Publicerades den 9 feb 2020
The Worst Idea Ever, 24 Hours Handcuffed to my Jaz and FaZe Kay
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  • 0:12 wow hold on ther buddy😏😅😅

  • I think she loves you jarvis and shes pretty for you

  • Like the way Kay pretends to not want to get handcuffed but he doesn’t do anything about it


  • The legends says he is still handcuffed

  • why didnt he stay with jazz

  • Jarvis binds only real fans know

  • That's a robot

  • I wouldn’t mind been stuck with her forever 😜

  • Holy mate

  • U have a girlfriend?

  • Yo great content

  • Did anybody know that jarvis has nail polish on his hand

  • Did y'all notice the nail polish on Jarvis's hand?

  • That's literally Jarvis playing

  • The old faZe house ant the pump 😭

  • Run free Jarvis

  • Jarvis is wearing nail polish 😂😂

  • I wish they get back together

  • Wow Jarvis...ya got ya self a ting

  • What happen to his girlfriend I’m confused

  • My battery last longer than your relationships🧠

  • Looking back what happen to this girl she’s perfect for the small bruva

  • She is hot

  • Bro the fortnite gameplay is from jarvis😂😂. Everyone see the play style and the binds

  • I don’t really think they ship together it’s just so cringe

  • I think jarvis gf likes his brother

  • Jarvis nice nails

  • I love jarvis girlfriend videos

  • Are now gunna talk abt jarvis hands 6:46

  • His nails are pink hahahahaha

  • Is that his gf?

  • why is his nailed painted

  • That was not Kay playing

  • Jarvis you should’ve said you have to showered😖

  • shoe your bum

  • Faze Kay has got a fortnite clip bc he is not good at the game his build bind is y or triangle and he is not good at editing

  • Jarvis stills plays fortnite he was playing for faze Kay I knew because in 7:25 it was Jarvis controller binds

  • Wanna know a funny thing the fortnite part is actually jarvis playing. Cause if you look at the binds. They are literally the same as Jarvis so it must be pre recorded. And they are just reacting to it. Just a theory

  • Jarvis I’m your biggest fan and I have always watch your video

  • Faze Rug kills this kind of videos, like for real😍. They’re not bad tho i like them too🔥🔥🤩

  • Tthey look cute in fact🔥😍

  • she to bad for jarvis sorry bro

  • Anyone realise that he's using jarvis's old key binds?

  • Jarvis: goes to the bathroom Kay: yo wuts goring on bro

  • 1:11, Does Jarvis have nail polish Lmaooo

  • Give him and her like 2 months or like a week

  • I did not know he had a girlfriend lol

  • Jarvis gets a girl Kay: dam thats crazy

  • how does he go to the bathroom

  • That was Jarvis playing

  • I

  • Jarvis doesn't have swag with girls

  • Wher are the Other at the faze Huoas

  • Kay is not playin

  • Faze Kay is just jealous of Jarvis because Jarvis has a girlfriend and Faze Kay doesn't :)

  • Jarvis : takes a shit Kay: thats insane bro!

  • She hot asf, lucky

  • How much you wanna bet they used those handcuffs for something else when Jarvis finessed her cheeks later that night

  • That’s Jarvis playinh

  • Someone know her ig or something 😅

  • Do they still date ?

  • 1:19

  • Why is kay using Jarvis settings

  • Since 2012

  • I watched every video their is with jarvis and Frazier so can u guys plz make 2 videos perday

  • who else remembers when fazier was garbo

  • dang jarvy those nails tho dawg

  • Why is this so staged lol but its halarious

  • Jarvis why u have nail polish???

  • Jarvis painted his nails

  • Jarvis more vids with your girlfriend you guys should make a couple channel

  • Jarvis was playing fortnite U can see the edits that Jarvis use

  • His nails

  • Am I the only one who noticed his finger nails are painted pink xd

  • it is so funny that they let each other handcuff each other

  • Jarvis you are the best streamer ever

  • Jarvis is playing it was is binds

  • She is weried

  • Guys Jarvis is playing 500% Because of edits

  • Damn no cheeks

  • Just go out with sommer ray

  • If Kay was driving Jarvis would have to sit on jazz. And Jarvis was def playing by the way he play

  • Who that

  • Did u see Jarvis is nails there painted

  • My first thought was:What if Jarvis wants to go to the bathroom

  • no way jarvis could pull that

  • Bruh this acting is insane

  • Jarvis and his girl having se* when they’re by Kay Kay: that’s insane bro!

  • Jarvis is playing

  • This paid girl is a weirdo

  • At 6:19 did anyone else see the polish on Jarvis hand

  • Jarvis nails a pink new style I like it

  • “Faze House goes to acting class” Y’all would need that fr

  • Why does Jarvis have one of his fingernails painted🤔

  • That’s Jarvis playing look at his settings

  • Shes not even ur gf anymore u like amanda eww

  • Who thinks kay should improve his grammar