Apple RELEASED iOS 14.5! Here Is EVERYTHING New! Mask Unlock, Emoji, & More!

Publicerades den 26 apr 2021
Apple has just released iOS 14.5 and we are going over every single new feature that has been brought to your iPhone in this new update!

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  • Hello brother Can you give me one i phone u have too many I phone can you give me giveaway to me

  • 絵文字っすごw

  • How can I get back to previous iOS version, Snapseed does not work with 14.5?

  • A few months after not needing to wear a mask, iOS allows me to unlock with one. Way to go apple

  • 👼🏻

  • iOS 14.5 is THE Bomb! Probably the best iOS EVER! Super solid and functional! Apple definitely got it right with this version!!

  • I’m a huge Apple user but after a year of using apple maps only I went back to google maps. They still have a long way to go. Good video.

  • i can’t see my memoji. what can i do? After the uptade they aren’t here

  • Buy an xpnsive apple watch to unlock your phone🤣🤣 only apple can give you such a stupid thing

  • Yippiegayay

  • I live on planet earth… I liked when it gave me the choice between one of the two possible genders.

  • 😮‍💨❤️‍🔥😵‍💫😶‍🌫️

  • AirPods auto switching broke days before the 14.5 update, and still broken after I updated all my devices. The very last two bullets in the 14.5 update release notes say it fixes AirPods auto switching issues. Bummer. Anyone else have this issue?

  • That dam mask unlock do not work on my phone

  • Battery calibration on 11 mmmm were faulty batteries sent out they are changing them for free if phone tells you to visit Authorised repairer

  • um ok. there is a new way to unlock my iphone from my apple watch and vice versa? 200 new emojis? pretty fucking great for a 6-grader. apple is really breaking the sound barrier with these amazing new features. EXHALING FACE i have waited for you for years! Thank you Apple!!!! Nothing like using your phone to report an incident (WAZE like) while you're driving; there is no chance at all that you might become the next "incident" on your way to dumbfucksville.

  • where is my new emojis😡


  • iOS 14.5 & iPadOS 14.5, Siri BUG on iPhone Xs Max & iPad Pro. Telling Siri to turn Off Wi-Fi no longer works! She affirms OK, but FAILS❕ 😤🪲🪱

  • ‏Hello guys I have a problem in iOS 14.5 I have App for songs I download the app in 2013 I think anyway and the app has been deleted from the App Store now the app is not opening it says (The developer of this app need to updated to work of this version of ios) but it was working in old ios 14.4 until I update it to 14.5 ‏Can anyone help me to open the open the app I will be thankful guys

  • Why there should be even a choice for the user to have is data not collected???? Even to ask for it says a lot on “privacy policies”. It would be llike a robber asking if you would like him not to enter your home!! Are people really so dumb???? Problem is that apple itself collects data.. (read privacy policy. Read all!). I would start to call the cell phones, tracking and collecting datas devices it would be more correct.

  • I think it would’ve been colder if it was done the update wearing a mask if you didn’t have an iPhone can just use your phone that would’ve been smart

  • Once apps start becoming personalized ad-free, this will finally show the world why an open-source free OS like Android is a B-class OS.

  • I hope they finally fix the bug when you install a new app it doesn’t always show in your recently added

  • Anyone else that watches apple videos even though they don't own any apple products?

  • I thought that mask unlock feature is an evolution of faceID. nevertheless, just my Face isn't enough and again needs to buy apple watch. (it was android old trick)

    • True. Even windows support trusted bluetooth device unlock for years now. 😅 I don't get why they include "while wearing a mask" phrase for these when you can show your ass to your screen for all it cares, and still able to unlock iphone with your iwatch. 🤣

  • Excellent Work A+++

  • Having 12 max. But no apple watch 😕

  • Update literally fucked up both my 6S and XS. My iPad however is performing much better but not my phones :/

  • Wow

  • Massive update for the eco system.

  • Watch on 1.25 speed.

  • Nice video!! Where can the white sports bottle be purchased?

  • And no one realize the blinking....


  • Well Done!!

  • Will the face unlock work with an series 2 Apple watch while wearing a mask

  • How do we track blood sugar levels as mentioned in your video ?

  • I don’t see that feature to unlock your phone with your watch.. is it because I’m using an old version of the watch or not ?

