We Bought A New Piece Of Equipment!

Publicerades den 1 apr 2021
The largest tires in the world, Casey's Pizza, and new equipment. Talk about an exciting day!
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Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa who is the life force behind his family’s 2,000 acre farm. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad (Daddy Cornstar) and brother (Cooper) on the farm. With a lot of help from family, Cole instills humor and education into his videos fit for viewers of all ages.
Despite being 23-years old, Cole has an old-fashion work ethic with an innovative approach toward agricultural technology and practices. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.
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  • Casey’s needs to feed Corn star farms free for all the advertising!

  • Thanks for the tire info Prof. I got a question now for the Combine 101 Prof. Those chains, on the corn head, look real rusty, how often do they get replaced?

  • Dc just bust out 3 pull ups like no big deal

  • How do you guys keep everything maintained? Can you do a video on that?

  • A cub cadet could prolly drag that case with the floaters.. lol this nothing new it's been around for awhile but people just go back to what's worked forever.

  • Where did you get that header from? I think that is the town I live in

  • Great tire class. Wish I could get my buddy to give LSW a try.

  • T190 windshield countdwon: 8 days, once attached. any takers?

  • Id find another tractor and slap the tires on it but I'd preferably find a green one with some yellow paint on it but you can do whatever it's your farm after all.

  • New name. . "Cole ' I ain't afraid to borrow money' the cornstar"

  • Did you just say Good morning and they all had pizza in thier mouths?! Lol Breakfast of Champions!! 💪🍕

  • whoever cut the zip ties on that corn head was an evil person dont get sliced up lol

  • 4:43 have fun storming the cornfield

  • Thanks for explaining the traction compaction thing, I was wondering about that!

  • In this video see you came threw Cedar rapids and then other town with Casey look like Clarence maybe and hope every keep going good for you

  • Look at it this way Cole. Your investing not spending.

  • Farmers never make money but can't stop spending money. You're buying way to fast .

  • Look at DC doing the pull ups! You're a tough guy DC........no matter what the others say. LOL

  • Cole, you are freakin funny. Keep up the good work.

  • why a second corn head?

  • I got those pit vipers

  • Consider the age of the tires in relation to when or if they ever get used again. Age is the enemy.

  • Those tyres looking awesome.

  • Hey Shaggy

  • Spray way Stainless Steel Cleaner work's Great! And it's cheap

  • Well you won’t be running over any corn because your only going to be planting with that tractor. Right ?

  • Cole, you didn’t say my favorite catch phrase to start the vid. I miss that since I always say it with you!

  • 472k subscribers, over 200k views, 21k likes (193 dislikes from douche canoe trolls) and 543 comments. Cole, I'm just a tiny speck in your universe and you may never even read this comment, but you mean a lot to me. You give me hope that there is a future for this country and I'm proud to wear your merch. Even though you're another guy, I'd be honored to give you a hug if we ever met in person.

  • Great tire tutorial

  • I like how you are giving use a lot of good vids

  • Sure doing a lot of buying..u must of won the lottery

  • Dual LSWs??

  • Do you need to recalibrate your speedometer and monitors?

  • Cole, your knowledge makes you the 6,000,000 dollar man. You never cease to amaze me with your understanding and ability to explain it all so well. Very very impressive

  • Every other video: “We bought new equipment!”

  • Hey cole. I been looking for a drone. But I know nothing about them so I am wondering what drone you have on if you don’t what one is the best one to get. Btw keep the good work up on your video

  • Another great click bait video

  • How many farmers does it take to change a tyre lol

  • "Way too much mustard" said noone ever.

  • Hills.... Come to Montana if you want hills

  • Does Coops truck need LS1400s?

  • Stop wining old punk

  • So how much debt do you guys have now?

