Publicerades den 1 maj 2021
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  • The new floppy is so cute

  • I agree with grace

  • Man youre gonna hit 8mil

    • crainer:buh buh buh buh me:boat time crainer:bee town me:ohhh

  • play The Jazz is in Bethal his high heels have a house in the mountain

  • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @deeeeeeez nutz

  • Crainer tell jelly that slogo has found you guys hes hiding in a mountain

  • Hi carnier slogo find bee town take carethx

  • Hei Crainer

  • 😆😆hahaha

  • 💩 slogo

  • 😎😎😎👍 everyone like to crainer

  • Slogoman has a secret base behind the mountain

  • slogo lives in a near by mountain in bee town

  • Beehive*

  • Crainer its called bee hve

  • Cool my mum is dead

  • For LOPPY

  • You should make a fish town

  • crainer:buh buh buh buh me:boat time crainer:bee town me:ohhh

  • YES

  • Islogo find be towm

  • Josh is living in bee town in a secret hideout

  • You should move out of me toun and make a toun caled fish toun

  • Sligo is living on mountains

  • Sligo came and saw you

  • O

  • You should make a secret tunnel for floppy

  • josh put his house in the mountin

  • Slogoman build his house in a mountain

  • Crainer slogoman moved in bee town

  • Slogo was it

  • well,josh is in the you should check there edit:you guys are my fav

  • We all bee the beest

  • Josh found it bee town he's house hiding mountain

    • Alphonso is in there he's has had a secret house he's in the thing just blow up the mining thing idk

  • Slogo has found bee town he made a secret base

  • I love that he is talking to a fish in a video game

  • How in the world are you suppose to hack in if it's single player world???

  • I wanna bee in in my house for my hole life beee cause I love my hoaue

  • I am beeing so happy watching these vids

  • Slogo killed it

  • Slogoman she have a secret base on your server

  • Hey Crainer slogo is in a mountain I mean in a mountain it is little fat

  • crainer i have lots of real life fish

  • Geve your pet a new friend

  • I hope you like Green jelly trolled you already

  • slogo i in Bee town

  • I think the sign

  • 4:43

  • Slogo

  • Alphonso is in there he's has had a secret house he's in the thing just blow up the mining thing idk

  • Sogo man killed your fish he live on the mountain

  • crainer kiled about 15 fish and 1 parot that fish is very unlucky his owner is crainer

  • Slogo is in the 2 hell in bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeee toyn

  • Your pet can't survive 1 episode hee-hee

  • Josh is living in a mountain


  • Slogo man built a secret base under jellys house

  • hey crainer! im a slogo fan but why don't you put your pets in your inventory when you leave (your fish despawned)

    • Crainer Jelly's diamonds are in his furnace.

  • Jelly l Putin cheaper in your house

  • Spying on u

  • Josh is in the mountains

  • Why so as loppy have to bee dead

  • Can someone tell me why no one is talking about the fact that honey does not come from the butt of the bees but from its mouth? it's bee spit.

  • it was not jelly slogo has a secret base hes been trooling

  • Crainer I checked jellys video Josh killed your fish he moved in to bee Town in mountain

  • Josh lives in a secret mountain base BLOW UP THE MOUNTAIN

  • Slogo is living in the mountain

  • Josh is hiding in the mountain

  • Crainer Josh is in Bee Town he is in the side of the mountain to the left or straight in front of your house. So yes JOSH has found yall BEE careful! He is in the corner of the moutain.

  • Josh lives in the mountains

  • Oh and the mountain that you just saw is jellies you do that so you shouldn’t say that and that’s on being

  • *sapnap has entered the chat*

  • Crainer when ever you say 5 seconds of peaceful you are never quiet

  • Crainer Jelly's diamonds are in his furnace.

  • If you love fish so much than why don’t you move to a town called fish town

  • Love I am to honey

  • Crainer Crainer josh is living in the mountain

  • slogo is living in the mountains

  • it actually wasn't jelly killing ur fish... LOL

  • I’ve been a subscriber since Crainer had 600 subs

  • I know where josh is in bee town but not telen ya

  • when an ad pops up in the middle of the 5 seconds of silence...

  • hallo crainer

  • bee towe wat is dat

  • Don't bees barf out the honey?

  • 4:55 😭 . . . . . 🤣

  • 4:11 butt bee juice

  • crainer slogo moved into bee town (i snitched oop)

  • I’d like to point out that he just got the achievement for catching a fish in a bucket

  • Crainier josh is hiding in one of the mountains

  • Make a new server and call it fishtown

  • Crime crime Story truth because just found you out guys on the video video

  • Josh is living in a mountain!!!

  • W

  • Hay crainer sligo moved into bee town he lives in a mountain

  • Josh I living in a mountain at bee town Crainer and Jelly

  • Beach BEEach

  • What is the seed to this world

  • SLogo is in bee town

  • I don't like you or jelly I just like josh👍🏼