FIRST DRIVE: Audi RS e-tron GT, 637bhp EV review... feat. Marques Brownlee

Publicerades den 2 mar 2021
The new Audi RS e-tron GT is more than just a Porsche Taycan in a sharp suit. It shares its platform and tech with the Porsche, but Audi is pitching it as more of a cruiser than an outright sports car... just one that happens to have supercar-shaming performance. With up to 637bhp available, it's not just the first Audi RS model to be pure electric, it's also the most powerful to ever wear the RS badge. Top Gear Magazine editor Jack Rix, is among the first to drive one and deliver his verdict. As a bonus, we also speak to tech-reviewer Marques Brownlee about his thoughts on Audi's new offering, and EVs in general. Marques is one of SEnewss's top tech-experts and, as we reveal in the film, soon to be a new regular contributor to Top Gear Magazine with monthly written reviews on new electrified cars. Find more from Marques here:
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  • The top gear guy needs some help with the video conferencing gear. My mom's calls are better lit, clearer, higher res.

  • What's the color called? Mud?

  • That shit doesn’t sound

  • Those seconds do count. At 60mph, 0.2 seconds is a car length. So yes, numbers matter for acceleration.

  • wow thats my house in the background of the woods had no idea this was being filmed.

  • "Anything more (faster) would be painful"? Yes, we can actually see the pain in the faces of people riding in Tesla. 😂

  • Bmw take note: this is how you design a beautiful car.

  • At that cost, I'd rather go for Lucid.

  • I think 300 miles is plenty even if this is not real world. I have an electric car with 200 miles and live in a cold mountanois place and it is never a problem, even when doing long trips over in the snow. Provided you can charge at home and the country you live in has an adequate network of chargers, 300 miles is all you will need.

  • 232 miles range 160-180 miles when cold. Ill wait until they improve the range. Very nice car though

  • beautiful car

  • Imo best looking ev for now. And when the solid state battery is available (2022-2023 according to some) range and charging won't be an issue anymore.

  • Something to keep in mind, top Tesla range vs everyone else, is 3-motors vs 2. To get that 500+ mile range, Tesla is going to use a tri-motor setup. Accounting for software management and other factors, they’ve found that to actually be more efficient- each motor is using less torque to drive the vehicle at the same velocity, or overcome inertia, as compared to a dual motor configuration.

  • wow this is a boring show nowadays

  • Hmmm not sure I did t see one of these northbound a5 by Milton Keynes. Er let’s call it .... striking... in appearance

  • @Carwow already reviewed it lol

  • Fantastic car, Germany is best cars 👍

  • Tesla range doesn't deliver their stated amount. Audi delivers more.

  • Where was the first part of the video shot? Looks like a nice forest, I'd like to go there

  • Gawsh I just can't get into the "new" Top Gear.

  • nobody cares how many hours you got, just get on with the review

  • MKBHD = Diversity points. The top gear hosts aren’t very educated about Tesla which is weird, all they need to do is watch the Tesla announcements on SEnewss.

  • Dude that’s a sexy car

  • That darker shots turned out pretty naaaiiceee

  • What an awesome looking car.

  • Top Gear is dull af now.

  • Europeans are so weird for wanting station wagons or “Estates”😂😂

  • We already now that the buttons Will go in the face lift version that Will adopt silly screens all over the place😭😭😭

  • Terrible presenter.

  • Another pointless overly high priced EV. Shit range, shit acceleration, shit price. You car companies that aren’t Tesla are missing the point man.

  • Baby crap green.... kinda


  • When you talk electric you talk Tesla, Incredible how much they forced the industry to wake up. I am going to miss the sounds of crackling exhaust pipes. The smell of carbonated Golfs running straight pipes.

  • My Dad had a Morris Marina in that exact colour in the 1970's, think the colour was called "Limeflower" or something similar...

  • 93kWh battery and 475kW, kickdown will last you 11 minutes before your battery dies.. no comment

  • This car is lower price parody of taycan turbo s.

  • Now if there’s a person who knows something about cars it’s Marques 🤣🤣🤣

  • And just the other day Harris was saying that electric cars were "so dynamically compromised" the only thing they could do was accelerate really fast. That comment hasn't aged well, has it?

  • When did it become ok to call a four door a sport car? It's a bit annoying, as I associate sedans as family cars. I'm not attracted to a car the MFG is aiming to sell to someone who's going to immediately load up a car seat in the back. 😂🤣

  • I love the looks of this thing, but it's so hard to justify the cost over the Tesla Model S. For $80k you get 400+ miles of range, 0-60 of 3.1s. It already includes autopilot, LED everything, electronic everything, upgraded sound system, proven battery/drivetrain system. I want to justify the GT (nevermind the RS) and I'm finding it hard to. I hope Audi includes the emergency assist, lane keep assist and so on, because if I have to step up to the Prestige, just to get what Tesla already gives you in a base package, with a longer range, faster acceleration and proven charging infrastructure, I don't know if that's a pill I'm willing to swallow. I can think of a lot of things to do with that extra $40k. Definitely willing to pay more for styling, but not 50% more with inferior specs.

  • Every other show with a guest appearance will inevitably have poor sound and video quality compared to the host. Every show not featuring MKBHD, that is.

  • Love MKB's gadget review but I don't see how a mobile phone reviewer is qualified to write car reviews. There's lot more to automobile reviews.

  • As much as I respect MKBHD, he really is a Tesla fanboy and doesn’t know too much about cars. It was especially apparent when he drove the Taycan and mentioned features that German cars have had for decades as if they were brand new and innovative

  • I'd rather have the porsche Because it's a porsche.

