Ask Adam Savage: About M5's Wall of Labeled Storage Bins

Publicerades den 26 mar 2021
Tested member Megadope Animation asked Adam, "What was the deal with Jamie’s wall of labeled storage bins?" Adam happened to be there during their inception, so here's the story! Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks:
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    • I love how kreiger from the fx show ARCHER had the same bin wall in his lair lol

    • Join any myriad of other smaller channels who actually need it

    • But what was really in the bin labeled meat?

    • Do you still work with Jamie?

    • Hey Adam, I just found out your Dad made a Anti-war movie protesting the Vietnam war staring Mickey Mouse (without permission) back in the day with a friend, Adam do you know anything about that or have anything you can share about that?

  • I have waited for this since I was a kid. I’m 30 now.

  • I love this, but.... It really says how abused the crew is....

  • Wait, you guys did Mr. Pizza Head? Did any survive!?

  • Ugh: that story about timelines is an indictment of ad agencies/clients. Feh!

  • Adam, just noticed the new mill in the background, looks pretty "sharp"!

  • If you are in business, it's imperative you know where all your shit is. Nothing worse than going to Lowes to buy something you already have but can't find. Been there done that.

  • I’ve always been curious about the bin labeled “RAW MEAT”

  • I just realized that this whole time Jaime was allowing Adam and Mythbusters to use his shop. What a fuckin guy. I mean I love Adam, he's more similar to me than Jaime but damn I cannot imagine letting someone in my shop like that.

  • The 90's, now known as the "way early 00's"

  • Bless you

  • You Are So Awesome. :) I would like a list of Jamie's bins. The list would be good for us all.

  • M5?

  • I never realized how likable Adam Savage is. Loved myth busters but didn't really like him but now he seems so much better 🙂

  • This Jamie impression is priceless.

  • Major kudos to you for acknowledging you learnt a lot from Jamie Im sure he would admit the same of you, well maybe he would... ;).

  • My friends: "I'm trying to minimize my lifestyle... I don't want to keep anything that I'm not using all the time." Me: "Ha. Hahaha, you must not make things."

    • Our friends like that really suffered in lockdown =')

  • When I was much younger I was always amazed that my grandfather always had the perfect screw, nail, glue, anchor, rope, string, piece of leather, scrap of aluminum, small widget, or large doohickey for any project that he was working on. I remember thinking "how does he do that? I'll never have a collection this cool." Now, 30 years later I totally understand. After a lifetime of projects, you end up with all those thing. The important part is keeping it all organized in little bins, drawers, and trays. It is possibly the greatest memory I have of my grandfather and that best thing he ever taught me.

  • So early in the ot's, it was before the ot's. Lol

  • What am I missing here. If a commercial is to be filmed why would a director or producer not order the effects earlier then a day before the shoot?

  • So basically the Wall is your visual "McMaster-Carr Catalog" of in-house stuff. I totally agree!

  • Can you invite Jamie to your cave?

  • I LOVE the idea of having everything I need for a project. The M5 storage wall is a wet dream for me 😍

  • Millionaire hoarders

  • I was very fortunate to visit M5 (my friend was a cameraman on Myth Busters) and that wall of boxes was just amazing with its height and length. It was simply unimaginable beforehand. I spent time just looking at the labels on those boxes and some were crazy such as dried blood, bones and raw meat. The boxes didn’t seem to be in any systematic order,, but Jamie assured me that he had a good idea and wouldn’t take long to retrieve what he was after. Janine also talked about finding a better solution when looking for something else. Seeing some of the Myth Buster experiments such as the rolling moss machine in M5 was absolute joy. Jamie was very generous showing us around.

  • something ive been thinking about lately, only smaller boxes, just as many though have at least 1 of everything in the farm shop, and not nearly enough room for it

  • I'm thinking about _There's Something About Mary_ for some odd reason.

  • bless you

  • No lie, that's how things are organized in the craft spaces in my house. Both my partner and I are makers, so we have things arranged very much like Jamie's. We saw that system on MB and said, yep. That's how you do that.

  • I always assumed the giant wall of labeled bins was an embellishment, a prop that was also useful. Turns out it was practicality that also doubled as a prop. Neato.

