I asked 300 Minecraft Players to build a New America

Publicerades den 24 okt 2020
I gave my Subscribers a Minecraft server that's a map of the Earth, today we're building America.
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~~~~~~Server Information~~~~~
To join my Minecraft server, head to my Twitch channel and type !server for the login information. You must be subscribed on Twitch to join, and have a Discord account. This is so we can moderate and manage the server due to demand. The server is open 24/7 and has a survival world, as well as a museum of every past build we've done on the channel.
New Earth Build Rules:
-No obnoxious floating text. No obnoxiously tall buildings.
-Respect the coastline and borders. Islands, continents and countries should retain their shape.
-Build the best you can. Low effort and unfinished constructions will be removed.
-Your building cannot just be a flag.
-No contemporary politics.
-No depictions of war, recent mass tragedy, racism or discrimination or hate symbols of any kind.
-Railways must be at ground level. Railways in the air are considered low effort and too tall. We recommend an underground metro instead.
-No pixel art. We find that this obscures other builds, and we plan to provide a space later.
~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~
Everything you see in my videos is edited livestream highlights taken from my Twitch channel. My schedule is Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm - all times based in Ireland.
Video edited by Ashtaric! Go support her here: xashtaricx
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Special thanks to Nitrous Networks for hosting our Minecraft server. See their site for quality server hosting across a variety of games: nitrous-networks.com/
Music is Xenoblade Chronicles DE - Gaur Plain.


  • We couldn't do Hawaii or Alaska as they would have expanded the build site too much. So we'll do those in future! There was also so much that we couldn't fit into this highlights reel, I'd strongly recommend watching the full vod on my Twitch channel If anyone is looking for server information or login information, you can find all of it in the description of the video. The server is open 24/7 for Twitch Subscribers. And thank you to everyone who took part in this session!

    • Like put an ice in the water and that's alaska


    • RT I have to know did you include Idaho the other potato land

    • this video hurt to watch as an american

    • What’ll it be fellers. Mustard or Ketchup *slaps knee as hard as possible* Tourist: yep you definitely brought us to Texas

  • Ohio is honestly just as chaotic as the memes make it out to be.

  • the music reminds me i need to pick up xenoblade again

  • Remember the Alamo!

  • Faygo is just in the Midwest we have it here in iowa just like every kwikstar

  • So dissapointed he didnt know Wisconsin was a state

  • People in Ohio who know what Giant Eagle is drop a like

  • Mighty Taco Mighty Taco



  • Calling out the person building from a tutorial at 6:00

  • As a Wisconsinite, I can confirm it doesn't exist

  • this started really bad for me, i got excited bc i thought somebody remember maine existed. >:l

  • i like how they could make it walmart bigger then empire state building and mc donald bigger then the border ambassador bridge. oh btw its 4 blocks long XD

  • 10:29 the us is so big that i had no clue what wawa was lol ig it's like what bucees is to texas

  • Wawa is the best thing in Pennsylvania

  • i was expecting a costco with a sign on the inside saying it was actually tescos

  • Fuck hell, people go to Massachusetts when they die. Wyoming isn’t real

  • He missed utah

  • How in the he’ll do you not know what a Faygo is, it’s also in Virginia and it’s all the colors of the red

  • Good thing it’s only New England that has Dunkin’ Donuts that bad, here in Virginia we would gladly sell our soul than be left without the worlds best hashbrowns

  • Texas heat to Arizona Arizona breaks the entire area around it

  • Also Haiti is west Hawaii

  • That’s not Taco Bell that’s del taco where they have fre sha va ca do

  • dont worry ive lived in america my entire life and i dont know what wawa is

  • Wait Americans think they only have faygo?

  • I once found a 5 pound can of tuna at Costco

  • Wizards making me wish I wasn't from D.C.

  • América its a continent

    • @Paik increíble

    • Depends on the language, Spanish considers it a language while English considers it a country

  • As a Texan, RT not knowing the Alamo physically hurts me. I do know that being cruel to other people not from your home to know your history is not fair to them, so I shall just suffer silently.

  • I am disappointed by the lack of nascar tracks

  • shouldve been named 300 minecraft players building things RT doesnt know about

  • Yeah why not

  • 0:13 oh you really had to do me like that.

  • dysentery lets go

  • god i hope they build the bass pro shop pyramid

  • only people who hate faygo have never tried it or hate icp

  • 0:33 That is so accurate.

