The Story of Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination - Blizzcon 2021 [Lore]

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Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination has been announced at blizzcon 2021. We left Sylvanas pointing Shalamourne at Anduin and a choice to make. Push forward and force him to serve like Arthas had done to her or choose a different path. That story, more details on the jailer, the first ones and the workings of the Shadowlands will be the focus point for Chains of Domination. A side dish of broker lore added to it and you've got yourself a new patch!
In this video we'll discuss what's been announced at Blizzcon, some background info on what's been going on and talk about what the future might bring!
Want more details? Check out this WoWhead article:
The Starting Zone interview:
Tazavesh, the Veiled Market 0:00 - 2:12
What do we know of the jailer so far 2:13 - 8:37
Chains of Domination 8:38 - 15:54
Covenants unite! 15:55 - 16:44
City of Secrets: Korthia, dreadlords ahoy! 16:45 - 20:22
New raid: Sanctum of Domination 20:23 - 22:30
Hopes and dreams 22:31 - 24:59
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The Story of The Cosmic War of Warcraft:
The Story of Ve'
The Story of Calia Menethil:
The Story of The Lich King:
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  • Who the fuck is oofer?

  • That would be a kick in the balls if Anduin became the Lich king


  • When show slyvanas death? After 9.1 raid ending come.

  • IDK if it's just me but I hate where the story is going lol. For one, I feel as if they could get so much more out of Sylvanas and her story. She as a character has so much potential. Two... What even is the Alliance or Horde anymore? Are they still enemies?? Are they together to fight the bigger evil for one expansion again?? Is everyone gonna go back to fighting after it's all over? Pretty sure i've read fanfictions with a far better developed plot. Just saying...

  • This Bastion must be purged! Full blown 2.0 memberbarrying lore writing. In a few years they will pull the plug if the classics will drop in members as well.

    • The lore is derived from the novel of Lucifer as the Fallen angel.

  • Sylvanis realizes Arthas was a vessel.

  • What the runecarver is actually the zoval and the jailer is the primus who got stuck in the maw and drove crazy

  • This is shitty, wow should have stopped with legion, or at least give arthas a true chance at redemption

  • So good it's not coming out until June 22nd at least

  • what they did is they killed both Anduin and Sylvanas very sad story... who can forgive betraying blizzard lost their best devs and this is the proof

  • could someone bother to tell me what excatly is going on? i dont really like the games after lich king, so i only play now and then. But what is it sylvana (played the end of legion) wasn't she a servant to the old god? And what's the thing with him the tall guy? is he a servant to the nether lords, that they also talked about replacing sargeras after legion? Or am i totally off on this one? i appreciate the help

  • What if..... ...I mean, naah. It's too crazy. But... ...what if Sylvanas KNOWS all this, and it's not a plot hole? What is her goal right now is to kill the Jailer, and TAKE HIS PLACE, and then, as ruler of the Maw, locked there forever (like Bolivar taking up the helm), that she as the new Jailer would make the Maw not a miserable place? What did she say to Anduin? "We never had free will, Little Lion." What if she feels the souls sent to the Maw to suffer don't "deserve" to suffer, but they will so long as the Jailer is the ruler of the Maw? And that only by overthrowing him and taking his place can she "change the rules" and give the damned an afterlife that they deserve that does not punish people for actions they took while not having free will? And what if she turned Anduin and is playing along with all this because something has to be done to make her overthrow possible? Like whatever he's trying to unlock she needs to kill him, or he has to be freed in order to "become mortal/killable" somehow so she (with Anduin's help) can kill him to replace him? This is all WILD speculation on my part, of course.

  • At about the 8 min mark, maybe some sec later... U said that syvanis went to the maw (after wrath and killed herself) and saw arthas... Yada yada.... We know y arthas was in the maw, uther and devos and all, but.... At that point the arbitor was still active..... Ive asked this question and everyone blows me off like its not important, but what i wanna know is... Y did sylvanis go strait to the maw? And for that... How? I thought every soul, no matter how bad, at least has a chance in revendreft to save themself

    • nah not every soul gets a chance in revendreth. We have a cutscene where they explain the arbiter and even then there's a small stream going directly into the maw. It's possible sylvanas was judged to be worthy of the domain or perhaps there's more going on

  • maybe with arthas a kinda death knightwe death knights have a new leader! bolavar lost his helmet so hes not intresting anymore

  • I think shadowlands was a mistake. I'd rather they kept that part of the lore more ambiguous.

