THIS IS A LIE "They make anime character's eyes big & skin white cuz THEY WANT TO BE WHITE"

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  • This is a good chance for us to realize, that the world doesnt revolve around the west. To make everything happening anywhere about white supremacy is to erase other cultures. Rather than telling japanese why they draw their characters to resemble a white person, why dont we listen to what they have to say? See what they think.

    • @sanshuri not really.. ppl often think "the grass is greener on the otherside" since asians mainly have black hair they are more drawn to bright colourful hair as it stands out. Not to mention that what aba said about making characters distinguishable. Altered hair style n colour makes them instantly recognisable.

    • @chico Japan has been colonized by the US since the dropping of the 2 atomic bombs. They have internalized white supr3macy.

    • Crying, "White Supremacy," is just another way of elevating ones self above others. The very cry is by the most oppressive "white" people in the world. Go figure.

    • Most people in the world can see characteristics of people from all kinds of origins and are free to say so while we are called racist for doing the same thing here in America. Sad times.

    • "White" is merely a skin tone, just as black, olive, yellow, brown, light brown, dark brown, and every variation of those colors are. People are so focused on the color of the skin while ranting about racism which makes them double minded and sick. All people, regardless of skin color, have a history and a story to tell whether from Japan, Peru, Brazil, USA, or anywhere. (I know white skinned Brazilians and Cubans, OH MY!) To be limited to skin color is taking away a person's whole existence. It's juvenile and plain brainless to hold people hostage to the color of their skin.

  • Most mainstream anime characters lack semblance of earthly race because they are (usually) VERY stylized people. NO ONE HAS EYES THAT SIZE. I assume the race of any given character by the context of the anime. So, regardless of what a CARTOON looks like, if they live in Japan, wouldn't you assume they're Japanese? Obviously, some anime specifies an individual character's race/ethnicity, and you'll notice they are barely differentiated from the looks of their fellow characters who may be of a different background. It's a cartoon, and to be so self centered to assume they all look white is....kinda ignorant. It's an art style. Not to mention anyone can dye their hair or put in colored contacts so to say "she has brown eyes so she must be Japanese" is also not necessarily true.

  • Preach... DIS DOOOODDDD. you gotta watch manga. I was ready for ABA to go in on his ass. Pause.. all love tho. Great content as always

  • They always looked Japanese to me!

  • I don't like the idea of war, but I can't help but humor myself at the image of US citizens shooting from roof-troops if they were to ever be invaded.

  • "White people are slender." **confused pointing at Wisconsin**

  • I honestly want the US to fall and stop influencing the world, you guys are very race centered, and very conflictive. The whole world starts fighting because of you... I'm just afraid of who will leader after you fall, It might be even worse...

  • 1:35 girl on the right doesn't look completely Japanese, she looks mixed with like black or maybe Spanish of some sort, just my opinion

  • Yeah and HipHop and Rap is too black. SMFH. Let Japanese people draw themselves how they want.

  • Aba: Why do people have blue hair? Me: K-pop

  • I definitely think this is an interesting topic. I also believed that in anime they made their characters look white because of the strong difference in appearance between japanese people and other asians. I always found it interesting how in anime they model chinese characters where they have very distinct "asian" features but not for japanese characters. There are a few anime where they really pronounce japanese physical features for some characters and the others not so much. It does not matter too much to me, I've watched anime and have read manga all of my life but I do believe their is a difference in portrayal depending on who the author is.

  • It's actually true that japanese people have a serious self hatred since WWII

  • My friend use to live in Japan and she had talked to one of the artists. They raw them as white with big eyes. The reason for this is the lack of diversity in Japan. Every one there looks the same. Black hair and slanty eyes, so they draw them as white to get away from that. It is not a racist thing but a diversity thing.

  • It takes a fucking genius to think japanese anime characters created by japanese people that live in a fictional version of Japan are somehow all supposed to be white...

  • Anime also has black characters.

  • The race of an anime character never really bothered me

  • Edward Elric is an example that doesn't make sense to me. His name is a traditional western name (as are most of the names in Full Metal Alchemist).

