I Bought 13 BROKEN PS5's - But Can I Fix Them?!

Publicerades den 12 mar 2021
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I Bought 13 BROKEN PS5's - But How Many Can I Fix? I paid $550 for each PS5 in this lot of 13. I tested all the PS5's and found a variety of problems including a bad HDMI port, freezing while playing games, graphical issues, and PS5's that wouldn't turn on.
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  • I don’t even have a broken ps5 bro, I’m jealous

  • How much did he pay

  • 13 broken ps5 ? what about warranty ? are they all stolen so that there is no warranty on them ?

  • the ones that work probably have over heating issues should've tried intensive games on all of them at long term to really see the problem with them

  • That's why market is telling out of stock 😡

  • Imagine spending $600 on a brand new console that people are struggling to get just to get rid of it because you think it’s broken

  • 13 people who should’ve bought an XBOX.

  • TronicsFix can you sell me a broken ps5 please I really want one.

  • Why would anyone buy a ps5 to play an android game

  • Well that´s 13k on ebay

  • Ps5 interior is so poorly designed

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  • Why’s it take forever to install a game I thought these things we’re suppose to be fast

    • Loading screen not downloading

    • Bruh

  • My ps5 doesn’t want to play any ps4 games. How can you fix that?

  • i have a question: why 13? but not 10 or 20

  • I hate the way you end you're sentences.....kinda like a game show announcer or the guy that speaks through the pa system at roller coaster rides.

  • Them PS5 would make great door stops.

  • Can you sell me one if you are able to fix it please!!!!!

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  • Dude they only cost 600 retail how you gonna make money?

    • Look at sold prices on eBay

  • Seeing all these ps5 issues gives me anxiety about my own.

  • where are you selling the fixed ps5?

  • How do you guys feel about the ps5 coming with liquid metal as the thermal paste? Personally in my opinion, I dont think that was a wise decision on sonys part.. maybe I'm confused and liquid metal has Improved since I last tried to use it on a ps4 but I was nothing but bad issues with it. Mainly the fact it was eating at the copper heat sink. So I really dont like the idea they decided to go with liquid metal, but I would definitely like to hear your guy's opinion on that.

  • Well said man.. I believe in repair too, and it sucks that more people don't do so as well but that being said. Much respect. Iv learned a lot from you in the past and really love this channel. Keep up the good work dude.

  • Why do you wear 2 mics?

  • Lol he'd probably like dang look at these things, Us wonder how people broke em this quick cause they came out like 5 months ago

  • Where is this guy getting this money because he's not making alot on SEnewss..

  • PS5 number 1 is what’s wrong with my ps4 how do I fix that?

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  • I smell BS. Damn things still have warranty, so why on erath would someone sell it? Sorry, not buying it.

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  • So you paid 12,500 $

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  • How are they not all In warranty still ?

  • Idk why people don't think about this. Buy a broken ps5 from the website he recommended then go to a repair shop to get it fixed. Boom you have a ps5! And from the video some ps5s might not even be broken.

  • How was that ps5 that dirty those things have just been released

  • So many broken ps5 already? Not a good sign.

  • waiting ps5 pro😀

  • You should sell me one

    • @TronicsFix got it thank you

    • Don't reply to anyone who isn't verified that's pretending to be me. They're scammers. Instead call them and waste their time! I NEVER sell anything in the comments section.

  • I'd be livid if I actually got my hands on a PS5 and it ended up being a lemon.

  • my question is how it already broke

  • 12:43 if you saw that, you are not alone. There are many like us

  • So are you going to resell them???? If so can I buy one

    • Don't reply to anyone who isn't verified that's pretending to be me. They're scammers. Instead call them and waste their time! I NEVER sell anything in the comments section.

  • what is suaghtet

  • your such a good guy

  • do you give the ps5 back after you fix it?

  • see whats all wwroong

  • Take notes Sony

  • Mental

  • The way they broke is because the owner installed warzone and assassins creed on the same console

  • My PS5 isn’t working properly, can you help fix mine??

  • 550 dollars each ?

    • Don't reply to anyone who isn't verified that's pretending to be me. They're scammers. Instead call them and waste their time! I NEVER sell anything in the comments section.

  • can i buy one of the ps5

    • Don't reply to anyone who isn't verified that's pretending to be me. They're scammers. Instead call them and waste their time! I NEVER sell anything in the comments section.

  • I've just received ps5 but one of white corner on the bottom is folded;( it seems that parcel was dropped.I have to return it.Piece of Sh...I stayed with Xbox one X...ehh.

  • he uploated this on my birthday wow

  • i think the forntnite kid raged on these ps5

  • When did they broke them lol

  • Y’all already broke a ps5

  • There are already people breaking their PS5? What did they do to the PS5? Use it as a cat scratch post?


  • Whats your website where you got those ps5’s

  • Liquidation won’t let you purchase unless you have business tax ID . At least that’s what happened to me

  • die Leute haben einfach zu viel Geld das die einfach eine ps5 kaput machen können

  • idk how to feel

  • Jeez what are people doing? I still have my nintendo, super nintendo, ps1 and ps2 as well as all my laptops and PCs I had. So all my consoles, laptops and PCs are working without issues over a timespan of 30 years! And people just break their console after few weeks or months. Seems like a lot of kids with anger issues...

  • Bob the builder of technology 😂

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  • 13:46 wait wait wait is that a m.2 slot i see

  • Hey man quick question Got a PS5 I can borrow ? lol

    • @Tayler Easdon bro 1 day worth of playing you could afford to buy 1 you’re self

    • @Draven White I know nëin means no

    • You can come play mine! I charge 20$ an hour hahahahaha

    • @CLOUDY_GAM3R ummmm... i wanted to say in germain or how it's called the language "No bro, no"(translated in english. i typed like that cuz it sounded much better in detsuch

    • @thememesound why you say in bro in

  • Already??? How tf

  • i cant even get a ps5 and 13 people break them........

    • @TronicsFix thank but i was gonna troll him anyway lol

    • Don't reply to anyone who isn't verified that's pretending to be me. They're scammers. Instead call them and waste their time! I NEVER sell anything in the comments section.

    • @Tronicsfix did you even read it. It needs to be pal

    • @Tronicsfix how am I to trust you? Thanks tho but I live in Ireland so shipping could be expensive if your outside of the EU. Plus I'd need a pal version to be able to play games sold in Ireland. Also my ps5 won't work if it'd not pal in Ireland as the Irish electricity system is 250v 50Hz and only PAL works with that

  • bronzee tho

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