I Survived 300 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.

Publicerades den 27 feb 2021
I hope you guys liked this 100 days video, It was a long time coming but a lot of fun, I feel like we got a ton of stuff done! Make sure to drop a like on the video if you guys want to see 400 days in an ocean only world! #100Days #Minecraft #Minecrafthardcore
100 days ➡ senewss.info/slow/n5nZZ9ZmsK2ViaY/video&t
200 days ➡ senewss.info/slow/aq_TkNR3kLbVksw/video&t
Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original idea!
Gold farm ➡ senewss.info/slow/p8bKj8yVhqnYetA/video&t
Try it the ocean world yourself ➡ drive.google.com/drive/folders/10UDIifA6R0zcVajl_Pulkicle9DoRl1J?usp=sharing
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  • Also we can definitely ignore the fact that I said 200 days at the end right.... lmao

    • 1000 days

    • 400 days please

    • Can we just approve this man for saying LMAO (Credit Not PaulGG)

    • When will 400 days come out

    • @AgeOfCro Duo no the first time u kill ender dragin you gets lots of xp, every other time u get not much. and yes, i know how dragon farms work. its going in an out of the chunks essentially unloading them and respawning the dragon with glitches

  • big boi is the volcanoes name

  • Mt. chickpea ?

  • HE DID A PART 4!?

  • you know you can just place dirt somewhere and later it while turn into grass right?

  • You can smalt gold tools in to gold nuggets

  • anyone know how i can do this by myself

  • Every time he miss a word A picture of Patrick 🤣

  • U should try doing a desert only world next


  • Ye it's true birch is suck

  • I could never. I usually die on the first day. Lmbo

  • Paul: Birch wood is bad! Me: WOOD IS WOOD!

  • Heyyyyyyyyyyyy I have a butcheeks

  • Sub to not paulgg

  • Welly

  • Does anyone know what Paulgg did wrong with trying to get the legendary stick trade?

  • activate the heart of sea

  • Chickpeas rage for the volcano name

  • The more he gets called:Paulg 2021

  • RIP

  • name it BIG PAPA

  • I already got to level 100

  • Please name the volcano island “isarel”

  • I think when you get bone blocks like in the nether or skeletons or wither skeletons make them to bone meal then do it on the dirt blocked i think is gonna turn to a grass block

  • give us the world seed

  • At 1:15it says feed me

  • Do a 400 and 500 and 600 days in hardcore

  • ur bad

    • Keep it to ur self 😑😑😑

  • A volcano!! so cool

  • Next Challenge : Can You Beat Minecraft, But The Entire World Is Invincible

  • The reason you didn’t get anything from the spider farm was because you have to open the trapdoor to let the exp go to you

  • the name should be Kevin


  • CL O

  • mt big ocean thing

  • 24:37 This is art ❤️

  • 2:47 bruh he already had the necessary blocks stored in his inventory! Lol

  • volcaca

  • Lol

  • Does anyone else think the amount of days doesnt say how good your world is? Lots of people say "i have 100 days im a pro" actually no most of that is afk time

  • Golly the volcano

  • Paulgg:500 days in an only ocean world Cookie god:500 days in one block skyblock

  • The lively accelerator joly slip because freeze enzymatically hum from a violet money. discreet, holistic head

  • Name the volcano volcano chickpea or your name

  • GG

  • 10:58 Paul: seems like it’s working better Creeper: imma head out.

  • The name of the volcano should be mount chickpea flambé

  • DID 200 NO! 300

  • 100 NOT 101

  • i think the only reason why all they others chickens keep dieing bc chickpea wanted to be the only one.

  • If you want to create a drowed farm and creeper farm and raid farm go to SB737

  • setain like my name?

  • He's trying to get xp but he has mending on his stuf👏🏻

  • Paul is a good name

  • For the 200 days I was triggered at the shovel not being enchanted and now he did it yes

  • Boom boom

  • Don't create it volcano island creatr it underwater base

  • Mount potato

  • Mt. Saint Helens or Kilaua

  • Why won’t you move your chickens

  • I need you to try to survive a trillion days on Minecraft like a trillion I want to block Minecraft

  • Did you make these videos how how how how how how

  • Name the new volcano 'GG Volcano"

  • 15:00 fortune 6 for one emerald

  • MT. Paul

  • Maak een grafeyard 😎

  • I think that the 69 jock i 6ix9ine jock

  • 20:37 Level are sus... Lol

  • The name of the volcano volcantr

  • Seed?

  • I like how everyone loves to build the same endermen farm, but it is soo OP all the same!, But Paul didn't. That farm tho is actually so good. ONE-TAP ENDERMEN!

  • The possible mistake commercially tow because radio acutely recognise through a superb slipper. organic, glamorous imprisonment

  • 10:57 mm yes "*creeper dies*"

  • He said it was day 200 when it was 300 😂

  • Paul’s favorite word: flex

  • Volcano of doom should be the name of the volcano.

  • farm or farmer

  • btw to get the op fleacher trade you need to put a fleacher in the transformer until he gives the 1 stick 4 1 emerald

  • The fact that you only have smite swords is annoying me

  • mt. chickpea

  • Name it volcano stonks or chickpea's death chamber or clapper's clapper

  • Can I ask why he likes the number 69 so much is there a meme I'm missing out on

  • The volcanos name. Should be deathmath

  • You should have made a statue as memoriam for the day the villagers all turned to zombos

  • He is so rich in this world but he does not have that much dirt.

  • This series is amazing i subbed and I'm enjoying it 😀

  • Mount. Chickpea

  • Potato time will haunt me fo the rest of my life

  • volcano should be the paul of life because it will be gone if you die so in life means i want you to not die.


  • why didnt you hold your pickaxe or shovel when you was using the zombie pigman farm? And also, you could have smelted the golden swords so you would get a nugget

  • 3:26 no it looks like herobrine decided to come into your world

  • 16:10 if u leave the game while the villager is a zombie it will reset the trade. I did that mistake too !

  • Am i the only one that cant ignore the fact that he says "farmer" instead of farm in every farm he makes?

  • you would be a good addition to the dream smp

  • Yes finally i found the 300 days :0

  • “Lava run” I dont know why i wasnt that volcano be named that-

    • *Grammar 100*

  • You should get a butcher he will give you meat

  • you should make a egg auto farm somehow idk just an idea -me