My New 2021 Audi TT RS - First Impressions, Launch Control + More!

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
I DID THE THING!! Holy crap I’m still pinching myself. I’ve been looking for the perfect daily driver for MONTHS now... and I just had to make this happen. Little did I know I’d find my PERFECT car in such a pretty little package!
I’m so excited to introduce my new 💚 Kyalami Green 💚 2021 Audi TT RS to the channel!! I have so much to learn about this platform, and I’m excited to start this journey with you guys.
I guess I’m officially an Audi girl now. #KyalamiMami 💚🏁🏁🏁
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  • On some other cars you can buy adapters to make the apply car play connect wirelessly!

  • Not talking smack but the ttrs used the haldex system so it’s full fwd until the front tires lose traction then it can send up to 50% of the power to the rear tires so it’s not a regular Quattro system

  • Definitely need to remove that soft limiter with the tune :)

  • You will love this car I got a 2020 and it’s a blast!! I’ve been modding mine for a year now and it’s up to 550hp have fun with it there is a ton of aftermarket parts available👍💪

  • go carbon crazy with her doors, trunk roof hood

  • its not 1 of 1 . its a bespoke audi color to any car

  • Congratulations on your TTRS. I own a 2019 TTRS Blue. I love my car. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Yuk!

  • Terrific spec. Love the new calamari mommie handle.. And thank god for green. World does not need another triple black cars.

  • Broooo green with blacked out lights and windows and wheels 🥶

  • One of my dream cars

  • Try one of the aftermarket wireless Apple CarPlay devices.

  • Collette, I’ve got a 2019 TT RS that I had several bolt-on and tune from APR, and let me tell you it’s amazing. We’ve had a Gen1 TT, and a Gen 2 TT S. But the horsepower and torque you can manage from these new gen TT RS’s can beat an R8 V10 performance from zero to sixty and in a quarter mile. It’s so fast I put a set of RaceLine carbon ceramic disk brakes on the front and reduced un-sprung front end weight by another fifty pounds.

  • u need the Audi Sport bodykit. it's expensive but worth it

  • Needs more low. But great choice!!

  • That green though 👌

  • Why the heck is audi cheaping out on ventilated brake discs and mounting them with curved, directional vanes in reverse?

  • Best Euro car ever!! i've owned one but JDM impulses made me sell but i want another one :D :D Do a Stage 2 tune / bolt ons ;) an slap Adams GT3 RS tehe

  • Stage 2 tune and its gonna ripppp

  • holy fuck, just noticed your eye color in the intro and they look gorgeous ♥

  • I find you so much more interesting and charismatic one your own videos.. are you dumbing you’re self down for Adam in his videos? Please stop doing that.

  • Those Audi 5 cylinder engine perhaps one of the best sounding engines ever. Congrats on the the new car great platform for bolt on mods

  • Love the choice! I hope you enjoy it! I would not go catless but I'd keep it Race catted the factory turbo does a little rattle if its catless. But for ease of install, you can't really go wrong running all Unitronic parts. Basically 4 inch inlet and intake and a Uni downpipe and tune should make it 550 all day. Should be problem free! I've had my RS3 for 22k miles no issues! It WILL need rods and pistons if you go over 550 torque.

  • Subscribed because of this car, it’s my dream car as well. Go APR.

  • why not the r8? haha

  • hit up Iroz :)

  • The dynamic blinkers on the head lights and mirrors are a must!! You have to get them as one of the up coming mods

  • 13:10 your car shares similarities with the R8 steering wheel and dash are very much alike

  • These things are absolutely MONSTERS when modified. Just a tune + downpipe or maybe E85 + an intercooler makes these things hang with MUCH MUCH more expensive cars.

  • Hahahah the R8 has the startbutton at the same spot. And it might be an option to not plug it in and the rs6 is way newer with the software.

  • That color is sick! Congrats

  • Baby r8, need sheepy twin turbo lol

  • I hope Integrated Engineering or Unitronic can hook you up with some ecu and tcu tunes, downpipes and what not

  • Tbh not a huuge fan on the blue accents inside... id prefer color matched or red like the stripe on the wheel.... but damn is this car nice 🥵 I've never really payed attention to these lmaoo Yoo this thing skedadles

  • I am jealous

  • 16:00 sad first world problem!

  • No such thing as a reliable modified daily lol. She's super cute to think there is tho lol.

  • I'm GREEN with jealousy ...:)

  • But the RS3 would’ve been nicer my 2¢ but it dont matter what I think, u driving it not me lol

  • I’m subscribing just cuz u got this. 5 cylinder life. Honestly super car killer, adams Porsches are gone get raped.

  • Congrats. You'll love it. Keep it, they won't be made much longer. Cheers from Texas.

  • I LOVE the new body style of the TT so much. It's like a "Honey I Shrunk the R8!", lmao. It looks so good! That color is wild too, reminds me of Porsche Lizard Green.

  • Congratulations for your new car!!! Is fantastic 😍

  • Lol.. a Suped up VW Beetle😛

  • you could look for an ABT body kit for that TT

  • where is the multimedia screen

  • Welcome to the 5 cylinder world 😎

  • Yeah the awd system is fwd biased not rwd biased and it’s not a real Quattro system it’s just an ordinary haldex system…. Anyways congrats on the new car

  • Collete: I bought a car sight unseen. Mighty Car Mods: Thats cute.

