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  • How about some case law instead or actual laws to look at, I can make theorys

  • Isn't it obvious?

  • I just hangup 1st thing I hear a robot.

  • I wouldn't even trust a supposed confidential line unless it was on my cell using something like Signal (even then I'd be suspicious).

  • A lot of these things I thought were common sense but there's always someone who doesn't know I guess

  • A lot of jails also have bugs/mics in holding cells and visiting areas. Often times other people in jail can also get a better deal if they agree to be a corresponding witness against you, so keep your yap shut damn tight.

  • My uncle who’s in prison calls me often and at the start of the call the automated message always mentions the calls are being recorded lol

    • if you ever feel useless just remember that this video exist

  • Duh nigga no shit

  • Thanks captain obvious

    • Likely that call is 100% being recorded they just dont save it unless you sais something incriminating

  • Bro why did I waste my time watching this, do people not know it’s recorded ? I mean what are you telling me from jail? Bring my weed ?

    • I'll keep that in mind next time im in jail, thanks

  • If it recorded then that mean if I just say random word and it extremely sexual then does that mean that the police would spend their time decrypt the “code name”

  • You low key look like the guy from Blues Clues

  • When I called my mom she said “I’m disappointed” and hung up 🥲

  • He looks like toby maguire

  • Also, if you get pulled over for D.U.I or DWI as it's sometimes called, if you legally can, refuse any roadside tests, when they take you the station and try to test you there, demand to speak to your lawyer first. They will let you, they have to. You call your lawyer and guess what? You get 1 HOUR to talk to your lawyer.. so you ask them how their kids are, about a sports game, the weather, whatever...just use up the whole hour and then you can tell them where you are. So now you have 1 and half to 2 and a half hours from the time you were pulled over drunk until the time you take the breathalyzer test. And if you were going to blow over a bit, you will probably blow just under now. 👍

  • "Hey ma...Delete my Internet history "

    • officer for a chance to call your legal council prior to being booked into jail.

  • This is the same level of stupid as asking a blind person to describe the colours of a rainbow.

  • 😴😴😴😴😴🥱

  • When I was in jail I had my own cell phone

  • Lol

  • Then if it’s just my jail that literally says it’s being recorded b4 it allows you to speak

  • if you ever feel useless just remember that this video exist

  • Don't call your parents from jail, call attorney Tom

  • I'll keep that in mind next time im in jail, thanks

  • Likely that call is 100% being recorded they just dont save it unless you sais something incriminating

  • Who doesn't know they are recorded tho? Casually discussing a jailbreak on the phone

  • The one damn lawyer to make it big on SEnewss and I find this guy’s channel... Frickin’ phenomenal!

  • He looks like Jonah Scott

  • Every phone line is recorded. There’s 1 more person listening when you call from a jail.

  • what if you order a pizza

  • LITTLE KNOWN FACT: You do not have a right to a free phone call in jail. That’s all Hollywood BS. No where in the constitution does it give you that right. If you are getting a phone call it may be jail policy to offer you the chance based on your behavior at the time, or it’s just the D.O.’s being nice. The ONLY exception to this is when you ask the ARRESTING officer for a chance to call your legal council prior to being booked into jail.

    • Real shit tho. And dont call anyone you shouldn't be talking to either.

  • Thanks for helping all the criminals out here❤️

  • That’s not even what the recording says lol it’s cute they tried it though

  • This guy is like your parent giving you a speech even tho it was a prank smh

  • Other attorney here: Just assume you're always being recorded some how

  • It’s not like they care that I’m having bdsm talk over my phone with my gf

  • Recorded or not it would be inadmissible as evidence.

  • What

  • They should cut it off after “inmate”, speak out their name, then continue on with the automated voice. That’s how they do it in real prisons

    • “Yo Jimmy let’s break me out of this place”

  • I went to jail once in my life. I was 15, it was for beating up my sister (she TOTALLY DESERVED IT) my Mom made me sit in the King County Youth Detention Center for 3 days until my court date!!! That’s downtown Seattle’s worst of the worst!!! It’s the absolute dirtiest, most disgusting juvenile hall ever!!! There was pee and poop in every corner of the room in the court house holding cells!!!! The worst part was that my Mom made me stay there until court when the fight was NOT started by me, as usual I only finished it... my fucking sister... ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Lmao they tell you on most call that you're being monitored. If you do this. You just f-ing stupid

  • I did this before it was a trend

  • Yea fr

  • I love how the trend had nothing to do with what he was saying

  • Real shit tho. And dont call anyone you shouldn't be talking to either.

