Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
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  • Break the trail behind you

  • Crainer crouch to get rid of trail but stay crouched so they don't see it

  • Yeah

  • if you crouch you can Not leave a trel

  • You need lights for your Fish crane

  • cras

  • I like how crainer says oh oh I gotta hide with a trail oh thanks jelly😂😂😂😂

  • He could have just broke the trail

  • love u criener im your biggest fun

  • Crainer the secret crowds would you craft not leave the Trail so that's what's logo and jelly doing right now you literally don't have a brain

  • Why can You not just break the carpet while walking

  • 3:00 look close and see the glitch If you dont see it then keep going in the vid 3:00 If you still dont see it 3:00 Good you found me😇

  • So everyone didnt noticed how that coal just appeared earlier

  • Did you know windmills are used to make bread?

  • Am I the only people that think he could just destroy the trail

  • bbbbbbbbbbbooooootie

  • Time 9:52

  • Crainer-'they haven't found the trophy, but I haven't found diamonds


  • 9:21 did anyone see jelly at the bottom?

  • Crainer you can crouch so the trail dossent follow you

  • Crainer if you crouch your trail is gone



  • Crainer:survived by carpets Jelly:omayowa mushindayo Crainer:gets killed by jelly

  • dig straight down

  • He should've used a bucket with lava

  • Crainer is known as a trail maker

  • the thing about crainer is he didnit know that HE COULD PICK THE CARPID up🤣🤣🤣 i lit said that he could pick the carpid up i SAID THAT FROM THE FIRST PART Of the vid right here 0:29 and then righ HERE he picked it up 3:59 look under his face cam.

    • oh btw i watched i this 5 days ago on my TV

  • LOL🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣

  • BBBBBBBBBoat time

  • Hey Kraner did you notice that the coal respond after you broke it

  • letheriat???

  • did you see when he broke the coal 3:02

  • Crainer dream plays

  • Thar speedsters

  • You know you could just break the carpet

  • wu hu boat timeeee

  • wu fu boat time

  • it is bbbbbbb boat time yesssss

  • if u crunch the trail stops

  • This is the situation in which you can run but cannot hide

  • There were diamonds in the water Lol

  • I really want then to do a batman speed runner and crainer is the hunter

  • Bruh

  • I wish all who sees this best of luck

  • 11:14 jelly's laugh

  • 8:22 LEATHERITE🤣

  • If he were to crouch there wouldn't be a trail behind him.

  • I just had 10000IQ idea if u could of made a water bucket u could destroy the carpet behind big 🧠 because water breaks carpets

  • Wait you just broke the trail

  • hey crainer can you do a normal hunters vs speedrunner

  • 8:22 he said leatherite

  • Break your trail

  • Dream:😡 Crainer:🤪

  • crainer you should make a shield

  • crainer next time you should make a shield

  • You can jump while sprinting to go faster

  • when u crouched u didnt spread the carpets

  • Act like dream crainer

  • its 8:30pm now soooo b b b b bed time

  • Crainer crunch because the trial want follow you

  • Yes karna Bihar with speedrunner FAQ

  • 3:01 wtf

  • Crainer alway got the worst mod ever when he speedrun

  • Set carpet on fire

  • Crainer next time build the shield 1 iron 6 wood

  • Hilarious

  • 😂😂😂😂did you hear slogo when he said oh no I'm low😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Harry

  • Crwoch

  • slogo trail: blood crainer trail: pee jelly trail: vomit sooooooo trueeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Crainer is the best! Do you agree coment so i know your answer

  • what about a horse

  • Jellv🧱🧱🧱

  • Bbbbbb boat taim

  • he is dream

  • wooooooo hard

  • Josh: better Crainer or Jelly Me: Jelly stinks

  • you could'nt win crainer i have not even whoch the vid

  • It's my birthday day today

  • I would've made two different way trails and then they would struggle

  • I like how he doesn't realise that he can break the trail

  • Dude someone made a video of them being friends and it's just a song no this is reall and search jelly slogo and crainer

  • NO 😂👍200K

  • NO

  • Try not to go the Direction of the Trophy they will be Confuse bbbbbbbbb boat timeeee

  • crainer you can make a shield

  • I love b bb b b bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bb b b b bBbbbbbbbb b b bbb bbbb bb boat time

  • More boat time merch plz

  • Crainer forgot that if he sneak the carpet won't appear.

  • Crainer feel like he don't did the boat might

  • Crainer you should have made a shield with the extras iron

  • You could follow their trails and you could find the trophy so that's good for you

  • And also not forget that fact that ' title says color not colour

  • Tip: if u crouch the trail disappears

  • Because tour better than them

  • You can break the carpet

  • if she crouch the trail stops