More Chrome, More Better: We’re Putting the Big Block Donk Back Together

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
How many Hoonigans does it take to re-assemble a half-finished donk? All of us. This one’s a rollercoaster: substituting bondo with white bread, spending hours on the ideal radiator shroud, arguing about car purchases and shutting someone in the trunk. All in the name of making this thing run… sometime this year.

Shout out to Horn’s Collision Center for the prep and paint:

Big thanks to the man, Donkmaster for hosting us out at Back 2 Cali at Barona Drags
IG: 1_donkmaster

Thanks to K&N for the filters AND the carbon roof!
IG: knfilters?hl=en
Thanks to Steel - It:
IG: steelitcoatings?hl=en
Thanks to Optima Batteries:
IG: optimabatteries?hl=en

Thanks to Thermo-Tec:
Instagram: thermotec

Thanks to eBay motors for supporting the donk project
IG: ebaymotors
IG: ebay

Thanks to GEARWRENCH for the tools:
IG: gearwrenchtools

Thanks to Hawk Performance:
IG: hawkperformance

Thanks to Miller Welders:
IG: miller_welders?hl=en

Thanks to Baer Brakes:
IG: baer_brakes

Thanks to Donk Supercharger: The Blower Shop
IG: @theblowershop

Thanks to BluePrint Engines:

Thanks to Holley for coming through with more engine parts:
IG: holleyperformance

Thanks to Holley Hooker Headers:
IG: holleyperformance?hl=en

Shout out to Chevy Boys:

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  • I thought all new projects were supposed to be on a different channel or something

    • Ok how long will it run

    • ?

    • @TIREDLAND K. nope it's only 3 months old this is the donk not a scotto build

    • @Cheerio Box the hoonigans build channel is older than this build...

    • This isn't a "new" project though, been on this for 3 months now.

  • looks green 2:12

  • I hope they put this on Forza horizon 4

  • Where's kyle

  • More better.😂


  • Hey what are you doing with the rims of the donk when you’re completed with the whole project I’ll take them Cory 2247334817 huge fan

  • Don’t forget to put the pin in the receiver for the parachute boys! Don’t want to lose the parachute like losing the hoods on the other test drives 😂😂

  • Y’all should make your own custom grill on your cutter.

  • Did y'all go to the Donk master and demonology race??????????????????

  • Wonder what the percentage of remaining caprices have been turned into donks? Will you folks callout Murder Nova with his donk?

  • How them plasma cutters not cut the metal ribs on the actual machine?

  • masking tape pro tip for fresh paint 💯

  • Still wearing the masks

  • IT'S BLUE!

  • Just seen the rims today. They gold baby!!!!

  • Am I the only one who thinks vinny looks like Johnny sins with a beard 😂

  • FINALLY!!!!!!

  • cool car ,, loose the masks,,,,you guys look like your ready to rob a bank

  • Wheres bad daddy brad!? Garage garage

  • Who else was able to pause on the wheel reveal!!!

  • "Let me ride that donkey"- 69 boys! We need a Hoonigan Bass track list!

  • Looked better in brown

    • This is the most Hoonigan people I've seen on a project EVER

  • I would say put some forgiatos on it or not some rucci wheels

  • The hood about 60 the trunk maybe 60 then Uve gotta put the carbon in I’ll bet u save 100 lbs but sure 2-300 lbs y not. Weigh it let us know plz.

  • That paint job is like my old Utes paint. I had a Ford courier that was 2kblue. My workmate didn't believe it was blue even after showing him the paint code on the vin lol

  • 1:39 😆 your welcome

  • i hate chrome

  • All you had to do was put the damn headlights on

  • What ever happened to the napalm nova ?

  • "Race t_____" "Sitting on leaf springs" Race Truck confirmed.

  • Screen record - pause the video- drag until you get to the frame - screen capture the frame with the wheel lol 😂

  • Legend has it that if you click on play and pause real quickly you'll see the rims at 1:38 😆

    • @Rock girl has nothing to do with the wheels

    • It is freakin green! Y’all blind

  • Took me three tries to get the freezeframe of the new tires and HFS.

  • Whiter the bread the faster you’re dead

  • Hes just lying down that bread base for a good night of heavy drinkin

  • Scotto to me it looked green too....but im colour blind.🤷‍♂️

  • This is the most Hoonigan people I've seen on a project EVER

  • Seafoam green

  • Scotto is correct colour is just reflected light. You should learned that in elementary school science and art.

