Track loader repairs

Publicerades den 1 apr 2021
Working on a 1960's Caterpillar 955h crawler loader:
0:00 bring in garage
1:29 New top roller
4:57 Remove exhaust elbow
14:13 new seat
22:05 Install new exhaust elbow
23:45 Demonstrate bad starter
25:20 Install muffler
27:18 remove starter to get rebuilt
31:46 Demonstrate roller not turning
33:11 Engine oil change
35:35 digging in shale
45:41 Make exhaust gasket
49:10 more digging, also using a Ex100 excavator, Cat 950 wheel loader, and Takeuchi TL12 compact track loader
Ebay roller listing: (the winning bidder refused to pay)


  • Does he respond

  • Qué restauración más chaspurria.

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • any plans to buy a road grader or you got one?? love ur channel. greeting from CR.

  • Memo to self - A bigger bucket next oil change on the Track Loader. lol

  • owwhhh myyy gaawdddd hillbilly mechanics... blowtourch on turbo.... chizel on turbo and to complete the disaster :drilling out and cutting up the damaged threads (sharp shavings fall into the turbo. ) Good luck with that

  • My dad taught me ohh about 35years ago, if your digging into a bank and it's hard as rock. Just side it, catch it with the side of the blade till you break up the surface. Then dig like crazy and have fun!👍

  • Andrews next project, remove a mountain, build a big shed for all my equipment.

  • What are going to do with these two containers?

  • “Great present for a 6 year old…he can roll it around his room” Lolol

  • get the rain cap om you muffler !!! if rain or snow gets in and melts will and can take out your engine 37 years as a diesel tech and have seek skiders loose their engines

  • Thats what I appreciate about you, Andrew, you're never afraid to get out the torch.

  • If there wasn't anything needlessly destroyed did I even watch an Andrew Camarata video?

  • for some of your repairs and before installing new parts!......grinding of rusted surfaces you really really need a fairly decent BELT GRINDER AND a good one too. god bless all

  • Me encanta la casa que construyó co vatios contenedores quedó genial

  • Porque hay tanto árbol seco en los terrenos que Ud frecuenta willi correa desde Cartago valle Colombia lo veo SIEMPRE y admiro mucho su trabajo

  • Love the success at 35:00! Just need some o-ill

  • You make me crazy 🙉 You never fix anything 1/2 Ass You always fix it right the first time no short cuts Your Amazing. !!!! 🥂 🐕

  • Lmfao Andrew got a snap, listen at 17:44

  • Brilliant video again that roller is a joke I wonder when u hammered it in was it butting up against its housing just a thought that would drive me mad ha

  • @20:35 Ahhh! My eyes!

  • How has the Camarata footprint increased from the start to now?

  • I hope you know your living my dream life rn

  • شغل مرتب وفنان ليتني عندك 🙋‍♂️

  • 🤙🤙🤙

  • All maintenance you do are worthless,,, I feel bad for you why don’t you clean the machines or any thing before you work on it ???!!

  • oh its on fire, that's nice .....😁

  • I've enjoyed your channel very much,,, super impressed with what you do...just wondering why you did not paint the seat frame...

  • Them old cats you should let it idle down before shutting them off but she looks like she has been put away wet a couple of times

  • When you heat a bolt to remove it,let it cool before you start to turn it, and when it's still fairly hot, put the wd40 to it.youll save a lot more bolts.😎 doing good over there...

  • Surprised you didn't just get someone in OR do it to ur self and blast that hill out with a controlled charge Andrew good work though awesome as always mate

  • Is craigslist dead in your area now too? I used to find so much on CL but now everyone seems to use FB marketplace and it's impossible to search, it's totally hit or miss.

  • heating the bolt expands it, makes it impossible to remove... and makes the bolt weak. It HAS to break. Heat the surround, will often help...

  • show 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Won’t see me here anymore to many comericals

  • paint brush restored

  • Andrew at his best - fixing stuff and digging stuff up.

  • Put new injector tips in Andrew. You are underpowered... From South Africa...... Tracks is not spinning under load as it should... Its not good for the transmission.

  • This has been a real fun video tk watch. You did a variety of things.

  • 00:32:45 LOL

  • Nice video, bud the cat looks nicer whit yellow paint.

  • Have got your own fuel tank you have lots of machines so I assume you get fule delivered to your own tank so you can top up you machines when ever you need

  • Someone's broke the loader off this machine

  • 7:15 you should have just taken it to the carwash

  • Old roller sold for 15200$

  • try free all it makes pb blaster look like water and it real good for cutting oil

  • good video, once the tracks are on the right way ,a good machine.I was thinking of getting a 955, nice coat of cat yellow needed.

