MASTERCLASS | Anish Giri vs Magnus Carlsen | Skilling Open 2020

Publicerades den 26 nov 2020
Grandmaster Daniel King looks at Anish Giri vs Magnus Carlsen from the Skilling Open 2020. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal (💲):
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    • The game started with fried liver!

    • Mr. King, could you please analyze the game played yesterday between Aronian and Nepo? It is the game that Kings travel in the middle of the board :).

  • well, i do love star fish bishop 😁

  • Master class chess.

  • What does Black do after 20. b4 ?

  • Beautiful

  • I wonder why after ... Kf7 White didn't play Rf1+ forcing a rook exchange. It fixes the problem of the a1 rook which wasn't active. After Ba4 Ke7 black controls two open files, which looks much worse for White than playing with only one rook.

  • ln the end all of Giri's pawns dropped like apples. A bit same theme as Capa-Tartakower 1924 when Capa sacrificed pawns to get his K active

  • I'm really surprised -- poor decision by Giri to retake on e3 with the pawn! If nothing else he allows Black to dominate the open files which he had to know would put White on the defensive.That alone was worth at least a pawn, and more when Magnus was playing the Black pieces.

  • Do you play the guitar Mr. King?

  • Giri tries hard to draw a winning position and tries to win a draw position and then loses! 😂

  • Exchanging the strong Bishop to gain positional advantage just like Fischer-Petrosian 1971 Buenos Aires where Fischer exchanged off the strong Knight to gain advantage. These two exchange moves may in the future be proven not perfect but OTB they have produced a disturbance in the Force sufficient enuf to rattle the opponent into playing weakly.

  • STARfish Bishop! Love it

  • Magnus on God Mode!

  • fantastic game!! classic Magnus style

  • Very anoying is the translator you cannot see the board sir. Before the better.

  • Wow, beautiful game and excellent commentary. Thanks Daniel.

  • We are lucky to be living at the same time as Magnus Carlsen. Absolutely brilliant.

  • "Centralising the king" is not a beginner's concept, to put it mildly. Very impressive play by Carlsen.

    • In the endgame it kind of is. The king is a very, very strong piece once the queens and a couple of minor pieces are off the board, and it doesn't risk getting checkmated easily anymore.

  • Mr.King, making a request to cover Aronian vs Nepo match 2. Had some wild and incredible Chess games!

  • Great game. It reminds me of Spassky - Karpov, Montreal '79, particularly trading off the bishop pair for structural advantage and then just squeezing out the opponent.

  • I can't enjoy his videos with so many ads :( it's like every few minutes

    • The ads help support the channel.

    • SEnewss premium, my friend

    • download free adblocker extension !

    • Just click them off after a few seconds. Problem solved.

  • Karpovian masterpiece

  • Just stick to the Draws Giri, its where you shine :)

  • Beautiful, nuanced endgame play by the world champion.

  • Giri just lost objectivity 🤷‍♂️

  • At the moment MC just plays at a different level. The only player who may possibly be able to play at his level and challenge him, I think is Alireza depending on how he progresses. Time will tell.

    • Exactly. I think it’s just a question of time, experience and mental control for Alireza.

  • Love your analysis!

  • Chess machine!!

  • What I find fascinating is that all the chess books written for my basic level talk about king’s safety. Yet Carlson takes his king to the middle of the board in a nice slow hunky dory way regardless that the opponent has his two rooks and a bishop. Knowing that it will play an active part and the opponent can not threaten it. You need lots of imagination, preparation or guts.

    • You need to centralize your king as soon as the endgame starts. It's a very strong piece, and it moves very slowly. The fewer pieces on the board, the more crucial it gets to have an active king, close to the action.

    • In the opening, king's safety is still a very good idea. But with the queen and three minor pieces off the board an active king is almost a condition to win the game.

  • Supercool game. Carlsen teaches us how to evaliuate every possion as there own. First: I will show you the impotanse of a the tow bishiops Second: I will show you the impotens of a good bishop vs a bad one. Incedible!

  • Giri could have drawn this easily. Don't know why was he trying to win in a completely equal position.

  • I think “Skilling” is pronounced “shilling” in Norwegian. Also in Swedish. (But not in Danish).

    • ​@PowerPlayChess So THEY pronounce it “skilling”?? Well, that surprises me! (although perhaps it really shouldn’t). But why do people from all over the world automatically “surrender” to some sort of correct, or sometimes even incorrect, English pronunciation? There’s a Swedish macro photographer named Mikael Widell who in his English language videos calls himself “maikal waidell”, even though in Swedish it is no doubt “meeka-el vedell”. I find such things mind boggling. Would you alter the way you pronounce your name when talking with foreigners who didn’t pronounce it properly? Personally I’d rather assume a nickname than mispronounce my real name.

    • I dealt with this comment a couple of vidoes back. I'll repeat my answer: I am aware of how it ought to be pronounced in Norwegian: I have successfully ordered reinkjøtt in Norway and I know how to pronounce the name of Manchester United's manager! But the Norwegian presenter of the event says the anglicised 'Skilling', and I am going with that. I have made my choice, and it isn't out of (complete) ignorance.

  • Should have taken the draw.

  • Awesome game and commentary! So instructive!

  • Incredible. Once again, Magnus exhibits masterful composure, and somehow manages to out will his opponent. Yet another great episode in their ever- dynamic rivalry. Speaking of dynamism, I think the last couple of videos have done a masterful job of further exploring the dynamic possibilities within the Italian. On the one hand, you have yesterday's absolutely astounding symphony of attacking play from Aronian's match with Nepo yesterday, which contrasted perfectly with the quieter, more methodical approach for Magnus . If you'll pardon the expression, the Guioco Piano seems a very musical opening indeed.

    • @fundhund62 Tactical acumen in other words. Hard to disagree there.

    • @Taylor McKinnon I don't even think it's mental. Magnus is just a better chess player. If it were about the mental game there might be a couple of guys ready to challenge him. But it's one thing to get some promising positions against him, and quite another to be able to withstand him over the long haul.

    • Thanks For a lesson in German by the way

    • @taljechin Interesting thought. Also in referring to yesterday's game I now realize that I was referring to Nepo....

    • Nepo seems to be something like Magnus' Angstgegner, even when outplayed he can win suddenly...

  • According to GM Hammer this was one of MC'S best games ever. The way he gave up a pawn to get more active pieces and a long-term advantage. Good analysis, as always, Daniel. Love your vids.

    • True, and GM Hammer also anticipated that Carlsen would laugh at that statement, knowing him very well. When Hammer suggested it to MC on TV2's broadcast after the game, Carlsen chuckled and immediately pointed out that the opening was too bad (to be one of his greatest games). He also explained that the pawn sacrifice was 'out of necessity', preferring the following position with more active pieces and counterplay. The rest is absolutely beautiful.

  • Positional master piece by Carlsen

  • Starfish bishop! A new meme.

    • No, this is Patrick

  • It's games like this that make me appreciate Kasparov's observation that Carlsen is a combination of Fischer and Karpov. Has there ever been a better all-round player? And to produce this in a rapid game... wow! Great analysis from Mr King, as always.

  • Exceptional!

  • “Maybe Giri was fighting against his own reputation” that was hilarious😀😀😀

  • Great video and fantastic game, thanks.

  • I wonder whether that pawn sac was Magnus' preparation or just his gut feeling. Magnus flexing his technique once more.

    • Magnus always looks for pawn sacs to get an advantage. I'd go for preparation.

  • Bxe3 very interesting!

  • Really good game , Magnus is Magnus!!!!

  • 1st view