  • @ 0:55 I started to get up to see who was at my door!!!

  • That's why I can't help but go through every department in a thrift store when planning or searching for parts for a prop or costume. You never know where inspiration will strike or what form it will take.

  • FedEx was founded in 1971. UPS was 1907.

  • The Trophy wife and I are always arguing about my "hoarding" of stuff I could use one day in my shop. I totally get it. lol.

  • Fun to hear you just mention films. I was an assistant carpenter the fly and Naked alunch

  • I loved listening to the answer here. When I heard the question I understood the answer do come on a deep level. To look and find anything you need, and some things you didn't yet realize you needed

  • Only Adam has a box on the wall labeled, "Spheres".

  • You look soooo stoned ! Is pot legal where you are ?

  • You can't undervalue the inspirational factor. I've often been puzzling over a problem when my eye caught on something you might think was completely irrelevant but it sparked the solution I needed!

  • Now the question becomes how do you manage that inventory?

  • Great idea to add upon Jamie's boxes. I have a lot of things I've collected over the years because they may be needed for a future project. I decided to catolog everything digitally. Each shelf has a letter, and each box has a number. I have taken pictures of every single item, big and small. Put them in a spreadsheet and I associate the items with Tags, Keywords, a description, and dimensions, so that I can easily search for stuff when I'm working on something or brainstorming.

  • Why does he look high

  • On the thumbnail, Adam is balancing a hand granade on an stick on his chin. I just noticed it, while scrolling through the videos, despite having already watched it a few days ago.

  • My dad has everything you can think of, but can barely find any of it. So he does't have much.

  • I would ALWAYS try and read all the labels. It made a great backdrop!

  • What a great explanation. Thx, man.

  • I'm sure dozens if not hundreds of people have said this over the years, but seeing the amount of respect you have for Jamie and his skills as a maker/problem solver, even if you may not particularly like him, is very refreshing.

  • Adam...that hair!

  • Jamie is orgznized and not scattered like Adaam.

  • This the video i been waiting for.. when I was 9 years old seeing the first promos for this show called mythbusters i was mystified by the wall of shit.

  • It was an organization tactic. Boom 5 second video lol 😆

  • But one said "Raw Meat"?

  • you are my modern day hero / idol. thank you for the awesome content

  • Bless you.

  • you clean up your mill?

  • Nice bridge port

  • Come on it's been over a year, get the cameraman back in there! I can't believe the guy I watched make crazy things and blow stuff up is stuck filming himself now...

  • Just like a mechanic in a garage organises nuts, bolts, washers and other small parts that get used a lot in a lin-bin filing system In the garage trade in the uk, you call what you just described as "impress stock" You would have wiper blades, batteries, bulbs, and other items which could fail on cars, for all different makes and models of cars, just incase your open on a sunday, and someone brings a car in for that, because not many parts suppliers are open on sundays, and if you dont have the part, you lose that customer, if that customer goes to a different garage, the chances are they will stay with that garage If they get their car fixed at your garage, the chances are they will keep coming back Impress stock is usually supplied free, on a purchase after sale basis, either that, or you pay a deposit for a certain amount of stock, and pay the supplier when you have sold a percentage of that stock

  • I'm going to steal this idea because I have all sorts of weird stuff, offhand stuff, and other stuff.

  • I was always jealous of that massively organized wall....

  • Bless you! (Sorry, had to😁)

  • That depleted uranium clip was classic.

  • You know, it would be REALLY cool if, when it is safe to, you could take Tested over to M5 and revisit the old stomping grounds and show us around in a way we really never got a chance to see on Mythbusters. Maybe you could even have Jamie on there! I wonder if he still wears the same thing every day....

  • I’m loving how slowly but surely it “seems” like Adam is getting over his distaste for Jamie , I’m sure I’m wrong, But it’s nice to see/hear he’s the bigger man in all this, I’m sure fans of Adam have seen and heard all the reasons why they could never work together again but still, it’s lovely to hear him talk with some fondness about their time together now and then

  • The Dewey decimal system for junk.

  • ADAM: Just get your finger out, and reboot Mythbusters. We love you, it, and them.

  • One of my favorite MythBuster moments is when Jamie said in order to get the weight they needed the build would have to use depleted uranium, and Adam turned to the wall and said "do you have that?"