  • I'm waiting for that one moment that Sylvanas comes to and realizes she does have a choice

  • @nobbel can Varian appear even though he was destroyed by Fel Magic?

  • thanks for mentioning but i was looking for something more specific , like when artath will step in and put an end to this , not like an angel like how he was in 3.3.5a , he was all powered up , mighty and fearless "king of all lichborned" Lich king blongs to him not this puppy's who looking for their feed . so when Arthas Version of LichKing Will Come back ? and where the hell is that night warrior lover of illidan ? is she hiding in torghast? You know all players who have came to shadowlands after all this Years to see Mighty LichKing Lord of the Deathknight Will come back and start a NEW PERFECT Story Better Than befor. about sylvannas , hmm yeeh , we don't care much about her ;)

  • Bro, your voice relax me alot. Im ur simp 💓

  • :)

  • Can someone ping Nobbel and explain to me why we still haven't seen Tyrande since her dolphin dive into the Shadowlands??? Also considering Sylvanna's current death/kidnapping record, Tyrande needs to get the "First Blood" award. This shit is just too ridiculous how long this has got on for.

  • I want to know what trasmog are available in the Jailer's covenant!

  • Blizzard be like ''Come on guys enough with those Anduin Menethil theories'' also blizzard ''Hey so Anduin is basically lich king 2.0 now.''

  • The Jailer: 3 keys remain Sire D: Uhhhhhhhh you mean 2, right? The Jailer: Who r u again?

  • Can someone explain to me something, didnt arthas fuse with nerzhul, who tortured soul was imprisoned in icecrown, who made frostmuorne, and then when arthas goes and free him puts the helm of domination and they become one?

  • The winter queen is going to die and bwansamdi is going to pop in and be like "I am now de boss man of ardenwald

  • elune has a key

  • WAIT Hold up. What if Sylvannas didn't force Anduin into this fate. Remember there is that cinematic from the twisting halls where the jailer chains up Bolvar. Think about the speech, the jailer knows what we know. He knows Sylvannas is having second thoughts. What if he made the decision for her because Sylvannas didnt want to force it on Anduin.

  • I dont get all the hating on Sylvannas, in life she did everything to save her people. Raised into undeath she finds herself in HELL when she dies. Is everyone saying they would not do anything to escape eternal damnation, that you and others do not deserve. Peoples souls are being used by those who deem themselves justified to as they wish. Why should a soul that is not good enough to assend have to be cast out of Bastion but forced to remain in the zone ? Should you be used for pieces if you are not as good a figher as your opponent? Who says the winter queen has the right to choose which wild god lives and dies? Thats without revendreth drawing so much anima from souls they are essentially stuck for eternity. Would anyone like to be forced into one of these realms, or would you do whatever it takes to stop your people, family or even worst enemy having to risk any of this.

  • So the Scarlet Crusade were making those flyers about Sylvanas and Anduin having a relationship and now im just waiting to see Nathanos to appear and tell us "Shes with him of course, no not the Jailer SHES WITH THAT STUPID LITTLE LION IMA KILL HIM" better appear soon!!!!!

  • Honestly this entire thing with Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination being revealed as Items from the shadowlands which somehow ended up in the possession of Kil'jaeden who oddly didnt care about their origin feels forced. Its obvious that this wasnt the idea from the beginning and you cant make a great reveal of a masterplan if you have to bend the story you already established to make the plan work.

  • Hope to see Midivh and Arthas in this expansion

  • eternal ones, rehash of the titans...zzzz

  • What if the other ones who were kidnapped by the jailer were supposed to enter the others covenants Thrall to Maldraxxus Jaina to revendreth And baine to ardenweald

  • Where is 8:00 - 8:10 from?

  • Why is azeroth so special there is no need for other planets lich kings? Or why only azeroths souls are feeding the maw.... All else in comsos is dead?

