2021 F1 Drivers - My First & Last | Part 1

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
What was your first car? What app do you open first in the morning? Last time you Googled yourself? Hear from Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris and more.....
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  • rich boy latifi and yuki with sports cars

  • One of these two loyal fans of Leclerc was probably Matthew Gallagher. 😂

  • 6:17 made me chuckle, Alonso's face XD

  • "last thing you forgot" was hoping Kimi would say "steering wheel" or "gloves and steering wheel".

  • yuki : S2000 made my day :D

  • I’ve never heard someone call 2009 Twenty-oh-Nine

  • Kimi Classic

  • Kimi - Lada :D -cool

  • Yuki had an S2K? NICE!

  • Mazepin a Russian with an English accent... what a surprise.

  • I can really imagine Yuki in a Honda S2000, such a cool car

  • Nicolas latifi flexing

  • Kimi had a lada, thats amazing 🤣


  • Is it just me or does anyone absolutely lose it at the dramatic background music that starts playing right when George elaborates on his airport incident at 7:30?

  • 8:09 he thought you left a bomb inside and he asked to make sure 🤣

  • George Russells Wikipedia Picture is actually awful. Does not suit him at all :D

  • That was Matt Gallagher who got LeClairs first autograph

  • 2:14 Everyone searches "George Russell"

  • I knew I liked yuki

  • LADA dudes 1200 enough said

  • Confirmado, Checo se levanta 6am para analizar el mercado

  • Eee Lada😂

  • LOVE Georgie. And Ocon.

  • we need a link to max's discord server

  • Raikkonen top

  • would've loved to see carlos say GOLF

  • When George Russel says my photo thing on wiki is awful Me be like:on google George Russel XD

  • ゆうきっつぁんはS2000

  • fun content! thank you!

  • I am here for Mazepin mean comments

  • Lando 😂

  • Everyone searching now for George Russell

  • Kimi : i always have it in silence

  • Il love how every pilot had had vw,Renault,... and Yuki pulling up in a mythic jdm

  • VW polo is faster than ur F1 car George

  • Yuki's 1st car was an S2000?! No wonder he's so fast!

  • S2k as a first car. No wonder that kid is fast ;)

  • Everyone: googling Georges Wikipedia page

  • Kimi: L A D A

  • Kimi: Lada


  • Kimi be mah fav

  • Sebastin never gave an autograph?? I'm gonna be his first

  • yup. I just went to Russel's wiki.

  • cant be hard for yuki to remember his firsts, he was born like 2 years ago

  • 1:24 lmafo Lando you're cracking me up Also I forget how everybody outside of America solely use whatsapp for sending and receiving texts.

  • You already read the book " alem de mim a jornada da deusa" - besides me the journey of the goddess is awesome this on Amazon...Law of attraction, high vibrations, inter-dimensional travel is fantastic!!! and VERY SPEED - It's a tribute to KIMI, is very funny!

  • who is the most superstitious formula 1 driver

  • I have a citroen 2cv and i love it so much

  • We seriously need a monthly russel story time

  • LADA

  • you could give more time to the new drivers like Schumacher or Mazepin, even Tsunoda got more time than them, you are better than that guys.

  • george russel: i had a polo car lance stroll: ehumm...

  • wheres big head

  • Wonder if yuki likes jdm cars Like... his first car was a s2000

  • Part 2 pls

  • ahh George is so handsome 😍

  • I love Fernando hahaha "This morning probably" 😂😂😂😂

  • Of course Kimi has Do Not Disturb on 😂

  • Honda s2000? Wow 😂


  • Watch my first video for EFFECTIVE STUDYING!! 😃

  • Yuki with the S2000, respek!

  • Yes Max it was last year. You forgot to brake in Hungary

  • Max Said he opens discord. True gamer

  • Discord, that's interesting

  • Everybody is a gangster until Kimi says Lada 😎

  • 1:53 я умер

  • Raikkonen's phone is as silent as him


  • I want to meet the guy who asked Mazepin’s autograph and have some words with him

  • Now I want to discord with Max

  • I think we know why they didn't ask Lance Stroll to say what his first car was.

  • Who else instantly googled George

  • Best answer ever 8:48

  • Me when I hear that Kimi's first car was a Lada: *Soviet Anthem Intensifies*

  • 5:13 Hey vsauce, michael here!

  • Seb with 3 kids.....when did this happen....?

  • 06:20 best part 😂😂😂

  • I love how apathetic Kimi is. Unless he's racing he just can't be bothered.

  • Evryone talk about: raikkonen tsunoda fernando alonso or Vettel or lando or george me: verstappens first car is a toro Rosso 2015 f1 car Honda!! Huh wait what the...

  • I love how when asked about their first podium, they all light up and look so happy when talking about childhood karting.

  • Carlos Sainz got a tesla when he was 2.5 years old. F1 drive in the making

  • Max with the discord call. Love it

  • Kimi has the best answers

  • George looks like James Allison

  • verstappen with de discord doe

  • How did anyone want mazepin’s autograph 😂

  • 4:55 I'm surprised he's ever completed more than one lap. Jk lol

  • kimi first car was a lada... so he is a comrade

  • "Discord" - Proffesional Esport Athlete Max Verstappen

  • First Car: Yuki Tsunoda: Honda S2000 Me: wOuLd YoU lOoK aT tHaT

  • Where is part 2? It's been almost a week.

  • "Lada" ...

  • Man I went to St Hilaire karting a couple of times. Didn’t know Lance used to race there

  • so, nobody's gonna talk about Tsunoda's epic first car? he got an S2000 as his first car FFS XD

  • Yuki had a S2000 Honda one of my favorite car in the world 😳

  • What car you got first? Kimi: Bwoah

  • A monopoly of facebook owned apps.