ABANDONED and BURNT Corvette - Attempting A 700 Mile Road Trip In Winter Storm

Publicerades den 2 apr 2021
Previously Abandoned, to supercharged, to burnt, to...re-revived? I don't know - but I'm about to attempt a 700+ mile trip in this Corvette through a winter storm! Why? Because it makes no sense. Also, I traded this for another car Sight Unseen!
*Filmed early 21
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  • That tape sounds like the longest ballon fart EVER! Hahahaha

  • Another Awesome video Derek! Thanks for your sharp humor.

  • Drove an 81 Bandit Trans Am for several harsh winters in PA when I was a kid. I did the job most of the time.

  • Holy Hell if you had been on Top Gear USA it wouldnt of been as shit, and this statement is high praise indeed! :)

  • Summer in Minnesota is on Aug 12 this year.

  • I couldn't stop laughing at the sound the duct tape was making. That's gotta be one of the most unintentionally funny moments I've seen on this channel. Great video as always.

  • What year was that 'Vette?

  • Funny u should say that! I had a oil leak in rear of engine on my 97 Z/28, and i did sell it thinking it was a read seal! LOL

  • Why did I just discover this channel? Why am I mesmerized? Why did I subscribe? Why is the sky blue?

  • Damn funny!

  • Love the video as always buuutt....that looks like Ford blue block paint not Chevy blue? S'all good I guess!

  • Love the video as always buuutt....that looks like Ford blue block paint not Chevy blue? S'all good I guess!

  • Oh my God Derek s a GTO

  • Your positive attitude is intoxicating.......

  • What is it that makes your show great, it's you!

  • 380 ppl accidentally gave this a thumbs down bc VGG is pure gold

  • You know.. This ability to smell dead ants is hereditary

  • Throw some salt or salt water on them.... They'll march no more

  • Oroville Dam..

  • sneak peek all I have to say is "WoW"

  • I left my number I will buy that firebird right now Derek or I will trade ya one of my drag cars I have one that is close to my heart it was the last one my dad and I built together before he had to retire and he was in the hospital after having a 5way bypass and 3 massive heart attacks and they cut the pad lock off of my lot and stole his 68 GTO and we had the Butler package engine that we assembled ourselves all together we were gonna put that engine in it soon as he got well (well I have some buck shot for their asses if I ever find it.) But the car is a 69 corvair tube chassis with a 434 cubic inch w 2 kits of nitrous beautiful paint all the electronics it has powerglide w 6500 converter and a Ford 9inch and you can get your drag racing on and its a beautiful copper color and graphics has wheelie bars 14x32x15 slicks and I want GTO he would be tickled w that firebird and I'll bring it to ya it has all sheetmetal interior all autometer gauges and it's loaded w electronics and I mean all ya have to do is add that c16 fuel in her I been gonna change it over to a procharger and a e85 like a bunch I have been building but dad just turned 79 and I hate to get rid of it but I would love for you and the boys carry on w it I wouldnt ever sell it no matter what it's not for sale but I would trade it for that firebird so I could do a car for my daddy (he still thinks hes 50 but he and I are best of buddies he will probably kill me.. if ya give it a thought call me at 919-901-7964. Thanks Derek I have been looking for GTO but to be honest he's had every yr GTO 64 -74 I mean the American made ones those Holden bodied ones he said he said there isjt shit that is a GTO in them but I think he would love that firebird and if its cash let me that too I have some of that stuff too!!

  • The luck Derek has with these cars and the heat not working is unreal.

  • Wobbly wheel burnt banana fur a snowbird, yep...seems fair to me.

  • Cool trick with the plastic in socket👍

  • Even with being deaf and use a hearing aid I could hear that loud wind noise. After all that with the Vette I guess you worked out the kinks of a lot of things to survive that road trip. That would be a good project car for me and an engine swap to LS and she'd be a sweet thing to drive.

  • A bit tricky f advice from South Australia !!! Apparently a 12V hair dryer makes a nice cosy heater ! Sent to you from the driest city in the driest state in the driest country on earth 🥺

  • What're you going to be doing with that supercharger... I have a 1980 yellow vette too

  • Their fire ants now !

  • Now that's an adventure!

  • Gorilla tape wont do that!!

  • You are so funny they whoever they are need to give you a show on real TV so real so f------g funny

  • Dude this is one of your best videos. I almost died laughing at 43 minutes when that noise started. There's nothing like driving junk on long trips. Brings back so many memories. 👍

  • What happened to the trade you made for yellow vette?

  • Your vids are always lighthearted and fun, I love how you don't take this stuff too seriously, people forget it's supposed to be fun. 😀 I also agree with you about quadrapukers.