  • It's not just African Americans way of thinking. There are black people and/or brown people who have gotten be to cosplay or dressed up in anime and people have gotten made because of their skin tone and have told them they can't be certain characters because they don't have white skin... They were wrong for choosing that character because they aren't white. It's definitely an a American concept but it goes further than just black people taking it personal... Though I love the concept of how they see the anime characters through their cultures. As a person who loves anime, just watch it and enjoy it please, stop making it personal 🤦🏽. Be whom you please

  • Completely agree, people don't take would specific views into account. Which is why I always preface my opinions with the fact that they are limited to my world view

  • This is by far one of my favorite videos from you guys and I've watched a lot cheers keep it coming

  • I don't think its necessarily arrogance by "us" but by these Twitter Puritans.

  • Anime characters weren't styled after western people. It just happened to coincide that western people have a few (out of many) characteristics that make anime characters appealing to eastern audiences. So western people thought "that must mean they want to be like us!" which is pretty arrogant imo. The main thing being pointed to is usually the large, wide open eyes. And yes, western people generally have more open eyes. But that's still just one characteristic out of many. There's also the brighter hair colors. But that could just as well be "just because" they like brighter hair colors for certain characters, not because they saw western people with them. (plus the fact that eastern character design, including color, often tells you a lot about the character.)

  • Japanese people have pretty "white" skin. Doesn't mean they're caucasian.

  • 100 percent agree and y’all made a great point on how the west perceives the east by drawing them in ways that are demeaning, but when the east draws any foreigner they draw them with admiration, which the Japanese lad pointed out.

  • Asians are the most racist people on the planet.

  • They still have a fucked up lens on us as well. So pretty much everyone is guilty. Also the designs are still very much geared to the west to sell. Great video though.

  • Too white ??? Or too yellow first anime are Asian people

  • Mr polo is no black is a genie you can search it you are so wrong with this one

  • If anything the features of anime characters are overly exaggerated. Who on this planet have eyes the take up 85% of your face? Also wide eyes are mainly a trait of black/or African people. The comparison to caucasian people with wide eyes is mainly from lack of exposure to other races because when I think of them I dont really see them with wide eyes which is a misconception. Also Japanese people skin can become a bit more pale in comparison to those who are caucasian.

  • the people in those clips didn't mention skin tone they were looking at features like eyes nose lips and stuff like thats pretty interesting

  • This is a little off the mark to me. It doesn't really seem like most of the people being interviewed are saying that the characters look Asian. They are simply guessing that the characters are Asian. I'm sure Japanese people know that most anime characters are supposed to be Asian. That doesn't mean that those characters look Asian. At the end of the day, a lot of anime characters don't look Asian. I'm not saying that the artists are trying to make them look white. It's just that the art style in a lot of manga and anime doesn't really portray Asian characters in a way that most people would recognize as Asian. I say that because I've watched enough manga and anime to see examples where Asian characters are represent in a way that makes them clearly look Asian and there is a big difference.

  • I'd bet money that one Japanese girl has a Black parent.

  • Like....context ... or intention appropriation? Ascription? .... interesting....

  • Bullshit nobody believes that, it is a marketing ploy nothing else and the characters don't represent any race . Only somebody who is uncomfortable in their own skin would make a video like this.

  • it IS based on white people though... the creator of the first japanese cartoons copied and emulated what he saw in early american cartoons from mickey to betty boop. especially betty boop. the take away for early japanese animators is that extreme exaggeration in character designs actually worked. for american cartoons it absolutely was about exaggerated white caricatures, as they did the same exact thing with black cartoon caricatures to wich it is now of course called "racist". for japanese... no, it wasnt about trying to "be white" thats just something left wing nuts and nervous black folk asserted. for asians anime is just more of the same exagerated cartoon designs and there is nothing about them that would make them disassociate themselves from those designs. again...that assertion of trying to be white came from white liberals and the black folk they got angry. but there is a racial component...absolutely. asians still see themselves. you will notice that NO ONE in that video thought any of those anime characters were black.

  • I lived in Japan for over 14 years and I tell you what they have told me. A lot of Japanese, not all but a lot , do not like being Asian. This sometimes reflects into their art.

  • The 335 people who downvoted this eye-opening video, are guilty of blind arrogance and self-assured hubris. Who will be the utter death of cultural understanding. The world does not revolve around you, little virtuous despots. Let that sink in. When will young folks learn that there is nothing virtuous about living in a delusion. Convincing no one else of their twisted insanity, save only themselves living in their house of mirrors.

