Can We Fix an ABANDONED 35 Foot Limo?! - EFI Revival

Publicerades den 1 maj 2021
Today we bring an abandoned LIMO back to life!
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  • Now thats what i call a long distance relationship!

  • Wayyyyyy tooooo much talking on this video

  • I got a limo and she gorgeous but need brakes and air bags nice car wish I could show you some pictures of it don't know how though.

  • How about getting a forensics team to work through the car and identify any human detritus on the seats and surfaces such as blood, mucous, feral material, ear wax, scabs, funny white powder that is not dandruff etc. Your faces as you get more and more grossed out would make for a quality vid.

  • no fogging oil, no checking the fuel tank and fuel lines for anything, no oil change, no checking the cylinders for rust or intact honing straight up cranked it and that gets a hat off from me

  • How much u want it for

  • Find a set of twins. Get one to drive the car to a fast-food drive-thru. Have the driver twin pay and say "Give the food to the guy/girl in the back", then let the other twin be the customer in back.

  • Can't wait to see the next chapter of this "football field" 😂

  • touche' :0)

  • make it float and go fishing worlds first limosine boat

  • Irony is while watching this video I got a call saying my extended warranty has expired. Its like they knew.

  • I never wanted to wash a car this badly in my entire life. She rattled to get rid of the dirt!

  • You gotta clean these cars in these videos. Its killing me.

  • Do a night out in the big city in the limo video....

  • I subbed from the camper video, that was such a fun video I wish that happened frequently....I'm in love wit RVs

  • just contact Cleetus Mc Farland at the freedom Factory and flooooooor it

  • I'm Mook his gf?

  • Sounds like a golf cart when you rev it

  • Would be cool to see it restored, and power increased.

  • Car got louder because you eventually cleared out all the mouse nests lmao

  • You are close to 1 million views just few hundred thousands lol where is the LS

  • Convert it into a camper.

  • I can't be the only one thinking to send that on a Cannonball run??

  • Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • It's old and dusty and full of jizz from 93 and blood strains lol its someone's nightmare lol who owned it escabar lol

  • This looks like the Limo that was used in the Mask movie.

  • Its it for sale? I would love to buy it!

  • I think the chick has a bigger$#@! with that over forced deep voice what is up with that.. it is very odd; is the voice a joke?

  • Surfs up!! #teenwolf

  • Who's paying 30 bucks for plugs 😂

  • I'm like can u put the air inline back like the air filter is important.

  • i think the “educational” section of this was cool should definitely have him throw that in there again sometime

  • Spray glue some crushed purple velvet to it and get a pimp hat. It already has the gold grill! Also, can you put a water bed in it?

  • How you turn one thing down a corner

  • I want to see this thing on a hoist or should I say hoists

  • My 1989 Lincoln town car had the 351 mustang engine in it. Sounded kind of like a hot rod. Super smooth car. Road like a boat. Not tons of acceleration at 4000 pounds, so a 302 seems under powered for that huge limo

  • Turn it into a partybus limo

  • You should bring that to a small shop and ask for an alignment haha

  • Restore it to it’s original glory!

  • Is it just me or when someone says "20 years ago" you're thinking they're talking about 80s? Or when you hear about a 90s car you think "that's only a few years old"

  • If this gets a million views. If we get 750 k quick we'll do nitrous. Well in a week you're already at 885k So definitely nitrous, and maybe twin turbo LS....

  • Nitrous on this limo at 750,000 and an LS swap at 1,000,000. Looks like it is on its way at about 650k so far. You got more likes than you have subs! Good one! I see an LS swap coming soon! LOL! That should be fun you will have to change all the running gear to handle a LS swap and rebuild and strengthen everything underneath and rebuild all that crap made out of junk pieces and parts. Not to mention the drive shafts will all need to be upgraded. That will be a major project for it to just be safe to drive. That is some real half a** work under there! It is unbelievable they would put people in that thing with it like that. Lives were at major risk with that thing loaded up with all those people they could get in there. Good luck looking forward to seeing all this be done in the near future! Thanks for sharing! Really liked your motorhome movie too. LOL! Take care and God bless you all! David

  • 664k vews, we comin for that TT LS, I wanna see bull horns on the front of this thing

  • An extended car *deserves* an extended warranty. :)

  • Where in iowa was this

  • Donuts! Gotta do donuts!!

  • Military running gear diesel make a 4×4

  • You can literally see this car from outer space.

  • these were the shit back in my days!!!

  • "Fix it up" for cleetus and cars, then go do burn outs in it?

