If Everything Was Like Among Us

Publicerades den 19 nov 2020
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Among Us is very popular and we can’t stop playing! Check out WooHoo’s new video about funny situations in Among Us, in real life!
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  • My Favorite Color is green

  • My fevorite color is purple

  • My favourite colour is orange

  • i hop red is not the impstr

  • red and pink

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  • oh ! i think tin is cute

  • Same qs among us the game but rewl life

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  • How do we play among us can you teach me

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  • I like among us because every time I become imposter

  • I like purple😀😀

  • This video is super funny 🤣

  • 7:15 the dead body isn't even there bruh

  • Why is among us in real life in woohoo?

  • Red

  • This is just a rip-off if every thing was like among us in shiloh and Bros

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  • I love among us among us is my favorite game

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  • Papa Manga Manga wala game Khele lekin bahut

  • hahashas...so funny !

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  • Mine is purple

    • By the way my name in among us is Sarah plain

  • My favourite color is red

  • Red is my favourite color

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  • My color in among us is red

  • My favorite color is red

  • This is why woohoo weird Woohoo: duh I’m new here I don’t know what to do oooooh a big button what does this do? -ejects herself- Everyone else: -laughing at woohoo ejecting herself- she is such a noob

  • There Where busy

  • Hello, you are welcome to watch my home videos about AMONG US toys!

  • My favourite colour to play is black & purple! 🖤💜

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  • Me 6 year old girl: I show dis vid to all my friends and they love it

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  • Red is so annoying🙄

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  • Its red

  • She kinda makes the game boring too

  • Purple I likee

  • I love among us

  • My favorite color is red

  • Bruhh How can u start a game with 4 people

  • Bruhh They all create game

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  • I came here cuz there is nothing to watch on SEnewss

  • I'm I love among same with my family even is school!!!

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