Death Knight Anduin & Arthas' Memory - All Maw Cinematics [World of Warcraft: Shadowlands]

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Arthas, Sylvanas’ Choice & Jailer's Mourneblade. All Cinematics. A full story compilation of the Maw & Jailer Storyline including Anduin's Sacrifice, Jaina & Thrall's Rescue, Anduin vs. Sylvanas Cinematics, Bolvar peering into the Maw and the forging of a new Mourneblade inteded to turn Anduin.
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  • Previous Chapter: Ardenweald Story: Hiya Folks! We’ve put together a compilation of the main “Maw ONLY storyline” surrounding Jailerboi, Sylvanas, Anduin & the WoW Breakfast Club getting rescued from Torghastraz. Also later a cow gets yeet. This includes KT getting called back home for crashing the Jailer’s car, and the runecarver primus chained up for 2 more years making leggos. Daddy Denathrius then claims the mourneblade and ascends as the Venthyr King on the Crimson Throne! Hail!

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    • AKA Jail-Daddy storyline

  • Shadowlands in a nutshell: Go back to farming Thorgast!

  • Me watching cinematics cause I can't play the game xD

  • Actually, Blizzard confirmed that Anduin's not a death knight, he's still among the living

    • Did they? Do you have a link for that? I dont disbelie you, I'd like to check it out, for story writing info.

  • and again, why we cant fight sylvanas's side?

  • sylvanas was in pain. no one saved her... she overcame the pain and tried to save everyone. everyone rejected her. just look at her eyes

  • Looks like we’re all going to hell guys

  • Memberries wow Lore stage.

  • 17:13 can we talk about how great sylvanas's expressions are here though god damn

  • infinite 4 ?

  • im lost could somebody explain it all to me, p.s Sylvanas is a total mary sue

  • Blizzard is absolute TRASH they have shit on this entire series for profit.

  • music sounds like its from battle engine aquila

  • It's tragic how sylvanas has become the very thing she hated the most. She has allowed herself to become just like the lich King the one that took everything from her and you can see she realizes what she had done was exactly what Arthus had done to her all those years ago. Turely a tragedy of her own making.

    • Yes, that's a necessary evil to keep the expansion going...

  • What the soul of arthas

  • Where is diablo when you need him to destroy bastion for those angel who throw arthas in to the maw!

  • I mean Sylvanas is straight out stupid OR the Jailor is stupid one of them is playing the other :p

  • Something i never thought of before, if now Uther's soul was split, then come the death of Arthas, should'nt there be 2 Uthers then? The one who was taken to Bastion, and the other that remained trapped in the blade, but since the blade was shattered and his soul released, doesn't that mean he also went to Bastion? And this took place Waaaaaay before the witch bitch decided to break the helmet which caused the fuckery of every soul going to the Maw, so that means he should've gone to Bastion to be judged, and considering he was taken to become a Kyrian the first time, doesn't that mean his other part of his souls should've become a Kyrian aswell? Having 2 Uthers, one who was misguided (which btw came out of fkn nowhere and made no sense) and another who had already forgiven Arthas and stayed pure. Or at the very least, his soul should've fused back into one, with both sides memories and thoughts, returning him to what he was, still angry over his betrayal yes, but also forgiven him For his betrayal since he knows he was simply corrupted by the crown.

  • Well shit, now i hate Sylvanus a little less, if only the same could be said for Activision

  • 35:24 -- That rat was the reeal OG in this one.

  • Sylvanas try to convince Anduin give up hope, just like how Obito did to

  • I bet the rule 34 police are having fun with this sylvanas /Jailor Duo LMAO

  • 28:49 is that a Lord of the ring reference

  • It seems pretty obvious that Sylvannas won't be able to do the deed and bind Anduin to the blade. All that talk of submission in that final confrontation, she wasn't trying to persuade him, he was trying to persuade herself. It's like Anduin said, she is looking for a reason, an excuse, to finally let go of the hope that is keeping the Ranger General alive and holding the Banshee Queen back.


  • Ask The Gods AND I!!!

