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Video from Ep. 272 The Ben Askren Interview: Knocking Out Jake Paul
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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  • I hope the ref doesn’t stop the fight

  • 2:49 sheeeeesh that didn’t age well did it Mike

  • I never really liked logan but it would be pretty dope if he did win.

  • Logan paul i wont be suprised when you win

  • Lol you need more than that...

  • Ben askren still got paid for people to think that's the dude jake sparked out

  • How he gon lose to ksi but win against Floyd

  • Ben are you serious I've been hearing rumors that logan Is faster than floyd 🙈🤦🏻‍♂️😐

  • the indian dude a loser, get him off there

  • Jake Paul might win

  • but ben cant even beat jake so why is he even talking

  • Hail Mary chance is a good way to put it

  • He couldn’t beat KSI but he thinks he can beat Floyd crazy 😬

  • Floyd is going to work him down, pick him apart and make Logan loose every ounce of confidence he has ever had in that ring.

  • Logan Paul listens to David Goggins "What if I can pull off this fucking miracle. 51-1!"

  • Ben just to nice to hate onn

  • I’m a logang but honestly there’s no chance for logan against Floyd but best of luck

  • No respect & No humility. He has a big lesson coming. Gonna look like an idiot. But still makes big pay day

  • I like how Logan is excited about having a 1% chance at beating Floyd Mayweather. Ahhhh... to be young and optimistic again...

  • U are died

  • Bro u may have cool body and tall but aaaaaaah u are died Floyd's a beast

  • Who decided an error has ended

  • Mayweather had to prove himself his entire career even though he was clearly the best in the world waaaaay before people realized, he’s like the Batman a dark knight, people just can’t stop hating him but he can buy his own country by now so whatever.

  • Logan shit always 😂😂

  • Lol, Canelo Alvarez could barely touch Floyd. Bro you have NO CHANCE.

  • Logan is going to win.

  • I love you Logan, but there's no way you can beat Floyd

  • Logan I hope you can pull it off but unfortunately your gonna need a miracle to happen and this isn't a rocky movie I'm gonna say less than a minute for you to get knock out. GOOD LUCK I think that you are a good person but let's be real you ain't got no chance

  • logans a little delusional about it...

  • You're literally a pos youtuber.. vs the literal best boxer of all time.. lmao. You're a joke.. stick to your scripted videos or get your face broken lmao!!

  • He will never hit Floyd

  • Jus imagine if Logan actually beat moneyweather 😂

  • Logan Paul you have the potencial to win this fight just like vamdame did it in the movie KICK BOXER you got this bro, i Believe in you saludos From New York

  • Logan’s friends are WAY more annoying than him

  • ☠️☠️☠️😂😂😂😂😂oh Logan thinks he got a chance

  • I hate Floyd but this is a shitty joke that's gonna rob the viewers time and money

  • Mayweather is too old for boxing 🥊 Ft Bragg boxer says he's gonna get knocked out in round 3 jake told me so

  • Lmao try conner first you have no chance

  • He is not gonna win because it's fixed. Just doing this for the money. Mayweather is not going to loose no matter who he fights. Even if he lands a lucky shot and Mayweather looks disoriented, he will back away to let him recover. It has happened many times before. Cannelo, for example is a big name in boxing. He will never fight Mayweather again because he would have to loose and that would put a dent on his career. That's why they faught when they did. It's funny how many people think it's legit. Why do you think Tyson started loosing? They didn't want him on top of the world and wanted him out. He knows this and they forced him to retire.

  • I feel bad for floyd and logan. If floyd wins, so what... you beat a kid youtuber... if floyd looses, everyone will forever mock him for loosing too a kid youtubers. If logan looses, everyone will say oh you lost to a small old man but if he wins they will say you just beat a small old man.. its like a no victory fight for them both apart from the financial gain

  • How can this even be a point of’s Like saying a sledgehammer can’t kill a mosquito🤣🤣....

  • i respect logan for having confidence in himself because you do need that to try and step in the ring against anyone let alone arguably the best of all time, but i hate the yes men friends he has. those friends get you killed

  • he gon get his ass kicked my floyd lmao

  • He knows he can't beat Floyd.

