This is NOT FUN! Asmongold Reacts to Preach on Patch 9.1 NEW TORGHAST | Shadowlands

Publicerades den 2 maj 2021
TORGHAST HAS CHANGED...AGAIN! Asmongold watches Preach's latest video regarding the new updates to "Torghast, The Tower of the Damned" in the Shadowlands 9.1 PTR, this is one of the most important features of the Shadowlands expansion and Blizzard still doesn't seem to get it right...
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  • I stopped playing after a Month of playing Shadowlands.... and Blizzard really doesnt want me to come back it seems....

  • imagine...they sat at a table and thought about least i hope some spec of brainpower was used, and by the end of it, they all agreed that THIS, was a good idea. it is embarrasing to see how out of touch the top dogs are. The poor devs wanting to make good content get this dogshit shoved on their lap, make the floors 80% shorter. make the 1 hour grind smaller, make it a less time consuming thing. give players a low chance of a raid tier item drop, put good items in venari, make them rep required, give token drops from bosses to help people gear, make those items legion karazan type affixes, Something, dont make it slower, more tedious in the hopes that masking it as a ''new challenge'' in already hated content will be a saving grace. fuck me.

  • Island missions was fun, but they should have made it so u could do it solo and not forced into grps, but ofc that u still can DO it in grps and then ofc team up with other teams, i hate how blizzard never "very rarely" evovle OLD content, its like with Druids and their new thing they was to have in MoP symbiosis, the idea was cool but blizzard never made the effort to make it work as it should do, and there for they scraped it :/ and after that Druids never have gotten anything new :(

  • I don’t understand, all you have to do is play hades, and make torghast similar lol, it’s honestly not hard

  • The game is designed for 9 year olds...not 40 year olds.

  • Literally just make an ACTUALLY OPTIONAL hard mode of Torghast with actual challenges and no weekly rewards that make people feel like they have to do it, how is this such a foreign concept to Blizzard?

  • Blizzard = 🤑, Asmongold = 🙈

  • They should have just added a talent tree to make it harder instead of easier, just like many others roguelike do... so people can choose their difficulty.

  • bro these bosses have less mechanics than some OSRS bosses, what the fuck lmao

  • if they're going to implement a timer, they need to figure out a better way of giving phantasma for kills. i can't sit there and loot after every fight if i'm trying to go fast.

  • The truth behind this is that it's 100x less work for Blizzard to add shitty difficulty curves than to do real work making torghast fun. This is evident by them "adding" features they had simply turned off instead of removing, why would this money machine do any real work. I feel sorry for the art team.

  • Just play POE stop stressing over wow

  • I hate that everyone knows what "based" means now...

  • not surprised by any of this, writing was on the wall at blizzcon that 9.1 was going to be a piece of shit.

  • Idk, to me its just the same as making it if you drop to 40% hp you insta die, with a chance of not insta dying. imo, they should just cut hp by 40% and be done with it.

  • wtf is wrong with alt tabbing while doing thorgast? I mean is already boring af