    • Watch has to be series 3 or newer. If u have that update ur phone and watch.

  • While you are driving lol distracted driving is dangerous please don’t do it.

  • Update has erased all call history. FYI

  • 🟤🟢🟡⚪️⚫️🟠🔴🟣🔵🃏🎴 that so amazing!!

  • Also a new Purple live wallpaper 🟣

  • I really wish you would have captioning on with your videos.

  • I can’t wait to use the watch to open my phone when I’m using my BiPAP. Serious gamechanger

  • Did they finally fix the display issue with the iPhone 12?

  • Nice job Apple!

  • can I connect the PS5 controller directly to my iPad Pro using a USB C to C cable?

  • You have to be connected to WiFi to unlock your iPhone with your watch. 😡

  • I need or use virtually none of the new lifestyle updates.

  • 🎧

  • It’s 14.6 cause I have beta

  • I thought apple watch unlocking was a thing for awhile now. Was hoping they opened it up to older apple watches but nope. still think they dropped the ball by not including in screen touch id with the 12. We almost don't need face mask unlocking anymore. pretty lame my watch unlocks my brand new mac but not my older iphone smh.

  • Great video! Thanks! 👊🏼

  • Shout out to the Eagles playing on his phone...

  • Can’t see a purpose for unlocking your iPhone (which would have to be in range) with an Apple Watch. It sounds like getting someone standing next to you, to unlock your iPhone that you’re holding in your hand.

  • Mask emoji?🤮

  • Assistive touch in combination with the Smart Keyboard still sucks 😒 Emojis I don’t care at all, let them first fix the terrible glitch before other unimportant things 😠

  • Why I didn’t get the update?

  • Why the option “Allow apps to request to track you” is greyed out (can’t turn it on/off - can’t change it) iOS 14.5 - iPhone 11 And why when I sign out of Apple ID in the app store I can turn it on/off, but when I sign in I can’t?

  • Ah yes make me buy a $300 near useless watch just to use Face ID with a mask. Classic Apple! Also why the fuck is the battery calibration thing ONLY on iPhone 11? My xr sometimes has issues with the battery calibration but I guess I’m too poor to calibrate my battery. But you can’t be too rich either and have an iPhone 12! Why Apple, why?

  • Mask unlock ... Wow , only one year late 😭😭

    • Gives you an idea of how long their software production timeline is (from idea to implementation.) to think, they are already pitching ideas for iOS 16 around this time.

  • When will I be able to share lyrics directly to my AIM away message though?

  • SMH 🤬 the mask unlock how about bring back Touch ID!

  • Those cuts are very much noticable.. Gotta do better job on editing

  • Apple are up to ruining your old Apple TV your 2020 iPad Pro and your older iPhones again.I really don’t know if I should or shouldn’t.Wow new funny faces..There’s nothing there encouraging me to update.Totally underwhelming update,they’ve totally lost the plot. A company designing an iMac with a white bezel makes no sense.What about being able to delete a photo on you I photo library,without paying for cloud storage.

  • Did I miss something? In the end, I can not remember I thing to be excited about. - OK, unlock with mask, but I lack the watch, so...

  • Getting my 12 tommorow..

  • No new good feature... getting bored of how slow apple is to bring innovation to the market! :(

  • Just updated. However noticed my new iPhone12 pro unlocked with my mask on no problem… but great to see they’ve added unlock with watch..

    • Mines about 50/50 depends on if i try or not

  • I’m not losing my jailbreak for an emoji 😂

  • Nice video. Question, what bands did you use in the video?

  • Thank you Apple for fighting facebook

  • wait.... people sleep with their apple watches on?

    • it can be useful. sleep tracking, notifications, controls. I don't because that's when it charges for the next day but it has its uses

    • Eh yeah.....

  • Another boring update after whole bunch of boring iOS updates. Not a single thing for anyone to be excited, except youtubers and apple fanboys reviewers like these.

    • @Nebojsa Lakic chill out it’s an ios 14.5 update. Not an ios overhaul. It’s not meant to hype you up.

    • The more (or rather LESS) apple offer the more I'm tempted to try a nice folding samsung. I mean, at least they're interesting!