    • @ElectroDFW LOL Yes!

    • Next warehouse/workshop will have a Voice Assistant and the boxes will be in Wheel of Fortune' letter-type slots that will light up the appropriate bin and 'ding' when they use the 'Family Feud' activation phrase, "Show me ___!" 💯

  • bless you

  • now i gotta drop my queue because you drank coffe with youtube...

  • DISLIKE he streamed code that wont let me get off theatre mode i hate that setting so i inspected the page...not wantig to ruin him it was prob his pr man but STOP THAT!!!!... and yeah that comes from a Mountain point Viewers

  • that was pretty cool, thanks for explaining that Adam

  • So what became of the creations you built for the shows!?? Did you just dismantle them after shooting was done???

  • Are there actually people who watch these videos but who have never seen Mythbusters?!?!?

  • Going for the Einstein look this morning?

  • Adam Savage's new style: Alf Alfa Hair. (from Little Rascals)

  • Lmao, his sneeze @2:22 sounds like a compressor drill thing for tires.

  • There are so many times I looked at that wall, and thought about doing the same thing at my house.

  • Lol only an effects shop would need everything from dolls eyes to scuba gear labeled in boxes

  • I was hoping you would cover what was in this boxes, in particular the one labelled 'RAW MEAT'

  • It was Jamie's moustache that came up with the idea, Jamie agreed a week later. The rest is history.

  • SPOILER , the 9 minute answer to "what is with the storage bins" is they are for storage.

  • Adam - Love ya - You have provided so much entertainment and inspiration to so many people - But can you please clean your nails!!! This has been bugging me for YEARS!

  • I can't adequately express how much I love this. Let me just say that I have my own wall of labeled bins made in honor of this.

  • These videos are great thank you Adam.

  • You may have answered this before, but do you regret that you and Jamie have drifted apart since Mythbusters?

  • Anyone else would consider 98 or 99 as late 90s, not early 00s? 😁

  • I've been doing spfx with iatse 891. Completely understand the wall.

  • I have always wanted to know more about the weird food concoction Jamie had in the windows down/AC on myth that looked like dog vomit but he insisted was “quite pleasant.”

  • I honestly never knew the shop was that narrow, but I guess that is TV and how it makes spaces look bigger

  • It sounds fun to have a workflow like that just for the satisfaction of being able to make full use of such an elaborate setup.

  • I dont believe that adam and Jamie didnt like each other. All through all the seasons they had so many laughs together when they created something funny and i remember jamie actually praising adam when adam made some great stuff. I see them as ying and yang and that sometimes makes for great television or entertainment.people forget that they were together for 14 years so you can't avoid having heated discussions once in a while no one can

  • When Adam said " Give me a second" and that is literally all he needed. Mythbusted.

    • @ElectroDFW - Truth

    • Ever the master of efficiency, Adam's 'just a second' was a fraction of other people's seconds. 😁

  • Perfect backdrop, full of ridiculous possibilities!

  • I remember from an episode of Mythbusters involving the wall of boxes, you had messed up some calculation and thought you needed depleted uranium to make something weigh correctly and looked at Jamie and jokingly asked "so would that be under 'D' or 'U?'"

  • The wall of stuff reminds me of a periodic table. I have storage bins all the same size for a uniform size. And I put QR codes on the boxes as well as text labels.

  • Adam Savage is the kind of 50 something year old man who SNEEZES INTO HIS HAND

  • "For those of you that did not watch Mythbusters..." *Looks around* "Like who?!"

  • You got the Kurt vice I see, chasing those thousandths.

  • That's why I don't do commercial special effects anymore, your lack of planning, time and budget is not my problem. That and the fact that what they actually want is very often significantly different from what they asked for. I once got asked by the art department if I could spray Silver metallic confetti purple as they could only get silver and they needed both silver and purple! (1) That's not going to work. (2) Surely spraying stuff is the art departments problem? (3) You're doing high speed Phantom filming with a S**t tonne of lights, why not Gel some of them purple? Which they did, and it worked. Sill didn't get any thanks or extra pay for getting them out of the crap though.

  • "Way early oughts" being the late nineties. :D