Buying & Trying 5 Random eBay Mystery Boxes!

Publicerades den 2 apr 2021
Today we are looking at a few random mystery boxes that we picked out from Ebay! Each of us got two minutes to find a mystery box on to get it centered around something we might be interested in! We have games, hypebeast stuff, and just all around randomness! Stay tuned to see everything we got!
00:00​​​​​​​​ - Intro
01:48 - HypeBeast Mystery Box
06:47 - General Mystery Box
11:13 - Hot Wheels Mystery Box
16:25 - Book Mystery Box
19:56 - Comic Book Mystery Box

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  • It funny when Tanner sing Lucid dreams because juice wrld is dead

  • I'm just glad the comments aren't filled with politics

  • Who wears glasses and got triggered when Tanner put his glasses down lenses facing down

  • tanner is definitely high

  • I love hot wheels

  • I actually needed that hug, thank you tanner :3

  • Matt's political party is SithLord

  • Tanner who is all that supreme it looks ugly

  • Aww thanks tanner I was actually crying yesterday so I feel better

  • I remember when Robert IDK edited these vids

  • im so high that i really thought u were talking to me at the start of introduction.

  • The intro to this video made me laugh and pause.

  • My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 3 years I am pregnant but just found out the baby has no heartbeat im just balling my eyes out i put this on to take my mind off things and I get greeted with hugs thanks I needed a hug guys 🤗 just a happy accident

  • Nightwing looks like a cartoon version of Woods

  • The binoculars are for 863, I THINK IF IM WRONG IS SORRY

  • "I'm giving this to my dad", tanner. Proceeds to punch it. . 🤣🤣 13:46

  • I left because the vibes between Matthias Tanner and Michael were not that good. But with Woods seems good. Except for this video they looked tired.

  • I laughed so hard when woods was confusing mancala with manga I couldn’t breathe😂

  • “Look at her, she’s crying” Me: 👁👄👁

  • Hm

  • I’m not a girl but I’ll take the hug

  • lol

  • "Manga...oh yeah its a game i have one at my house"-Woodland Demars,2021

  • her?

  • Omg I laughed so hard at the Bill Cosby ad in one of the comics

  • Rice gluves

  • The manga bit GOT me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh woods *clicks tongue*...what’re we gonna do with you...?

  • Mathias “ get her she’s crying” me a guy hugging my phone

  • Yo Matt, your dad is a NASS engineer? That is so cool!!! I want to be an aerospace engineer!! It is so cool!!

  • Since when did dope or nope get more for mature audience

  • Needed the hug lol ... Had a awful day

  • Thank you for the hug. I’m that girl that needed it.

  • I miss mike

  • A yes maga my favorite game 😂

  • I just returned to this channel and... where’s Michael?

    • @Chris Larson aw :( I didn’t know, thank you

    • he quit like a year almost two years ago he just found another job opportunity

  • It is not a rating on the back of the hot wheels it is the number of the car in the Collection of those cars

  • He just called me a her

  • When he went up close up to the camera like that I kinda got awkward ngl- 😬🤣🐸

  • i’m in love with woods...thank you for coming to my ted talk

  • Me: Alexa fart like an animal. Alexa: no gase is not an animal. 😂

  • I'm a child and I know what manga is

  • Hey

  • Im re watching this video at 2am and I was having a rough day and I was crying and when Matt said "look at her shes crying" I litterly went wtf....

  • The point of American currency is we don’t put living people on it because that’s what dictatorships and monarchies do so by putting trump on a coin you are being anti American not commenting on what side you are on if you put Biden on a coin that’s anti American not tokens but coins and that was a coin

  • Woods is talking about Mancala? Maybe? Game with marbles that sounds similar to Manga lol

  • I think Woods is talking about Mancala.. don’t worry I have that game too Woods

  • That was a nice hug from Tanner 😂

  • I'm gone for a month they already have a new setup and when did woods join

  • “Look at her she’s crying” Me actually crying

  • You are one of my first watched you tubers. (I had and old account)

  • Woods hun... its mancala 😂😂💕👌🏻

  • Me: reads the Twilight series, now whenever I see the Volva car brand I think of Edward💀 just me?😂💀

  • Actually I was crying but because I can't stop coughing, throwing up, and I have a 102.5 fever. Thanks Tanner the hug was great.

