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Publicerades den 16 okt 2020
Debunking more viral videos and the google v news media fight.
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Hi, I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. In this episode we are debunking crazy viral food hacks and discussing the controversy surrounding the google v news media code. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  • Let's Debunk some weird and wonderful viral videos ... and of course Dave's our taste-tester 😍PS. want your own DEBUNK definition mug? senewss.infostore

    • Soup

    • @The person who enters the expanding SEnewss tunnels Lead would make even less sense since it's a completely different element. Graphite and diamond are both forms of carbon.

    • @Adele Dazeem oi hot head, she said shes filming a timelapse of it and youll see it next video, calm down

    • @sad but_true Ik! I actually made pasta in the microwave a few times, and at short intervals, it turned out fully cooked!!

    • You and Rosanna pansino should do a collaboration

  • as a glassblower the torching sand to get sea glass hurts extra

  • I really wanna know what the pepper in a banana in a scooped-out watermelon shell filled with dirt

  • 4:20 honestly thought it was a chicken nugget

  • Are you telling me minecraft ovens can get over 1600°C hot

  • I was not expecting to get some news as well as debunks. This channel has everything

  • Dave is an absolute unit

  • What about the banana/watermelon/pepper debunk? That was the one I was sort of the most interested in hearing your thoughts about :(

  • Please watch my papaya halva recipe in my channel @

  • Chefclub is just straight up nasty.

  • ah sh*t, here we go again

  • O poor Dave!

  • Considering the Murdoch media has the entire monopoly on the Australian news media and in turn holding huge political power, I couldn't give a toss about Google's 'greediness'. As it stands currently Australian news media has no democracy or independent reporting.

  • in brazil there's a pancake pan that's a round shape, to make pancakes exactly like the video around 13:22, they come out very thin and delicious

  • Dave: "I'm a big fan of pasta!" Also Dave: "Ahh, naaaah..." this poor man...

  • Looking at that noodle cake just already makes me nauseous

  • 1:18 on the amount of milk I see I’m pretty sure that amount of milk would make it cold therefore the cheese can’t melt with no heat

  • Ann: honey! It’s time for another debunking video! Dave: yes dear...

  • Google has truly become a disgusting piece of crap company. Whatever happened to "Dont be evil"?

  • Feeling guilty for all the glassware I broke 😔

  • In Germany we say to the stone geode

  • Could you tell us that brownie mix u used? looks delic!

  • Dave should have his own youtube channel!

  • God bless her for doing these videos

  • I tried searching those brownies recipe... *but it seems they were aware of how awful it was that they yeeted it from the internet*

  • !Quick question! Tasty is the same type of videos, short videos about cooking. Can we trust them?

  • I don’t think the creators of these videos expect anybody to actually try the hacks or recipes

  • Google getting greedy? Getting?

  • I think they got the idea for the upside pan from electric crepe makers. Except crepe makers work amazingly, while an upside down pan is the worse of all worlds.

  • Poor Dave needs to try everything😂

  • Sawekimji67 q7 I just got a cat a month ago, that was the first time he jumped on my keyboard so I’m going to leave that in and treat it as you would a baby’s first word (or babble, whichever). About the media stuff, first up, I am not a tech person so follow my logic, not my technical knowledge. Content used as features which contain more then a basic overview of a website and link, should have partial if not full ownership to the source, meaning AT LEAST a part of ad revenue generated by the feature should belong to them, but under certain conditions. (Ex. The user interacts with the feature, the user stays on the feature for a certain length of time, the user never goes past the feature before leaving the page or search results after a certain time). Google should not have to pay ad revenue not generated by the feature, eg a user immediately clicks on a different website. Using the bus analogy, a customer hops on the bus only for that destination, so the bus company should pay to maintain exclusive rights for that route but a person going to a different stop on that route is independent of that destination, so revenue should go to the bus driver/company. I would go into more detail but it’s late and I’ve rewritten this comment 3 times and my brain’s thought-organisation night-shift-crew ain’t up for the job. Maybe someone else will carry on the torch?

  • I haven’t heard anyone use “Centigrade” in a weeeee while ! Ha !

  • Commenting for the algo so people are more aware of the AU case

  • Love your channel! Keep up the good work 😃

  • Thank you for showing how Google are draining the ad marked by profiting on others content. It's a democratic problem that companies like Google and Facebook cares so little about the future of free independent media and the state of our democracies. They are not only greedy, but their amoral behavior and de facto monopoly makes them a danger to democracies around the world, so good on you to address this.

