2JZ Lawn Mower First Test Drive! It Rips!

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
The next step for our 2JZ lawn mower build was to finish the breaks and clutch so we bought a petal kit from eBay meant for dune buggies and made it work the Toyota 2JZ was already up and running with our aftermarket Golby's parts and Haltech ECU so we got straight to the first test drive AND IT WAS AWESOME!
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  • So what will hapen when you add turbo on this motor 😂

  • Google search. Hamster tank motorcycle. Grind hard can do it better

  • I've got a deutz Allis , the brother from the same mother as the Simplicity. And I even thought it was kinda cool with a 30hp Briggs I swapped on it. Then ya went and got all 2JZ on me 😃 This is badass 🤩

  • That VW camper needs something crazy going in it 🤔

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  • In a few years he will be like Furze. Everyone will be asking how he is still alive. Ethan doesn't even have a safety tie.

  • I've been watching since the first barbie jeep video, awesome that you guys got so big

  • How do you 👎🏽 this video? These guys are awesome... just building cool stuff all the time...dream job


  • Sweet

  • Better figure out some sorta cage for this one boys!

  • He did the job LifeOD couldn’t do 😂

  • Very cool.

  • OM606 would fit better

  • definitely the most dangerous thing you guys have built

  • do a fcking burnout

  • Корчелыга!)))ХХХ

  • Блрпвеноьпавнролд туземец

  • put a rollbar on it , dangerous as fuck

  • If all tractors were like this thr tractors would be passing the slow cars and not the other way around

  • 6 Point harness and cage for the mower haha

  • You should think about doing cutting breaks on handles from a rail buggy for breaks so if you are off-roading

  • looks great but if you had a kind of nerf bar around your feet it would make it better but saifty third

  • now a ls swapped power wheels

  • @Renato garcia

  • Twin turbo it and put launch control on it so you can 2 step it

    • And you could get a seat that goes on a racing go cart to keep you in place

  • Think a full race seat with a roll bar like a drag car setup would look cool!

  • We’re still waiting on the power wheels tank but I guess will Never get it

  • power to weight ratio

  • Soooo...when's the turbo getting added?

  • that old jag being used for parts kills me

  • OMG did you really use a camshaft for your steering rod?!?!? 🤣😝🤣 that is fucking excellent 👏

  • Hand clutch on the wheel might be easier

  • Troppo forti i vostri progetti. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇮🇹🖐️

  • what did I just click on

  • Honestly simplicity fits the build so well name wise y’all should like clear coat that

  • If you guys opened up a rally track and rented it out, so many people would come. The only rule is that the cars cannot be stock at all.

  • My grandfather had an old tractor and put a 27 litre v12 merlin engine in it as a joke and rode it around the farm. On a tragic day, the throttle linkage came loose and the engine went wide open and grandpa passed away. He hit the side of the barn at or near 120mph

  • Find a Ford Model T body and make it fit with a roll cage and shorten the width of it to fit your beast.

  • Your seat is your only Suspension, Saved you from getting bounced out of the seat lol , Awesome build Fellas 🙂👍

  • It’s like you built an early Indy roadster on tractor tires! Too cool

  • Hahaa thats ace its justissing a bucket seat and a roll bar imo

  • Make it now grass again at super speeds

  • Throw a th400 in it and call it a day.

  • They saw what vqsily builds was doin and fukin one upped him 😂😂😂

  • Awesome work this thing needs some 15s and some hoosiers !

  • Roll over bar would be nice

  • that lawnmower can cut grass in seconds

  • I'm really glad this is finished but when is the tricycle gonna be done??!?!?

  • If he can get it to make like 300 horsepower with everything buttoned up and working correctly this thing is gonna be so badass

  • Without a mowing deck, it's a tractor.

  • put a sofa chair for the seat lol

  • you have to get anitlag and launch control

  • Imagine a guy calling you out saying even his lawn mower is faster than your car. You challenge him and he turns up in this thing

  • bro where is Turbo sound😁

  • i fucking love how creative you guys are for real ive been watching you guys since day once an have waited about a year to this one finished haha so happy to see the jz mower rip up the grind hard land

  • Needs a ebay turbo

  • Ни хера мужики заморочились

  • This is the engine from this tractor or some other?

  • It doesn’t sound right. You guys also need a roll cage!!

  • Rip 🚑

  • turbo..?

  • Not gonna lie, this whole video im like "I would murder for a 2J, why is this shit in a lawn mower" but that is the sickest kart I've ever seen. Keep it up my guy.

  • I didn't even know you had it running and driving I've been working so much badass you guys

  • Does it cut grass tho?? Hehe

  • I think it’s only appropriate to throw a turbo on this crazy ass thing

  • Fun fact. I just saw Ethan on an episode of Treehouse Master. Totally didn’t realize you’d been there! Way cool!

  • very nice

  • Those rear fenders are not going to last either. With the vibrations they are going to tear themselves apart.

  • Now all it needs is a turbo

  • damn ! i love it

  • Why didn't you put the throttle as a butterfly on the steering wheel? Sick projects guys

  • Can I just mention real quick that y'all are set if the end of the world comes to pass. Watching the brake line scavenging adventure made me think dang 😂

  • Just wondering what size is the mower deck that your putting under this little tractor?...hahahaha

  • Finally the video ODLife never did 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Any thoughts on a roll bar?

  • Next project: shopping gokart

  • that's some grumpy lawnmower you got there

  • now replace the tractor body with a supra

  • with great content like this you guys will be hitting 10mil subs in no time

  • Please get yourself a new seat. Which will give good amount of thigh support from side. And ofcource a seat belt which will hold your thighs. So your hibs will not slide around.

  • Not a fucking lawnmower it’s a tractor. Quit calling it a lawn mower.

  • When someone says my lawnmowers faster than a honda i'll start believing them now

  • take it to the track!!!

  • The from home improvement would be iimpressed

  • Сумасшедшая колесница😱👏🖐️

  • Cant wait for the turbo

  • What's the top speed? Add in a speedometer.

  • How much power in next vid

  • When are y’all going electric

  • A semi roll cage & some type of seat belt would be nice Edit : he said it at the end of the video, nice 👌🏾

  • I like everything they build im so glad I found this channel

  • I love your builds man, they are awesome! I am going to be doing a home made go kart this summer for my kids and will be posting videos on it!

  • Needs BOOST

  • I was wonder how you were going to use the cluch and brakes at the same time with one foot. Lol. That's awsome dude.

  • Now it needs a turbo!

  • А глушитель как?Не мешает?)))

  • You plan to make a motorized mini tank

  • Cage and bucket seat please!!!!!!! Like your videos would like to see more in the future……. Death trap if she goes over!!!

  • Now a turbo ebay kit for 2jz tractor !!!!