  • this car looks so boxy and disgusting. Kind of reminds me of a chev camaro. The interior and sounds are great though!

  • your nails are always unfinished, scrapped off and disgusting :( but yet your makeup and hair is almost always on point. Cmon Collete, step it up cutie!

  • The colors on the car in this video absolutely pop, this is one of the very few videos that look like real DCI-P3 color gamut. Oh, and the car looks awesome, and I really enjoyed the video.

  • Such an amazing daily! Congrats

  • Group B Audi noises! Look up Michèle Mouton :)

  • What happened to wanting a Type R?!

  • Audi TT twintubro?

  • I think you can get a wireless CarPlay adapter so you don’t have to plug in your phone.

    • Yup... There should be a port in the glove box.

  • I just want to see her make this into a 700 hp monster

  • Very capable engine in this car. Look at the worlds fastest rs3 on hoonigan, has the same engine!

  • Congrats...its a awesome daily

  • "Pull the plug"? Pull the trigger.

  • who needs a run in just drive it like you stole it 😂

  • I love the 5 pot, this is siiick

  • You should get hybrid turbo and awd management from IROZ Motorsport!!

    • And The engine is like half lambo v10. I think iroz mentioned that you can fit 5.0v10 lambo cylinder to it.

  • Get a secondary decat done with that sports exhaust, will sound amazing. I assume this model is an opf model? Opf delete too if so👀 stage 2 will see you in the mid 500's👌

  • Actually, TTs are not slow and bubbly and they never were. The first model that came out had so much torque that it flipped so they had to limit the engine. The 1.8l I5 turbo is used in a lot of builds around here in germany, so it's basically is almost like the german 2jz. JP performance made a sick build where they put one in a vw up with awd.

  • 6:30 i hate being *that guy* but the TTRS/RS3 both use a Haldex "fraud wheel drive" ; They prioritize the front and sends max 50% to the back

  • Collette: I got a new daily Me: is it though? XD

  • So next car: Audi R8 for drift days?

  • You can get an adapter from wired to wireless carplay

  • Who think this will end up with twin turbo rear bumper delete? Adams her man so money isn't a limitation.

  • Hit up @irozmotorsport they will get you right!

  • Congratulations! Super sick car.

  • Hold down the traction control button for 5 sec and it will rev as high as you want

  • you can get a plug and play module to get wireless car play

  • Sheesh I know you probably paid $75,000 🤯

  • Shouldn’t have a problem keeping up with adams Porsche now😂😂

  • worse color scheme ive seen for interior accents to exterior color

  • Carplay2air is a product I just read about look at it might be what ur looking for the new Audi for the CarPlay

  • the audi tt rs is the r8s little brother lol

    • update, collete said this later in the video after I made that comment lmao

  • Iroz Motorsports needs to hook this girl up with some big power I5 goodies!! Sick car, I LOVE the sound of these engines, it sounds like a V10.

  • some bronze wheels would look great!

  • apparently they make adapters for wired to wireless apple carplay, costs like 100 bucks on amazon but seems worth it.

  • I love the TTrs and I'm so glad you going to make content with it now 😍

  • They make a good wireless CarPlay adapter $120 or so.

  • Looks like that thing rips

  • You don't need a big car..... yet :)

  • Matching blue brake calipers same as the interior color would be cool on that car make it pop a little bit

  • 14:33 Collete's inni her Audi 😎

  • I swear I watched the add for this property just yesterday when it was for sale in early 2016. Congratz on the new car.

  • There's an aftermarket module you can buy to turn that plug-in apple play to an over-the-air system. Stupid that it doesn't come with it, but at least you can get past it.

  • Awesome find..... Enjoyyyyyyyy

  • you should have got the pheonix yellow type R better car and, better resale value. messed up...

  • Awesome Car, one of my dream cars! However, i just need to tell you that the all wheel drive systems in the rs3 and ttrs are a haldex system. Just the same as all other vw products with transverse mounted engines, like the golf R, seat leon cupra etc. This is not a bad thing if you ask me, however, it does not realy work like you explained it in the video. The rear wheels are driven through a angle drive that sits between the rightside gearbox outputshaft and the right wheel. Therefore it can't realy only send power to the rear. 50/50 is the most it fysicly can do. But the haldex clutch infront of the rear diff can controle this very specificly depending on the circumstances. So it is frontwheeldrive, with the option to send power to the rear. And not the other way around. They call it frontwheel drive biast. Never the less, great choice, i love the car. I hope you enjoy it. Greetings from Zweden😉

  • Never liked the body style of the TT’s kinda ugly!! But it’s not like I could afford one anyways hahha l

  • Now we know why stradman slept in his tt

  • You can get a wireless CarPlay adapter

  • I’ve owned a mk1 tt for a year and even just a mk1 tt is just as fun

  • mods on audi or vw = voided warranty btw

  • @collete Davis Sorry to break it to you, but the TT RS is Frontwheel bias'd not Rearwheel. It uses the Haldex center differential that engages as the front wheels start to slip... but it is still setup amazingly and you won't notice it unless you try to drift it.