  • I had never realised about Google! This is amazing. Thank you.

  • I knew there was something going on with google and the news here is Australia. That’s for giving me more info about it and opening my eyes, now I know I should click on the link and not just use that little bit google shows me.

  • Very interesting Google info, I had no idea this was how it worked. It is happening in the UK too. I'll make sure and click the actual creators link from now on. Thank you for sharing 💚

  • Hi Ann, would you be able to debunk the channel named ‘Chefclub’, their content is so unrealistic and take that I think it would be great to expose their farming techniques!

  • Did I miss the watermelon, black stuff, banana & red pepper thing somehow ?

  • the one with the orange fizzy drink and the napkin... it actually would work *if* the drink has certain food colorings (koolaid is often used to dye yarn and fabric. you can see which dyes are in them on the package.) and you added both acid (vinegar works) and heat. you can get a koolaid dye bath to completely exhaust (clear) if there is enough fiber content to absorb the amount of dye present. also, works best on protein based fibers (wool, etc.)... cotton and linen less well... and synthetic fibers often won't take an acid dye at all.

  • Is it true 5 minutes craft uses money for subs? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Cheesy pasta worked for me

  • I love how he is like I am a fan of pasta... me thinking to myself... well you won't be after you eat that. lol

  • I noticed that they BOILED pasta and threw it in the cup 0:18 because they're bendy

  • So the bus analogy should be more like “so there is this bus that takes people to the restaurant BUT at the front of the bus the restaurant food is being served so barely anybody goes to the restaurant.” Now THAT sounds bizarre

  • 🤣🤣🤣 I got a Colgate commercial right after the toothpaste phone fix part

  • GIRL YOU GOT NOMINATED FOR A STREAMY!!!! its been so amazing to watch this channel grow all these years and i just gotta say congrats!!! its definitely well earned

  • 5 minute crafts throwing shade with that pencil

  • I feel so sorry for Dave @ 23:48

  • Well, Dave wasn't a big fan of that pasta.

  • Your pour husband, he seems like the nicest guy and is such a good sport

  • Hey we got a new allows you to remove a suggested video (that means those viral ones) I took a strange delight in having scrumpdilydious or whatever that channel is removed from my suggested videos

  • hi big fan

  • I died when Ann said, “cheesy pasta.”

  • why the random can of sweetened condensed milk on that last item, milk separates in acid like lime juice. It's one of the biggest reasons I use non-dairy milk when I make oatmeal with frozen fruit.

  • No new video this week? Aw! I hope all is well.

  • Turning that Teflon coated pan over onto the burner is really bad! The direct heat reacts with the Teflon coating and is toxic. I would not use that pan again!

  • Hi Ann, I love your videos. I found this video from 5minute crafts and can you check it out or debunk it. I’m a little confused about the video, and would love your input. Thank you.

  • There Australian aren’t they

  • Ah God damn. I already disliked googles antics but this is just.... A slap in the face with those ads

  • Anyone else see she pulled the thumbnail/video still fake out? Banana and a chili inside a melon never came up at all.

  • It looks Absolutely DISGUSTING.....but I love you feed it to your FAMILY!!!! HAHA 😂! LOVED THIS VIDEO!! you guys are my favorite channel to watch!

  • Moley moley moley moley moley moley moley

  • When it comes to news. I think they are all b.s. and too full of themselves. They don't realy care about truth and justice unless its what they want and way too many are willing to lie to get what they want. So if they fall i won't lose any sleep. I have first hand experience with lne news company lieing about me and my wife and the others not willing to tell the truth because they don't want to upset another news outlet. Like wtf? None of them cared about the truth, when it narrowed down to it they all say the same thing about the same stuff nd don't give a flying f#ck about truth or justice unless someone payjng the bills tells them to.

  • Cheese toasties? Lulz

  • the crape one is an actual crape pan designed to be used that way, my mum has one it has the nonstick on the outside. works well but that's the only way to use it

  • Awesome bit of knowledge about these tech giants

  • I think that ramen cake videos not only make Ann confused, asians will also mad seeing that

  • I feel like all these videos are just IQ tests, and anyone who believes them has failed.

  • There was no new video yesterday D:

  • Love this video! Party drink looked god awful though 😫😫😫

  • SEnewss unsubscribed me from your page... not sure if anyone else had that issue

  • Did you guys realize that she had a clickbait thumbnail? I think watching so much 5 Minute Crafts is rubbing her the wrong way.