  • imagine playing in a Sunday soccer league and then challenging Cristiano Ronaldo, fucking nonsense

  • The only one that can fight is JAKE Paul not Logan (well pre-Ryan Garcia training). Floyd CHOSE the one with no known knockout power. It’s Jake who already knocked out people, not Logan. Still, it’s unbelievable money for Logan and any pro boxers’ dream.

  • Is the blonde guy the one fighting Mayweather?

  • He’s out he’s prime bruh “form is temporary class is permanent”

  • Mark my words Ft Bragg boxer says Mayweather will get knocked out in round 3 hes too old

  • Poor Ben. Just trying to hang onto his career.

  • If asken is 5'11 then Logan is 6'4 so...

  • Wonder how paul feels now that he has a black eye and a tooth knocked out from Mayweather

  • Why does ben look like every greek statue ever

  • Logan lost to KSI... So he has no chance

  • Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer to ever live...maybe inarguably...Logan won't even be able to touch him, floyd takes like 0 damage in his fights...good luck logan

  • Lmao says him

  • He said you dont belive in miracles,,,,😂🤣lol he knows exactly wat he needs to win,,,,a miracle...

  • Logan acts like its gonna be huge if he beats Mayweather. Bro, its an exhibition. This aint even gonna go down as a real fight. This is the new boxing. Entertainment

  • I feel floyd will throw one punch and Logan will drop.

  • You don't even deserve to fight him, why you offeneded when he says you have no chance?

  • Bro Ben legit thinks he’s just average. Talk about humble

  • Tyson was short for a heavyweight but look at him

  • I hope he can swim

  • what’s up with the paul brothers trying to fight older guys who aren’t in their prime anymore. Some pussy shit

  • Good luck man...Floyd is not to be toyed with

  • Logan acts more mature here now.

  • With all due respect to logan. Floyd is the greatest counter boxer of all time he gets you in rd 3

  • He just say and era has ended. Hello era Floyd just not the best like top 5 of all time boxer no chance Logan has no chance

  • "Lets spar right now" okay run a mma spar right now then🤷🏻‍♂️

  • i hope floyd actually trains and fights srly

  • Logan Paul is the way less threatening and disarming Paul brother, but if I had to go to war I’d go with Floyd.

  • You’re dead man walking. Especially after your brothers antics. And by dead, I mean you getting sparked out

  • I love how Ben hanging out with Logan 😁❣️

  • Floyd wouldn’t do this to lose.

  • Logan is way more likeable than his little sister lol

  • Logan 😬 people are always gon a think you are a loser if you dont change showing off and stuff be humble like mr beast or something

  • Ben askren is telling the truth

  • Bro this is proof the Ben askren fight was rigged

  • Logan if you have a chance to prove you can box, this is the fucking time!!!!!

  • Floyd has the skills. But never underestimate size difference advantage. Floyd will win but probably also get hit!

    • That's what I'm saying. The size difference is huge. Skill will only take you so far.

  • logan paul vs floyd mayweather VIDEO

  • Of course he cannot beat Floyd, anyone can figure this out - I have no clue how Logan thinks he has a chance. He must have some amazing yes men and ego boosters.

  • God is going to have to come down And Box in your place bruh. You're boxing for fun . This man is an olympic, undefeated billionaire whose been boxing longer then you've been alive..... Stop smoking crack 🤣

  • This the reason why we all know that Ben took a fall. I would loathe hanging out with someone who KO’d me

  • I just want time back... this is like watching my daughter watching videos of people role playing on mine craft

  • Ben Askren is such an interesting person for some reason.

  • Kind of like how you could never beat Jordan Burroughs

  • if logan is smart, he will ditch jake. otherwise logan will forever be haunted.. he'll never grow... and seeing how jake literally took all his spotlight.. rip.

  • 5'11? No lmao, he's 5'8 at most.

  • That’s like asking to 1v1 mj and then being like why doesn’t anyone believe in me to win

  • Floyd is going to rip his spleen out ....LOL

  • Logan Paul has 0% chance of winning the fight between Logan Paul and Mayweather.

  • This guy Ben Askren has no faith in his ability at all.

  • The fight is fake af wth he’s literally boys with the Paul’s smd fake ass fighters

  • Logan actually seems cool.

  • Paul has a punchers chance

  • We are still waiting for the,Sage Northcutt,Vs,Paul Brother,fights.

  • Logan is just a washed up SEnewssr... trying desperately to hold on to fame.... what a punk ...

  • I like the way Logan hyped this up.