  • I know some people tend to forget this but a lot of asians have white skin. Crazy I know but its true!

  • I think this keeps coming up because of the industry dedicated to eradicating dark skin. It is a fact that this industry is still booming across Asia. Also I have heard Asians (Vietnamese and Chinese thus far specifically) complain about how they've seen Asian people essentially buy into white supremacy even lowering themselves in the presence of white people even in their own respective countries. Taking these facts into account you can see how the question arises. They still are invested in the eradication of dark skin. It's just a fact. Also it would appear that they are fairly obtuse to the impact of this practice on Asian people and also the historical significance outside of their countries. For example, despite the fact that K and J pops are essentially derivative 90's R&B they are completely ignorant to black issues such as the effects of black face. every once in a while, you hear a story of a K or J pop kid like genuinely surprised that people are mad that they did black face (like how these white kids in the US do it like even halloween cuz apparently people want to act like history doesn't matter) for fun.

  • Damn good video. Cultural relativism is something we learned about a lot in the military. I also love anime. It's a fantastic medium for story telling.

  • notice how Japanese never refer to themselves as "" i mean maybe i'm wrong but i never seen a group of Japanese youths standing around saying "MY whats up?" never really hear any race use the derogatory terms to describe themselves why do you think that is?

  • The majority of Japanese characters is drawn as European, they won't admit it but, it's a known fact.

  • "She Japanese" "Why? " "She slender" Eeeh our women are fat?

  • To me, if I'm watching an Anime with English dubbing on, I tend to think they are American, and it helps that the dialog is usually changed to reflect that. If I watch a show with subtitles and Japanese audio, I tend to think they are Japanese. More often than not, I try not to think about it too much, as it takes me out of the story, trying to comprehend the differences in Japanese culture vs. American culture. Just the fact that anyone can watch an Anime and be able to identify with the characters regardless of their nationality is a testament to the storytelling that Japan has developed over it's history.

  • First off being an anime enthusiast..i DEFINITELY dont see white when i see anime characters.. i see JAPANESE characters PERIOD

  • Everyone other than woke whites and blm know that anime characters are Japanese. Actually even the woke whites know that but they like to create drama. And blm complains about everything endlessly. Even if the creators mean a character to be white, we assume it's japanese. No drama needed. Woke whites are so needy, they crave attention, and need constant validation of their virtuousness. Pathetic.

  • Thanks you for so concisely highlighting that the West dominates social media and imposes their view and perception of what content means. Although I would go further, especially with a lot of the content that you guys review and replace 'the west' with 'America'. Calm down, learn to listen, don't erase other people's culture. Words to live by 👍🏻

  • Art immitates life, if the Japanese feel they must have white characters, that is their self construct, if you are black let's make our own animae.

  • as part japanese, it’s a cultural thing. they see attractiveness as pale skin more pronounced noses and the least amount of visible imperfections you can look at the old makeup women used to have when they were completely white

  • I atcually asked a asian who had a eyelid surgery to look more western..... it is 10000% true that asians are soo in love with white people every asian i work with is looking for a rich white man preferably to marry....not joking!!!!

  • Woah woah woah I watch a lot of anime and they will tell you their characters are American. They go out of their way to make depictions of white historical figures, as well as downing blacks . Example: darkskin characters with white hair are Indian not black . Why you think Goku go SSJ and it turned him blonde and blue eyes ?? , why you think naruto has that same build . There aren’t people that match that phenotype there even in the past. Especially if we are speaking on ninjas . I could go on but America does big business with them and characters inspire generations. ... yet a Chinese character went blonde and blue haha yeah right

  • I hate it when people talk about women's looks on a video that is totally unrelated to looks... because it seems so sexist towards women... but I have to break this rule this one time to say... ARE YALL GONNA ACT LIKE YALL DIDNT SEE THAT CUTE BLACK/ASIAN GIRL AT 4:37 ?

  • Anime characters are predominantly Asian, not white. So I agree. As a white person, I never felt those characters were about me, or represented me racially. In fact, it seemed funny how the _villains_ were traditionally blonde or looked more like white ppl (just because they were different, not bc the "white man" was the "enemy" or anything like that). But yeah, the good guys or the main characters, def asian.

