Intense Police Chase. Suspect Shots Fired at Officers. Crashes. Riverside Ohio

Publicerades den 7 okt 2019
#policechase #policespursuit #RiversideOhioPolice
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Riverside, Ohio. --- The Riverside Ohio Police released 3 Body Cameras, 3 Dash Camera of a pursuit on September 29th, 2019.
This video depicts an officer involved shooting and pursuit which occurred on September 29th, 2019 in the City of Riverside, Ohio. Riverside Police officers responded to the Krogers on Spinning Road in regards to suspects with guns in the parking lot. During the course of the pursuit officers were fired upon multiple times by the fleeing suspect 26-year-old Adam Cottrill.
The chase ended at the intersection of Burkhardt and S. Garland avenues in Dayton.
Police said Cottrill was taken into custody just after 4 p.m. Sunday. Witnesses tell the suspect was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

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    • @D0GE.C0IN lf he was a black man he'd be dead

    • wat a fuked up police the person need to be shot is being chased and one who need to arrested are shot....

    • Best video I’ve ever watched in a while

    • Meanwhile a month later, Adam Keith Cottrill, 26, was indicted for six felony drug possession charges, including one for a fentanyl-related compound; he is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in Montgomery County Common

    • -

  • lol it says he has black hair

  • When the cop thought the suspect was Black but turned out to be White 😱 the NERVE 😒

  • Lol the blondest of blondes, and his mugshot profile says "HAIR: BLACK"

  • Why didn't they shoot when he was in the woods? First he runs in his car, once he leaves the car kept evading and wouldn't put his hands up. Could easily have had another gun on him. I get not shooting in a residential area, but how many chances does he get...

  • Too bad they had body cams when they arrested him

  • I went to elementary school with this guy. He was actually a nice kid. ROFL.

  • Lol damn you can only be white to take the police on a high speed chase shoot at em and still make it to jail without a scratch

  • The left softball virtually scare because schedule speculatively promise off a narrow organization. knowing, valuable gong

  • Good job guys.

  • Imagine sitting in your house, minding your own business, smoke some good weed, and then this shit happens 15 feet on the other side of your living room wall.

  • Criminal.."What seems to be the problem officer?

  • Hindsight when his buddy did the pit and spun him out he should have stomped the gas and hit him right in the drivers door . After that emptied his 9mm right into the front seat of the car until he was out of bullits

  • جربعهم حواري المخفات😂

  • That is some intense action there. Glad the cops caught him and their ok

  • Damn he almost got 6 stars. Legend

  • 5:25 My man trying to juke them police out with some tiny ass swivels.

  • Put your fucking hands up is the new song 🎧😂😂

  • I’ll tell you what his hairs wasn’t black based on the report at the end

  • Police officer is way out of shape, may need to stop eating to many donuts, not that fit after all huffing &puffing, you could end up having a heart attack, should exercise more...

  • So he shoots a cop runs with a gun nd still gets a chance to surrender

  • If it whas a black gay they alreddy killed him

  • Cop breathing hard from walking🤦‍♂️ sttay off them donuts 🥯

  • These cops were hoping it was a black Male fr, white ppl are not perfect here's proof😭😭

  • That officer has a future in NASCAR if he ever leaves law enforcement.

  • From all the dad-grunts, this officer sounds out-of-shape.

  • If it was black they would have killed him

  • This cop is a legend kept driving towards a shooting assailant wtf

  • He wouldn't have been able to use the turn signal if it was out of blinker fluid 😂😂😂 sorry I couldn't resist

  • He should call Lester.. Maybe he didnt have his phone number or lost his phone

  • Those were some bullshit charges. Shoots police officer get charged with assault. Where's the attempted murder charge?

  • Give that guy a LAMBORGHINI 🙌

  • Is the the most GTA police vid in history?

  • I swear thats a impala.....

  • 50 cop's for one person wow y'all do the most

  • Glad the officers got to go home safe. Too bad the dude made it out, now the taxpayers have to support him.

  • The only thing that saves him its his color

  • No disrespect to the Police officer in pursuit but chasing a vehicle at that speed though residential streets.. really? You had a plate and description of the driver. You could of killed children playing on the residential streets. I think that would be far worse than shooting your gun for the first time during your career with the police department. Again No disrespect but you had plenty of time on the main city streets to attempt a pit maneuver. That kind of chase is not allowed within New York City. I think your city should reconsider high speed pursuits especially when pursuing people who don't care about your life or the people who live on residential streets with vehicles parked on both sides. Im glad you caught this dirtbag but im outraged at the lack of safety. Just imagine if there was GPS speed shown in this chase. Thank You for your service.

  • I would have loved to see that dude be turned into a puddle.

  • Plot Twist: There really was another person in the car..

