Singers' FIRST vs BLOW-UP vs BIGGEST vs LATEST Songs #1

Publicerades den 10 apr 2021
These artists sound NOTHING like they did when they FIRST STARTED!!
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Singers' FIRST vs BLOW-UP vs BIGGEST vs LATEST Songs #1
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  • SGBand (exists) Joel: "The SGB Band"

  • Boy why are you always forgetting melanie martinez WHY

  • On The Floor is NOT terrible!!!

  • I honestly thought Bad at Love was Halsey's blow up song, and most popular. Hmmm....

  • Ed Sheerans is definitely way off

  • Gaga’s music is iconic example born this way applause edge of glory rain on me shallow etc

  • Jlo Jenny from the block is my fav of hers

  • That Rita Ora song sounded nothing like Pendulum. I lol'd so hard.

  • I love that Roomie loves Linkin Park:)))))))))))

  • You remember those things called CD's? Opening up Spotify and reading it like a Bible, burn the Bible.

  • Wait Madonnas alive

  • As someone who loves Little Mix I absolutely despise Black Magic. It's so different than most of their songs now and so childish compared to their songs now. I also doubt it's their biggest hit, iirc they have other songs which are more listened to (at least on Spotify)

  • Jillboard100 skipped J.Lo's first album. "If You Had My Love", the first single from her debut 1999 album On the 6 blew up huge and made it to #1 in multiple countries. "Love Don't Cost a Thing" was also big but didn't come out 'til her 2nd album.

  • What. ? Chainsmokers first song was with Priyanka Chopra ? 🤯 Was I living under a rock at that time ?

  • it is not litle mix's last song. they have a new album "confetti"

  • I love hometown glory from adele because I heard it in skins and I love it so much.

  • I see dua lipa = I click

  • Wouldn't Waiting for Tonight or Let's Get Loud be J. Lo's first blow up song? I mean, sure Love Don't Cost a Thing was big, but if you're talking about the first songs that were big, it'd be either one of those other two, and if we're talking the biggest song in her early career, it'd be Jenny From the Block of course, but that's not what it is of course.

  • Lada gaga

  • It hurt me when it said latest song on the Linkin park one....that emotionally and mentally hurt me

  • Linkin Park has newer songs

  • React to ed sheeran's divide album or to any documentary he had like "songwriter"

  • Check out sex ray vision cover of lights!!!

  • Is it just me or Joel is a bit biased when saying Swedish music is better at pop than British pop

  • I definitely think that the maker of the video based the popularity of the songs by SEnewss and not spotify

  • Joel's reaction to the chainsmokers most recent song was gold like the his expressions were like "I stand corrected"

  • we NEED a whole ed sheeran video

  • Ok on the floor is not terrible sryi am throwing a tantrum

  • I actually was having the feeling to throwing up after listening to "On the floor" by Jenifer! It SUCKS!

  • can we talk about how linkin parks one step closer crawling and numb all sounded like it was one song

  • Why do I feel like all of these songs are just popular by 1 line

  • 6:19 yes please 👀

  • YES! I Will Never Let You Down was a song we did a warm up to for one of our dance classes for a bit and that is just such a fun tune to move to!

  • Rita Ora's latest song was recorded in my city in Bulgaria, which is crazy

  • i srsly thought I won't let you down is Rita's blow up song til i realized she sang For You with Liam Payne for fifty shades 🙃

  • 4:52 I thought it was a concert lol

  • 7:27 "lada gaga first song" he kinda sounded like baldi going like 'hi! welcome to my schoolhouse!" 😂

  • Am I the only one who loves Skyfall the most, from all Adele songs?

  • Does Rita Ora have songs alone without ft.? Because from this it looks like not really

  • Well the first song that chainsmokers made 'erase' was not a remix it was actually with priyanka chopra and yes that's her in the video in an award show


  • Does Rita Ora have any successful songs of her own.. without collaborators?

  • Joel: roasts British music Joel 2 seconds later: Yeah this stuff good

  • Bounce back is little mix’s best song

  • I thought that Madonna's blow up song was Material girl.

