of like 20 percent Biden 40 percent sanders and 40 percent Trump. They all have nice ideas

  • I am from Brazil. As a brazilian I can say that we are strongly affected by you, in everything. As a Brazilian I am here to ask, please, consider voting on Biden. I'm not looking this as a joke like a lot of you. Research about the Pantanal disaster please, our florests are burning, our animals are dying by hunger. Guys, this is not a joke, you are Rome from the 21st century, everything you do will affect your neighborhood... I am your Neighbor, and I want to be yoour friend. But that's not going to happen with two lunatics running our govern. You found your guy, don't let him scape. I'm praying that we'll find ours. (I was yelling at my computer)

  • Why not Sanders vs Trump ? he would have done much better

    • @niduoe stre not the ones who support Putin's puppy

    • I'm the grumpy old Marxist guy . How does anybody support this fool

  • I'm on the right but always respected Bernie's conviction. Still I don't think during an economic recovery from the virus is a good time to screw with the energy sector. On the other hand it would be nice to see a healthcare an during the recovery as well. It's said to Bernie parrot the race card when he knows damn good and well that Trump has denounced white supremacists 29 times and keeps being asked the same question by pseudo journalist.

  • I come back to this video again and again. I want to listen to him because I feel he is actually talking to each of us and answering answers sincerely as possible. Unfortunately, I don't feel the same feeling from the running candidates.

  • I yelled at my TV too. For the first time in my life.

  • americans chose trump and biden rather than this man.. it tells you how sick america is.

  • Trump will win,not because I or we want to. But because we dont care,we wanna hear what we wanna hear lies and the good condition of our state and future and trump gives the people the lies and tells us falsely how good we are doing even though its a lie

  • I'm so depressed not to have to option to vote for him😔

  • When did Trump lie?

  • I love Bernie Sanders. He never stops fighting. Wish I could have him as a politician in my country! Though I think America needs him more.

  • Bernie Sanders should be the democrat candidate, not that clown of Joe Biden

  • Bernie needs to hold true to his supporters and endorse the green party for president as they want to fight for his policy's. Biden is as bad as Trump.

    • So many people need existing health care!!!!!

  • Thank you Bernie lovely you.

    • Omg. I Just received $36,000 into my PayPal account through Hackkits,uK the system is safe and untraceable

  • No joke on ig I saw someone comment that trump is the greatest president of all time 😂

  • I'm the grumpy old Marxist guy . How does anybody support this fool

  • Bernie, blink twice if you got dragged on there.

  • im sorry bernie. we failed you

  • Everybody here blaming "the country"... This man was thrown to the sharks twice by his own party.

  • The Political Circus is nothing more then entertaining yet , this charade is leading the USA into doomsday. Laugh away....make jokes about it. All i can tell, it's time for a hard wake up call. The world needs strong leadership which doesn't have its head up its ass, dipped into pompous ego and insane wealth. All i see are severe crazed up elders who have no place in politics (except for a few like Sanders). Away with you, shoo!, let real youngsters lead us into a golden future.

  • I just don't get it. Your a country of 300million and you pick trump 😂😂 IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?!...IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?

  • If Bernie wanted to frig with the Democrats he should run as an independent. He would have my vote for sure

    • I love these videos. They are so freaking interesting!?

  • So much smarter than we thought!

  • Bernie should have been President

  • Bernie Sanders has consistently and articulately stated the same message with passion and conviction. He walks his talk and is the example of what political representation should be, and what it can be still.

  • The americans will always make the right choice but only after they exhausted all the other ones. Bernie might never become president but at least he paved the way to younger progressive voices.

  • Sanders

  • Omg. I Just received $36,000 into my PayPal account through Hackkits,uK the system is safe and untraceable

  • So many people need existing health care!!!!!

  • i would love to see a kimmel trump debate

  • Tonight is going to get better.

  • I wish you were still in this race bernie 😭 this country needs you

  • If Bernie sanders would be 30 years younger and the democrats would have promoted him as the candidate he really is, he would be a real revolutionary man for the USA this dude would be the most beloved person on earth...but there is Donald Trump

  • I hope history remembers bernie sanders

    • I keep forgetting this guy is still alive!

  • I love Berni Shame he didn't continue to the poles


  • Every second line is aaaaooaaahh errrrr Bit like beavis and butthead

  • Damn all these candidates are old white and stale they need younger people

  • Bernie sanders for people and president!!!

  • Vote!

  • Some of you witnessed the mess that went on under Obama and weren't angered by it? Ice still happens under biden...... I was worried about ICE raids (because I'm native and am not white) they were going on locally and I read they were detaining American citizens because they "thought they were immigrants" I worry about the Puyallup tribe because they're being forced to deal with a huge lng plant they don't agree with or have agreed to I worry about peaceful protesters as biden yells for rioters to be arrested I worry about the future of our planet more than our economy......we need to create a just transition for those workers that work in the oil industry and ban fracking PERIOD This should be the easiest election.....but democrats fight for the donor class before they fight for "we the people" I got my ballot already in wa state..... I dont think I'm voting in the presidential race We NEED TO DEMAND BETTER OF OUR DEMOCRATS.....I don't feel like the republican party has an opposition party

  • Bernie is awesome

  • Yeah its all fun and games until you really have to go and fix something! Think about Trump he is 1%er and can do anything what he likes. Why would he want to go try to solve anything? Because he cares about his nation. Think about it.

  • Democrats done it again - they never learn.

  • Joe Biden doesn't deserve to get elected. Democrats have ,ade a ,istake again.

  • Hey Jimmy, if you're your such a fan of socialism and "equality," why don't you put your money where your mouth is and agree to be paid the same as the lighting guy?

  • They let Bernie down, America never knows what's good for them, what a shame.

  • Copyright law is used to justify not paying content workers who work on material used in corporate revenue.

  • Bernie did not answer the question at 11:00 about packing the Supreme Court; yet Biden gets dragged for the same thing.


    • Bernie is amazing. He even dislikes Trump and know Biden had potential.

  • I keep forgetting this guy is still alive!

  • Bernie is one heck of a patriot, a fighter, and an all around good dude. Thank you, Senator, I'll be filling out my ballot for Joe Biden this weekend.

  • Immortal technique interview

  • I would have KILLED to see trump vs sanders lol

  • He sounds like a political dumbledore ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bernie lies too much

    • Man spits nothing but straight facts and no one believes him 😔

  • Bernie was a gift to America that Americans refused to open.

  • Bless Sanders. Seriously. We need so many people like him.

  • my book: 'The room where it happened and what does a simple Russian plumber thinks about it all'.

  • Sanders is instead the person who will make the United States great again in my point of view, Even the world. I like to accept him as the world leader. pity!

  • Communism is a mental ill. Take care of you America because half of the world speak today English, just because you build such a great culture. Don't destroy it!