  • A drive thru beer & wine store? Damn I wish we had those

    • You don’t ? Where do you live ?

  • i love cops

  • All cops in town againts 1 man. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what a chase. 😂😂😂

  • Tantaos cerdo por un niño que cobardes

  • This guy can move damn

  • The craziest scenario ever...

  • so was that the whole police department??

  • If you see this gay call police forces he is wanted

  • how do you get these videos on youtube??

  • Hair black..😂😂😂😂😂no way.......🙎🏼

  • Kneeling on his neck out of anger. I seen this police tactic before. I wonder how many people of died during arrests like this that we never found out

    • Kneeling on his neck because he's resisting arrest. It took them a good while to get his second hand in the cuffs.

  • Why did the falsely profile the driver as black🧐

  • I am waiting in GTA role play but am I watching real toda😮

  • A lot of bad roads for a country which spends 700 billion for war.

  • That Moron shouldn’t be breathing but instead being worms food...

  • This video games graphics are crazy

  • 6:58

  • It’s amazing to me how many think that running is gonna work... all running is gonna do is make your sentence longer

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  • There’s just no need for such foul language. Those officers are behaving like a bunch of potty-mouthed no-goodkins. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I keep watching, hoping and longing for that one high-speed PIT maneuver in the middle of a BLM and or AOC rally...alas, my search continues

  • Cop needs to ease up on the donoughts with that heavy breathing

  • The initial officer kept stepping on the brake inches from the suspect instead of taking advantage of the opportunity and ramming him when no innocents were around. This pursuit should've ended a lot earlier than it did. Ideally right after the first shot was fired. (Especially when he drove past a school.) Ram the suspect, fire back, and end it. Stop putting innocents at further risk and grow some balls.

  • an absolute piece of shit. Well done to the officers.

  • geeze these officers need some retraining they got lucky this time

  • Fire up the woodchipper!

  • 700 cops to capture 1 guy and the had lots of difficulty ?

  • Č

  • These are the kind of people that do not deserve to survive the encounter. Straight up shooting at the cops in residential neighborhoods with innocents in the line of fire. Too bad they didnt smoke him like a fucking ham

  • Ok, I'm still looking for the black male. This guy looks white.

  • 3 cities for 1 guy. They need to get better at their job.

  • Guy is breaking several road laws, shoots police officer but still has the decency to put his turn signal... That says a lot about people not doing it haha

  • So chasing someone through neighborhood's at insane speeds because of a drug deal is justified? That was well before he started shooting. Glad no one got killed.

  • 12:23 dam he would’ve definitely died if that police truck made contact

  • Hats off to the all cops

  • 4:15 oh, finally they ve turned from "russian road'...

  • this is what video games do to people. sad...

  • Ok I’m confused. This man shot at police and they didn’t kill him. Meanwhile you have unarmed black men getting blasted in the front seat of their car over a traffic violation? Doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    • He did get shot at by officers. But he had no gun when he was running on foot.

  • minimum 30yrs

    • He'll get like 10 sadly guaranteed

  • This is gta v like this hahaha

  • "Hair: BLACK"

  • I have been watching you for a long time and am inspired. And finally, I made my own video about police chases, though in Russia. Thank you for what you did for me.

  • Nobody screamed unarmed black male..... See what happens when you do stupid stuff? Don't people know what happens when you screw with police officers? Answer their questions obey their commands...... Or fight with them, steal their gun and speed away. I guess people have choices. Some people make the wrong ones. Look how hard those police tried to save his life. if you're not going to see that on the fake news channels.

  • Black lives matter. White lives REAllY matter.

  • this dude went from 5 stars to 6 stars

  • Break both arms👌

  • Released 48 hours rule that is not good judge

  • OK c'est bien vous l'avez arrêté .Mais les prises de risques, le cout, le nombre impressionnant de policiers pour un délinquant !Dans le même temps des financiers ou politiciens sans scrupules font bien pire ,mais la, en france on retire le personnel !! Cdt (ph) 05.2021

  • Could you imagine crashing yourself for the safety of everyone else? It must be hard work risking your life for that

  • Fuck they had the whole county on this guy 😂

  • who else noticed the legends weight🤔

  • Dumb ass lol

  • Love American cop chases , it’s just like gta , good job cops 👮‍♀️

  • Vain sotilasvoimat sekä hävittäjät puuttuu yhden miehen takaaajosta.

  • Slowest chase i have ever seen

  • "Witnesses tell the suspect was taken from the scene in an ambulance."....too bad not in a bag.

  • Man i love drive thru liquor stores

  • Black dude would have been shot at first “hands up” this is some bs.

  • Hmm, I wonder what kept them from killing this POS?

  • Cop should have called the chase off, too fast in a built area.