  • Kinda did look green thoo

  • Chrome don’t get ya home

  • Where's Mr Chase?

  • I love this build alot.

  • Yooooo!😂😂😂 sooo ummm I know exactly what your wheels look like 👀 I had the pleasure to see them while at work🤣 I even got pictures but don’t worry boys y’all’s secret safe with me 🔥😂

  • Donks are for racing? I thought they were for cruising...

  • i personally really like these wheels but ok

  • It is freakin green! Y’all blind

  • Scotto just may find out that he's colorblind because of this build.

  • Why do they wear masks if they all touch the same stuff🤣

  • As an Avid ShartKart enthusiast, this is now my favorite build.

  • Actually gonna try that tech tip 🤔

  • A race car can always be a show car

  • I'm sorry but if I was spending that much money and time restoring a car don't you think of doing it right the trunk of that car was not properly prepared rust metal not being sealed before wether strip I no where that trunk is going to rust and installing sound proofing without painting the in side of the trunk at least primer 2 dollars a can

  • i cannot watch these guys virtue signal anymore. bye hoonigan ill miss you.

  • 1.38 time of the teser

  • I feel like Scotto could spend an hour getting the piece of sandpaper positioned on the sander

  • The penis wheels look good.

  • 1:37 .25 speed and you can see the rims perfectly

  • I love that the new wheels look like BBS RS2s ❤️

  • I said from the beginning I’d take the wheels off y’all hands!! Offer still stands!!!

  • sometimes that car is definitely green (turquoise)

  • I’ll take the wheels 😂

  • Rule one, DON'T PLAY WITH A BREAD...

  • In lieu of DMX’s passing today; I say call it DonkMX, RIDE OR DIE

  • Pause at 1:39 for donk wheel teaser 🙃

  • Chrome doesn't get you home...

  • bruh, the fight club bit got me so hard. makes me love hert even harder.

  • 6:29 My favorite segment.

  • Just lost me with all the masks.. ✌✌

  • “If it says don’t remove, don’t remove it.” -Scotto 2021

  • i cant get over the fact there putting ac in it, its kind of cringy yes ik its there car they can do what they want im just saying

  • I'd be more interested to watch if you took the masks off. I know you're in california but....

  • Anyone get a screenshot of the new wheels lol

  • So much finger pointing, sounds like a government job.

  • Yo Milton definitely wasn’t getting paid vin

  • Check out StreetBandito's channel on how to do an easy carbon roof. Does not require a mold.

  • All the weight you saved with the carbon cap you gained back in dynamat.. 🤣😂Damn that’s a big ass truck.. It’s gotta be at least a 2 to 3 Hert trunk.. 😂🤣🤘🏼👊🏼💯.. Badass fellas.. Badass..

  • 2:19 We need a spectrophotometer to settle this.

  • Scotto just admitted that his audi's green lol

  • 2:11 Blue paint + gold (yellow) flake = green 😱. It looks great regardless. (The whole blue/green banter is funny though, haha)

  • Not every show car is a race car but every race car is a show car

  • 14:10 That's what masks are for.

  • Nice Ferrari?

  • fresh rims, I figured the wheels on it weren't the ones staying

  • guys take off the masks, they dont server a purpose or anything besides making people think they are being safe, use a respirator if you are scared of rona

  • the lil Outkast sample got me

  • Can I work for you for free for 90 days I wanna learn like u guys please 😪

  • When you pause perfectly on the 1frame that has the new wheels

  • You know I ordered a bunch of stuff on hoonigan and I just realize none of it has showed up yet

  • Please throw an hcca orion 15 in that thing. Its not a donk without the bass

  • Definitely green

  • It looks green to me!

  • Scotto is like Ish from West Coast Customs, who had debates for years with his boss for years, and some day Ryan took him to a doctor and turned out Ish is really "color blind", not completely, but he has some issues with colors. He sees colors differently from normal people.

  • It’s green for sure

  • the car is blue

  • Please round off sharp edges on the radiator bracket guys 😎

  • The way Hert spray paints with his thumb is legendary 😂

  • hert on 0.25x sounds so trippy HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA sneak peek

  • Bring back “That’s a wrap!” vid ending