HHS Secretary Alex Azar resigns

Publicerades den 15 jan 2021
Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar submits resignation letter, but will stay on until President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration to ensure a smooth transition. #FoxNews #BreakingNews
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  • Who cares.

  • mrbeast

  • "Unfortunately, the actions and rhetoric following the election, especially during this past week, threaten to tarnish these and other historic legacies of this Administration," Azar wrote in the letter.

  • Trump is finally learning what it’s like for ten’s of millions of Americans that he failed to lead by waking up with an empty cabinet.

  • Oh, rats.

  • Lmao!!! He is leaving on the day he’s supposed to leave and this is his “resignation” No it’s not. He’s leaving the day he was set to leave.

  • 2021 starts with good news: 1. Trump is gone by 1/20th 2. NRA will bite the dirt. 3. Covid-19 vaccination on massive scale.

  • "His resignation will take effect on Jan 20th 2021." Was that a joke? If it was, it was a bad joke.

  • The Jan 6th coup attempt was done by white supremacists. The Jan 6th coup attempt was done by Republicans. Both are true statements.

  • Well vaccines was sold to overseas by Pfizer and bill gates who is the real boss. That’s also why the distribution of vaccines is slow in America. Once Trump is not on the way, all good things will be sold overseas as we China pays better. I am just wondering why Americans do not know truth . You just lost a great president Trump who fight with big Corp and bring benefits to Americans. --from China


  • Deceiving title. Why am I not surprised.

  • Trump is just a skin full of sludge waiting to ooze back into the swamp.

  • Lies.

  • Secretary Azar had a chance of being a hero. Instead he leaves his office has a complete failure. His inability to manage the pandemic, getting enough PPE, testing and respirators to hospitals and public health clinics was a disaster. Made worse by his complete failure to have a Covid vaccine plan makes him the worst HHS Secretary ever.


  • Trump supporters are made out of racist people. White supremacist, QA non followers these people never voted before till trump came up and encourage them to vote for first time , hence he got 80 mil votes. Republicans I ask you . Do you want these voters on your side???


  • TELL THE TRUTH! Secretary Azar's resignation letter SPECIFICALLY STATES. ....."resigning due to the events of January 6th".

  • How will we ever survive without oversight on food stamps & child support... smh 🤭

  • Another Rat flees the USSR Trumptantic! Man that orange stain is not gonna go away that easy.

  • I’m sure he can get a job on Fox as a consultant

  • Clickbait.

  • How come conservatives always view the people that abandoned Trump as the bad one when Trump can't keep a single person in his Cabinet for more than a few months?🤔 That's like having a teacher who fails every single student they taught but still considered a good teacher. Clearly to say they are the issue when over 50 people have come and go tells the unwillingness for any conservative to fathom a different reality where Trump isn't an infallible god in their eyes. P.S. Throwing an insult without any context just proves my point.

  • All Trump cabinet needs to resign. Because if they do not when all goes to hell they will WILL be blamed.

  • Cannot stand the cesspool in the Conald J Swamp.

  • Another Trump worthless piece of $hit..! Just GET OUT..! GET THE FUGG OUT..!!!

  • What is now happening in the United States is shown to the smallest detail in the film: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939.

    • What do you know about the United States? Nothing.

  • Democrats and some Republicans are corrupt they need to be impeached fired prisoned

  • Fake news

  • He is a wise man deaths and negative effects are now hitting the first responders.


    • How? He is staying on for the transition.

  • He waited until 400k covid19 deaths to resign. Too bad!!!

  • This was a coup against America! Traitors must be indicted!! Those who aid the traitors must be indicted!! Trump must be thrown out of the White House and be indicted

  • Why is fox news blocking comments on videos?

    • @Jack William trump is not going anyway until he dies.


  • Why are there no update videos on what happened Jan 6th? Details on investigations, arrests, better analysis on what occurred. This is important

  • 🖕 NRA

  • So he did resign Fox?

  • _Anybody who can go down 300 to 3,000 feet in a mine sure in hell can learn to be HHS Secretary._

  • I resign too. Oh dang, got no job lol

  • Igor has left the building

  • The ship is sinking and the fist tp jump off tje ship are always rhe rats

    • Oh, the ship is sinking again. You got that right. China will sink America even faster now with Biden.

  • Lol. Worst administration in American history. But there is steep competition.

    • I would say one of the best. Obama's was undoubtedly the worst.

  • Fake news! No wonder everybody hates Fox News.

  • it's time to join the libertarians . Niel Bortz in 24 . always defaut to freedom !

  • Why don’t you report that he is resining because he doesn’t agree with donald trump? And because of the 1/6/21 coup at the capital. ????? Fox liars!

  • The sweet chest nomenclaturally crash because destruction longitudinally wander around a festive copy. hoc, spiteful battery

  • Why is this news? They ALL have to vacate by the 20th!!?

  • Trump 🇺🇸

  • The NRA goes away under a rapepublican administration? What was that y’all were sayin’ about the democrats? YOU GREW IT, YOU CHEW IT!

    • This is entirely because of Dems. They are moving to Texas, which is a much more business-friendly state. New York is such a mess. Texas is thriving.

  • The country has been over-taken by out-of-control-hatred in the hands of socialists and communists...at least half of it has been.

  • Forced resignation?

  • This such an exciting time to live. Just watching the end of the trump era. 4 years seem so long. The purp walks start next week.

    • @Trevor Rogert brainwashed or brain dead, you're a mash-up

    • @Kent L Of course not. The last time the Dems had control they ruined our healthcare. They have already ruined two cities I used to live in. What will they ruin next?

