FORGOTTEN 1974 SAAB Sonett III - Will It RUN AND DRIVE after 29 Years?

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
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Here's a ultra rare car you don't see often! With only 2,483 made, it's not uncommon if you haven't seen one of these in person! It's powered by a Ford Taunus V4, and a 4 speed. It's also front wheel drive! Let's see if I can get it fired up after 29 Years! #OReillyPowered
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  • Garykenny

  • We drive on the right too so I dont get what you mean about the cap.

  • From the camera angle it looked like you were trying to tighten that oil pan bolt, man that thing has never been out🤣

  • Come on get in it

  • Hey there is a Saab specialist called Conntech Saab Specialists in Warwick RI . Now I know nothing about em other than they are here and have lots of cars that appear to be for parts. Again, I have zero affiliation with them, but maybe it can help a guy with this car????? Just trying to help... Cheers Derek!

  • This Saab needs the motor from the salavaged Corvette in your latest video!!!

  • You interested in a 65 scout red carpet special? its in woodville wi?

  • It's fiberglass it won't rust lol

  • It's a v4!

  • Listen at 0:09 Saab 🤣😂 did u get a cramp or something LoL

  • Tap on it a little with the old Tanya Harding 5000.

  • Love the sound of the V4. Reminds me of my 96. Superb vehicles.

  • Nothing like a good ol' SAAB Story.

  • Harry's sponsors vgg but not dw. 😂

  • Yah show some more foreign oddball cars that be cool...

  • One of my fave episodes in a while. Love this weird SAAB!

  • Saab autos not only had influence from jet aircraft styling but the Saab company built the multirole jet fighters used by Sweden's air defense force. The aircraft pictured on the brochure was a Saab 37 Viggen. Now if you could find one of those for sale and get it flying then I'll be impressed!

  • Saaaaaaab!

  • Good luck with that thing. Been there, done exactly that project. My grandpa gave me a 71 Sonnett III 17 years ago with 36k original miles on it and it sat for at least 25 years before he gave it to me. Break Master cylinder was toast with no replacements back then and the CV’s joints in the drive shafts were shot.

  • What are you shaving, your legs?

  • good wife toy

  • Sweden changed over to right lane driving in 1967, which means they were built left hand drive. Saab builds fighter jets as well, hence the reference to the Airplanes.

  • The firing order may start on the drinkers side if engine was originally developed in UK. We drive on the left so the right hand side of car is drivers side. In UK the engine was used in the Corsair and I think in the first Transit Vans.

  • SAAB actually builds fighter jets. To this day. Many European countries use the SAAB Grippen jets currently.

  • Hi Derek! For what I know they wouldn't have to move the steering wheel to the captain's side, because Saabs were made in Sweden, and Swedes drive on the right and sit on the left.

  • i want it sell it to me please i will buy it!!! to add to my collection!!

  • omg yessssssssss

  • This would be awesome to put a 1000cc street bike motor in.

  • Hmm, 60 HP. I wonder if'n you could jam that little Iron Duke from your Fiero in there. Grab another 30 donkeys and I'd bet you could make it scoot around like your new Vette -- with less front-end wiggle. Just a thought. Probably a bad one. Perfect.

  • “It’s like mothballs and hot dog water”. Who recollects these two specific smells on a single whiff? 😄. Ohmygosh. Love watching you, Derek.

  • that plug for harry's would have me buying em if i didnt already! lol

  • This was super cool and interesting to see:) I’ve never heard of or seen this car before! Thanks for making time to share about such an odd, foreign to me vehicle👍🏼

  • do you have any iPlate's for sale? lol

  • Never would have figured Derek would wear a mask

  • Had a v4 on a straw blower once.

  • A little dabble here and there on those Four-Weigne cars are a pretty fun change of pace. Keep er up fella!

  • I have a 1986 audi 5000cs avant that was last registered in 2001 I really want to film doing the revival but I’m afraid it wouldn’t interest many. I love the saab btw! Big fan of the channel

  • i like chevy's the most and or gm cars that what i want to see you work on independence is your greatest car to date

  • looks like a pretty good litle needs more work but maybe you can find the right but for that seat

  • it a cute little v 4 engine

  • saabs are for slaabs also i have not seen your vice grips much lately whats wrong with that

  • I had a 1974 Saab Ssonett III in High School. I loved that car. Got stolen from My College dorm parking lot and never recovered it.

  • Derek, on Sept. 3, 1967, Sweden changed from left hand driving to right hand driving. The SAAB Sonett could have been made for export to Great Britain with RH steering wheel but the majority probably were made for RH driving. You'd ask how I know, well, I was born in Sweden and survived the transition. An interesting tidbit; Even though Sweden has had left hand traffic for ages and 3 separate referendums to change to RH traffic, most vehicles made and imported into Sweden were all with the steering wheel on the left side, anticipating the country would eventually change to RH traffic.

  • A mate had a Ford transit van with the v4 engine back in the late 80’s

  • I would LOVE to own this as a project car.

  • What kinda shell rotella do you prefer for a 1987 ford f250 351 windsor HO.?

  • A jaguar XJS V12 would be incredible to see on your channel. I've revived a few and they are quite interesting.

  • I figured a guy would have bought more on evil bay and the jungle site.