  • Great video, but I think I can help shed some more light on this subject as someone who is of mixed (white and Japanese) heritage. I grew up hearing the accusations and did a lot of research into the subject myself and I found out that it’s a lot more simple than that. Modern anime (and manga by extension) has derived from two very distinct sources and the most prominent of the two is Walt Disney’s early animations such as Snow White. Osamu Tezuka, commonly known as the God of Manga, was a huge Disney fan and realized that Disney’s animation style was time saving and cost saving. It was simple but very beautiful. Disney’s work is personified by larger rounder eyes, disproportionate body styles, predominantly white characters, which is still true today. And Tezuka borrowed this style for himself and in turn inspired modern manga and anime generations later. The second media that’s inspired manga is Ukiyo-e art from the 19th century. Japanese people are consistently drawn with extremely white skin, especially women. And colorful scenery. Japans obsession with white skin has little to do with white people themselves. There are documents predating anyone in Japan having contact whit people espousing the beauty of white skin, and many Japanese people are fair skinned. Even today you will find women that walk outside with umbrellas even though it’s not raining to prevent getting darker, and Geisha still dawn the white makeup. The reason many Japanese people see themselves in anime characters despite the clearly whiter coloring is that it’s not uncommon to meet pale skinned Japanese people and they will identify themselves as Japanese and not “white.” And I think that’s important to remember

  • This anime complaint from the woke mob about animals is because anime still teaches moral value. Which is anti woke mob

  • "Do you Russians are smart?" "Yes" Finally something positive for my Russian relatives!

  • Ask any child (under 7), they will look at you like you are nuts. The cartoon/anime characters are just people! They don't learn prejudices until an adult teaches them. That being said, children are also the most vicious creatures when they start asserting dominance on their surroundings. Anything new/different usually gets the full force of that. This comes from fear of the unknown. therefor white people make anime characters white, Asians make anime characters Asian ... you get the picture.

  • I always looked at the names

  • Ah yes Mr.Popo....

  • Even fuckin TERRA FORMARS has a couple black guys..if you make the shoe fit you can find something offensive in anything Nani n Reach

  • The art that comes from japan after they are taught self hate from anglos is very different from pre-colonial art from their region. And to say that the concept of whyt centering ( ie brainwashing) Has no part in the art is just patently wrong and deprived of all context

  • I hate it when some who watches lots of anime thinks they got a grasp of Japanese people and culture even those that have been to Japan still do but not realising they went to the tourist areas or places of their favorite anime then come home and think they can lecture you about it.

  • I’ve heard that the inspiration for the big eyed skinny manga look came from Twiggy. Also, many characters in manga/anime are white/European. And there’s nothing wrong with that. For example Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s a parallel universe of Germany. And it only had a few Asian characters in it.

  • Ве ар смарт

  • If its set in Japan they are Japanese if its set in England they are English, set in China they will be Chinese etc etc etc. Pretty easy to see, just look at their name and just the general architecture/setting of the story. For example Isekai stories are usually European inspired setting.

  • This is the mistake that you guys have made by not doing enough research. You talk to ignorant people on the street who subconsciously don’t even know as oppose to talking to anime historians. The truth is that when the anime industry started in Japan it tried to emulate the only animation available at the time which was Disney. The look of anime characters were directly influenced by traditional Disney animation. Big eyes and all. So to a degree it was influenced by the American way of drawing people even if they are dressed in Asian garb. Look at the boondocks characters. No one would say they are Asian yet the animation characters are directly anime influenced which actually originated in America anyway. (Btw I lived in Tokyo for 8 years...) no offense but to people who have actually studied this subject you guys sound exactly like the people you are criticizing. You may need to follow your own advise young fellows😉

  • Me: so thier white people ? My friends who watch alot of anime: you sound F***ING stupid no !

  • Even jesus

  • I have never thought about the race of anime characters. No living race of humans look like anime characters.

  • I´ve heard that one thing that may add to the confusion is the fact that historically tanned skin has been associated with manual labour in the sun, this is true in Asia as in many other regions. There are many beauty products (e.g. snailwhite) with that theme in Asia, which you do not find in Europe nowdays, but they had it a long time ago (in the 1700th rich people in the west was literary putting on white makeup and avoided the sun to an unhealthy extent). For example, the phrase redneck being a poor person working in the sun. Later, tanned skin got a new meaning of health and a sign that the person could afford to travel.