  • Thank you.. very beautiful compilation.. I liked the part where Sylvanas holding the sword is similar to that of the Lich king

  • Только сейчас заметил: все положительные персонажи правители тёмных земель - положительные персонажи. Мужчины - злодеи. Ну сами посудите... Арбитр - бесполое существо с формами женщины. Королева зимы - женщина. Архонт - женщина. В то же время Денатрий и Тюремщик - мужчины. Вполне вероятно что просто совпадение, но если нет?!

  • 12:30 they did my boy dirty

  • Look at the thumbnail again jailer is doing the hot ones meme face

  • Sylvannas: enough! Submit and be my boy toy.. *few days later* *anduin went to bastion and killed kyresthia* Me: wait.. WHAT?! Damn anduin accept that offer???

  • I can't take seriously any villain who doesn't wear shoes.

  • The defiant pin conceivably care because macaroni cephalometrically bow of a selective snowflake. deserted, second-hand bank

  • I like how they're actively trying to change pre established lore and make Arthas out to be this super huge monster who was always going to turn into basically azeroth hitler and Fostmourne and the helm/jailer had ZERO influence over him, all that he did was purely his decision making and it was all to revel in being an evil guy....jesus christ the writing has become terrible....

    • Where did you get that? From what I see in this video it is the exact opposite of what you said and aligns with what we know about Frostmourne and the Helm all this time.

    • WC has gone from God Tier story writing and lore design to the level lf GoTs last season writing. Absolutly shite.

  • Where in the hell is Khadgar

  • That one soul that saw what happened to the arbiter DAAAAAAMN

  • Why do people think me and sylvanas are a ship WERE NOT I HATE HER

  • why is uther an angel thingy?

  • i knew when Slyvanas raised that blade she reminded me of Arthas! she is only Arthas 2.0 at this point..... She committed mass genocide with the burning of Teldrasill like how Arthas with the Blood Elves and Silvermoon. She raised the dead to summit to her will just like Arthas. And just like Arthas did to her, Slyvanas binded Anduin's soul to the jailer's will

  • What is this cinematic with Jaina and Uther talking ? Look like cinematic from Wotlk right ? You can see that in Shadowlands ?

  • He undead now? I don’t get it

  • 8:14 can't help but see that lobster in spongebob, also doesn't help that this dude be red

  • So now I have a thought...after considering what has happened thus far, Tyrande is still out there....somewhere... AAAAND.....anyone wonder where Varian is??? He is dead afterall...his soul should be in the Shadowlands...I feel it commin!

  • A Mournblade reforged, and now a crown to dominate the world,

  • it seems Sylvanas never forget Arthas to the point she copies his stance. . . . . . . . . . Does She love Lich King Arthas to the point she turns young Anduin that (who soo much resemble as Human Arthas) into the New Lich King so she could convince herself that she didn't Betray her king in the Third war?

    • i think she turned anduin so he is more like her,i think she has a thing for anduin,he has that hope and confidence she lost,its litteraly what he said to her.

  • Meh. . . Needs More Garrisons To Really Ruin WoW Again. The "Jailer" = Blizzard, The "Jailed" = All WoW Guilds, And The "Jail" = World Of Warcraft Itself. Not Very Clever Of The Under-Educated Monkeys @ Blizzard To Let The WoW Populaces Know The Truth About What Blizzard Really Thinks Of It's Paying WoW Customers / Players With Their Not-So-Subtle Sylvanas Windrunner Quotes About "This World Is A Prison". Blizzard Employees Are Facetious And Put On A Public Relations Helmet They Can Lie From Under About The WoW Community Being "Friendly", But Long-Time Players Know We Are All Just Fifty-Cent-A-Day Whores To Blizzard After The Bullshit Speeches Are Done.

  • I need to see the Lich King come back and say "Did you think you had beaten me?". The next expansion should be a total wotlk remake and bring back LK.

  • Wat the hell r those chains made of?

  • Did the ashbringer just say he will get overrun? Blizzard forgotten their own characters

  • Baine is such a wuss....for a faction leader he sure gets kicked around a lot....even by random guards

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  • What if Arthas returns

  • I feellll edgyy...