  • Nobbel the toy : Box of yogg saron : i wonder if you can test it that if you use it in the raid Nya'lotha what do you get because its all about Nya'lotha

  • 8:05 that doesn't look like Jailer AT ALL. Could that be the Primus?

  • if the Press kit is right, and they've gone full-in with the Dogma plot, and the Jailer is really looking to unmake all reality, and Sylvannas is Matt Damon, then I'm 100% onboard. so far the lore was really falling apart for me, but this would be a great change from the previous "bald guy is bad because" plot line

  • I love nobbel vids

  • Thé worgen i don't heard anything about worgen so far in Schadowlands may this be for next pr Future Elune story ?

  • Holy shit dude, there is so much more here that other lore videos missed!

  • They ruined WC3 with Reforged, then they promised to fix it. Now they've disbanded the team working on it and ignored it during Blizzcon. Great company...

  • Actually since we're reminded in the video that the place is supposed to be the hell did the Jailer get Anduin out of the Maw to attack Bastion? He isn't a Maw Walker, so what gives?

    • @Nobbel87 might it be ”easier” for a mortal to leave the maw than a soul? Especially a host like anduin that doesn’t belong there on both aspiritual and physical level? Maybe anduin was his perfect weapon both because he had the attributes of a worthy kyrian that could walts right up the the archon and because his very being is not yet tethered to the maw? Maybe the maw is only truly unescapable to those who actually belong there. Just spitballing.

    • Sylvanas was able to get out of the maw with the aid of the valkyr so it's not as inescapable as advertised. On top of that, time has moved on. Whole bunch of souls and anima send down into the maw, weakning the bonds of the jailer. Kel'thuzad managed to summon minions out of it as well so it's a progression. Would also explain why our covs feel confident enough to join us into the maw.

  • Titans, imprisoned Old Gods supposedly for all time...prisons break down and jailers are corrupted. First Ones, imprisoned Zoval supposedly for all time...prison is breaking down and stuff getting corrupted. I sense a pattern here

  • I just hope Tyrande gets to behead Sylvanas. But more gruesomely than how she killed Nathanos.

  • Does anyone else wish world of Warcraft never existed.

  • Wow they really can't make anything new can they.

  • Hey @Nobbel87, after watching your content for a while, you've finally inspired me enough to actually do some critical thinking about some WoW lore. That said, keep up the great work! Here is a really , really rough draft of the current events and how they could POSSIBLY (however improbable or unlikely) tie into Il'gynoth's prophecy. I'm not really that well versed in my WoW lore but, here it is: -Il'gynoth's Whisper Quote- "The boy-king (Anduin) serves at the master's table. Three lies will he offer you (Kyrian trails?) Her heart is a crater (Sylvanas),and we have filled it. The king of diamonds (Magni) has been made a pawn. At the hour of her third death (Sylvanas after dies as raid boss?) she ushers in our coming. From the earth (Azeroth?), he draws strength... Our earth... Our strength... It's surface blazes bright, masking shadows below. To find him, drown yourself in the circle of stars. Five keys to open our way (The first ones). Five torches to light our path (Shadowlands continents?). Flesh is his gift, he is your true creator (Yogg-Saron). The lord of ravens (Nathanos) will turn the key." - Additional thoughts - What if the Jailer was corrupted by the old gods/void lords, which led to his treachery of the others thus why he was imprisoned. He then, still under said influence, is trying to break out of his prison to continue serving them? This theory could clear up the first line of the prophecy where the "master's table" could be referring to whoever could possibly be controlling the Jailer, and in turn, Anduin. If we kill Sylvanas, could Nathanos also be there and turn the "key" after she dies? Could Sylvanas herself be a key of some kind from when she died one of the other two times? Now all of this is under the assumption that the above mentioned events haven't already transpired in some way or another but were altered or thwarted due to our (the player's) intervention during the events that transpired in BFA. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't have the best knowledge when it comes to lore but even if I'm not even close, it was fun to analyze and theorize.

  • I hope we finally get to kill anduin... wow lore has gone down since he became a main character

  • They killed my Archon. Like c'mon bruh...