    • @Trevor Rogert sorry trumptard not buying your babelings as truth.

    • @Kent L Just stating the facts. There is a reason China was desperate to help Biden win. Because they control him. The Dems are either ignorant about China. Stupid. Or literally working with them to give them global control. Sad. But true.

    • @Trevor Rogert bitter Betty

  • Good !! Glad to see ya go!!

  • Seems like a lot of people under Trump resigning from multiple reasons! Karma!

  • The NRA was subverted a long time ago. Infiltrated by anti-gun people at the top. Their rhetoric did not match their actions and the mainstream media covered-up their skullduggery. They did just barely enough pro-gun initiatives to give themselves plausible deniability. Gun owners need to start a new organization with authentic pro-gun advocates at the top.

  • Our country is so much worse today than it ever was before trump. There is no question he is the worst and the most disgraced president ever.

    • @Phil Alexander I am not so much a Trump supporter as I am opposed to just about everything the Dems want to do. And I used to vote exclusively for Dems. You want to think it's about Trump. No. This started LONG before Trump.

    • @Trevor Rogert you're a trump supporter so I don't expect you to see things from any other perspective than your trump echo chamber.

    • LOL I agree with the first part but not because of Trump. Not really. Liberals lost their minds over Trump. I don't know why. But they are the ones who are responsible for the state of this country more than anyone. Trump was doing great until the China virus was sent here by China.

  • The Republican Party has now become the party that aided and abetted domestic terrorism against America’s democracy.

    • @Roseann Burgess Who knew the biggest SNOWFLAKES were conservative republicans all along? Haha

    • You are totally off your rocker.

  • When is Fox News org. going to get sick of people lying too them. Azar is a tool, pray tell, if you did such a good job why does the entire world has the vaccine over us?

  • Tell the truth. Azar resigned because he lied.

  • Hi from Jail!

  • I don't blame him and all the others who have resigned. Would you want to work for the corrupt Democrats?

  • Who cares?never even heard of that thing

  • Didn’t bother asking the NRA for reasons, or for their future plans, which they have made available. Too much actual journalism required to bother with that i suppose. Thanks, MSM for another nothing report.

  • Give the U.S.A citizens their money back! Bunch of filthy thieves in the white house.

  • Even on the rare occasion that FokSnooze tries to report accurately, they get it wrong.

  • Trump has isolated himself, staff are leaving in droves, moving vans are queued up in the WH driveway, its the end of a failed presidency and no lying can change the outcome of this dismal, dangerous president. Good riddance Trump...you have disgraced yourself. Your legacy if forever tarnished.

    • I gave your silly comment a thumbs down.

  • That crooked Azar! He knows he’s guilty! Good riddance!

  • Sounds like the government is cleaning house.

  • Not a single word about Azar's comments in the letter about the Inciter in Chief's actions being the reason he is leaving. Fox is just as bad as he is.

  • Simple.. *"trumpers Need Not Apply...ANYWHERE!!"* .. can't be trusted.

  • Everybody hates Dump

  • Taiwan still thank him for the pork deal. President Xi!

  • Boy, that sinking Trump ship is causing a real rat problem.

  • Yt: "This will make you think twice about geting that vaccine." "How to thrive in a stressed world 15min." "Disclosure: 75 years fake peace"

  • " As the head of Health and Human Service, now that I have 4000 Americans dying of covid of every day, I'm going to quit because of Trump's Insurrection."- Alex Azar

    • "I only hire the best people. " Donald Trump

  • Must be nice to know when the last day of employment...stand back & stand by

  • Why does he need to resign if he will stay on until Biden inauguration, which is 4 days away? Hmmm... interesting. I think 2 or 3 others resigned as well.

  • Humbucker-Humbucker-Single Coil (HHS)

  • Who cares! This entire administration was horrible! He would have been fired anyway!

  • Too little too late. This should have happened 6 months ago at least.

  • Let’s also expose the left money laundering with foreign countries! Enemies of our Country called treason!

  • People (Politicians) are running(Resigning) but they can't hide,,,Time to ante up and Pay the piper

  • Wait, didn’t he just get there?

  • All of them are resigning after their failed coup. They need to take the Racist in chief with them.

  • Tool.

  • The rats just keep jumping ship. That's as close to 'draining the swamp' as Trump ever got.

  • So f-ing what? He’s out of a job on the 20th anyway. This happens at the end of EVERY administration. KNOCK OFF THE STUPID F-ING “REPORTING”!!!!!

  • Why are you wasting your time on monthly salary when you can work from home and earn up to $8000 (as perceive source of income) without any stress just with your smart phone or PC Ask me how if interested

  • Everyone is saying “those missing vaccine doses were sold by dirty Trump politicians”. If Azars wanted to run and avoid prison..., he should have started running a long time ago.

  • Another one...

  • I'm so happy that Trump hired "the best people" like Secretary Azar...... lol........ dipshits.

  • The well-off cord encouragingly weigh because baritone phylogenitically beam sans a nice afterthought. deserted, possessive forest

  • He is doing an awful job on the pandemic. Glad to see him go. GO GO GO GO GO!!

  • NRA took a page from Trump steal money and declare bankruptcy ! Funny those bankruptcy rules don’t work the same for the poor. But if your rich , just stiff the working class people , and open in a new state. Whenever they think a democrat is going to win the Presidency ,the gun sales go up. I’m sure the (NRA)had their biggest year yet! CEO’s aren’t hurting, and your donations aren’t going to where you think they are. Now they can go steal money from Texas.

  • Donald trump is the worst Republican president since Herbert Hoover