Did Mrs.Wizard get a new car? That's not her Land Rover! What's going on at the CAR WIZARD's shop?

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
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There is definitely something different in the CAR WIZARD's 🧙‍♂️ shop!
What happened to Mrs. Wizard's Land Rover Discovery Sport?
What's this new car?
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  • Just don't breathe on it!

  • so its following the porsche cayenne style? Porsche looks better my friend.

  • WHAT!?!?!!! No Pre Purchase Inspection?!?! Shame on you. BTW: What would happen if you lifted it without putting it in jack mode? Alarm? Fire? It calls the dealership? It gets mad and voids it's own warranty?

  • This Maserati looks like it’s been engineered very well. I’m always happy for people when they get a new ride, so enjoy and drive safe! The Wizards have become so comfortable in front of the camera! Great job!

  • The Levante is a damn nice looking SUV, you have to admit. Good stuff!

  • Elante>Levante

  • I thought it looked like a Nissan Rouge at first glance.

  • Why not a Ford model T or a Ford model A I'd be happy with either one Non classic cars loose value

  • I'm happy for Mrs. Wizard. Hope she enjoys it, it looks amazing

  • Back when I was a kid my mom had a 69 Pontiac station wagon with the 3red row seat. All these SUV's are a station wagon just with more options.

  • Those tail lights scream ford fusion at me lol

    • Those GM window switches would bother me aswell haha but maybe makes it cheaper to replace when they unltimately break


  • I like her style of review

  • You pictures yourself having to take the valve heads off, will see that in next weeks video. Shame, they're beautiful. In NJ, you see Maserati's fairly often. A long with Tesla's. Mrs Wizzard drive it in good health.

  • 2022 mdx way better

  • I can hear Scotty kilmer crying

  • Ferrari engine basically

  • Love the new ride. Did you guys take a look at any lincoln's? The nautilus/mkx? My mkx is 10 years old at 100k and drives like new. Heated cooled seats and several other features like swiveling headlamps that even new cars don't have. I feel the domestics get overlooked for the flashier imports.

  • Looks like a porche , but it is no porche

  • fiat is making fake off readers now ?

  • I think it it the worst buy ever made, too recent car

  • Cars ugly

  • Is Mrs Wizard taking a little dig at Hoovies wife? She called Range Rover driving women "Karens" lol

  • Buick vents Ford Fusion Tail lights Q4 badge off an audi Plasti-dipped wheels from your local ricer lol. if i had one it'd just get some new wheels but it's cool

  • SHOCKING!!! (mic drop).....I've got nothing else to say!

  • These are the best sounding cars today

  • The best thing about the the Maserati is the exhaust notes, also its a good thing you are a mechanic.

  • WOW very kool great info. AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ again great video I liked it a lot keep up the great work

  • Be careful..these can fly from what I hear! "Taking the term “flying home” a bit too far. This morning, a CHP Oakland Officer attempted to make a speed stop on a Maserati SUV. The Maserati accelerated to over 100 MPH and a pursuit ensued. Shortly after, the Maserati exited the freeway, drove up an embankment, and collided with the underside of the freeway. The driver was taken into custody without incident. The driver was transported to the hospital for a complaint of pain and will be faced with charges for reckless evading. The driver is lucky to be alive. The owner of the Maserati... not so lucky."

  • Not just a Maserati, but a relatively rare SUV model? Y'all are crazy. But, in the good way.

  • How bout some American stuff man , this aint japan or Germany , we cant afford Ferraries and Mercadies

  • Well deserved!! You rock 🪨 brother thankyou for all your educational videos!

  • I love the whole video!

  • Hoovie better get more cars for you to work on. Lol

  • Wow everyone who buys this dosent kno about the Fx50s exists . Maserati straight copied the fax styling tbh the 03fx set the standard for what a lux cross should like as for styling I bet the fx50s would dust that and only need oil changes as for a repair history

  • The love of Mrs W for European cars 🥰

  • The mazda jeep looks just like it

  • I am a tea guy. Whoever drinks coffee gets hooked to it and spend their fortune on buying coffee.

  • I-Pace uses too many Land Rover parts, so we got a fancy Fiat with Mopar interior.

  • Didn’t Scotty Kilmer teach you anything! Euro trash! Buy a Toyota

  • Every Fiat requires a temperature gauge, very fancy Durango/Jeep

  • Rice ports. It has rice ports.

  • I didn’t come here to see your wife review a car

  • A You Tuber in Kansas working on cars same as me driving new Range Rovers Mazarattis and im driving a 20 year old Nissan Xterra, wow i guess i need to expand my You Tube channel from 73 subs lol

  • must have been the coffie

  • Did Aristocrat Motors give you a good deal?

  • I'm looking for tips on jeep grand cherokees 1998. Inline 6 ,,,,,got any of those ?

  • I bought a V6 Cayenne because access looked good, but it turned out to be opposite. Timing chain is on the torque converter side, PCV valve is underneath the valve cover which is underneath the intake which is underneath the fuel rail and cooling pipes which are underneath the alternator. It's also the most difficult oil change I've ever done (need to bag the oil filter and pass it out along the back of the transmission tunnel (two subframes overlapping).

  • "alcantera"

  • It’s called Jaguar/Land Rover for a reason…

  • Saweeeeeet!

  • I see a lot of Jeep in that.