  • Am I the only person who goes afk at least once per Torghast layer

  • any1 think back on pandaria who said it was trash back then now and actually realise HOW GOOD it was, like unironically super good, in almost every deparment. PvP, PvE and casual non-arena and non raiding or dungeon content? There was just so much to do that was FUN.. you even had fun things like the "green immolation warlock" thing and you had the special mount spawns (which basically are there every expansion yea but still) and you had the absolute BEST content-zone ever made in the game, the timeless isle. Even though we were forced to be there for one full year, it was fucking great, when you had heroic gear from SoO or flex gear (heroic used to be mythic back then :') good times ) you could farm the Ordos mobs without being in a raidgroup and it felt so accomplishing being able to grind out the xp for the rep to be able to buy the heavenly golden cloud serpent. I literaly every expansion after that, paled in comparison. Even the "good legion" did not meet with the standards of Pandaria. Each raid in Pandaria was fucking great, yes, even the first tier. Then you had the lengendary cloak questline, which was... FUCKING AWESOME. It was the first time they allowed everyone to have a "legendary item" but honestly, all the quests and rep grinds - in order to get it was just so good. You had the valor points system, you even had heirlooms as they used to be back then... actually good and not garbage that you would buy with gold, but you actually had to grind it with valor points which made you feel more accomplished. Doing one heroic dungeon a week to get your weekly valor is all you need. It's kind of a chore, but it's an easy 15 minute one which is NOT tedious. You had the PvP vendors and just.. everything was fucking good dude. Man, they even had some of the coolest achievements like how you could grind out the reps (which btw all rep grinds were GOOD and thats the point) and once you were exalted with all the MoP factions you got that little kite mount... man, just.. why why why has this game turned out like it did. I remember the night of the blizzcon where they were announcing WoD... everyone was so exited, because everyone thought it was gonna be as good as MoP with all of the GOOD and FUN shit that I already mentioned (and more) BUT with actual cool orcs and original warcraft feeling to it. LOL it just turned out completly opposite and that's why I think SO MANY hated WoD. because honestly WoD was better than BFA, NGL. BFA remains the worst expansion yet and I havent even played a minute of shadowlands. WoD actually had PvP vendors. And Ashran was kind of fun if you wanted to listen to some music and just relax some. But just... how, how how how... fucking hell, when you glance back at fucking WoD and get more exited than the last and current expansion. Fuck me.

  • Putting aside everything else. Friggin` first-tier Brawlers Guild has had more interesting challenges and bosses.

  • Blizzard specializing at making boring things take longer.

  • there is an AOE death explosion

  • Hate retail, trash game

  • It's pretty sad when the trash statues at the end of AQ 20 have more mechanics than a thorghast boss.

  • Blizz has had this cycle for such a long time Guys, we listened to your feedback about how the game is getting boring so we are adding an all new system A that will make gameplay exciting and we think you'll love it! Guys, we listened to your feedback about how you hate system A. That is why we are scrapping it and giving you an all new system B that that will make gameplay exciting and we think you'll love it! Guys, we listened to your feedback about how you hate system B. That is why we are scrapping it and giving you an all new system C that that will make gameplay exciting and we think you'll love it! Guys, we listened to your feedback about how you hate system C. That is why we are scrapping it and giving you an all new system D that that will make gameplay exciting and we think you'll love it!

  • 5

  • The developpers don't understand the base mechanics of WoW .. a classic

  • There should be an optional “simulated arena” floor where you use your powers against empowered mobs (similar to Rogue Agents from Division 2) that act like a PvP team or a duel, depending on your group size, and this optional floor should give rewards that can be used outside of Torghast like a toy, or a 24 hour honor level grind increase.

  • The Highlord Kruul fight is a fucking work of art. There is no solo boss fight in an mmo that comes close.

