Dem rep suggests pro-Trump National Guardsmen could harm Biden

Publicerades den 19 jan 2021
Former acting Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf calls on Steve Cohen's colleagues to condemn his remarks about the National Guard and discusses the massive security display ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration.
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  • I wonder what types of drugs that these democRATS are on?

  • These men take an oath to the constitution of the USA. They are the real HERO's of the USA unlike Biden

  • Joe could always get some communist Chinese for security

  • They should have removed Joe Biden and the Democrats from the white house instead of protecting them left-wing Democrat do-nothings except gets rich off taxpayers money

  • This is disgusting! They should be ashamed of themselves. How about as a part of new members coming into congress or however it works for new politicians, should spend at least two weeks with any unit that is out in the field at the timer they come to Washington. Of course, veterans should be exempt. I am Air Force. I was assigned as a deployed first sgt for a big joint exercise. I was responsible for about 200 deployed AF airman. We were the airlift for this huge exercise, and about 300 Army troops were coming in over the next two days. I found a huge Wearhouse for our Airman. We had tons of room left in this big former supply buildings. I sent people on a scouting hunt for us with a list. We found a former air force bus and fixed it if we could use it. I found a way to turn on the water in the building. That meant we had many bathrooms now available. We found air conditioners for offices that we made great shared bedrooms for a lot of people. When the Army first Sargent arrived, briefed him on what we had and wanted to invite them to use the remainder of the building for their troops. It wasn’t much but they could have it. Turned out it WAS a big deal to the army troops who were expecting to put up tents across the flight line. This put them close to the deployed laundry, the huge shower tents, cow hall and the bus taxi that we started. Great working together.

  • God bless you ALL....GOD BLESS TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!

  • Trump 2020

  • God help us

  • The Democrats are paranoid as hell synonym is all around them

  • Truth is usually offensive, Chad Wolf. Those rioters sure looked the same with you and also thought loser Trump was doing a great job!

  • Disgusting Dem Rep for saying such a thing.

  • The National Guard men aldo take an oath and would follow that oath the same as any politicians. I have a great respect for all that take their oath seriously.

  • I mean how many cities did the Democrats burn down last year? I'm sure they burned down at least one of these guardsman's house's or businesses.

  • Only 20% voted for by den, the rest voted for someone else, interesting.

  • Bidden go back to Delaware you stole the election now live with it you and nasty Nancy Pelosi dig a grave and get in it. Nasty Nancy Pelosi is over the hill

  • Steve Cohen (D) Tennessee Congressman must apologize for his disgusting comments on the professionalism of the Texas National Guard. This man should not be a Representative in Congress.

  • China Joe little socialist Army !

  • ok lets spend every day for the next 4 yrs trying to impeach Biden. It's only fair

  • Wny did Chad Wolfe resign? Dude is a joke!

  • Nope! While in the guard no one asked me my political inclinations. Only question asked was if I ever had been a member of the communist party. See how things change?

  • Well, the conservative nightmare is over for now. You Republicans can all go back to Russia...your not welcomed in America anymore. Run away and hide like cowards, Trump has....


  • Pray for our military, that they be saved and filled with Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, and that He will protect them and keep them safe.

  • This is why this country is deeply divided. "Or you are with us or against us ". This phrase is the ideology of far right and far left that are dominating in america even in the institution. That is dangerous. You cannot accuse someone based on for who he voted

  • What there should be is a test to root out Communists in government.

  • Stupidity at its finest

  • Haha - the slight smile at 3:22 after Michael Waltz triggered all the oath-keepers programming

  • But I thought most of them voted for Biden according to the counts in the battle ground states!!! REALLY, SO THEY DIDN'T! What does that tell you! FRAUDULENT ELECTION!!! AS 75,000,000 TRUMP SUPPORTERS say!!!

  • Hey when was the last time an actor killed a president?? Hey fake pirate

  • These people are PARANOID, and they scared on everything.😂


  • Well. People. Vote. For. Joe. The. Creep. Deal. With. It. You. Will. See. What. You. Get

  • whay are we going to hear for the next four years??? Trump, hate, Trump, hate, Trump, hate, why dont they start worrying about how to help the American people, the elders, the homeless, men, women and children. The people that are losing their homes because of the covid. Biden already had 8 years in office, they didnt do anything for us except raise taxes, sent all our money over seas and kept us in war.

  • Really hard to keep to yourself what you want to say about that idiots comments. Did he really just go after our National?

  • they are full of "Conspiracies"

  • Oh well. Biden knee's knocking?


    • Did you have looked at the election results yet?

  • Abbott should resign from office. We protect the POTUS even if it's one like Trumpo 🙄 ByeDon

  • When you single out one group isn't that racist...dems showing who they really are...again.

    • I hope the American public who voted for them, and those who didn't know they voted for them, enjoy the next four years of "President" Biden.

  • You say this and yet violence was allowed to break out on trump's inauguration day.

  • It’s their guilt showing.

  • Can't trust trumpers

  • Bulls***.

  • Talk like this is the driving factor to a healthy, unifying relationship. SMH

  • The swamp took over America today again....Prayers

  • Hope so...

  • Great... Now they'll purge the military of patriots and replace them with communist loyalists. Trash

  • 1 indian would risk his life to save multiple lives. Maybe the military does not want to level good countries and people now?? we shall see

  • Cohen what a joke. This turd obviously never served in the military.