  • Adam Trent spoof in the intro

  • The Chrysler Uconnect system adapted for Maserati. Love it.

  • Video starts at 2:10 if you're like me and coffee burns your mouth and makes you tired for some reason.

  • It's had the front clip repainted.

  • Even if you paid cash in full for a Maserati it still looks like you're trying to be rich... something with the brand perception just doesn't work.

  • Hoovie: "we're giving mama a break." Ugh, I hate that guys have to say they have a reason to parent their own kids. It can't just be accepted that's he's got his kid, people gotta treat it like it's the elephant in the room.

  • I love a Maserati! I have Volvo xc60 right now and love it. But this will be my next SUV. Thanks Wizard, now I'll be in debt! 🥴🤣

  • It's pretty funny because these are actually pretty common by my area. Southern California is really crazy with cars tbh, one of these is pretty much comparable to an ML550 or something, they're that common

  • Pro tip; Only buy a Maserati if your husband is a mechanic.

  • "We wanted something special" so we got an SUV...

  • You complain about the land rover parts in the Jaaaag. But you don't complain about the dodge switches and pars? You have no issues with the detuned Alfa Romeo QV engine (which is as well a detuned Ferrarri Engine). I love the Levante, but cant ignore the Irony.


  • Now if the Wizard actually replaces the tridents with sporks, I'll be impressed.

  • commercials now goodbye

  • Good for you Wizard and Family. It was very nice to see Hoovie support towards the end. 👍

  • Nice car!!

  • Mrs Wizard for the win

  • I think that infotainment is out of a Dodge 😬 love the rest of the car though

  • I had one in front of me at a light. He took off like a bottle rocket.

  • 🤦‍♂️ wizard. The reason you don’t see them on the road is because nobody wants a overpriced dodge.

  • That's a Ferrari V6 in the Levante. Cast in Chrysler foundaries in the US, then shipped to Modena for assembly.

  • If The Wizard can get a woman like that there is hope for all lonely hearts.

  • Trading JLR product to anything is good choise. :D

  • good thing wizard is a mechanic i guess lol

  • I like round the rear end looks on that thing, oh nice suv too

  • Ok so i knew i had seen this car somewhere before. And then i went outside and my neighbor has a newer model Mazda 3 hatchback. Boom this car is not a maseratti its a Mazda 3 hatchback with maseratti badges.

  • In Europe Maserati is known for unreliability so much that owners say that the day they bought it that trident 🔱 tote a giant hole in their 💰 money bag and only way that they could patch that hole is when they sold it. Not very wise decision buying Maserati especially one with air suspension. Sorry wizard

  • Mrs wizard: i bought a maserati Her friend: it's not reliable Mrs wizard: my husband is the car wizard Her friend: oh ok

  • Nice to see Mrs Wizard get a new car, glad for you Mrs Wizard!

  • You start the video complaining about using the parts bin on two cars but you don’t mention this levante being a Chrysler van pretty much ........................ come on wizard you’re better than that

  • For anyone other than Mrs. Wizard this would be a horrible purchase.

  • Well Car Wizard; everyone seems to have an opinion on your new car - nice of them all to share. I would have thought that, given your mechanical experience, you can handle the maintenance on most cars. Trading-in the Land Rover when it's still in good shape makes perfect sense and you both seem more than happy with the Maserati. I wish you years of trouble-free motoring with it and hope you both enjoy it.👍👌😁

  • Very entertaining and informative. Mrs. Wizard has a talent for product reviews. My day is off to a good start.

  • Wizard just bought a Maserati. Hey hoovie bring one of your cars over I need a down payment😉. Good for the wizard, mrs wizard and hoovie they are leading by example humility and hard work.

  • I drove one of these. They aré great

  • I just can’t comprehend how someone could spend this much money on a car that looks exactly like a Mazda SUV and has less reliability than one, ESPECIALLY the wizard! Pretty much every car enthusiast has been shitting on Maserati for over a decade and how they’ve just become a name badge that costs a lot of money with none of the quality behind it.

  • I never thought such a competent mechanic such as the Wizard would buy a car that so overpriced, under quality, and as poorly designed as a Maserati. Just doesn’t make sense to me, Maserati has been living off of a former glory and relying on a brand reputation for over 2 decades now and just don’t make very good cars for the money...maybe she just really wanted the car and she wouldn’t listen to him and he just wanted to make her happy.

  • That looks a real cool buy you made me think when you said you sat in it to get the feel of it the time my wife and I went looking for a new car we sat in it and the sale man said take it for a drive so while we were driving it we said to each other that this is it we were hooked.

  • It did sound nice :) 80k miles isn't that bad, my volvo XC70 D5 has at the moment 211 340 miles on it :) and everything works, needs maintenance though

  • hmm Hoovies repair bills at work. I gotta say though be careful with the parking brake, I think this uses roughly the same system as the jeep that crushed Anton Yelchin, so you gotta be mindful of that and make sure its on.

  • Those fake vents look so tacky lmao gotta love Maserati

  • The vent ports reminds me of Buick. I always thought the Quattroporte looked like a squashed Buick.

  • Hope Weezard wrote Hoovie a nice thank you note.

  • That'd be cool seeing Car Wizard in an electric car

  • And people say money doesn't buy happiness they look pretty happy to me!

  • Should’ve got a Lexus

  • Omg That looks just like a jeep Cherokee

  • Hope they take the extended warranty