  • I can't belive this man is so positive about this car. While mentioning that price and concluding it's behind on pretty much everything besides handling

  • "it's fast enough" ah no

  • Ugh the switches are so outdated.

  • What a joke. It's slower than a model S. It's got less range than a model S. It's more expensive than a model S. The infrastructure isn't nearly as good. Who will buy this? Is it only the looks? One could easily waste a lot less money on a lot better looking cars.

  • All I could see was all the dirt and mud you put in the wheel well and tires 🤣🤣

  • I don't know why Top Gear hates Tesla

  • brilliant collab

  • Amazing piece of engineering! Just moved up the wishlist :-) One can always dream.

  • This wee dafty disny know what he’s talkin aboot man

  • clarkson was better

  • A collab, we didn’t know we needed.

  • Spoiler: At the end, Its not Audi car review its eventually tesla discussion.🤦‍♂️

  • I want anodized aluminum parts instead of plastic. Carbon fiber dash board. Also a leather free option, but something good. Like those seats Lucid Air make. It should be a new era in terms of eco friendly and harm in the process. You don't want toiletries that were tested on animals. Leather? It's primitive. Lucid Air used leather too. But the idea for a different material is there. I think Hemp should be the mascot for Green.

  • that paint is HIDEOUS!

  • Nice looking car. But later this year i csn get a lucid air dream edition for 167 thousand dollars, 1080hp 500 mile range. Plenty of storage and very luxurious

  • Unlike Teslas this one actually looks good

  • Hahahaha, expensive much!

  • Negatif ga masuk bilangan asli, semoga gw asli tp semoga ini posisi yang sesuai dan terbaik untukku kami dan kita

  • leaving a like to support mkbhd 😀👍

  • Electric cars seem pretty sad TBH. I wish global warming were not real.

  • The testy scene cytomorphologically tour because bra metabolically part without a protective turtle. stormy, ruthless produce

  • Looks like 💩

  • MKBHD, Happy to see how he came up and now sits at the top!

  • The forest and the color of the car fits so well

  • From the rear its a better looking Mustang Mach-e

  • when the colab person has better video and audio quality.

  • Lucid ftw

  • MKBHD goated bro

  • Super excited to see MKBHD!! As far as the car. Meh.

  • I'm told by my Audi dealer here in the Dallas, TX area in the US, that the REAL 0-60 time for the RS e-tron GT is 2.8 seconds, and 10.94 seconds in the quarter mile - not the 3.3s for the 0-60 advertised, and this was confirmed in a road test conducted by Matt Watson of Carwow (another youtuber). The 3.3 is really disingenuous given that the real time is significantly quicker. Audi has a penchant for underselling their 0-60 times in some sort of marketing ploy they've adopted into their corporate strategy. I think it's important to point that out.

  • Here for MKBHD 👊🏽🔥

  • im here for MKBHD. Top gear has gone down the drain... MKBHD supporting the little guy. good on Marques.

    • who the hell decides to hire Joey to review car videos.

  • me actually i hate the way the back lights look.... rest of back is pretty good and front of the car is amazing

  • Dr Evil spec! Yes!

  • Here just bcoz of mkbhd

  • Klas!

  • This car is a thing of beauty

  • Ты кто такой??? Где дед и черный малый?

  • Best looking EV 2021

  • Hey, when you say charging network, is that in regard to touring?

  • Can we get a non-drunk cameraman next time? That felt like I was on a boat.

  • Here for MKBHD

  • K in MKBHD stands for Kar 😅

  • I came here for MKBHD - I left Top Gear years ago - good move - Top Gear - I see what you did - And - I approve. Cheers!

  • From now i don't want to miss a single update. The game is ON.

  • Design better than tesla imho..

  • Nice looking car, but would have liked to learn more about the technology underpinnings, given the Taycan parts bin has been raided... can this car (an RS after all) be driven like a sports car without overheating and going into limp home mode? The Taycan has advanced cooling systems that allow (unlike Teslas for example) multiple full acceleration starts, and can be driven aggressively on a track... the question is how much of this ability has the RS inherited. Great to see new electric cars that look this good though... as a motorcyclist, I'm really hoping new battery technology comes along that will 'accelerate' two-wheeled EVs some time soon... though I can't get my head round what an electric Ducati should sound like, nor what it would look like without the obligatory Termi pipes!

  • looks a bit like a scirocco

    • I can’t unsee that now!

  • Well...both Audi and Porsche are owned by Volkswagen're basically giving your money to the same people?🤷‍♂️

  • This channel has _great_ content and the videos are excellently produced. Fantastic.. But... It's just _not_ Top Gear! They should change the name, *_nothing_* can compare/compete with the JC, JM & RH

  • I think that's probably the best attitude to performance, or "lack of performance" I've heard. How many Tesla owners are actually going to go to a track, spend 10 mins warming up the battery, accept the battery excessive wear thing and actually take it to the limits of its performance? Range too... 280 miles = 4 hours on the motorway. You really can't take a 22-minute coffee break after 4 hrs of driving?

  • I don't get how a house and a car can cost the same, surely one is overpriced

    • Well that's fairly cheap for a house, and a house at that price is never going to have the same kind of craftsmanship and engineering required to develop and make something like this. Plus all the carbon fibre and batteries and stuff cost a lot. Overpriced is essentially just opinion, so yeah to a lot of people it will be because it's a hell of a lot for a car

  • I love Marques for Tech but he really knows squat about cars. So why was he asked to do this?

  • Hello BMW, take notes!

  • Audi shill

  • crappy looking wheels in a sturdy colour