  • God what a load of BS.

  • And there we have it...poor Joe is the one gonna get killed off this time around ....military is their pansy.....

  • In fact the terrorists are right in front of their noses and if they can't see that, they don't belong in our military.

  • Lmfao I surely hope they want to hurt the traitor that would sell America to the highest bidder

  • I agree with Governor Abbott. What chicken boy Cohen said about our troops should be considered fighting words.

  • We can hope and wish

  • *IMPEACH 46*

  • Steve Cohen needs to resign immediately.

  • Wouldn't trust the fbi to vet anybody after what they did to the Donald.

  • if joe biden elected and voted by Americans people then he shouldn't scare, the only reason he scare because he wasn't elected by Americans people...

  • if only 20% of white males voted for Biden, how did he get 80 million votes?

  • Stop being a loser and disrespecting the national gaurd.

  • Omg mainstream media needs to be censored. Their fearmongering false reporting is part of CHINA plan to put AMERICANS against one another. How can these Traitors sleep at night?

  • Liar I doubt this happened before, disrespectful! That congressman should be run out of office disgusting.

  • We could only hope!!

  • What if Trump had that many soldiers on his inauguration?

  • Then the Military and Law Enforcement should just leave their post if they cannot be trusted and wish Beijing biden the best of luck

  • Who cares take em out. Biden will perish soon anyway. Karma is coming for Biden/Harris

  • Literally any supporter of Trump is a traitor of The U.S A. and that includes The Military.

  • Trump.......Worst ever, hands down, way way down

  • You lost! You tried, you threw everything and the kitchen sink at this but youve failed. Because justice and truth are always left standind through the storms. Reflect on how this did you get so deceived and so vile and disillusioned that you would cling onto an ignorant tyrant like Trump. Its because at the very heart and foundation of your party and movement lies ignorance, racism, hate and white supremacy..not truth and surely not democracy. Its fitting his presidency would end with a band of ridiculous gun-wielding, bearded baffoons attempting an insurrection in the most powerful country this earth has ever seen.

  • A few have already been weeded out for being shady.

  • Ashli Babbitt was loyal to her military uniform too. That was until Trump radicalized her with his BIG LIE which ended her costing her her life. While he plops his big butt at Mar-a-Lago, he has her blood on his hands!


  • So now he’s racist against white men? 😳

  • 75% voted trump in guard alone right along with 75% of Americans voted trump I bet and how does he know 75% voted trump ? Interesting comment by him

  • Oh Jo lass es besser sein,denn deine leute haben dir nicht gesagt,dass sie dich nur durch Betrug und Manipulation zum President machen wollen!Wenn du den Schwur tätigst,dann kannst und wirst du verhaftet werden!Gib besser zu,dass du von den 3 Millionen verschwundenen Stimmen wusstest!

  • First order of business... Make sure all soldiers have blonde hair and blue eyes...

  • I believe when people are guilty of lies and deceit. They are always looking at their shadow because they are guilty of cheating and lieing. Your time will come Trader Joe.

  • Sounds like theyre gonna strip the military of anyone who isnt a Democrat...

    • @topgrain in the last days good will be called evil and evil will be called good.

    • Ignorant Trump worshipers would think that. Political persuasion has no bearing. Loyalty to extremist groups does. If the GOP is now an extremist group (let Trump skate and that label will fit) then so be it.

  • The Democrats need a wake up call to truth and logic.

  • .Everyone must go on their knees and pray to God to forgive our sins and to heal the world!>>>> (Pray for the world and our nation)

    • And if I am not religious?

  • I didn't see trump vetting millitary. He trusted the loyalty of them. Why is this happening?

  • They dont' even trust our military. Why would they? They stole the election.. not a peoples president..

  • Why this fox news network are still running hehehe

  • Will Xi Jingping be invited?

  • Just watch America split even more after this kook gets inaugurated. Already disrespectful to the fn military. I have no loyalty to the incoming "administration"

  • I hope they do

  • The CCPs Deep State Dominion Minions Have Created a Police State! 💰🗳🇨🇳🐲🇨🇳🗳💰

  • I like how the pentagon referred to their new "IDs "an "new offices " aka "new cell" an" inmate id" oh sweet baby Jesus thank you for opening our eyes in 20/20

  • This is soo stupid .making a mole hill into a mountain.

  • That was a lot of us marshals being sworn in aren't they for high level Criminal not civilians

  • You stupid dem rep. This is our military and citizens. You dip shits are tearing our country apart.

  • Walls don't work, that's why they built one around the capital with 25,000 armed personal because we don't feel guilty. Old saying = evil thoughts evil does

  • They wouldnt be so scared if the whole country didnt know they cheated ,, but now they have to worry whos pissed at them lmao

  • God bless America

  • maybe they should withdraw and/or quit service? Serving a communist regime is not covered by the oath.

  • and the insults just keep piling up!

  • The rats are all in a cage in Vatican city DC USA inc. military tribunal coming

  • dems just keep digging a deeper hole for themselves they should be ashamed of themselves

    • the fact that u support a f*cked up president who trusts russia more than his intelligence, orders attacks on the US capitol and destroys the country in every possible way , u should be ashamed of yourself

  • blm is anti Asian