    • @Big Country ok. It’s just he was very open with the basic info. Reason why some debt does not keep them up at night. While it would scare me to have well over a million $$$$ in debt. They have the assets, means to make the money in couple yrs. thru reduced labor, time, energy, savings. Slight increases in production, reduction in crop damage, loss... and that was likely figured at $3.50 corn. Of course other inputs increased... They should save so much time driving a semi themselves to Ethanol Plant might get common. (Or finally clean that shop). ;)

    • @Larry Thompson I was being sarcastic, lmao because it seems like everything they are buying isn’t being paid out right...

    • He went over finances, what is paid off, what they are still paying off. The reasons why some debt isn’t as concerning.... it’s rather detailed. (Except older stuff which doesn’t change bottom line much). The family has been very open on farm expenses. (I wish I had hired them decades back to buy me a grain truck). ;). They made some good investments, and like most sold corn too early. They are working hard, and spending the time to bring us along. The change in the last two yrs in equipment, grain handling (to be)... Crazy thought. The hopper bin moving will cost good chunk of a new one. MIGHT it be good to keep old hopper bin setup? It’s easy place for semis to load if massive snows? But likely in the way.

  • My brother met this dude

  • Hey , I have a 1999 trans am I will sell ya , only has 75,000 miles on it

  • I hv 79 trans am bandit....all orig

  • I have a friend who’s dad once passed a cop car in a trans am at 140 mph

  • Love the videos god bless

  • LOL suckers another used car salesman scam

  • I honestly don't think you will have better traction. I'm not sure the tractor is heavy enough to make the tyre engage with the ground. Most likely the tyre will sit on top of your land not getting a bite

    • @Scott Sloan completely depends on soil type. I know around here. The tyres would not engage the ground to grip. But it will be interesting to see. In saying that. Have you ever seen cole or anyone short of grip? I haven't

    • I would tend to disagree. We’ve seen it work. 🤷‍♂️

  • Tires age out, do you not keep them you will lose them doing nothing.

    • Tractor tires stored out of sun in Midwest don’t rot as fast as out West. A 7 yr old automotive tire in CO is getting dangerous parked outside. In MN it’s fine twice as long. I bought 2010 40k original tires. Put 25k on them last summer. Still good decade old. But for winter I wanted traction. (They were legal)

  • Did you get the folding head? 👍

  • Keep the duals you'll be putting them back on after planting in the tire tracks a few years:)

  • Nice cornhead

  • Why do you guys always take coopers truck?

  • Some of us are kinda partial to the Fords

  • Nice tires,right choise👍🏻

  • one more thing to buy ,with the bigger combine and bigger corn and bean head means faster harvest so you need bigger grain carts otherwise your gonna be sitting there waiting for sable to unload ?

  • Why are we not pounded with reminders to like this video?

  • senewss.info/slow/lrCshtF4esyboa4/video

  • Hey Cole have you gotten any of your SEnewss play buttons?

  • The cornstarchs would be way cooler with John Deere equipment

  • Mine aswell buy tracks those tires suck

  • your videos are great i like the vibe, keep the videos coming

  • its a real joy to watch you guys work together. thank you for sharing!

  • you guys need to check to see if you can get a similar attachment as a power rake on the ventrac for your equipment so you don't have to keep buying stone for the driveway, You can just "dress" it up with the power rake. senewss.info/slow/ZsmqZ5tpY7rQotg/video

  • Cole, love hearing you talk about the farm, your passion is evident!!! Keep up the good work. From Cedar Falls.;)

  • Is there a way to remove compaction in a field if there is any?

  • Put them tractors duals on the geo

  • Those used dual wheels will fit the Geo... No Problem

  • Another great video, the comparison of the tires in Tires 101 was quite educational. But honestly, most impressive of all was DCs pull ups!!!

  • Daddy C eats junk but is in shape!

  • was that trans am the same color as the one in smokey and the bandit?

  • Cole you need to set up a wood fired pizza oven for planting season. The savings from Casey’s will cover its construction.

  • I like Scott, he smiles alot.

    • Easy to do around those guys.. 😂🤷‍♂️

  • Man those tires look good on the 340

  • April Fools video? Run over each other with the new floating tires!