    • Confirmed not dead! hence the hand movement after the ”key” is taken

  • Well Medivh is not confirmed dead. He just disappeared

  • I predict that we will see blackmoore in the maw.

  • Pretty sure that sylvanas wants to remove the very concept of life and death, she wanted to convience anduin because hes like "good" incarnet wich would give her conformation that her goal would be "good".

  • Uther went for justice not vengeance

  • What if we find Ragnaros in the Shadowlands?

  • does this mean jaina/thrall/baine are all potential bastion characters? :D

  • I honestly want to know how Sylvanas feels about working with Kel’thusad (willingly). Kel’thusad was Arthas’s right hand man and ressurecting him as a lich was part of the reason Sylvanas died in the first place.

  • I have to say I do like the little things like seeing Sylvanas (Warchief / Horde) and Anduin (King / Alliance) @12:45 standing infront of this gigantic threat and showing us how small our conflicts are compared to this. (Like Sylvanas said, Toy Soilders is all that we are) ^^

  • The whole choice storyline was pointless in my opinion. If their plans consisted of something Anduin might actually do it would have made sense, but choosing to kill an ancient being, Blizzard ran out of ideas

  • hey mate. I Just found you through a comment of you on a Video from SilverLetomi (It is called 30 % nerf or smth like that) from 8 years ago. Now I do enyoi your content.

  • Funny how the Archon got beaten. Anduin jumps to get to her, but she has weings and is flying. All she had to do is flap those wings, and she would have avoided Anduin.

  • Activision / Blizzard Should Be Known These Days As Crap-D-Vision / Blizz-Turd Since These Companies Started With Atari's Crap And Will End With Blizzard's Turd..

  • Of course Anduin will be revealed to have been under total mind control and trying to fight it the entire time. Their writers have been trash hacks for a while now, but one thing Blizzard knows for sure is that half of their customers would have an aneurysm if one of their faction leaders was anything other than an absolute shining example of purity and goodness.

  • Three keys remain. Boy will serve at the masters table, three lies he will present. Anduin and Sylvanas are working together. They made a deal and Jailer will be tricked. Thats why no cutscene was shown of Sylvanas corrupting Anduin. It will show as a flashback during the big moment.

  • Cod korthia be a parts of revendreth, maybe up left corner, where we do the calling to kill elites? Maybe one of the brother/sister to the archon, winter Q... were controling revendreth, and then Sir D, did something to rip of the land mass, where that person were, and he/she got lost in the darkness, and Sir D. tog over the control of revendreth. And maybe the jalior has the 2 keys now from the archon, and the primus, and the last 3 keys is from the winter queen and lost soul in the darkness, and the last key from the arbitor. :) 5 keys will open our way

  • This time important lore figure's defeat in anime cutscene actually makes bit of sense. After all, it wasn't Anduin who fought, Zovaal was fully controlling him. Not surprise that being of his age may have come up with few different strategies to quickly end the fight, especially if he has imprisoned Primus and learned all his secrets as goes the most popular theory for Runecarver.

  • Next time you do a Hearthstone video do the lore (if any exists) for the Lightfang Enforcer and the only known example of a worgen paladin

  • 9:47 the face on her hood looks an awful lot like the runecarver's face. The jailer has used the runecarver to create armors and weapons that he can use to control people (Arthas and Anduin). I'm guessing that Sylvanas will try to betray him in the next patch (and help us with fighting the jailer because she has realized that she is no longer different from the lich king). The jailer will activate the armor she is wearing and control her the same way he controlled Anduin. The jailer is never gonna let Sylvanas run away, and we need to get information from her for even to be able to defeat the jailer (so we are not gonna try to kill her).


  • I think that Sylvanas was acting that way to Anduin was because she wanted him to join them on his own free will, she didn't want it to be forced upon him like when Arthas did it to her.

  • we need afull round up video for everything that happened in SL till 9.1.

  • Let’s see Cho’gall in the Fate of the Damned fight.

  • Anyone else see some parallels between Anduin’s scene with the Archon and Arthas “succeeding” his father?

  • Regardless of what happens to Sylvanas, she absolutely deserves a memorable raid fight, like Jaina in the last expansion.