  • I'm still confused whether or not the Uther who tossed Arthas into the Maw was the Same Uther we saw Wrath of the Lich King

    • It seems pretty obvious that it wasn't. His soul was cleaved when he was killed, with part of his soul going to Bastion, and the other being stuck in the blade. This meant that he had no knowledge what so ever in regards to Arthas, and believed he was truly a monster. But the part of Uther who was in the blade spent all that time with Arthas and understood what caused Arthas to behave like that. Which is why the Uther that was trapped in the blade, did not hate Arthas or seek vengeance against him.

  • The new runeblade is meh, like they bought it at, no wonder Anduin rejected this gift XD

  • I feel like the same stuff is being recycled over and over again lol. I dont mean the secondary, longer explained part of your vids either. I appreciate all that you do but I've watched this (0:44) particular part about 3 or 4 times now from you alone

    • Yeah... Blizzard took the phrase "you hit gold, keep digging" really to heart But frankly with warlords it was quite similar imo

  • what is the song at the end please :((

  • Arthur the lich king is the best and thank you

  • I've been binging your videos but I keep getting lost... what's the chronogical order for them??

  • when we will know the whole story and what happends to Arthurs in the Maw?

  • Damn WOTLK Jaina, wear some clothes! It's cold out there in Northrend!

  • "Submit ! You're only making it harder on yourself " Damn, looks like Anduin dropped the soap in Torghast 💀

  • Cool m8 🚀🚀🚀

  • Hey Bolvars original voice was peaking through when said he couldn't serve him, that's kinda neat.

    • "NEVER I WILL NEVER SERRRR..." Dude Bolvar, wrong script. *Sets voice echo back to max*

  • Milking out those minutes for that ad money nice

  • 14:13 Sneak 100

  • Uther: "It's over, Arthas! I have the high ground!" Devos: "Good, Uther, good. Cast him into the Maw. Cast him now." Uther: "You were my student, Arthas." Devos: "DEW IT!"

  • The JAIler... JAIna... Hmmmm. A dreadlord indeed.

  • The loser story writers at blizzard just have a crush on the voice actor for sylvanas this is why the entire lore is literally revolving around her. Can't take this shit serious anymore when its a bunch of loser nerds worshiping some old woman lmao... Also: The Jailer is probably the spirit of J Allen Bracke (wish it was his ACTUAL spirit)

  • Alliance/Horde Joint Operations: Defeat Sylvanas and the Jailer and rescue Thrall and Jaina from her grasp.

    • Gotta have Jaina to aid in the ritual that’ll free Tyrande from the Night Warrior. No denying where the signs are pointing.

  • yeet prediction: sylvanas redemtion arc, saving arthas from the maw and rescuing the runecarver who turns out is the missing primus of maldraxxus

    • @Based Leader although you have some merit to what you’re saying for the final raid perhaps. Speculation is the jailer isn’t the final raid or boss, maybe Tyrannda in SW and it’s up to us, Jaina and Anduin to stop her.

    • @Based Leader I don’t see either faction as bad guys, Tyrannda has gone off the rails, but the alliance as a whole not at all. They’re working with the horde. I still say the Lich Queen will be Tyrannda as blizzard is keeping the focus on Anduin as we don’t know what she’s up too.

    • @Patato Fred yep and then new expansion but alliance are the bad guys this time - siege of stormwind and garrosh 3.0 wohooo

    • Sylvannis must die at the hand of Tyrannda after Tyrannda lifts Anduin’s cursed sword and becomes the new Lich Queen.

  • Damn it Patty Mattson's voice is just absolutely divine! No offence to Piera Coppola but Mattson was BORN to voice this role

    • @Cameron McEwen yup and also WOW/HOTS Jaina’s voice > WC3 Jaina’s voice always.

    • @Ken Lenard Navarro Screw Piera Coppola! Patty Mattson is the one and only!

    • WOW/HOTS Sylvanas voice > WC3 Sylvanas voice all the time

    • She needs to reprise her role once the animated series gets made.