  • The game isn't too challenging, it's too confusing. You shouldn't have to be a WoWWiki scholar to be able to build your character. "Go to this place in the world and grind for 30 min, then walk back and craft a piece of some thing, sell it for materials that your friend can use to make the scroll which unlocks the armory at your covenant (you are exalted with your covenant, right), grind armory dungeons back in another continent where you need to be above average pvp in order to get the key that unlocks the golden anvil. Now you're ready to begin craft grinding. Make sure your talents are optimized EXACTLY right or you get kicked from the group. No, not those talents, the ones at the guy in the covenant. No not those talents, the other ones. Lol, it's only ilvl 174?? Keep grinding. Then, 'wait, am I stacking crit or haste for pvp'? Oh good I can save gear setups so I don't have to change every piece- oh wait, i just got a new piece so I have to create a new set. Shit where did my cloak go? Take the stuff you got from the armory dungeons to the class dungeons that you need to grind before you start heroic raids. Use it to gain influence with some guy in the corner that doesn't look like he's important, but is literally the only person in the universe that can get you to end game. Once you are exalted with said guy, he will show you how to craft the hilt. The hilt isn't useful, but you have to keep it in your bag for 2 months while you look for the blade which unlocks the top floor of the golden anvil challenge area. Achieve a gold medal 5 times. Now you can start using anvil points to upgrade your boots. Loot new boots. Go back to the normal raids and grind boot dust. Bring the dust to the covenant commander at the battlefront orders center. If you have enough dust you can enter battle against the bad guys or whatever to get the aura of command which allows you to control 'little guys'. Little guys store pixie magic which you can use to upgrade your upgrade zone, making your upgrades more powerful. Little guys have different strengths and you will need to choose the exact balance between damage and survivability in order to get into a pug mythic, which is what you have to do if you want the normal gear. Wait for normal drops. You can do this once a week. You've got most of your normal stuff. You have finished craft grinding. Your hilt and blade can be smelted into magimetal to upgrade your legendary, but you don't want to use it now because your legendary is only 222, and you need 236 to get into your guild's heroic team even though you're clearly ready to begin. Walk to the portal to Orgrimmar and go there. Buy a dinosaur mobile auction house for 10 million gold so you can auction the stuff you've been crafting- wait, level up your profession. To do this, you will need to grind normal dungeons and bribe mages to give you the 'eyes of herb walking' walk around every continent to get a large assortment of herbs to level you up 20% of "shadowlands" profession. Now you can buy the "Recipe of endgame". It only costs 10,000 kudos from your rival covenant headmaster, after you gain revered status and enchant the "three stones of storyline". If you dust is full, spend it on some shit or whatever it doesn't matter, you only need half of it but you have to wait until the "legendary gates of golden anvil land" are opened so you can have a chance roll with the Winged Blacksmith. If he gives you the blue stone, you must return to Orgrimmar and attain level 5 talents from the Blackmetal Honor Guild. Level 5 talents replace your covenant flower powers, so choose wisely as you will lose some power. You are ready to begin grinding heroics."

  • Torghast MDI inc.

  • People really pushing FF14 hard. It's a decent game, but it's not gonna replace WoW for those players. Those players are waiting for something really different.

  • i agree with asmon that the bosses in MT is something I want to see, i just dont want to see them in choregast to get soul cinders.

  • Yeah, there's a massive difference between speedrunning and having to beat a timer before you lose. While both require you to complete the level/instance/run faster, one is by choice of the player.

  • So torghast is just binding of isaac

  • The enpowered thing is bullshit. You wanna make a leaderboard? Make it as Diablo grifts! It's easy and understandable!

  • It's because it's Weekly that we hate Torghast, we want to farm it once and for all, build all our legendaries. JUST LET US PLAY TORGHAST WHEN WE WANT, NOT MENDATORY WEEKLY FARM And then we can go there to farm things like : - Stygia - tmogs - some anima - some Covenant specific items - Weapon enchants - Mounts - Pets As easy as that ??? they give us a chest at the end of torghast with some rewards, and we can spam again and again.

  • Looking for a challenge? Go play PvP arenas. PvP > all mythic difficults. Yes. I am not saying pve is easy, especially Mythic Guldan, but hey. PvP is and will be always harder.

  • I know this gets rehashed so damn much but, why make something that was a chore more challenging to accomplish and not give out any sort of decent award? All the really had to do was make Nightmares without a such a strict time limit and it would have been amazing.

  • avoiding the mechanics is part of the fun as a melee though

  • @45:00 Asmon goes super nerd.

  • Fire Ion...

  • reminds me of tower of the dead and high on heaven from FFXIV but there it's used for leveling and gives you cosmetic rewards to help you with their version of transmog.

  • it's not the developer who decides you know... blame the director and producer

  • Asmongold should look at Vermintide 2 and its chaos wastes.

  • Tetris has more mechs dood

  • Have a look at the bosses in FFXIV ;)

  • They really need to take a leaf out of From Software's book when it comes to solo bosses... it's not a difficult thing to achieve - it's true what people are saying - blizzard have the most blind and ignorant developers in the world.