  • Drive up drive in fill people order burger,fried and shake. Hope burger,Fry's be still hot,Shakes still thick not melted

  • Do lift or uber rides

  • While that limo is a damn nightmare from hell….., I honestly would want that 😅🤣

  • Smokestack

  • Please hook up a vcr or something to the TVs in there and have a big ass media center

  • Here's what you should do with that limo...put the 302 in a Ford Falcon Ranchero, gut the interior of all upholstery, mount the limo on the roof of your garage, and paint your name on it. Junkyard Digs. Ralph Nader would haunt your business if you put that thing on the road again! It is definitely UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED!

  • got all that room and couldnt spare an extra couple inches for the driver ...

  • I Want A "Mook" i Like Her! Not afraid to get dirty and greasy or oily!!!! And she Cute plus funny!!!!!

  • With a lot of effort and patience, this masterpiece will ride as well as modern cars. Good luck in this difficult endeavor! I have LTC 1995 year of built in nice condition in the Ukraine. It is realy great & very comfortable. 🇺🇸🇺🇦

  • Living the dream man. Do it for all of us that cannot my brother. :)

  • Oh thats where Mr.Biggs parked his car.


  • Trip to Bernard's sounds hillarious

  • Are you going to sale 35 foot Lincoln

  • Mr Maellards limo from regular show?

  • It's a mobile porn palace!

  • All that's missing is mounted steer horns on the front.

  • put a cat in it

  • Thats not a limo thats a school bus

  • Those EEC systems are super simple. I swapped a 5.0 out of an 87 grand marquis into my 77 F150, complete with the entire factory fuel injection setup. Really nothing to em.

  • Partying and 24 h challenge in the limo

  • The lady is funny, fuggly and cute...😁😁😁

  • Race it in the lemons races

  • Fingers crossed for a million'll be like Viva La Bam all over again

  • If it wad me new plugs and plug wites

  • And change oil

  • You think you need plugs and wires

  • I'm really gonna hate that if it has an LS turbo with the turbos sticking out the hood. I mean without the turbos sticking out I wouldn't really care though. Also, I think you should probably clean it before you do anything.

  • Make a boat from this metal 😁

  • You should take this to the detail geek to get this fully restored! Who agrees 👇

  • Oh my God are those HotWheels rims?? Lol I swear if you look at 2000s HotWheels, the Wheels on the cars look like the Rims on this Limo.

  • I was thinking you could make this into a vehicle with which to make long road trips bearable. But then you could just refurbish some old RV possibly. A "modernized" version of the limo would have like USB ports everywhere. Don't need many screens nowadays, everyone has their own. So maybe one big screen for when you figure the phone's screen won't convey the cinematic experience... But before you'd work on that you'd have to work on the frame and the body and the... everything and before you'd start doing that you'd need to clean out all the crap. What you could conceivably do is to make the car run well enough and then train to pull of stunts like Adam Sandler when he drove that limo really fast in "You don't mess with Zohan"...

  • New subs... here I am..

  • "Busy highway."

  • Turn it into a camper

  • Cadillac, horns on the hood, my buddy frankie had his dad hook him up good

  • Pulling up to the Coco Bongo Club.

  • Ls please

  • A 302 Windsor in a limo that size youve gotta be friggin kidding , it wouldnt be that powerful and sounds like the valves in the heads are stuck open by the way its cranking so fast or the rings are clagged. Thay rear suspension system and that lazy axle set up with the airbag top mounts and the rest looks ver dodgy and not done to any standard and theres no way that would pass and inspection or comply to our regulations and legislation in australia, the bureaucrats at the inspection pits and station would just laugh at it . How do you guys get away with dodgy engineering like that over there, if we were pulled over for a random check here in aus and the uthorities authority's saw that dodgy rear suspension set up they would have it off the road quick smart no excuses but on the good side everything electrical works and has all the things you would want in a limo but one thing i ask is wheres the kitchen sink.

  • Straight up want to see it turned into a sleeper race car with over 1500hp!

  • Turn it into a pickup truck

  • Over 630,000 views! One million views and you're going to do what?

  • Turn the back into an aquarium with fish and maybe a small shark haha

  • I want to see you guys clean this thing up, inside and out, and see it be the limo at the wedding when you and Mook tie your spark plug wires into a knot!

  • i know exactly where you got that from. i drive that road all the time to marshalltown. and had a friend that used to live across the street from that graveyard by the church. small world lol

  • May 11th 2021 629K views! Just 371k to go and he puts a twin turbo LS into the Limo lol

  • Let's get it to 1,000,000 views!!

  • You should make it the world's longest UTE. Rancheros and El Caminos are awesome.

  • Was thinking why didn’t they put the 300 in it then you said it

  • Cummins swap? 😆