  • I don’t like Halsey cause of how she behaves on Twitter

  • Girl like me is actually a really great song

  • Do the weeknd you will be surprised

  • Video idea: Make a video just using things in one room of your choice (bathroom/ kitchen/ bedroom/ ...) but not your recording room. Ob course you can use your microphone and laptop etc.

  • "This is her most popular song?" "But it's terrible!" Lol you risked having more dislikes and likes Good thing your viewers knows what an "Opinion" is

  • The Chainsmokers guys have such a punchable face. They are the type of people who you just wanna punch their face in even if they dint do anything to you.

  • adele has a whole new album out, and multiple songs out since 2015 actually

  • One Kiss was Dua Lipa's Blow Up Song

  • Jenny from the block got no respect should’ve been in here

  • This is her most popular song but it’s terrible

  • Wanna see Taylor

  • ...

  • Chainsmokers 1st song was with priyanka chopra....................wait whaaaaat

  • Do a bebe Rexha deep dive :)

  • does anyone else feel old watching this?

  • I will never let you down, your song, and how we do is my favorites of rita ora

  • Like just saying little mix have had countless hits 😂 well in the UK at least

  • Finally, someone agrees with me that Closer is better than Don't let me down

  • Hotter then Hell is such an amazing song by Dua Lipa

  • I found out that Adele is coming up with an album this year (2021) after not singing in so long

  • I’m sorry, but for me it’s the opposite! nightmare is my LEAST favorite song by Halsey (her voice is much better, when she’s singing, NOT screaming)

  • Little Mix actually have more number ones than One Direction in the UK. They have songs that are wayyyy better than the ones that were mentioned in this list. But sadly they never get promoted in the US so people think that they don't have many hits.

  • 10:22 ok roomie. Go make a better dnb song than us uk folks.

  • Joel saying stop eating all the cookies, just when I stuff a cookie in my face 😅. He really is my dad 👨

  • Please PLEASE do deep dives into artist's discography. Not only woild it be interesting to hear your thoughts on certain artists, but it's also a great way to discover new music

  • 2:01 ??

  • 13:16 not me thinking it was the jackson 5

  • Do Panic! Next

  • Pretty sure A-team was ed's blowup song

  • leave jack jack alone!!

  • We need more little mix content

  • Really miss Chester's Angel voice😭💔

  • I forgot she blew up with a cow song-“Joel 2021

  • How can you call it on the floor terrible?🙄😤

  • Imagine "Closer"'s drop melody on top of "I hope your happy" they do sound the same

  • rita ora is in 2 rips like your new song and previous

  • One Direction’s blow up song, first song, and popular song, is 💯% “What Makes You Beautiful” maybe not as “plays” on Spotify, but it is in general. This is coming from a Directioner. Yw:)

  • little mix could be so much bigger if they weren't signed to a label that actively sabotages them

  • Roome shut up

  • You should react to streets by doja

  • Lada gaga 7:26

  • we need a part two of this. With BTS and Twice.

  • Little mix is really popular in England but not that much in America

  • This is her most popular song? But its terrible!! 🤯 -roomieoficcial 2021

  • Well i like cookies i cant stop eating them dude

  • Wait I had no idea Little Mix has been around so long lol

  • "Black magic is the direction for them " ~ little mix not liking black magic 😂😂😂

  • Ariana, Billie, I feel like Zayn would be interesting, Demi Lovato, Lizzo, Shawn Mendes

  • I've never even listened to one direction but I knew what song that was just from watching this channel.

  • You mean Material Girl isn’t there for Madonna? I’d of assumed most popular or her blow up song.

  • Black Magic isn’t Little Mix’s biggest song, Shout Out to My Ex is

  • Not him hating on “On The Floor” like shut up

  • Wait theres also favorite song

  • what's your favorite halsey song?

  • now this will be a hard question to answer what song would you say is better "One day" by Dixie or "Obsessed" by Addison?