I WON the FIRST Solo Cash Cup of Season 6!

Publicerades den 5 apr 2021
I finally did it. After a long time of solo cash cup soreness, I am once again a champion. I managed to win 3 times and secure the final crown!
Watch me play live:
📺 Twitch: www.twitch.tv/mrsavage
🎬 Second Channel: senewss.info
🐥 Twitter: mrsavage
📸 Instagram: mrsavage
👾 Discord: mrsavage.gg/discord
◼️ TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@mrsavage
Want to use the same ROCCAT gear as me?
⌨️: ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro, with ROCCAT Titan Optical Switches roc.gg/RocMrSavage-Keyboard
🖱️: ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra Gaming Mouse roc.gg/RocMrSavage-Mouse
◼️: ROCCAT Sense Vital Force Mouse Pad (XXL) roc.gg/RocMrSavage-Mousepad
🎧: ROCCAT Khan AIMO roc.gg/RocMrSavage-Headset
Business inquiries: biz@mrsavage.gg


  • I found you in a match

  • i gained brain cells

  • Stonks↗️

  • I'm Japanese, I'm Savage Fan

  • warzone is vest is verry god my friem fortmit is veri trhas =)

  • POV:no entiendes una mierda los comentarios

  • god gamer

  • You are insane!!!!!!!

  • My son is going to be called Savage

  • GG

  • mano eu to jogando fortinite a um mes e achava que tava jogando bem até ver esse cara amassando todo mundo


  • 18:36 Bro you killed that poor kid two times in a row. Sadge

  • I would rather kill myself thank tryhard like this.

  • リフレッシュも対面も判断も全部うまい

  • Du er insane man

  • You're so fuck1ng good

  • i need to learn to play like mrsavage and know to not fight when shambles hes so smart cause although every1 else is keying hes chilling with mats n stuff than keys or plays passive

  • i’ll have the next viral montage song, check me out🙏🏼♥️

  • 10.28 the cat

  • Mrsavage pls teach me how to be good in the game

  • Your a fuçkīñg monster 👹 ‼️🔥

  • sense and dpi? aim sesne aswell

  • 24:10 balanced gun 👍🏽

  • mr savage and benjy are the nicest pro players in my opinion and they are the nicest duo

  • 28:26 I swear they kill each other.😅😅

  • mrsavage when we win, how we can get prize? for example: 100$ ??????

  • ポルスさんから来た人

  • Lol Saitama...digo que?

  • How does he have performance mode with normal builds?

  • это пиздец а не управление

  • hi

  • Martoes

  • 200-IQ playes my guy

  • nice shot 14:34

  • ere muy bueno cbron

  • the way you have no mats and still pop the fuck off

  • 14:00 First words in whole video

  • 🤯


  • bruuuuuh u insane dude :)

  • Gano mas con este video que con lo de la cash cup :v

  • how do you manage your mats so well?

  • he’s cracked out his mid

  • Use rewasd??

  • Subscribe to me i really want to wake up famous iits me dream thank u guys if u help

  • GOD

  • 日本人はいないかー!

  • Your the best player in the world

  • And where do u land for this good loot for end game

  • Bruh r u a bot that the game created

  • ポルスさんから来た人 特に何もありません

  • one of the best playas

  • This is just more proof that Mr Savage is the best solo player in the world right now

  • the last time i ever seen someone play this consistent was bugha in the world cup your a demon

  • Nuss...

  • Jogaaaa muitoooooo

  • on 20-30 ping aswell this guys cracked

  • What keyboard do you use?

  • Rdxcrrfrrffrrrrrr

  • fortnite sucks because of people that play like you

  • This was the 2nd


  • You are so good at fortnite Mrsavage :)

  • Me savage is insane bro I can’t even talk

  • This savage is a beast

  • Is it just me or who just loves how Mr savage plays

  • Game 2 played with tayson 7:10

  • Let’s honking go Make ur swearing thing a quack

  • Literally stonks

  • Make sure y’all get right with God repent and believe in Him and what He did for you on the cross not just by words but by actions love you 💕

  • In game 2 he was in the same game as Tayson 🤯

  • i just died to him

  • plz gift me

  • NICE BRO!!!!

  • You are a bot

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  • Song of the intro?

  • Gamestop doesn't seem to have STONKS.

  • Day 4 of getting famous off of youtube comments so I can be living the dream later 🙂

  • think about this there is a person that placed well or just qualed for fncs but your better than them makes you angry and confused huh

  • A moment for the poor people who got 💩 on

  • who came from jivan

  • I was not the one playing but my computer still laged

  • Stonks

  • nice my g

  • They need to bam adderal from competitive play. So many of these sweats take the crap and its a HUGE advantage

  • Who else feels bad for second last person

  • mister savage is the only person in the world that can say "i'm better than you" when he win a fight... cuz he always thinks about it for 5 seconds before fighting you and destroying you..

    • @G4IrOx Oddyssey he uses esploits, not brain, he is surely brained, but he is nothing placed next to mrsavage, go watch mrsavage best plays montage

    • Hmhmhm , have u heard about martoz ?

  • Uyyyyyy alliege

  • Everybody: play placement Mrsavage: trying to speedrun

  • 1V1

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