Gordon Has A MASSIVE Meltdown At Fiesta Sunrise | Kitchen Nightmares

Publicerades den 9 apr 2021
Gordon visits Fiesta Sunrise, where things go from bad to worse.
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  • Vik: “ now I feel dupid

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • "I am the stepdaughter" my mind said pornhub immediately.

  • Hello, i’m from Vietnam.

  • He's a moaning bastard....so what if they use the same menus/equipment from the previous restaurant ? As long as it's serviceable, what's the problem ? In fact, it's good way to save money rather then buying everything again brand new.

  • Way too many ads

  • god its this episode, ive seen that man in many clips, this ones gonna be true hell

  • Gordon: When were you born Vik: Yesterday Man is obsessed with yesterday

  • Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away ...

  • why do they even have chefs in the kitchen when everything have been cooked on friday *B R U H*

  • Run it don't ruin it. Vic is a total chode. How do you burn nachos? Hold my Margarita

  • If I was that girls husband is kick that step father out of her life. Fire him the company is yours. Even after Ramsey leaves he's weak and don't care about her

  • 39:59 'im not kissing you'

  • Gordon: WERE YOU FUCKING BORN YESTERDAY This Guy: Yes ...terday

  • 23:15 nahhh why'd the narrator say it like that

  • The only thing I don't get is how at the beginning of the video, they have barely 2 customers.... Like middle of the video, they have 20-30 customers, WTF?

  • "When were you born?" *"yesterday."*

  • These cook staff are a disgrace, they wouldn't eat the crap they're serving up so why should a customer pay for it? These people should have been fired on the spot!

  • so many women are afraid of their men... so sad. mothers, teach your sons not to be assholes, pls!

  • What's your favourite Beatles song? Vic: Yesterday Gordon: Fucking hell

  • Fire everyone!!!

  • that staff was fucking depressing those guys have no life in them

  • How can Vic accuse Don of not having a job? Like... If he doesn't have a job, then how does he pay your bills?

  • Unbelievable. She ruined her daughter's life. Holy shit

  • Clown fiesta Sunrise

  • dude its 2021 and they still have a bad CAMERA?

  • Fat Mexican Albert 🤣

  • The uttermost check conservatively settle because forecast supply moor along a unsightly yam. telling, thick slip

  • Someone save patty poor woman is being streched too think every direction

  • when he said “ Now i feel stoopid” i felt that

  • "Right let's put some warmth on my balls" - Gordon Ramsay 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Vic : Everything is Yesterday

  • When were you born Vic : Yesterday

  • Vic: CEO of "Yesterday"

  • Vic: "I tink I'm toopid". Gordon: "You're like a Sumo wrestler upside-down. Smile"

  • when gordon in this 34:39 mode he is OP

  • The ladies always blame the step father for this and that....but what the fuck were they doing all this time....aren't they also responsible for the restaurant?

  • This episode is pure gold


  • Imagined how dirty was this restaurant makes me feel sick 😷

  • He broke his table 💀

  • How hasn’t the co owner devorced this guy yet

  • Gordon: spends all knight changing the look of the restaurant Vik: I love my ne place Husband of daughter: you mean my restaurant I mean I do pay your bills

  • Yo how dumb do you have to be to marry that guy

  • Mexican is poor that's why they don't look risk

  • y e s t e r d a y

  • vic’s favourite word: yesterday

  • rice is so cheap if you cant serve fresh rice daily idk wtf ur doing hahahaha

  • 24:53 the camera man:yes do that make it very dramatic hold your daughter we need a good shot here

  • wonder how the camera men feel about this

  • This is the best episode

  • Someone ask vic any thing: yesterday Someone:How are you ? Vic : yesterday

  • Why not available in America? Had to VPN man

  • No one:- Absolutely no one:- Chef Ramsay every episode:- Fuck me..

  • Love ramsay .....

  • This man‘s favourite word is yesterday

  • "When are y'all gonna close?" Vic: "Yesterday"

  • Ladies and gentleman *murders table*

  • No surprise the restaurant soon closed - in fact, it was seized for overdue taxes. I feel sorry for the daughter; her life is ruined to finance the dreams of her lazy, lying stepfather - dreams he was incapable of achieving. But hey, it wasn't his money, so no biggie!

  • god i hope that poor girl is okay

  • 32:58 cocaine!

  • Gordon: "what is your name" Vic: "yesterday"

  • i swear to god I can smell all the "Friday" food from my screen.

  • 15:56 he broke the table 💀💀

  • I think he means "in the past" by Yesterday lmao

  • Dude is not a bad dude just needed directions that's all. That's lypse of his fookin funny 🤣🤣🤣 I am not kissing you goddame those British jokes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Are these staged that's what I want to know...??Nomou sala dabei.. Hah not a day waste.

  • why the f*** does everyone serve him old stuff

  • now i'm stuck to this channel...loved it

  • Gordon: when and how did a decomposing body get here ?? Vic: yesterday

  • never going to eat in a restaurant now

  • me binge watching kitchen nightmares and now i had the urge to learn cooking and not eating out anymore

    • Definitely the smartest choice amigo

  • being helped and coached by Ramsy is such an honor

  • If a camera man on kitchen nightmares is filming you eat something, you know you're gonna have a bad time in the bathroom tonight...

    • Unless the restaurant has 3 Michelin stars

  • Man I love how Ramsay just goes into how much of a spineless idiot Vic is.

  • As i watch episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, UK and US, I check on the interwebs on how the restaurant visited by Gordon doing... Well, they are all closed LMAO

    • you can change a restaurant but u cant change a person

  • Are the customers actors? Theyre always so obnoxious on this show. Like they dont know Kitchen Nightmares is shooting....

  • So we aint gonna talk about 0:06

  • Gordon : 'so far it's f****ng ruined yea!'😝🤓🥸

  • This owner is a clueless pillock what are you doing he says Gordon’s showing you what’s wrong if you can’t take what he says don’t bother asking him for help

  • The mans favourite word yesterday

  • great work

  • 14:20 I have that feeling Gordon wanted to legit throw that in his face

  • Gordon : " When did you catch the fish?" Wick : "Yesterday"

  • I still cant get over vic managing a restaurant he doesn't even own?

  • Patricia's husband wanted to curse so bad but thought it wouldn't be monitized to instead he says Jerkoff and Douchebag lmao

  • "A hungry cat would walk away from that" I think a hungry cat would try to bury it to get rid of the smell. At least all cats I know to that.

  • Gordon has clearly never been to New York before..

  • Vic is an absolute pathetic man-child. Can't take criticism, won't listen to people tell him his problems because it makes him feel bad. His failure is being paid for by another man. His bills are paid for by another man. He takes money from his own daughter's credit line to bankroll his failure and yet still refuses to change to make it a success. He's selfish, childish, and generally just a pathetic excuse for a man.

  • Vic has no business being a manager,,

  • gordon to vic's mom: when was ur son born vic's mom: YERSTERDAY

  • “I love my new decorations” “I love my chairs” “I love my new place” Bruhh you don’t own any of it

  • Ahhhh , now I know where the Beatles found there inspiration for ‘yesterday’

  • vic: "What would you like to drink?" Customers: Chicken fajitas, one beef echiladas vic: "Thank you"

  • Gordon: you're a walking disaster Vic: yesterday

  • 33:39 - Me When i'm the only one laughing at my own joke with my friends

  • Gordon: " How long have you owned a restaurant?" Vic: "Yesterday"

  • Gordon: " When were you born ?" Vic : "Yesterday"

  • sheesh

  • Why isn't there any inspection by the Food Safety Officers in such places!?