  • Well what do you know people the 1st Japanese girl in the 1st part of the video is white coloured skin omg let's run to the hills lol people are idiots i swear 😂

  • if you think the japanese don't have eyes that look like anime you never heard of the ainu

  • All except Escanor..:)

  • I’m so happy someone said it!!

  • This ignorance is far more insidious. Amelie Wan Zhao submitted to claims her very first published novel was racist. Because she used her cultures history of "exploited labor" and "trafficking of people" in Asia as part of her story. She pulled her novels publication to change her story. Americans did this to her. Because only one group has ever suffered from exploitation according to "progressives" Edit: I had to change the wording heavily because SEnewss was blocking this post.

  • Honestly though, amine characters look more like white people, without mental gymnastics. Why does it have to be framed as your not the center of universe?

  • Liberals "They should draw them with slanted eyes" That's fucking racists dude, it's art, not photo-realism.

  • I remember that when Brock left the team in the Pokemon anime for a while was because the people producing the anime thought that it would he was a racist depiction of a black person, but later they found out it was just them being paranoid and soon they brought him back along with his jelly donuts

  • Damn that anime pic is strong😬

  • White characters sell better than ethnic characters because the image has been placed everywhere for years globally.If you don’t think the Japanese know that????How many Japanese characters have round eyes that are the protagonist vs characters that have thinner eye shapes?

  • Loved this. “It reminds you are NOT the center of the universe”

  • AOT is based off an Island off the side of Germany so it makes sense that most of the characters are white, so it also has to do with where it is based

  • Damn I never thought of Mr. Popo as being black until I saw this video. We'll at least he didn't die of in the beginning of the show like some of these 1980's to early 2000s movies used to be, Mr. Popo died the least out the Dragon Ball Z characters. I used to think that Piccolo and Pinion was black with green skin lol.

  • I never saw certain anime characters as certain race just based on skin colors those are fiction worlds ofc in real world based stories you are aware of their race nationality and etc also they always mention when character has different ethnicity + when they introduce white characters they often have an accent

  • Trying a Russian accent turned Aba into Borat immediatly.

  • I want to know who said this. I wanna slap the shit outta them.

  • The worst takes I've ever seen two human beings have.

  • 5:12 correction : the west dominates English social media (and french/Spanish/German etc...) If you've ever been on Arabic social medias (or any other eastern language social media) you won't see typically western opinions.

  • I don't get it is there color not white because they're Asian I don't see yellow on their skin

  • The question still remains. Why are these characters a lot more like european looking instead of asian looking.

  • The west doesn't dominate social media. They are the loud child that's screaming in the corner

  • Personally I think the Japanese think that they're white people as most of these hair colors are present in European mainly as high lights. Nothing wrong with that as it just indicates that Japanese are more emotionally mature as they don't discriminate between the races only between assholes and not assholes.

  • Russian are smart, first nuclear power plant was Russian oh and the first rocket, the AK series.

  • Oh wait are they saying Japanese or ainu? Since both live in Japan but one is the aboriginal people which most Japanese are connected to, it just the nobles discriminated against them.

  • language definitely affects the different ways of thinking. someone who grew up speaking japanese is going to have different patterns of thinking from someone who speaks farsi. as a lingua franca, there is even differences in the ways all the differences english speakers think, whether its a first or second language. the way european spanish is different from american spanish, west coast english is different from even hawaiian pidgen.

  • Go look a jojo for white people funny as hell but love it

  • i like to see representation, sometimes its annoying, but it is what it is

  • I asked a Japanese friend of mine when we were in high school - he said they make them look white because “we think white people are cool the way white people think black people are cool”. I don’t know if he was fucking with me or not, but yeah that was his answer.

  • wait, they have consent is france lmao?

  • I found the commentary on how serene and calm the scenery in one of the images was made them feel like the girl was Japanese or Chinese. It just goes to show that as a culture, they very clearly look at things differently than we do. Nobody I know would ever look at the background of an image and draw a conclusion as to the ethnicity of a character over looking at the character itself (Short of like, a giant US flag waving or something obviously).