  • They literally tell you it’s being recorded

  • Wow. No shit.

  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • I know this from El Chapo

  • Why are you in jail in the first place?

  • How many phones does this guy have😂

  • Remember that GTA in real life guy that said it was all for internet fame when he talked to his family? Yeah

  • “Yo Jimmy let’s break me out of this place”

  • This is why lawyers dont have friends, Tom. jk

  • A lawyer on tiktok lol what a joke

  • Mmkay thanks 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • and search this dudes house or demand that the phone be turned over

  • If calls to/from jail or prisons were private, they probably wouldn't be quite so anal about inmate cellphones.

  • Better call Saul

  • No shit. The automated message before the call goes through tells you that the message will be monitored and recorded.

  • Thank you for the advice

  • Most phone calls are listened to. It’s part of the covert surveillance governments do on there own citizens. You talk about something while not on the phone and next thing, your phone is advertising that exact same thing. Wake up. Anything called “smart” is only smart for government surveillance.

  • When you enter jail they literally say that your calls are recorded unless its a trick to see if you confess on the phone

  • Why am i watching this lOL.

  • Don’t u have to pay to talk to someone in jail. I know someone and they sent us a 30 sec voicemail and we had to pay $4 if we wanted to hear it.👀

  • We do not have county jails lol.

    • Joe exotic should have saw this before he went to jail

  • Made my call, no one answered so went back to my room and fucked my cellmate.

  • Well thats not happen here

  • Fuck I gotta quite coming here

  • I got a few calls from a jailbird. When I was a kid I would talk to him. But as an adult, I refused. By kid I mean teen, and I knew him before he was arrested, so I wasn't talking to some stranger or dishing out info that he didn't know prior. We never talked about that sort of thing anyway.

  • Likely being recorded? It’s jail. There’s no way it’s not being recorded lol.

  • Uhh we knew that slo.🤦‍♀️

  • Broooo I'ma try thisssss 😂😂😂 that's too funny

  • Better plan. Don’t go to jail.

  • Id.order a pizza

  • Imagine being able to make collect calls from jail

  • Anyone who has ever even had someone call them FROM jail knows the call is being recorded. I respect the whole "teach the general populace to know their rights and laws," but I think we're setting the bar a little low with this one lmfao.

  • Likely? No. Always? Yes.

  • When you get the call or make one it says it’s being recorded......

  • I been to jail n lemme tell ya it ain’t pretty 😂

  • Joe exotic should have saw this before he went to jail

  • Jesus christ this information needs to be shared???? I swear to God we are all become dumber and dumber

  • yo wtf this mans got 3 phones

  • when my boyfriend and i would exchange calls while he was in jail, we rapped the entirety of Fuck the Police by N.W.A. bc we knew they were listening. it’s just a song written by someone else so it’s not incriminating.

  • No shit Sherlock

  • So my brother is in jail because someone spit on him for like idk and the guys slammed the door on my brother leg and my bro is fighting him now he is in jail. And the guys is at a hospital.

  • My mom told me if I ever went to jail she’d still visit me, unless I murdered someone for no reason

  • At one point my dad had a cell phone that another inmate was smuggling into prison lol

  • Thanks, Captain obvious.

  • Well the we have untraceable mobiles given to jail's in UK an the pay phones even say u r being recorded...

  • Really? You don't say. How about not going to jail?

  • I would never go to jail or god would never forgive me even for what i have done in the past

  • Like- my sister is dumb and didn't listen when we told her it would be recorded and here we are. Man like this situation my fam in sucks my guy. We need a lawyer like you 😞😔

    • I hope she has fun now and tries not to be dumb anymore :)

  • No shit. It tells you that in the recording

  • Is this not just commonsense?

  • Hey Saul!

  • When I got locked up, all I told my mom was that I’ve been transferred to the big jail and that if they can find someone to bail me out and that’s all I really said.. I always knew it was being recorded and knew not to say shit to incriminate myself. Some people b dumb

  • Duh!

  • A couple of my cell mates checked for me, and the bug is definitely not hidden in my butt. They checked it twice today.

  • No shit Sherlock