I'm single and I hate Logan Paul.

Publicerades den 9 jul 2020
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  • Why just why

  • Aww sort of feel bad for him plus jake post pls

  • Josie:-Find someone else Jake:-Bleh Bleh Bleh.. Josie:-Look at us - we're in love.... 😑 Who's here after they broke up ?

  • When jake cereal out of the 20 k shoes.....my heart sank into sadness

  • Both these brothers are crazy 🤣😂

  • Lol

  • mmmm what a delicous corona i smell there att the party

  • what a great example for all the little children that are wathing this😒

  • Atleast make a fall look real man wtf u doing 😂

  • me be like:jake used to be kid friendly jake be like drops f bombs in the beginning of the video

  • Nice vid, bro! 😄

  • Best intro

  • Wt i do here is just 3 things 1- watch a minute 2- go to sleep because its boring 3- i wake then delete from history And it makes my bed time the best in the world

  • i feel you i have been lonely for 15 years

  • His t our

  • Jakes got mask upside down ..lamo🤣

  • Any girl would be lucky to be with you jake paul

  • 7:14 just hit the like to thank me for saving your valuable time

  • Watching jake eat out of the 20 stack shoes..... it hurts me

  • 1:54= iq level 1000

  • Where is your exes

  • Sad

  • Cz----> ♡

  • Oh yeah

  • What the hell

  • Airrack was here.

  • he's the type of guy that pushes you off a cliff in a game to see if there is fall damage

  • Imagine having all the Girls, friends, money, looks,big house and feeling lonly and depressed, I have nothing of this and I feel very happy and positive, because God is with me.tnk you Jesus.


  • The intro is so funny

  • I am sad and lonely I am 8 Years old

  • why are you having a party in the middle of a pandemic

  • All the people on that boat are more intoxicated than alinities cat

  • How has he managed to have a mid life crisis in his 20s

  • 1. jakes going to get finished by ksi and 2nd i wish he was the youtuber back in 2018 and 2017

  • Remember Jake 3 years ago. Doing challenges and old Team 10 made it better 😢

  • In thumb nail why is josie on Jake's shoulder but josie is Logan's model Girlfriend

  • My mans destroying the candy dispenser open instead of just using a coin to get some

  • Me when im h○rñy 2:19

  • Trust me jake I’m depressed as well

  • Bro you envid your bro

  • 2:32 song's name: yin and yang - taz conley

  • Josie: You'll find another thought I promise Jake: Be gone thought

  • Should start calling him Joffrey Paul

  • Boo-hoo little Jakie is single

  • I think the real we all want to see is Cyrus sober vs jake Paul 😂😂😂😂😂

  • No wonder I haven't seen Tana

  • Damm

  • He's trying so hard it's actually boring

  • Fu I like jake pual

  • Jake make more money 😂

  • The sweet machine lasted longer than gib

  • Those shoes 🥺🥺

  • He's be hdhsh

  • Mad😂

  • Clickbait alert

  • Why is Jake Just making thumbnails of girls in bikinis and fat booties

  • its sad for jake paul

  • Remember when everyone actually enjoyed watching him and he was somewhat appropriate

  • Jake go back to kid friendly also this is comino From a kid

  • Does team 10 exixt

  • Get your life straight man

  • Dior in back


  • juk puol

  • Take off my disguise...... Am living someone elses life’s......

  • 4:10 MARKO is in the background all confused xD

  • Does jake Paul watch anime now because he has a dragon ball super saiyan Goku profile pic and has an Goku black theme in one of da scenes

  • How the tables have turned

  • Now it's the opposite...logan's single and Jake's taken 😂

  • Meme

  • Jake u want my glizzy

  • y'all remember when he wasn't so dirty 😭😭

  • Wow I wonder how many bad things you have done ..IT WOULD GIVE ME HEADACHE COUNTING !!! Dude why !!!

  • This guy will never find a life partner honestly, unless the girl is an idiot like him

  • 😂 😂 😂 🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭Bruh he ate cereals on the shoes 😂😂😂

  • damn Miss the old Team 10 Members

  • Yep now it's aas

  • Just pay for it /:

  • Remember when Jake hit 1M

  • ksi will beat yo ass

  • Jake paul parents are sad because have his WORST son

  • what is the song at 2:55?

  • Who remember when jake hit 5 mil and was hella hyped with his original friends

  • Hahaha 😂

  • Who missed the old team 10?

  • Worst content ...learn from your brother

  • 3:05 whats that song?

  • Fireworks is lit af 😜🔥

  • imagine being his neighbor

  • Your caption is gay asf

  • i thought this dude was supposed to be getting locked up forget 6ix9ine this dude jake was supposed to be doing some time edit:wow i didn't even mean to make that rhyme no really edit: that rhymed also

  • why are all of jakes friends black all of a sudden?

  • Jake Paul bring back the twenty sixteen vlogs and erricka as your girl and tydus

  • the fact people simping are here

  • Yes I have a three story house LETS GO

  • How'd he become single "again"

  • Bruh

  • i miss the old jake

  • The downfall of jake Paul