  • Заебись!

  • The welder are Basic AC WELDERS , cheap home do it welder, like Lincoln, Sears,

  • Last year I welded a new cutting bit on wheel loader bucket using AC Welder using 6020 Rod had no problem welding.

  • Have comment for. Jesse, about welding 6018 with AC Welder. My Cousin who is self tough Welder with lots experience in welding, use AC Welder all the time, plus this day age welding Rods designed to weld with AC welders. I believe his welder is AC Sears welder. He welds fantastic. With it.

  • Andrew I believe you and your Friend Jesse are unbelievable mechanical skills, but your Equipment experience are very rough, especially your Excavator skills , no buddy no buddy swing a Loaded Bucket over a cab of a truck, can yo imagine you sitting in a cab of a truck and some one swing shit over your head, it's disaster waiting to happen. Your work ethic unbelievable, diehard workers. Just hate to see someone get hurt. My I have over 40 years of Equipment experience. Keep up the great videos.

  • Yep anti-seize is your best friend

  • Man this guy has been putting out quality content for ages. Makes me want to create my own castle in the wilderness. Should I try it?

    • Just watch a few of my videos on that building and copy it. It is a simple design.

    • The “Camarata Castle”

    • Andrew, you should get the schematics of your home build and patent it. You could sell it and make millions.


    • Try it out

  • Andrew should seriously considor printing Tshirts with his beautiful words of wisdom

  • For new/NOS rollers like that, it's probably a good idea to running it back and forth with a chain/band-wrench until it's loosened up before installing the track. If you can barely move it with your hands, the track isn't going to have much more of a grip on it.

  • As wonky and inefficient as it may be due to friction and tolerance-stacking, the way that loader is set up rubs me in all the right ways. I've always loved complex-cantilever mechanisms. It sorta reminds me of the lift mechanisms on the old-school Earth-Movers/Scrapers my father used to take me out to watch as a child. At my childhood home, there was a massive construction site right across the street. My father built me a sandbox right out in the front-yard, so I could watch the real deal while I was playing with my toys. This was in the late-'80s, which is what I consider to be at the upper-limit of the "Golden-Age" of construction equipment. All of the equipment they used were Cats from the '50s, '60s and '70s. With old equipment (I'll go with Cranes for the sake of the argument), you could find the limits by letting the machine start to tip just a little bit. With modern equipment, if you try to do that, you'll break the machine long before it starts tipping. This is not because they've gotten better at keeping them from tipping. It's because older equipment was over-built, mostly due to the fact that they didn't have computer-analysis to establish the specific working stresses. Newer equipment is under-built, because they know exactly how much stress it's going to see and where, and they play a game of meeting bare-minimum-standards. In the world of modern Cranes, there's no such thing as redundancy. The rating on the crane is the *maximum* it can handle without breaking. It's not a "suggestion" anymore. These days, the proper SOP for moving a 10 ton hot-tub over a house is to bring a 90 tonner, because a 90 ton crane will only pick up 90 tons under *ideal* situations (and ideal situations don't exist). Trying to use a modern 10 ton (or even 15-30 ton) crane for a 10 ton hot-tub would only lead to a disaster.

  • Dam you not only can you repair that big heavy equipment but run anything as well that's cool

  • OK, I think he made some bitcoin loot. Good investing, BTW. So many machines it's a construction company.

  • Engine cover needs a chain hoist to lift it off and on. *IT'S A MONSTER MACHINE*

  • Is the roller still for sale? I see that the winning bidder refused to pay.

  • nice loader

  • Am I the only one who had an advertisement every 2 minutes and 30 seconds for the whole video... I understand ads but that many...

  • Very nice video

  • You should Pixel the Flash at the welding on every Video whats out right now, this is eyes Killer , someone get the idea to indict you ,because he watch youre Videos and look right into the Flash without a warning before starting or Pixeld the Flash and have problems with eyes. You should do that right away. But nice Video and with a good running time, for me it could be longer 💪👍

    • The flash you see won't ever hurt your eyes, because a video camera and a monitor or smartphone screen will never be able to reproduce the bright flash of an arc weld, because the brightest a screen can get is pure white, thats the backlight color of the light source of a screen. If you're standing nearby a welder without eye protection, that will hurt your eyes, so the smartphone screen acts as a protection, because it limits the light that gets to your eyes.

