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Everyone Fights For A Reason. November 28th #TysonJones www.tysonontriller.com
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  • Why just why

  • Tysons gonna reck him omg

  • 1:53 that shot was sick

  • One quick jab from Tyson and Jake’s brain will go SPLAT!

  • “ so youre jake paul?” “how interesting” “so ur the best fighter in all of team 10” “lets see whos fist are da fastest” “yours or mine?” “3 minutes” his opponents: “never lasts for 10 seconds”

  • Jake ge me your number now ok

  • Tyson will kill him

  • Jake boutta get his ass beat-

  • Is this a joke?

  • That title confused me a second.

  • Bruh this guy is lituaraly skipping to all the boss battles

  • 💪💪💪⁦☝️⁩⁦☝️⁩⁦☝️⁩

  • I want manny pac man fight Jake paul

  • Mike Tyson in his prime using everything he’s got vs jake Paul

  • You going to get you ass beat

  • Ole mike will beat him in the dirt.

  • Biggest clown

  • It imagine jake Paul vs Anthony Joshua 😂😂

  • so this is how jake dies?

  • get wrecked joshua paul

  • Paul brothers are a mistake that's being made on a rusted bunk bed 😂😂

  • Mike is gonna hit him with that 1 2 and its over

  • Hahahahaha if he thinks he can take on Mike Tyson's he's one dumb blonde hahahaha

  • Hol up how dumb can you be to fight iron mike tyson like hes a beast unlike you jake you need to chill one day this behavior of yours is gonna get you more problems

  • Idiot

  • Este wn ta loko

  • But jake would clap destroying

  • They ain’t fighting there just talking kids

  • Let’s be honest that was a good trailer for the fighters tbh

  • Bro your nothing your dust his a goku wanabe

  • When I saw Jake and Mike in the title I started laughing for 5 minutes then I read it properly and understood

  • Termanator vs unlikable flex boy

  • Iron Mike would KO him.

  • u aint gonna win mike tyson is way to good of a boxer

  • Ur dead jake

  • Bruh look at tysons training compared to jakes😂 ( i know this is old btw)

  • If jake fight with Mike Tyson he will leave boxing forever

  • Omfg seriously he’s going to get banged and I’m going to laugh 😂😭

  • Video starts Mike Tyson punches K. O Viewers left Simple

  • Completedalreadyaaaaalllllrrrrreeeeeeeeedddddyyyyycompletedalready

  • If mike Tyson punched you, you would go to negative brain cells

  • I was expecting Avengers when I heard the begining of the video :D

  • Mikes gonna F*ck jake Paul up

  • me:bro mike tyson is going to beat you by one punching you. Jake Paul: I can beat this 50 year old hes easy Mike tyson: i can one punch you Also Mike Tyson: You fucking twat

  • So jake Paul is in mike Tyson’s team jake you need to knock out who is standing whoever he is and I know that you are going to win jake with your team

  • Is it just me or is it a bit offensive to have 2 of the greatest boxers ever fighting and then 2 nobody's

  • Less than 10% of your "subs" watch your videos.... buy much subs??

  • WHO WELL WIN Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali

  • You wanna fight Mike tyson, that just means you want to commit suicide

  • “Everyone fights for a reason” Money


  • RIP jake paul

  • It will be an 15 second fight and its over.

  • jake paul is gonna lose because mike tyson stronger.


  • Mike Tyson gonna knock your ass out

  • One punch

  • Bro jake Paul wouldn’t even have lasted 1 round in the ring with him

  • No me la conté compañerooooo

  • I thought it said Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson and I'm like, Jake Paul is fighting Nate Robinson AND Iron Mike!

  • He's gonna get his was kicked even though Mike is kinda old but even Mohammad Ali said that if he and Mike got in the ring Mike would win so Jake has no chance

  • Jake Paul you have nothing against Ryan Garcia in your bed

  • Jake boutta be clapped in two rounds

  • Or jake vs mcg

  • Ryan garcia vs jake paul or jake paul vs dillin deins or jake vs ksi

  • mojo likes you

  • Petition to prepare a grave for jake Paul 👇

  • I thought it said Tyson v jake that scared the fuck out of me I said to my self jake rip

  • RIP

  • I would love to see jake paul and mike tyson fight just to teach jake a lesson

  • Jake paul think he’s gonna win 😆

  • If you’re going to fight Mike Tyson you’re gonna lose I’m a Jake Paul fan but you can’t go up to Mike Tyson he’s the number one best

  • Wow this guy reminds me of ( Paul Phoenix) tekken🎮🥊

  • Now mike...mike would ruin jake ngl

  • Jake I just want to let you know you wouldn’t win against Mike Tyson you won’t even survive the first three minutes of the first round The only way you would is if he let you

  • man jake im sorry but you wouda got knocked the fuuuuuu outtttt

  • I actually thought he was comparing himself to Mike tyson

  • mike tyson is a beast

  • Jake would be sent to the life after being dead If he fought Mike.

  • The ad tho 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 he said leave them rocky lookin white boys alone

  • Mike Tyson gonna win

  • Jake, props to you for making a buck from people like me commenting on your channel. I really do hope you fight MacGregor. A battle of two social media titans . Something tells me you are going to get your ass kicked.

  • To the person that’s reading this : You’re very intelligent and adorable ❤️ My dream is to have 2k before New Years but Ive been struggling to get there 🤦‍♂️

  • I just better never see a Jake Paul and Mike Tyson comparison Jake Paul is good but will never be as good as Mike Tyson

  • Jake you just knocked nate out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Is he trying to fight mike

  • If jake actually fought tyson it will be same as jake as eren and mike as levi u know what happends when levi meets eren right? Ya right levi smashes eren's face in aot and thats no fun for eren promise me thats gonna be good GG jake gg

  • mem

  • hell nah I ain't fighting mike tyson he gonna knock me out cold I think that's enough youtube for today

  • fight with connor, fight UFC

  • Who’s here after Jake knock Nate out

  • I was about to say if he was really fighting mike Tyson u would lose even if he old he can beat up 🤕 dude doin that is kinda a death with no cap

  • Who came here after the fight lol 😂

  • If this was real im pretty sure jake will be dead

  • If you and mike Tyson fighted he would nock you out in 2.1 seconds

  • Mike Tyson would make jake his bitch.

  • mike tyson getting paid fat to make jake paul look tough

  • Jake is that one guy at school that wears neon yellow under armor.

  • Ryan Garcia vs jake Paul

  • He will get a distorted by Tyson and ksi