Zias Punches Adin Ross After He Annoys Him By Acting Sus!

Publicerades den 26 apr 2021
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  • I thought I was the only one that thought the gay stuff was annoying

  • Dude coulda hurt em

  • claim your week late ticket 🎫

  • Adin: Zias can we go get ice cream 🍦

  • 4:57 WTF lol. he tryna break his toes

  • 1:54-2:10 lmao

  • He gave him the faze blaze special 😂😂😂

  • That nigga blou and zias training that boi on the low

  • 1:23 bruh💀

  • Zias hates adin bro 💀 I know he wanna beat his ass, adin gotta move out with pami

  • I think adin has a thing for black guys

  • 7:03 😂😂😂😂

  • That “punch” look strong

  • That white dude playing dice is weird idk the way he's acting is annoying

  • Y’all know who the dude who diced with zias is?

  • Adin got me jumping off my bed on my toes 😭🤦‍♂️ it hurt btw

  • “ he said big d z put it in me”💔💔🤦🏿‍♂️😭

  • Can sb please explain how this dice throwing game works

  • Adin, your funny asf

  • What dice game they playing I’ll send adin money for these streams I didn’t know he did that

  • Its funny how you can get away with more illegal shit on camera then off 🤣🤣🤣

  • how do you evens play this

  • Wtf that’s a pound bag and I just notice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • It seems real the hit did, like it wasn’t much and I know they playing with money but this how adin grind to get his money and zias now he ain’t gay so I’m just scared for adin he die in like 1 real hit lol

  • Imagine somebody start acting gay back to adin when he start acting gay

  • so wheres the punch

  • Camera turn on to these niggas shooting dice nk street affiliation at all💀💀💀💀

  • Jesus is Coming very soon pray and repent before it’s too late to turn to god he’s always there for you, you just have to except him.

  • He didn't even punched adin

  • he was just mad like don’t play with someone while their gambling 😂 he had to get that anger out😭

  • put some timestamps damn

  • I wish zias acted the way around adin when he first met him he was so funny

  • Zias is like a big brother

  • Weird asfuk

  • Why he always referring to himself in third person in his titles😂

  • That wasn’t even a punch😭 thats something you do to your lil brother when he being annoying

  • Helllll nahhh zias not even shaking that shit doesn’t slide

  • Adin looks like a little kid “Zias can we get ice cream” 😂😂

  • Just making this 1k comment

  • They gotta be gay n they turning you hella sus 😭🤣

  • Yea dude he totally punched him

  • Zias only likes Adin when he high asf

  • ....

  • What game are they playing?

  • Herbert real life gay lmfao

  • What did Ziaz do to him at the end of the vid?

  • i dont think Zias rocking with them anymore

  • He said punch 😂😂naw bro he pushed you lmao

  • yo adin are they real gay? be 100% true. no disrespect

  • watch out bro he can beat anyone up in gta😂

  • What dice they placing it’s not clo or 7-11

  • When adin kept doing that toe thing like I felt soo much pain in my toes

  • nice click bait

  • Zias Take Shit Way Too Far

  • Me the whole vid ayooo


  • Everyone that moves their legs like that are sus ong

  • white boy creasin the fuck out them crocs

  • Zias and adin should evolve fight

  • Zias finessing 😭 he not even rolling he dragging I’m hip took white boy cheese 😭

  • adin getting so much clout from z and b lou 😂😂

  • My mans adin just wanted 🍦

  • “no that almost dislocated my fucking shoulder moe” 😂😂😂😂

  • Shit got real when his brother turned out to probably really be gay 😂😂😂

  • Trueee zias okay with it now shit this duo is so funny tho whenever I’m down I just laugh my ass off at how weird adin is look at him at beginning of this video on his belly lookin at everyone shit is so good


  • I tried jumping on my toes like Adin and just sprained every toe but my pinkie toes

  • slolll

  • This dude says something sus in every sentence . Can’t even have a regular conversation he needa chill and act his self

  • Bro shooting dice bro jus tryna stay focused on the cheese

  • Shoot dice with me😂

  • They Like brothers frl


  • Y’all so gay

  • L intro go back

  • Isn’t it with 3 dices lol

  • Adin be acting like a big ass kid..a very SUS big kid lol

  • 0:47 is when it is and the title is click bait

  • That’s pushing but ok

  • Bra Zias u shoot dice so funny😂😂

  • imagine he gets locked up one day. who’s gonna be the one laughing now...

  • Yo adin you should fly out a subscriber for a weekend for a video idea!!! It would be cool asf ngl 🙃

  • “Big D Z put it in me” Ayoooo this dude wild bruh 😭😭🤣🤣🤣.

  • Adin needs some fucking socks

  • Me waiting for Zias to actually punch adin and not shove him in the face

  • Bruh he’s losing money he ain’t in the mood fa that shit rn

  • Y’all trippin, Zias was getting his money snatched in the dice game, of course he’s mad, y’all never gambled before?

  • God bless everyone. Give you're life unto Jesus follow God 🙏

  • Zias is a fake friend

  • They shootings dice 😂😂

  • You don’t fw niggas while play dice 😂

  • 7:01 Zias ain't having that shit no more

  • The PS5 just sitting in the back

  • 0:48 not even minute into the vid lol

  • He not rolling those dice

  • Why is zias still in adin house I would’ve been kick him out next zias gonna take adin girl

  • Bruh Zias too strong to be pushing people like that Bruh 😂

  • Zias snapping strong as hell 😂😂

  • “Big D Z put it in me”

  • Did Zias just sock that nigga in the face? @8:24