  • Your mistake with the tape was not how you applied it. You just didn’t use enough of it. So instead of ripping it off you should have added 3 to 4 additional layers. A guy has to adapt.

  • Dude, you're the Norm Crosby of auto mechanics.

  • That tape had me in tears 🤣

  • Finally a Pontiac!

  • Daum that was a solid episode 👍👍👍

  • You're a legend, A "Make it happener"!!!!!

  • Sweeeettt!!!!

  • Hi tack

  • Yesssss can’t wait for the episode!

  • ROFL as I watched you in the video I was reading the following; www.liveabout.com/driving-corvette-stingray-in-the-winter-916452 This has to be one of the craziest 700 mile trips yet. Keepin me in stiches. Thanks for that.

  • got to love the little ADD moments

  • the carb actually look purty sick black a guy cant lie

  • What language is being spoken in this video?

  • A whistling leaky roof. That describes every sunroofed or t-topped old car I've owned. Don't even mention old rag tops. I prefer solid roofs.

  • In all my life I haven't seen a single person drive through Tomah in a youtube video, and I'm so happy to see someone finally had.

  • Awesome trip!

  • We use a 12v hairdryer for the cold ones.

  • Creo que es la primera vez que lo veo con campera...

  • And STILL, the Coolest guy on SEnewss

  • Great video ✌️💯🤟

  • Good thing the wheel didn't fall off

  • love ya bud

  • Where in eastern MI? I live here in southeast michigan

  • Great job Derek :)! I can't do the 700 mile in a day anymore either! I'm sure Jessica appreciates the shorter days too. Adventure cross country is awesome! Yep, I would say your experience is paying off :)!

  • I'm from Michigan

  • You fellers in the midwest got some bright highways! Out here in the PNW there's hardly any lights most times

  • Did I miss the video of you getting the firebird fired up and driving it home?

  • Anyone notice how he looks like cleetus McFarland with a beard

  • Who gives these videos a thumbs down? Just stop watching and back to being a Communist.

  • @VGG: Another great video. Liked the old anti theft explanation. Never even thought headlights would have been vacuum activated. Wonder if you blow on that hard enough if lights will go up in a pinch? No comments needed, I had to say it.

  • Nice trade!

  • Saaweeeet peek...and old goat....awesome

  • Wow! And to think a gal joined at around 103.3k!

  • Derek listing to the sound on the freeway 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Why didn't you just do the trip back?...how much did you get?.

  • Get a cheap ozone generator. Does miracles to bad smells. Portable, run it before drivning home stinky cars. Thanks for your videos!

  • Use some liquid gasket maker under the T Tops till you replace the seals.

  • Guy should just wait till after the storm and snow melts. use the phone. Should have packed more food. and water.

  • such a cool car.

  • Brought back bad memories of driving through a tropical storm in my 82 with the random windshield wiper mode and leaking t-tops. Then that winter getting caught between Dallas and Little Rock in an ice storm. Fun times. C-3s make such great all weather cars.

  • Very cool. Love the road trip videos.

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  • Holy crap I can't wait to see stuff on the new car ;)

  • Can’t wait to see the firebird! Glad you got rid of the Vette, thing was a pain since you got it. Would love to have some cold snacks with you if I ever met you. Keep em coming.

  • yes a bird

  • wow u put this up a week ago your vids arent popping up for me!


  • One of my favorite parts of this video was looking out across that hood. Has anyone else noticed that on most cars you can’t even see the hood.

  • Look at the trees at 53:48

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  • 1st gen firebird, 👍

  • Looking forward to the FBird video!!!

  • Wow 43:13 ... that’s enough of that sound

  • I don't know.

  • That tape sound 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • In the future on these missions get some window and door installation flashing tape not duct tape. The Pella brand with silver foil in the window dept at Lowes sticks really good. It is much stronger bond than the Proteca wrap brand.

  • Hindsight being 13/12 🤣

  • 67 Firebird Sweet

  • This could be a weekly tv series.....worthy on an Emmy Award!

  • I come from a dry brown dusty hot place and I never seen so much cocaine just lyin on the ground for miles and miles. Is Mini-soda where they made Scarface? (askin for a friend)

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  • Cool video next time you take a road trip muffalator that down a knot has or twelve so we can learn from being able to hear the silliness your trying to tell us I don’t know.

  • Where the hell have you been!! My gut hurts! Lmfao! Subbed!

  • What IS the correct fire extinguisher for putting out engine fires?

  • A fellers chewed ev'ry fangernail off his mits, anxiously awaitin' tha new Firechicken vidjea!!! It's got a great opportunity of being one of the best ones yet! Although that shiny blue stuff on it makes a feller nervous. May have to drag out what's left of a great bottle of Climax Moonshine to take a little of the edge off. 😁