  • Can confirm there is a poop volcano here

  • I can't believe how enthusiastic Americans are for random stores and products

  • I was going to be upset if I didn't see a kwik trip for Wisconsin. Im glad thats the thing that represents us 😂

  • All Wisconsinites disapearing After Rt says its made up. Rip

  • "Fr Esh A Voca Do"- Del Taco

  • No one talks about North Carolina, Other than the first flight of the wright brothers and the Biltmore estate, there's nothing very significant 😆

  • Were is ALABAMA

  • I live in Wisconsin. Guess I don’t exist. Whoops.

  • I don't like tourist coming to my city

  • The Florida Keys... I can't right now

  • Fun fact. There actually is a sign in Ohio that just says “HELL IS REAL”. Now whenever Columbus and Cincinnati sport teams compete against each other, they’re called the “hell is real tournaments”

  • Title: "...to build a New America" Video: "...to build the New USA"

  • I'm surprised no one has made a earthquake damaged GOLDEN golden gate bridge yet

  • 4:57 As a person who lives in Texas, I can confirm.

  • im so happy the only illinois reference in this video is the cursed orland park hot dog man. as it should be.

  • Poor wisconsin boys

  • Anybody in Pennsylvania or close too it, have you been too *SPLASH LAGOON*

  • The Pennsylvania one hit me to close to home

  • this is fantastic, you HAVE to come back and see what else people build

  • He keeps just going by my city THE ARCH IS RIGHT THERE DJEJDJEJSKKD

  • Wawa is New Jersey

  • Fuckin died when he said "wah wah? Whats wah wah"

  • Disney land - Mickey Mouse Disnehy land - Mokey Mouse Dosney land - Rickey Rat Dasney land - Geoffey Gerbil Dusney land - Harry Hamster Desney land - Ronny Rodent

  • 15:32 My dad got pickpocketed by some dude in an elmo costume on the strip-

  • I guess you could call it the New S A

  • man i live in ohio and ive never been in a costco i am a disgrace

  • Ok but the real question is what did they do for Rhode Island? Edit: never mind I didn’t see the entire video. Also YES WE WERE MENTIONED!!! WOHOOO!!! 🎵the biggest little state in the union. Rhode Island Rhode Island🎵

  • "I don't know what Faygo is." -anyone not from Michigan

  • As an American this amused me since I didn't know half of these landmarks (I've only visted one state in my lifetime, other than the one I live in)

  • FOR NEW JERSEY!!!!!!!

  • rip wv xd

  • “Disneyland in Florida” p a i n

  • 1:36 those poor Wisconsin people hahahahaajhjkdjhflkajhf

  • i live in wisconsin it is indeed cheese and beer and the world's second largest oktoberfest, behind germany itself

  • "Wisconsin, it sounds like you made that up" Not the first time I've heard that tbh

  • North Carolina

  • Cape Can-of-veral

  • I was hoping to see a Tim Hortons in New York but we always have the future. 😍

  • in the australia one im building a woolworths

  • where is the giant buc-ees in texas their bathrooms r famous

  • Dicks burgers is literally only 2 locations in Washington, Seattle and spokane(I personally think the spokane one is better), and washington is actually home to many more tribes than those 3

  • This video made me realize that we Americans do have a culture after all

    • Only for specific stores

  • Me scrolling through yt at 3am: RT: hio Me: let’s see who this is Me: fe*k i love creativity

  • I'm from Orland Park where Joey's is! Awesome to whoever built that.

  • Ah yes, the "Hell is Real" sign. Just north of Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • you build the usa, not the america.

  • I'am still waiting Latin America... You only need to put terrain.

  • Me who doesn’t even know what Tesco’s is for: Your such a fucking idiot god damn imagine not being able to point out everything in the US of the A!

  • c a n a v e r a l

  • If they remove the mcdonalds that's definitely not the America any more

  • iowa doesn’t exist

  • Faygo is def not only ib michigan

  • Wyoming isn't real it's just a chunk error!

  • He forgot the Alamo smh

  • It’s not nex perce it’s Nez perce lol I Been to the national park in I da ho

  • I remember the day that a giant McDonalds box menaced the coast of Virginia. Those were dark days.

  • as a coloradan i love how the stanley hotel (or "the hotel from the shining") was the only part of colorado that was acknowledged

  • As someone who used to live in Colorado, who had to go on work trips with my parents to Missouri a lot... I can confirm. Kansas is nothing but sunflowers, a single gas station in the middle of the state, and one piece of modern art on the Missouri side. So, essentially, sunflowers.

  • So apparently my state of Wisconsin isn't real

  • Uniroyal tire is pretty badass.

  • We all came here to see our state

  • Faygo is good but not great and it’s also in Ohio