  • I truely do believe there is total of 5 keys. The Jailor probably already has Denathrius' key, he has the Archon's key. If the Runecarver is the leader of Maldraxxus, he probably already hid his key into the Sepulcher the Jailer is after. There is Winter Queen and Arbiter left. That is 3 keys the Jailer is missing...but I'm no lore expert. :)

  • "I wonder what has changed?" I don't know, has anything really change? The expantions trailer says "I will set us all free" meanwhile Anduin was forced like her, not much to wonder

  • Nerzhul Return was confirmed.

  • Spoiler: Nobbel is the Jailer

  • Anyone thinking sylvana wont be kerrigan 2.0 really needs to realise blizzards writing skills.

  • "What could make an infinite Dragon to choose the Pirate life?" Rum. The answer is always Rum Edit: Answering end of video questions... My blizzcon was shit. Seeing Blizzard completly ignoring Warcraft 3 and Heroes of the Storm on their 30th year anniversary was a insult. Everything else was either coorporate talk or a cringefest just showing how utterly disconnected the company is with the audience This story is also shit. Somehow you can make it interesting with your narrative and the way you script your videos, but overall? It's complete shit I honestly also don't know how you can stay excited for this story any longer. It seems clear to me that at this point, they're making shit up as they go and throwing character development into the garbage. "OH look. Sylvannas, who turned her own forces into undead and caused a GENOCIDE in Teldrasil is now feeling guilty about controlling this ONE HUMAN" - C'mom man, i just can't buy it

  • I will miss syl if she gets killed

  • Jesus christ, after Warcraft 3 those writers lost their minds.

  • Why do I have a feeling that Sylvanas will secretly sabotage the Jailer's plans? Perhaps she imbued Anduin a portion of her own soul and made it dormant until the right time to betray the Jailer comes. Freeing Anduin from the Jailer's control/possession.

  • The three lies from the whispers of illgynoth is referring to the covenant leaders. The primus, the archon, and the winter Queen have been lying to us regarding the jailer and the great betrayal.

  • The character of Sylvanus deserves to be kicked to the curb. Im sick of seeing her

  • Theory: The two halves of Lich King helmet work as DBZ fusion earrings now lol

  • i hope sylvanas is just left in the maw, its the fate she deserves

  • The Jailer is just stealing anima for transmog gear - I can get behind this 😂

  • in bfa when they walk in to lordaeron to kill Salvanas they made Anduin be like Arthas when he walks in wc3 to kill hes dad so thats why they did it...Anduin new Arthas?

  • Regarding Sylvanas: she has been shown in THREE consecutive xpac cinematic trailers. I think that's more than enough. This game is becoming World of Sylvanascraft...

    • Anduin and Saurfang have more movie like cinematic screen time than her.

    • I dont have a problem with that

  • Hasn't anyone wondered where Malfurion is in all of this? He is nowhere to be seen in the current game on Azeroth leading the night elves, nor is he in the Shadowlands aiding Tyrande. Why is an Alliance racial leader missing? And he is not the only one. Alleria Windrunner, leader of the void elves is nowhere to be found, too. Shouldn't she be in Stormwind castle with her husband Turalyon since she is no longer on the hunt for Sylvanas?

  • Why is Zovaal stuck in the maw just use the waystone lol

  • GALAKROND! GALAKROND! GALAKROND!!! Chant with me or like if you agree!

  • istg if sylvanas goes "ENOUGH" when she's at 1% i'd quit lose my shit

    • lichboy puppy :D One And only ARTHAS fits to lichking

  • I hope at the end of the new raid Tyrande just pops out of nowhere and just cuts her head off. Would be a mercy killing honestly

  • Why did anduins hair style completely change? 😂

  • Hehe, we are no match for Sylvanas as a Raid Boss. She easily soloed the Lich King, Bolvar and his army of the dead and Starfang too. A raid of 20 Azeroth greatest Champions is no match against her, hehe. I Hope that she will not be defeated. Maybe Tyrande will make her see what she is doing is wrong and betray the Jailer or something.

  • Charlemourne looks great! shalla.. im too lazy to look it up lol.