    • Agreed. People hype up these updates so much, to the point that they make me excited. But then I step back, look at the changes and think "why are people making a big deal?" and snap back to reality.t The mask thing is okay, a bit late in my opinion. The privacy thing is good, but the trade off is youre contained in Apple system and products. Other than that, non tangible stuff that doesn't make much a difference.

    • @CS I am writing this on iPhone 11 Pro. Also I’m entitled for opinion about such things, you know. Glad that you find emoji update and other boring stuff so interesting though.

    • just say you cant afford an iphone and go lmao

  • so he said third party control would that be the Nintendo pro control?

  • I still use 6S and it’s there 14.5 update wth wow

    • @Anggi you’re absolutely right.

    • @Tee Tee I think 12 pro can carry you for 5 or more year ahead No problem.. no need to upgrade, safe the money for something else and it's more rewarding if you upgrade to the next big thing 5 year later in life, than upgrade every year

    • @Tee Tee I do have a Xs Max with 90% Capacity and I'll swap the battery out once it falls below 85% but as I repair phones in my spare time it shouldn't be a hassle 🙃

    • @Anggi I really wish I had your dedication. I have the 12 pro so LETSS hope it lasts me for 6 years haha. I switched from Samsung and no regrets. Plus Apple has the best privacy features.

    • @Tee Tee yep soon.. I'm just milking every last drop of 6S lol, but it's still running like a champ, no lag

  • This update is bogus…. Your watch only unlocks your phone while you’re connected to WiFi so only while your at home 🏠 and not wearing a mask 😷 What the fuck !! Wearing a mask 😷 is an outside thing and away from WiFi !! How stupid is that!!

  • Not worth losing the jailbreak

  • i have the iphone 11 pro but don’t have the apple watch i gotta get one 😕

  • Can’t download update on cellular data? Plz help

    • @Mariam Shorunmu I tried that but for some reason update failed.

    • You can manually change the date on your phone to a month ahead so that you can download it...after you've downloaded it, you then change the date on your phone back to the present date .... Hope this helps 😊

    • You need WiFi. It’ll only update on WiFi

  • I think I was most excited that you might be wearing a Dexcom... Which I guess isn’t yet talking directly to the watch with this update

  • Steve Job’s vision has finally come to fruition with iOS 14.5 now that the users have the power of Internet in their hands with the app tracking transparency feature

    • @ Yup, I have been using flixzone for since november myself =)

    • A tip: you can watch movies on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching loads of movies these days.


  • Nice, Good information

  • Great video, thank you!

  • I’m still not updating my iPhone 7 too iOS 14.5 and here’s why i do not want to lose my jailbreak on iOS 14.3

  • 🐻💖

  • You mentioned that your phone alerts you when your blood sugar drops. What program do you use?

  • Can i get this update after i have updated my iphone with that ios 14.5 we get from safari at apple website

  • Updating Apple Watch is so slow. They need to improve that. It’s just so bad.

    • dude for real!! just finished downloading and that took forever and now it's been "preparing" to install for like 20 minutes now. and then it has to install for another 10-15 minutes wtf.

  • 2:00 Regarding Face ID with an unlocked Apple Watch: Does it still scan/check the upper part of the face (eyes, forehead…) or can anyone just unlock the iPhone?

    • @AppleInsider when i try this it asks to turn on the wifi but you dont need to be connected to a wifi network. Why is this?

    • So it just looks at your face to ensure you have a mask then it uses the watch to unlock. It doesn’t verify your eyes. Then it unlocks your phone taps your wrist so you know it was unlocked. You can also re-lock it at that point. This bypass still doesn’t let anyone into anything secure. You still need a passcode for purchases, settings, and app access.

  • 9:10 I’ve been waiting for this since 2012! For 9 years, or more likely for 8 years, 11 months and a few days.

  • No one gives a shit about the new emoji....

  • bettry ????

  • If you got a Apple Watch on 😂

  • I have never considered new emojis anything to get excited about. But that is just me...

    • @Mads T it’s me as well. HeY gUyZ, nEw eMojI’s…what are you, 12? 😂

    • No, it's not just you.

    • yeah i wish they would allow us to change the reactions instead

  • I might get this tonight and use the PS5 controller.

  • What about battery recalibration in iPhone 11 series?

  • I want to know if it will support Amazon music, that’s what I use

  • New Emoji.. Yay!!