  • Jailer: is the boss of the guy who killed Sylvanas and the guy who had to take a bath in the Sunwell and that was the reason the first guy destroyed her entire land. Sylvie: WiTh tHe HeLp oF tHe jAiLoR

  • Something try to talk to my mind, Sylvanas is for a good will. Crazy but I can believe it.

  • Is it just me or does Sylvanas' new blade looks kinda like Zeratul's spaceship?

    • That’s supposed to be a runeblade version of Shallamayne.

  • I can only imagine that we will eventually be able to free the Rune Carvers other hand and then he will use both to craft a 2nd even more powerful legendary for us to use. Unlocking the hand will probably be what allows us to equip 2 legendaries.

    • @Athelarius axemourne

    • @Athelarius A legendary weapon of that sort would be awesome but many would complain that it was done in Legion and that an item increasing in power was used in both Legion and BfA and should have been given at the start of the expansion as you could argue that all the playtime since SL launch is wasted item progress. Personally I'd still enjoy it but I can see where the other perspective is coming from.

    • Still love to get a legendary questline to forge our own mourneblade. Kinda like shadowmourne but actually better. Would be neat! And then gather screaming souls in agony for the dps increase!

  • did baine actually just make a moo sound 12:30

  • the way sylvanas point shalamoure to anduin was like arthas raising sindragosa

    • @Athelarius yeah and i said that to jailer and he laughed

    • The reference to the WoTLK cinematic is the best part from the cinematic team. I guess they show how Sylvanas slowly became what she hated the most. And is now almost going to do to Anduin what Arthas did to her.

  • 35:18 "By the Light, may he at last find rest, free from the icy grip of that terrible blade." Meanwhile in the Shadowlands, the other half of Uther yeets Arthas into the Maw to be tortured for all eternity.

    • @Leo LionheartXx i changed characters so now im anduin so it looks weird lol

    • @Nightmare wasn't taken that’s pretty dope

    • @Leo LionheartXx his living soul came to me and his death broken soul to bastion

    • And kyrian uther drop Arthas to the maw was at the end of Wrath of the lich king. the timeline is kinda messy.

    • @Cameron McEwen I think that's no possible, as of yet. I mean he's still on Azeroth even during the Legion expansion.

  • Do you remember what King Terenas said about Arthas in the Lich King Cinematic? HOW when Arthas was born the forests of Lorderon whispered his name? Doesn't that mean that Arthas is destined to rest in the Eternal Dream of the forests? It would be a nice twist. But honestly I hope he make a comeback and we see him turn into this container of all the souls that he had killed with Frostmourne now in a harmony and become a very powerful character in the story.

    • Maybe after a long stay in revendreth

    • @Lazer Luche yeah

    • Honestly... No. I love Arthas but I'm kind of getting tired of him. Just let the guy rest in peace.

    • well technically...the forests of Lordaron were the resting place of an Old God's minion that was only semi-dead, so I'd take any thing those forests say with a grain of salt.

    • Not only him also that orc Nerzgul, yo! Lk is always 2 persons... Now seams to me Sylvanas and Anduin... P. S Bolvard was purged by aspects of dragons.. Thats why he is unique!

  • Just seeing Blizzard try to make Sylvanas Arthas 2.0 gives me cringe. Left after 8.1 and doesn't seem like I will be coming back anytime soon, maybe when the Raid to kill Sylvanas is out.

    • And it will be Tyrande who lands the killing blow.

  • Theory. Maybe the Rune Carver is the Primus from Maldraxxus?

    • Also thought this, they put emphasis on never saying he was dead, just gone. Makes a lot of sense. A master Blacksmith goes missing, one known for making mad asf shit, and one just happens to be chained up in Torgast, with a loss of memory so he doesn't know who he is.



  • The Jailer is my least favorite Vin Diesel's performance. Wich is saying something.

    • @Armando Erazo Moncada He is indeed Vin Diesel of World of Warcraft. He even made Baine look like a little Gnome to him by grabbing that tiny Steak with one hand.

    • @Cameron McEwen I miss joking before internet.

    • How do you know? Has the Jailer’s VA been confirmed?

    • Riddick: You're not afraid of the Shadowlands, are you?

