Testing FLAMMABLE TikTok Life Hacks

Publicerades den 2 maj 2021
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    • Mix break fluid and chlorine together for funny! (do this outside)

    • someone please ship them a fire extinguisher

    • @cool kid 10 the aids won't go off tho' ...

    • *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) {Bababoey} ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

    • max I’ll buy you’re clothes if you take a shower

  • Fitz is the guy on the left?

  • I've never wanted to grow my hair out more

  • “Where’s the fire hydrant”

  • So Good😂😂😂

  • "Why would a child have a can of guinness" really made me lose it

  • Fun fact: if you wrap steelwool around a firecracker and light the steel wool, and firecracker you get a spark effect.

  • The balls is so the beer is like if you would have poured it from a tap

  • 10:21 where’s the fire hydrant... at least he corrected himself

  • Hey, youtube 14 year olds. Uhhhh don't try any of this.

  • Max just drinks a extremely expired coke

  • Onlyjauyus 🤢🤢🤢

  • idk if it's fake or i should be surprised or disappinted they didnt know of the guinness one

  • The most cavemen episode of cold ones by far

  • Aren’t strawberries literally in season

  • Well he does stand to his name...

  • I mean, if sending some alcohol from Argentina wasn't like 400buckos I'll totally do it bruh

  • where can i buy a cold ones sign glow up like in their studio

  • The reason the Guinness has the ball is to fill the can with nitrogen so it gets a nice big head when you pour it

  • i wanna see these lot try a magnum😂😂😂

  • "Testing FLAMMABLE" But doesn't get a fire extinguisher on hand

  • 14:46 I recognize alright... two in the pink.... one in the stink...

  • The boys commit Arson

  • That aluminium foil part at the end had me rolling

  • Who else just watch to see them get drunk?

  • You guys deserve more subs. Nearly burning down the cold ones studios… for us. 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️😂😂😂

  • Can someone send that a live animal?

  • 11:45 that edit 😂😂

  • We need a "stoned ones"

  • We need a "stoned ones"

  • thy did not put "almost burned down house" in title

  • These two are the source of the wildfires

  • They’re not drunk, drink more!

  • It’s called the widget in the Guinness can

  • The intro had me dying

  • The gum thing works with any oily substance, doesn't need to be butter. We used to use peanut butter or mayonnaise, and once I used wd40. The bottle thing I'm surprised more people don't know, we used to do that to make drinking glasses, and then run a blowtorch around the edge so we didn't slice our lips off

  • there is carbonate in the guinnes ball so you never have stale beer 😄

  • Dit you ever try drop shot

  • Understandable this video was not on my reconmended

  • he-llo?~~~

  • The ball is a widget. It makes the beer pour with a decent head. You'll find one in most ales of that type


  • You lads are F***ed

  • I feel guilty that I never knew y’all existed.

  • aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

  • What the dog doin?

  • "bro is that tony hawk from camping"

  • Max finally said his gay 🤣

  • It’s a hydro-can made to help the beer have a great head and suppose to make it taste like it came from the tap

  • I wonder if their insurance covers drunken man sets the place on fire

  • Yo these guys have downgraded from what they used to be before the algorithm changed on SEnewss you old fans would know

  • Is that the stars and you in the background or am i retarded

  • If the alcohol poisoning doesn't kill them, the chemical explosion these lads accidentally set off one of these days will

  • SEnewssrs playing with fire cow chop flashbacks

  • Almost became a live leak vid.

  • Fun fact: the milk thing can actually be a very good bartending technique. You can make a "milk punch" by making an acidic cocktail, pouring in milk so it curdles, and filtering out all the liquid. The remaining cocktail is clear, creamier, and shelf-stable (if you put enough alcohol in it)

  • The Guinness has a ball in for hydrogen


  • Me: Steel wool burns pretty hot, I hope it doesn't damage their table. 9:41 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 9:30 song name pls

  • The ball is to stop the head

  • I love watching the birth of Alchaholism

  • YES

  • 2:58

  • Guinness is nitrogenated as apposed to most beers that are just carbonated, The wee ball (known as a widget) froths up the beer and gives it it's creamy head.

  • That was so cool

  • the ball in the guiness is to make the foam

  • Chad burning his hand nearly fucking killed me

  • "Those are strawberries their more dense"

  • Max and Chad: Razorblades Me, an American: rise up lights?

  • Chads only Enemy fire

  • love these two Canadians

  • 9:10 man, that shits going up like its been touched by a lemon😂

  • BEST intro so far.

  • "How do you open the 2nd bottle?" "You get a third bottle"

  • they never knew about the ball???

  • Talk about fucking timing. I live by a fire station and as soon as Chad yelled “AHH THERES A FIRE” they left the station sirens blaring.

  • Max's "mmmhh" 😂😂😂

  • 2:53 could be a new meme format

  • Seriously who edits these videos.. they need a bloody pay rise .

  • In this episode, Max and Chad almost learn about widgets

  • 12:36 I love how the guy on the right stares into the camera

  • Next video idea 2 drunk idiots burn there own studio

  • Max is having a PTSD

  • Bro max and chad are my fav people. Best watching this drink. Gotta be on Max’s level of drunk and you’ll have a good time

  • I'm surprised they havent already seen all of these things before tiktok was a thing knowing their age; only thing I havent seen before was the butter in the hair

  • i got a nose bleed while watching this

  • Al oh mini uhm

  • that ball is called a widget. it puts the bubbles in the beer and won the most advanced technical invention in the year 2000

  • The office burning down would’ve been a great season finale.

  • max facial expressions are so cute

  • Max is really starting to look like Mr. "Hello little boy want to see my pokemon collection.." Oh wait... He already is

  • Ok but to be fair that swinging steel wool was really cool

  • send them everclear

  • And we wonder why Australia was burning to the ground.

  • the shakiness in max's breathing at 11:00 too real

    • and fucking Chad goes ".....funny?"


  • Two guys who have never had a can of Guinness lol

  • The ball gives you and I cant believe I'm saying this but it gives you a better head for your Guinness or your bitters

  • how the fuck did they not know about the ball in the Guinness