  • Those timer affixes are only impactful for people like me who has 3 small kids and when I am doing torghast when the kids are sleeping abd suddenly one of them wakes up crying and I have to go comfort them for 15 to 30 minutes. Then when i come back to play suddenly my character has 30% less health...

  • Playing WoW in 2021 is like continuing to be in a 7 year abusive relationship and remembering what it was like in the good ole days

  • Empowerment, Copy & Paste from Diablo 3. pretty generic.

  • Blizzard hates melee so much they can't even make a new ranged class.

  • First Bellular... Then Preach...

  • They left it to an intern to design the new boss.

  • Typical blizzard always going back on their word

  • 14:30 Why not just make the dungeon actually more difficult by adding new tricky patrols, new kinds of mobs, or adding new mechanics to existing mobs? LIke threat resets, dangerous spells or mana burn that has to be interrupted, aoe effects that need to be avoided, more mob health and/or damage, instead of this random stuff. This is probably a poor example, since Retail is known (afaik) to be much more difficult than Classic. But think of the Fireguard Destroyers in BRD. For a regular

  • still a shit Game.

  • I mean we've killed literally hundreds of dungeon and raid bosses in WoW. I wish Torghast used bosses from the past as their floor bosses since they are dead lore-wise and you can use the same mechanics scaled to a solo flight. Would be awesome!

  • stars, gems, and shit. we are moving mobile. yay for acti-trash

  • They also said you can get 5 stars by being very thorough in killing everything, speed running isn’t the only option

  • oof cant explore anymore

  • Torghast will be good in 9.3.5 just in time for the next expansion to come and get rid of it. Just to make a new system that is even more flawed than the last.

  • Torghast being easy isn't why its not fun, its because of why it's tied to player power and legendaries. Make Torghast something you do if you want a downtime challenge, and make it unlock appearances or some cosmetic spell effects, not a mandatory content that no one wants to do.

  • I almost feel vindicated, everyone was saying Shadowlands showed promise and could be a great expansion, but I just KNEW they would fuck it up and it would suck like all the rest. People laugh at classic copium but hell at least most of us playing classic enjoy it, modern WoW is just so messed up, they need to start over entirely. WOW 2

  • The sad thing is that almost every mechanic that's aimed at ranged classes is that they're 200x the effect of the anti-melee mechanics. Anti-melee mechanics are "you need to move out and not dps for 3 seconds or you'll take 25 percent of your health in damage". All of Blizzard's attempts of doing similar anti-ranged mechanics are "your next attack/spell has a 50% chance to instantly kill you, and otherwise does 66% of your health in damage".

  • so moonboys can now oneshot themselves in thorgast for 200k with full moons:D

  • Ok so all classes that doesn't have self heal or a heal on a very long cd fucked and won't be viable to use in there and with this speed shit will render sitting down and eat a no no. Ahh fun times......

  • blizz aint gonna listen until ya'll start unsubing. sure you're all making noise about what you want but clearly blizz isnt listening until their numbers start to take a serious hit that doesnt coincide with the eb and flow of new content

  • Why are they increasingly complicating the systems ..... ?

  • And still no rewards for all the new torg systems. I have no reason to play that crap.

  • How tf are you going to be part of the same company that made diablo elite packs and rifts 6 years ago but get torghast wrong?

  • I really believe that the majority of the playerbase has been conditioned to not like being challenged outside of raids, m+ or pvp. that's really why people don't like the maw imo, because I've never had a problem with it and highly enjoy the hostility of the zone

  • Honestly if you're still playing Retail in 2021, you deserve this shit. Classic exists and Classic TBC is coming soon. The choice is obvious.

  • I love that its just Diablo. you could photoshop his orc hunter out and replace it with a D3 demon hunter and I doubt anyone would be able to spot the change.

