What It's Like To Have DIVORCED PARENTS | Smile Squad

Publicerades den 9 okt 2020
Why can't they just get along?? 😭😂
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  • 3:18 Sam's face tho

  • Actualy its alottougher for me my mom pays for everything my dad i mean

  • The fake Jordan’s 🤧

  • Age is just a number And robbing a bank is just a crime

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  • My parents are divorced. Some of the video is true though...

  • 8:23 to 8:31 so true having a divorce parents it's not that fun my parents had taken divorce and now I can do every single thing with my own like everything . And when they fight I am like hoo god take me pls take me form earth . And the worst part for me is when they decided to get married again like seriously you have already destroy my life why you want to again destroy another life . Some time go to depression because of all this and I don't even have any best friend to share my emotions that's why I write this all things here . BE HAPPY WITH YOU OWN PARENTS

  • “Age is just a number” “And Being In a the Hospital Is Just A Coincidence”

  • btw this videos is SOOOOO relatible. Plus you get more presents

  • the first scene, my mom and dad (divorced) don't like me at there house. :(


  • Parents: Oh yeah it’s great at home! What’s really happening: Sam: Stop fighting....

  • I get it

  • "years of childhood trauma certainly didn't hurt" so true!! This video is not wrong.

  • 1:01i know how it hurts for a children

  • My parents are in two different countries mom’s in Dubai dad’s here in the philipines they are good friends :)

  • My name is Dreynan

  • They should add the Dad having a nightmare about dating the Mom. Because that’s what just happened to my dad.

  • My parents are divorced

  • oh my god

  • Nnjj

  • Um 999,666 views

  • I'm sorry this is really sad because this is serious I am sorry this is a bad video

  • my parents are same

  • There’s three types of people and parent relationships Normal Divorced What they call normal but abusive(emotionally most of the time) and sad and wish they divorce soon Can we get some emotional support for the third kind

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  • I have divorce parents but I don’t get to choose who to go to I rarely get to go wiht my dad

  • I can relate so hard

  • I do have broke up families to

  • I am 50

  • HEll

  • Vv. B

  • Funny how come I experience this everyday

  • My parents are Divorced it very hard and there are lots Of struggles and it’s very challenging

  • Age is just a number... NO AGE IS LIFE DUMBA$$

  • 0:55 Nobody: Me:There is nothing more Relatable than this.

  • Oh I did not now Sam is adopted and they are tricking sam

  • Lmao relatable

  • Hey hey sorry to bother y’all I just want y’all back I just got done



  • And age is just a word ohhhhhhhh

  • I wish i had this

  • L

  • #relatable

  • I can totally relate to this

  • Hahahahaha

  • Sam's dad is kinda hot!

  • The 300 dislikes is kids who’re are divorced 😔

  • Me mum is divorced

  • When the young girl was Sam’s mom I was furious

  • This happens to me all the time mainly 1:12 and 1:46 A

  • "Age is just a number" Hm really "Age is just a WORD"

  • :)

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  • Your mum is a good or bad mum and what is your mum name and do baby

  • This is what’s happening with my parents and I’m only 10

  • Since when did Americans start giving birth to Asians?

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  • Ethan 19

  • This is so true

  • It's Hilarious that almost all of the people the comments has divorced parents. Well !! Sucks to be all of you.

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  • A divorce when I was four

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  • I literally my divorce parents

  • 0:56 it looks like the parents adopted a daughter and he's left out


  • Hairt age dosent matter Braun do

  • Sometimes i get confused with divorced parents.. I thought they divorced long time ago, after 2 hours, they will be back together smh,Especially my Friend’s parents.

  • I have divorced parents but this is not how it is

  • Helo

  • I can relate to this-

  • This is soo reablatle sorry for the bad spelling

  • Some people think parents divorcing is the worst but if you’re like me it’s actually awesome because 1. You get to see both your parents happy now that they don’t fight all the time and 2. You get 2 of everything!!! That’s just my experience

    • And my dad is gonna live with her

    • My mom is buying a new house so it’s not a big deal

    • @Jaymeson Mann oh I see and oof for your dad lol

    • They got divorced a long time ago and there back together and my dad is living in a basement

    • @Jaymeson Mann what do you mean by “kinda divorced”?

  • Is it me or does smile squad have every headphones i have

  • HEY FATHER? wth


  • Related

  • 1:53

  • Lol😌

  • 3:48

  • Yo

  • I understand 😔

  • 1:01 i can’t either 😭

  • He said, “those fake Jordan’s” hahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Me too

  • my dad lives in africa so i cant see him

  • i dont really find this funny because me depressed that my mom and dad divorced

  • Me too

  • This video was so funny 😂

  • The Dad looks 30 , the mom looks 45 , the son looks 17 dafuq