  • First time I have seen a guy with a mask.

  • I could of swore a guy got the thumb screw hose clamps from Harbor Freight!! They have a little box kit with several sizes.

  • The tires look like space saver spares... with white letters on the inside!

  • You referenced Longmire. Just further solidifies my loyalty and dedication to this Channel.

  • This is a really cool old car!

  • I'd call up Wayne Carini and see if he'd be interested in buying or maybe do a little collabs with ya and find a buyer.

  • The floor pans were known to be a weakness, as all of them rusted out promptly, also, all the transmissions are the worst part of the cars, which unfortunately led to it demise.

  • Ankle vents lol 😆🤣😂

  • Ha you’re such a funny guy love watching you work on these cars unseen keep doing what you’re doing it’s great entertainment and what is the biggest size T shirts I’m a tall guy at 6.4” at 104 kg . And I’m in town call Yanchep in Western Australian

  • Racism sinks idiots.

  • You should get an Opel next.

  • Fuuny thing is I remember that car where I grew up I was 15 when it disappeared from rush Kentucky close to star market

  • Lose the U.S. bumpers

  • Dude these videos are my therapy thank you I love learning and laughing simultaneously!

  • My neighbor had one fiberglass body was in pieces from doors forward we put it back together it had a strange 4 speed that once you took off using the clutch you shifted without the clutch. The lever to turn that on and off is down by gas pedal if I remember correctly

  • "The door went ejecto on me"🤣🤣🤣

  • Love to see foreign cars as well as the American iron. I always thought the sonett 3 was an interesting car, not something you see every day.

  • I don't understand how this would have been ever produced in right side driver configuration. It certainly wasn't in Sweden. Care to explain?

  • The UK is the only place in Europe where they drive on the wrong side of the road. Sweden is the same side as the US.

  • front side marker lights are different!!!!!!!!!

  • I have never. Ever seen one of these in my time on this planet. What a little car, well done for saving.

  • That is a SEXY car ls swap

    • 16 in tha clip and one in the hole Nate dogg an Warren G gonna make some bodies turn cold Lolz

  • A guy shuld know! that in Sweden cars are LHD :)

  • How much you want sale it

  • I grew up with British sports cars and other oddball stuff - I'd love to see more on this SAAB and other weird cars.

  • While not foreign, it'd be fun to see you dig into something older, like 20's or 30's vintage. Look up "Rufus Ranch" up in Brainerd, he's got some neat stuff going on up there.

  • For a ferign car, it'd be neat to see you get into a Citreon 2cv, supposedly designed by kids from the junior college mehcanic's program.

  • A perfect car for your beautiful lady maybe? 😏

  • Those Saab Sonetts are worth quite a lot these days. Might be worth a quick (?) restoration and on to the collection.

  • Man this car really deserves a proper full restoration

  • A coworker told me back in 70s 80s they had generic beer. White can with black letters. Just labeled beer,just like the oil filter

  • I love it! “Almost like a Buick.”...Ha Ha funny as always...

  • Y'know it reminds me a little of the Opel GT from tlhe same era but thatwas much prettier, like a tiny Corvette. You should check it out you'd love it and in Europe they're not that rare. God knows if theres any in your neck of the woods mind....

  • Mad respect to the man who pays more than what he needed to help another person out. Enough said

  • I'd love to see more odd ball things

  • You definitely need to find an old DeLorean I think that would be such a cool car to see you renew

  • Sweet little car Derrick! Y’all should pick up an early 70’s Datsun Dime or something like that. Love the ol’ domestics but would love to see ya revive the gateways to Asian compacts. Even though ya can’t fit in them, that’s where your boys will come in handy. Keep it up!

  • It’s just another dang Saab story…

  • fuck yeah a Swedish car

  • Not gonna lie but that thing is a freaking stick looking automobile!

  • I took care of a college friend's Sonnet III. Despite its narrow VW Beetle tires that thing could handle! Ran into some other owner who actually slalom raced his consistently winning against RX-7's & Z cars. This one I drove a couple times didn't seem to have any abundance of power, although there was supposedly a version which was turboed or otherwise considerably quicker. Would loved to try one of those out. Neveretheless, it was still absolutely a hoot to drive on twisty backroads.

  • just love that hoodpooper

  • It’s f-ing crazy, after I watched this video, I seen two of the Saab threes and was like holy sh&t and looked them over and they looked pretty cool . Change of pace for you but in a good way 👍

  • Bring back an old Vette..?

  • Another great video. Impressed that you know Porsche is a 2 syllable word.'s a SONett

  • I love the noise those pop ups make, wow. I had no idea this existed and my parents had a mid 90s Saab 9-3 and a 2000s 9-5 growing up. Love the styling and they were insanely fast in the 2000s ones. (autoban car fast) I would love one of these and do something fun with it.

  • Cool lil car, for a small motor it had a nice sound to it.

  • Nice little car like hou to do An Opel GT keep the video's cumming a Guy from the Netherlands likes theme a lot !

  • Very cool car. Be nice to see it fixed up a bit more.

  • Great crazy inspiration. Just what I needed after rust repairs etc etc on 1970 Saab 96 V4. Next weekend I get to do the same thing - bringing it to life, .. hopefully..

  • How about a 1953 Porsche 356 Ish.