  • Think about every decision they make through the perspective of wow as an e-sport and it makes sense. Activision clear wants to create an esport around wow. They want wow to be like SC2 and Overwatch

  • There is nothing I hate more than losing control of my character unless there is a very clear reason. That Torghast affix fears you when you drop below 40% and you're very likely to just DIE during the fear. If you hadn't been feared, you would have several ways to how to stay alive. CC, movement, immunities, healing, defensive CDs, and so on. Choices that will allow a good player to survive compared to literally praying that you'll survive. WHY Blizzard? No one likes these mechanics because there is no recourse.

  • 24:27 I needed to know if he was responding to a voice in his head or someone from chat. It's chat and I'm slightly disappointed he doesn't have two way conversations with himself.

  • quiting wow is the best thing to ever happen

  • Timers and affixes/modifiers are not a good replacement for actual game design. This and mythic+ just feel like extremely cheap content with tacked on systems to make it repeatable, instead of just making fun dungeons that people don't mind to repeat.

  • He feels like they have low expectations. Well you guys dont quit the game and hit blizzard in the wallet so ya they will keep feeding you poop.

  • I gave up on this game after Legion, have no intentions of returning it's just gotten worse since and continues to do so, Hopefully WoW will be taken off life support and Blizzard will come up with a new IP down the road time to coffin this game up and bury it in the ground.

  • I thought asmon always complained about retail bosses having too many abilities?

  • I feel sorry for you guys. It sure does look like Blizzard lost its touch with all the devs that departed.

  • 25:05 I probably found his response here funnier than it needed to be 😂

  • Thorgast needs loot, Warriors need to be able to deal damage und actual useful legendaries.

  • So is this just Deep dungeons of FFXIV but worse by alot?

  • Boycott Blizzard?

  • Its pretty sad honestly blizzard devs just don't feel passionate about their game, the ideas they roll with are from people who have 0 perspective on how the player will feel. Like its amazing how detached you can be with how it feels to play a game you're making, you'd think they'd be deeply involved with in house testing but it often feels like they just do runs to make sure theres no glaring bugs and call it day not thinking about how tedious it'll be to do it 50 or 100 times and then some, then ignore player feedback on how to improve cause what do players know? I as the developer know best... clearly. If it doesn't work out we can just trash can the system and make up something new for the next expansion.

  • First time into Adamant Halls or whatever it's called, it should have Cow skins on all the mobs.

  • Time to quite WoW and go to GW2 again with the new xpac coming out!

  • Making it hard is not the same thing as making it fun. Thorgast's problem is not cause it's hard or it's easy or because you have affixes or whatever. The problem of thorgast is because blizzard made it mandatory to all players that want to get the 'better gear' which is basically the entire point of playing the end-game. Drop the legendary stuff from thorgast, built it up as a different kind of content, make ir own's rewards, create some mob variety and let people that want to play thorgast play thorgast and the ones that don't want to play let them the option to freaking forget about it.

  • another reason im not coming back anytime soon.

  • Affixes are meant to annoy/ make the content harder.

  • This ALL stems from Torghast being the only source of legendary crafting material. That is the original sin and unless that's changed there is absolutely no way to fix Torghast.

  • just let this game die already it went on for too long

  • I log on, jump about and log off now. What happened to my fun :(

  • Torghast was easy pre-nerf, a literal joke after nerf and this won't make it any harder. I'd rather have a mode that is actually hard than all of this. Fuck casuals

  • Why. Does. Torghast. Not. Reward. ANIMA....? Seem so obvious. Give players the choice of WQs or torghast to get their anima.

    • Also add Soul Ash to the Maw so you have a choice there aswell

  • I don’t see how the older players don’t get by now that new content will always be for NEW players and retainment of new players. The subscription #’s of legacy players aren’t high enough to care about. It’s about GROWTH.

  • Sounds like Asmon wants Torghast to be similar (probably a copy of) D3 Rifts/ Greater Rifts - alternating environments, you can choose to kill mobs or target elites until a cap then defeat a final boss. The only difference would be the implementation of affixes (D3 affixes only affect elites, which are skippable).