  • The Arbiitor is going to be shadowlands last boss. we have been climbing the tower of the damned. why? all of our sins have added up over the expansions. We have to be judged. She's the counter part of the jailor.

    • @Athelarius yeah what is that

    • Because we won’t be fighting against the Jailer until the very end.

    • @Athelarius yes that's what I mean. they were split and she's all whack now

    • I feel the Arbiter is the other half of Jailer. Especially as some have mentioned the hole in Jailer's chest.

  • Prefer Tyrande War of Warcraft Voice over now anytime

  • So basically the covenants are the dragon aspects and the Jailor is Deathwing who got corrupted, seems a bit familiar doesn't it.

    • its the same thing just with diffirent charc and invirements,big baddy or big misunderstood person causes harm and death and the heroes have to stop him. not manny of these story's end in an unepxected way its usualy always the same blueprint.

    • @Kabra Ok it just sucks

    • That's a massive stretch. Come up with something better to hate on this game

  • Two possible endings I envision for the Sylvanas' Choice cinematic: #1: Sylvanas: I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me, Anduin? Anduin: Yes. Anything, Sylvanas. *grabs Shalamourne* Sylvanas: *shoves the blade through his chest* Thank you. #2 (cringe up ahead for this one): Sylvanas: I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me, Anduin? Anduin: Yes. Anything, Sylvanas. *grabs Shalamourne and throws it aside* Sylvanas: Thank you. *kisses Anduin* Now let's get out of here. Anduin: You don't have to tell me twice. *picks up Shalamourne* Gotta take this with me, though. I can't have my father's sword remain corrupted. Sylvanas: How do you plan on removing the magic? Anduin: Light powers of course lol.

    • I dont know if u noticed anduin hates sylvanas

    • Lol

    • anduin is he first person in a long time that understand sylavana's even though he disagree's with her,if these 2 become a thing it wil be funny and ironie.

    • @Serguei Zverev PLEASE we've been over this using magic in makgora is not a cheat 🙄

    • @Štěpán Pytlík I knew a lot of people would lol. That's why I did it.

  • I just realized that the Mourn Blade Sylvanis is threatening Anduin with looks so so much like his father Varians old sword Shalamayne. Damn that is some harsh Irony there.

    • @Jana Rosa This should convince Anduin to form an Alliance Council.

    • They turned his father's sword into that weapon to possess Anduin with. I feel like the wolf spirit it is bound to is going to be mad someine tainted his gift to Varian with the shackles of death. Seems like an immortal wolf is about to get up and slash through the Maw like Ursoc woken during hibernation. There is going to be some fury to pay just watch. Ancient massively powerful Wolf Titans tend to hate being usurped even by a banshee and death itself. I feel some reckoning coming they did not for see also it's about time the titans shake off their cobwebs again and start unleashing some punishments because death and that leader venthyr knew better than to stomp over the territories of their fellow titans and undead

    • It could be returned to its normal state, like Ashbringer.

    • Shamon Blade Of The Child Tickler

    • Hence the name Shalamourne, one of the Mourne blade beside the Frostmourne

  • As someone that knows nothing of shadow lands this is confusing is it in order? Does horde and alliance story differ?

    • @Athelarius yeah i need a bit of time to be a therapist for sylvie

    • @Athelarius We’re now waiting for a trailer for the next patch. Should have Jaina visiting Ardenweald to aid in saving Tyrande.

    • The full story as it has stopped for now. It will either continue with 9.1 or when Blizz decides the next set of storylines.

    • @Athelarius is this the full story or is it still going?

    • This is the main maw (jailer, anduin, torghastrasz) storyline in chronological order. A good catchup for those lost over multiple videos.

  • When does the first cutscene play? I haven't seen it.

    • You have to Restore 10 (Might be 15) Legendary recipes

  • Awesome keep up great work enjoy wow

  • Tyrande: LEROY JENKINS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sylvanas is the besttt

  • Next thing you know, Sylvanas Windrunner will be the next Deadpool. Shattering the Fourth Wall.

  • Sylvanas is becoming the next Lich King. Thanks for the pose comparison.