  • pagani huayra

  • Tan-man I broke my keyboard head smashing the like button! :( JK!

  • this vid released on my birthday :D

  • All of the willy's xD

  • 10:06 honestly same. Especially when talking to people about politics that are really one-sided. I always try to make sure I say equal bad stuff about both sides that way they don't get too upset. I don't care about the sides I care about the person running for office. Which let's be honest we haven't had a great president in a while

  • 6:19 Tanner hits the lets goooo

  • See this is why tanner can’t go within 1,000 feet with in any school

  • 8:29 No image of him is flattering-Woods

  • Anyone still remember when this channel was called Matthias

  • Tanner isn't the Hype Beast he's the Bald Beast

  • JUICE WRLLLLLLD 4:00 i shed a single tear i misss that man erryday

  • Y'all are ridiculous. Thank you. ❤

  • Thanx for the hug... i am a sad girl... sometimes lol. But never while watching you guys.

  • "Hey give her a hug" Me eating my doritos: ●_●

  • Fun fact I used to have over 1000 of them as a kid hot wheels that is

  • No one is better at talking himself out of a license than Tanner.

  • I...ok why is it the one time I’m crying when the video starts that this happens...?

  • 22:12 well that didnt age well...

  • Ngl i was crying before i started watching this video so i cried more abit from the start cause no one asks how i am lol thx for the hug lol I'm mentally unstable but i love this channel i watch it when I'm sad or just need a break from life 😂

  • 16:33-16:45 Woods i think its called mancala

  • matt and tanners voices in the background legit makes me fall asleep a night

  • I love Woods so much more for NOT knowing what a "hype beast" is

  • Oh, they're a bunch of 'tards either way.

  • The more I watch these videos, the more I’m realizing that Woods is “my type”... very free-spirited :,)

  • When they were talking bout the cryin go at the start I was actually crying then and it made me laugh

  • Yo I love Woods, legit. He is so funny just being himself, he's so gullible it's hysterical. Btw they were talking about Manga (graphic novels popular most in Japan) Woods was thinking of the gam Mancala (my favorite game as a kid!)

  • Woods Nuys the hot wheels and doesn't touch them

  • Tanner go away I’m trying to eat!

  • Bro I’m not joking when I say this but, right after they reviewed the hot wheels I get a hot wheels add

  • “Look at her, she’s crying” * I literally just got done bawling my eyes out and didn’t understand how they knew that🤧 *

  • Woods might buy something really interesting if he had more time to think.

  • Love how edgy and how they sneak in little adult jokes.

  • Woods is talking about the game mencalla...if I spelt that right

  • I got triggered when i saw the open lil bag of oreos those are rare

  • Underrated statement of the day "that thing is worth more than ur life savings" "its fine, ill bounce that away too" I found that hilarious 🤣

  • 0:42 when Matt talks about how everyone watching is sad No one Absolutely no one Me: starts fake crying and talk about how bad my day was but by the time the video is over I’m having an amazing day

  • They never say if it’s dope or nope at the end anymore

  • my cat

  • i am a man

  • Hey tanner that jersey stands for golden state warriors. That says warriors

  • IsNt MaNgA A GaMe

  • Thanks. I needed a hug.

  • Woods is a few months older than I am and I can relate to him so much!

  • I have some old comics at home, from Superboy and the Legeon of Superheroes. They are surely worth more than the comic box they have since it is signed by the artist Mike.

  • Cute. Pretending any of you read. Tanner can't even listen to a book, he has to listen to Netflix in his car. Who does that?

  • "you know thyme is a spice you can put on steak-" ad: I KNOW BUT ITS HARD

  • So I’ve been genuinely depressed this evening, and I put this on because you guys always make me smile and laugh, and then you guys did that! I hugged my screen back 😅 needed that, thank you for being so awesome, love you guys 💖