Jupiter’s Legacy | Official Trailer | Netflix

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
No legacy lives forever.
The first generation of superheroes have kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must continue their legendary ideals. From the mind of Mark Millar, Jupiter’s Legacy is streaming only on Netflix May 7th, 2021.
Watch Jupiter’s Legacy, only on Netflix: www.netflix.com/JupitersLegacy
SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
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Jupiter’s Legacy | Official Trailer | Netflix
They're the first generation of superheroes. But as they pass the torch to their children, tensions are rising - and the old rules no longer apply.


  • this, together. Groundbreaking stuff. More, please!

  • Netflix version of The Boys??!!

  • How many superman ripoffs are we getting these days? lol

  • Don't typically enjoy Netflix stuff, but I'll give it a try because it's Mark Miller

  • They finally decided to adapt the comic?? Nice!

  • Is that a movie or a series?

  • Looks interesting

  • Okay, so this joins group of The Boys and Invincible.

  • 👿👿👿

  • 👿👿👿

  • The Boys without any humor

  • Legit thought this was a parody seeing dumenthals fake beard and wig..."hahah..oh wait..no..They're for real.." 😬😶

  • I love the ending when the Netflix logo assembles digitally and we hear the Matrix sounds like reversed bit data flowing :D

  • After watching The Boys and Invincible. Hope this is just as good. More superheroes content!

  • 0:17 Oh, my... Why do I so enjoy this transition? Makes me watch again and again.

  • *“The world is changing.”* Well...that’s just lazy writing.

  • At this point the world has changed more times than I have put on jeans in 2 years.

  • My superpower is knowing this gonna be shit or mediocre at best just from the trailer

  • Hopefully there is brutality like the boys

  • so lame

  • Which song?

  • I love name ' Chloe '😁

  • Looks like cheap super hero movie 😅

  • Cliché: the movie

  • Cool

  • wouldnt it be cool to fly in next door grab a few them anoying loud music playing crackheads & dump them on a lone island xd make my day . 💯

  • Cheap version of jl 🤔

  • I'm going to be honest... I wasn't paying attention the actual trailer just the music

  • Not feeling the name but it looks interesting

  • What is this?

  • Thank God they seem to be deviating from the original story, I think that’s why the umbrella academy is so successful....The OG stories are good but sometimes you want to see something different

  • Power Ranger type

  • The Boys : Netflix Edition

  • Why does the bad guy look like piccolo from dragon ball evolution 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Check out Invincible on Amazon

  • Jupiter's Ascending. Jupiter's Legacy FTW

  • Netflix Comics presents: Budget League.

  • Enough

  • Why I can see the batman, superman supergirl blah blah people here😂😂

  • Shark boy and lava girl type movie.

  • That end shot + music led into the title = EPIC! I'm inetersted, well done Mark Miller ;)

  • Wow Netflix really putting my nine dollars a month to work lol anyway this looks like the boyz from Amazon doesn't it?

  • From invincible to this. Wow give us a break already

  • I thought this was going to be a Jupiter Ascending sequel. Boooo.

  • Netflix Is Trying To Make Its Own SuperHeroes

  • This looks horrible and cheap 😕

  • I want this exact music in this trailer.. anyone?

  • Not an adventure to Jupiter. Disappointed.

  • 0:39 my dad was never at home when I was a kid... too busy saving the world well mine too buddy, but he was too busy clapping cheeks

    • Buddy, your dad a teacher?

    • "The world is changing" Me who's doing the same ass things every single day: 🗿

  • Once planet how many superhero save it.....?????

  • What song is this?

  • Is this like a bigger budget power rangers or something?

  • Lost me at the shitty old age makeup.

  • Ouhhh interesting, this Universe got their versions of Justice League and Darkseid, so gassed for this show!!!!

  • so netflix wanna fight the boys, the only good thing from amazon prime, netflix is better

  • Rated: Teenagers Only

  • Netflix its perfect time for releasing thriller horro family movies dont do the drama movies now

  • Why does this look like a shitty CW show with just a bigger VFX budget

  • looks like it had a budged of 4 potatoes and a wetwipe...

  • Looks like hot woke garbage to me

  • This: is named Jupiter’s legacy Also this: not Roman mythology

  • oh my god somebody please stop the background music

  • My favorite character in the cómics is Skyfox

  • Oh god no

  • lol

  • Emo levels over 9000 Me: pass

  • "The world is changing" Me who's doing the same ass things every single day: 🗿

  • Another cape movie, looks like family of Superman.

  • Boring hahahahahha.. damn what the hell Who's excited with this sh!t

  • "The World is Changing" I wish this phrase was changed instead of the world

  • please link to this Sam Fender's Play God remix used here

  • no flicking way this aint legit

  • Dear Netflix, it is that hard to tell us if this is a movie or a series in your trailers? There's no way to tell.

  • Still be better than justice league. Fight me.

  • Looks like budget movie

  • They need to fix the inconsistencies about the super powers. In the comics they use superpowers like a deus ex machina thing. Unknown super powers appear out of nowhere

  • American Mythology Continues.🦸🏼‍♂️🦹🏼‍♀️

  • josh duhamel from transformers is the old man, the rest of the cast is nobody's but it looks fun. 🙂 Yay new supe show to watch!

  • I thought of martian manhunter Edit:- new movie plot "pluto's destiny".

  • Hell ...no Netflix... Again..

  • God if only I received a dollar for every "the world is changing" phrase used in these superhero trailers. I would be richer than Jeff and Elon combined.

  • Looks like a super hero of dawnson's creek 🤣

  • I don't think it will be as brutal or as bloody as Invincible, but hopefully it will be just as good.

  • Superhero genre is growing so rapidly

    • You totally didn't just steal the other comment with 40+ likes

  • Final fight

  • This looks bad 🙁👎🏼

  • Brooding in teenage angst while driving fence posts into the ground, Smallville homage?

  • Oooo .. will it woke?

  • Is this the boys?

  • The song used here is Play God by Sam fender in case anyone was wondering 🙃

    • Thanks! Though... where do I find THIS version?! THIS is the version I want!!


  • Instead of "the world is changing" they can say "the world today is not the same as yesterday"

  • The next superhero movie? Wow we definetly haven't enough of that

  • *Eternals but better.* I can already say that because Eternals in the comics are meh. But these guys are interesting. I'd rather buy this than the Eternals.

  • Looks like a CW show 😂

  • Viewers: How many of them wear superman capes? Netflix: Yes

  • CW Netflix Original

  • Their suits looks like cosplays

  • It looks pretty solid, I might have to give it a look

  • 1:06 Just missing some dudes in Orange jumpsuits moving some pictures around 😏