  • the explanation of the tire difference was one reason i love watching cole. Some of the points i honestly didn't even think about, i just thought the new big ole tires looked pretty sweet. Keep it up cole!

  • I am confused..now that the tires are wider, do you plant wider apart? I don't see you riding over the plants...

    • @Larry Thompson thanks for helping to understand.

    • The planter is pulled BEHIND the tractor. They plant seeds. If you recall they spent $$$ for setting closing wheels that press first tight against seed. (Pack the dirt). Small tires (or pair of tires) the pressure is a small footprint. Soil packed. Planter opener works harder to open a furrow for seeds. (May not be as deep, those discs will wear out faster) This should be more uniform. It will be fun to see. On tillage equipment you can SEE the added wear on shovels directly in tire track. (And to lesser those between duals). If I think of it those shovels are hard faced. BTW I was in field today. ;). Monday tillage full swing.

  • ok,ok, ok. You guys can spend 55k on a new piece of equipment, but, can't even put a used tire or two on your auger? peculiar!

  • I'm looking forward to seeing those tires at work in the field! Also want a "Grab the bull by the tonsils" tee! The guys in my antique tractor club will get a kick out of that.

  • 👍👍

  • Congrats on the corn head purchase. Good ol ADM lol. Cole I think a video of going to the ethonal plant would be pretty neat.

  • How will they hold up in cornstalks then in the fall? I guess you will just have to see?

  • Did DC just say MUSTARD! I just fainted!!!

  • More traction till they ball up with mud...

  • Im very impressed how fit and strong DC is...

  • Look in to the IWE actuator or the driveshaft on the Ford for that grinding noise

  • Here in the UK we had those big tyre's on our center steer sprayer back in the 80s, the fronts were treaded for grip and the back were slick to avoid drag, we could spray on wet land and leave no ruts.

  • Get a box scraper and you won't have to add gravel every year. Just start up with the box scraper and it will bring the gravel to the surface again and smooth that out of the same time

  • ok Cole .how much money u making off you tube ?

  • On the topic of ground compaction: In 1994 I got a lightly used 535 pound Wheel Horse 252-H from a relative who passed away. I had a lawn service and some people objected to me using a riding mower on their lawn for fear of the ruts left by ground compaction. So I used a floor jack to lift the tractors wheels and put them down on graph paper, then lift it again so I could outline the tire tread. I then did the same with my shoes and to make a long story short I calculated that the PSI of the tires on my tractor were double the PSI of my shoes walking. I sent this out in a customer newsletter. I ended up telling people that I have to use my tractor to mow as much as possible because of my knee pain. Please stop doing the extra unnecessary movements of the camera and the zoom in and zoom out or I’ll have to unsubscribe and watch elsewhere.

  • great video guys. thank you

  • Hold the phone.... are you telling me you put on your boots one shoe at a time... wow

  • It’s very enlightening how much it cost to maintain and operate a farm, which is probably why so many small farms have gone under to large corporations, and that’s sad. Money is a great tool, however when the pursuit of it runs over good hard working families we need to rethink its importance. I find it interesting how people look up to a person who has a large bank account and don’t give notice to a family like the Cornstars that probably have more moral character, work ethic, than most billionaires combined “no pun intended”. These people represent what America is all about and I wish them the best.

  • So you can buy a new tractor, new combine, new planter, new header, new grain bin site but you still didn’t want to buy a neighbouring farm 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Comment

  • Scott is like Gene Wilder's younger brother.

  • my dad back when i was a kid could do skin the cat. lift ur legs thru ur arms all while hanging off a tree limb. he was no farmer but cut timber for a living. he was 33 yrs old back when he showed my brother and I that trick. never in my life could i ever accomplish that. DC is in good shape there for being able to do the pull ups--ask him to try that skinning the cat ones-ok

  • Hi CornStars ... good vid watched it twice to get the tyre thing. Well done 👍