  • As many people watch your videos I’m shocked no power tool company’s have sent out tools to Andrew for free advertising

  • Блин...по ходу я единственный русский ,который смотрит это...

  • Always a pleasure watching your channel I'm confined now and the long sleep is near.. watching you sir is priceless

  • My thumbs up is for the dog scene.

  • How do you heat and cool the castle Mr. Camarata?

  • Where can I get a pair of scissors like that, they are just fantastic.

  • mountain, goodbye!

  • John Deere backhoe can you fix the windshield?

    • J6n

    • @Andrew Camarata I know you don’t like the backhoe...who does seems excavators rule the world. Years ago we discussed meeting to off-road ride, I just purchased a rzr pro and an excavator. Stay healthy your videos are awesome 🙂

    • can, yes? But its not worth it, almost every piece of glass is missing in that thing.

  • So many Toys

  • 👍💪💪💪💪💪💪👍💐

  • What about some cover for the heavy vehicles? that would stop plenty of the deterioration.

  • Might want to take a couple of pics of your wiring diagram in case it ever gets rubbed off.

  • Is it just me - or was anyone else waiting for him to knock that boulder off the hill?!! Lol

  • Man I just love how theres timeline titles or whatever you want to call them. Makes it so easy to know where you left off. Where you want to go to. More tubers need to follow your lead Andrew

  • "I gotta stop breaking stuff at some point." LOL, me just before I take something to a professional. It was cathartic seeing someone blow right past the point of no return and actually finish it. Usually I take my stuff to a shop, smh.

  • Make some garage for all that equipment.

  • Everything on big rigs and machinery requires big expensive tools. Some ordinary automobile tools will work, but they will show there limitations. It's a paradigm shift in scale. There are similarities between RVs and Commercial Trucks. Especially the braking systems. Servicing and repairing brakes on them is no joke! They have to control a lot of weight! RV owners and big rig operators do not have a choice and pay a premium for those repairs. Because your quality is what they depend on...and they are liable. Most automobile shops won't touch them. Because additional liability insurance, licenses, and certification are required. No big deal: just take the course, test, and pay the fee. THEN ....With a few specialized tools and, possibly, a two hoist lift, you can EARN A LOT OF MONEY! That's just the "price of rice". Maybe a cool gig in the winter months? for a herd of jet skiis and snowmobiles... and some Bling for yir dog... Just saying.

  • the pivot pins of the bucket seem to be loose. should be checked if the bushings are worn out or even still in place. otherwise it will get nasty and/or expensive.....

  • Good job! Keep it up!

  • I've never seen that trick with the paper towel. Nice!

  • I knew a man once who drove a Screw driver in like that to remove a top carrier and when the screw driver came back out Itwent completely through his head killing him instantly. Think about it. There is a better way

  • Nice equipment...fixing the runnings.

  • Fixed just in time to buy 2 more.

  • 😂 you had to change the oil to get that roller working Andrew ! That crazy 😜 oh well it’s at least working great 👍

  • Хорош Катерок! :)

  • Holy shit!, the roller sold for over 15K O_O

  • never mind my initial comment...I see the bend you added.

  • Andrew.. maybe add a flapper of the end of the muffler pipe. Keeps the rain/snow out

  • This mans wrench is bigger than yours ... lmao . Love to watch this channel. Learn from the best, stay away from the rest :-)

  • Hackie hack hack!

  • Some guy with Bones N' Sleeves put a gag reel of your greatest bloopers, or just bloopers anyway and I loved it. If you ever feel like do that I would be sure to share. Hilarious.

  • Gud tip for siezed bolts is to get them red as close to where their threaded in then pour cold water on them. Water should boil thru the thread cleaning it out.

  • Great video always like to see folks doing some wrenching,you want to get some gold pans and test to see if there is gold in that shale ,it’s a perfect place 👍👍

  • When you heat a bolt. YOU GOTTA LET IT COOL! Its in a hole. it gets hot, it expands. the hole forces it to get longer not fatter. when bolt cools it shrinks. it is now longer and skinnier than it was before. rinse repeat once or twice. cool it with air or penetrating oil like pb blaster. THEN you loosen it up. itll come right out...or itll break. lol

  • Dude youve got to get yourself a crimp on hose clamp set. For fixing air lines, ac hoses etc. super low profile. entire set with crimpers is like 25 bucks. Do It! That bulky mess on your air hose is dog poop. Crimp on clamp. heat shrink it or slide a piece of hose over it and voila no scratch on them perdy tractors. lmao.