  • This is one of the reasons I've been trying to use Google less. I use Ecosia now when I can, which is awesome because they use their ad revenue to plant trees. On another note, poor dave asd;lfkj 😂😂

  • Isn't the lime drink just Brazilian limeade?

  • The pic of Johnny Depp is from the set of Benny and Joon. It's a movie worth checking out if you haven't seen it.

  • Y'all at the gas station on the little screen I saw this ad "*SO YUMMY*" now on tv OH NO

  • There are pans that are made specifically for cooking pancake like that. I actually own one myself and it's pretty useful to get thin pancakes when you know how to do it. Those pans have a nonstick outside just like the inside of a regular pan. When you tried the first time you used a ridged bottom which makes no justice to the original video.

  • No Problem. power of the people, if you as a group of people don't like google getting the money then, on mass use other search engines or even make your own. O and if you find that too hard you might understand the work needed.

  • Do you buy a book without reading some of whats inside? NO. Do you go into a restaurant without reading a menu? NO. If you see something interesting after googling it do you click on it? YES. Bingo. To take your first example of the data from The New York Times being displayed by Google. If The New York Times did not want to provide that information they don't have to it is up to them. If you googled for that information and the search come up blank would you go to The New York Times? NO I have to ask why did your first example not be something from where you live? What about this idea, if you don't want you info on google don't put it on the internet. Also if you ever have made a website you will know that getting on to googles searches is not just as simple as making the site and leaving it you have to making it google friendly and other things like making a site map. Leave your data off the site map and just put the headlines on the site map, then google cant find the data just the headlines. That way you/or The New York Times will not get there data scraped by google.

  • I’m curious... on the geode. What if you heated it but then placed it in cold water. Would that cause a contraction that would crack it?

  • Where is the banana and Chili thing!!!! Boooo!

  • My favourite SEnewss mum

  • Tbh I like it channel But When you ranted about how the channels that made the cakes were *getting too many views for the CLICKBAIT on the thumbnail* it was sooo annoying and u sounded like u we’re jealous that they were getting views

  • The only one I've ever seen make glass out of sand was Superman 😂

  • I love Dave's reviews... lol, and yes indeed l have seen on Google exactly what you described. But l didn't truly *see* it's implications until you explained it. Wonderful as usual Ann. I would describe you as 'full of grace and truth' " like another Someone. We need voices like this in the world

  • Bwahahahaha! I love the coffee cup! So perfect.

  • Were we clickbaited??

  • I love this lady, but she knows too much...

  • Google are just being greedy they are creating a monopoly which is not ok Google got a lawsuit filed against them by the US department of justice

  • Dude almost all the debunking hacks have already been tested on the king of random before how to cook that. Just saying no hate going on.😶

  • Can you help me find the "bus and restourant" ad? I cant find it anywhere

  • Using aluminium foil is not good for your health

  • I always feel kinda bad for Dave whenever she says "let's let Dave try it" and hands him something gross lol

  • Where's the banana?

  • The cheese toasties actually work, but poor Dave doesn't get to eat those!

  • This is so interesting about Google, wow!! did not know this.!! thank you!

  • With regards to the Google issue: When any website presents data like Google is, they’re either pulling it from an API (kind of like a database), or they’re pulling it direct from a website. APIs can cost thousands of dollars (although some are free) - I racked up nearly $300 just using one of Google’s APIs for one week for a school project. Pulling direct from a website is usually free as long as you’re appropriately providing sources as needed. Now I’m not saying Google is right in this situation. They’re taking data that others have gathered and compiled and profiting off it in a manner that seriously hinders the business in question, but I can’t help but wonder about the negative impact that this kind of precedent would have on independent developers. Earlier this year, a high school kid built a free and ad-free website that aggregated COVID data from a bunch of different sources (CDC, WHO, various news outlets) so people could quickly see COVID summary data for various geographic areas. Now imagine if that kid had to pay every single organization that he pulled data from. There’s no way he could even afford to build that website, let alone provide it for free. Now there’s a big difference between a giant corporation doing something like this and an independent developer doing something like this, and I just hope that whatever resolution is reached recognizes that difference and won’t screw over the little guys in the process.

  • well of course, graphite is used in the brushes in electrical motors, so its as conductive as any other metal, and you dont put metal in the microwave